The Twilight Saga

in this story rose and bella are sisters and human all the other cullens are the same (still vamps)
if u want to no more keep reading!!!

this is my 4th fanfic and im O.K at writing them:P anyway please read and enjoy this:)

comment if you read please:)

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thanxxxxxxxxx!!!!!!!!! sorry 4 not writing!!! i no i keep saying that but i got in trouble, im sorry!!! :(:(

heres more!! sorrry it took soooo long :)
ch.4-the lunch room BPOV

At lunch i sat with rose and her new friend jessica who i hated,and my new friend angela.
" i see you guys met the cullens" angela said pointing to them at there table.
"well not really meet, i meet edward he seemed nice but the rest i dont know." i said seeing jessicas glare when i said ' i meet edward'
"ya and if bella never already told you edwwards mine!" she said to rose with annoyace in her voice.
"yes bella did tell me" rose said eating an apple.
"jess babe come here"he said waving her over. i watched as she walked over.
She wraped her legs arpund him as they started making out. He grabbed her ass as they made out.
" thats disgusting" i muttered to rose.
"yes, i cant belive we liked him" rose said nodding
I got it now.Edward was a player. ugh i was so stupid to think he actually liked me.
I looked over at the two who finally finished making out.
" come on bella lets go" angela said and we headed for the door.
" hey blondie wanna come to my house tonight?" he said looking rose up and down.
" edward!" i thought you liked me?!?!" jessica said then slapped him.
"WERE OVER!"she said and stormed out.
Rose slapped him and angela followed them out.
"I cant belive i liked you!,You were nice to me but in the end you were nothing but a player" i said and stared him in the eyes.
"hey babe,theres so many hot girls out there,i cant just pick one" he said then grabbed my ass and then his lips touched mine. I started enjoying this so i kissed back.he moved his lips to my neck.Then as he leaned we fell over.
"Bella!",rose said staring at us.
I looked over at edward." I HATE YOU!" i said and ran over to rose and started crying.I thought i liked him.
" its ok, you can never trust a guy" she said batting my back as we alked to her car.
That night i took a book and blanket and went out on the lawn. it was a beautiful night.
"as i gazed up at the stars as deep as the ocean,as the wind blowed across the land,the limp jelly fish sailed along with the small blow of the ocean." I muttered.
"whoa bella,that was beautiful" rose said as she sat with be on the blanket

ok that was chapter 4!!! hope u liked it :):):)!!!!!! and that little umm poem or rhyme or whatever i made up, i thought about it before i went to bed last night :) hope u liked it :)
please comment!!!!
i like it im going to follow this, write at vampire speed, i hope eddy boy comes to his senses
he might, he might not :P thanx :)
i love it so much
write more
or my puppy will cry
I love it write more please
i will :) thanx :)
hehe i can write now!!! i didnt get in toooo much trouble :) but cant write tonight,has little cuzin over :/
great story please continue
How In the world did you find this story ?! :o
It's so old ! I completly forgot about it..
But I'll keep writing (Alot better since now I'm better with Grammar and stuff)
If you want me to .
Thanks anyways, Byee :]

-Dawn <3


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