The Twilight Saga

in this story rose and bella are sisters and human all the other cullens are the same (still vamps)
if u want to no more keep reading!!!

this is my 4th fanfic and im O.K at writing them:P anyway please read and enjoy this:)

comment if you read please:)

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anyone at all like it????
thnx:) you should check it out when i write it but i wont write it till more ppl comment:)
this sounds so cool!!!!!! plz write it
ill write it i promise!!!:) if u like this you could check out my other stories called forever and old enemies(jaspers story) but i dont no how to put up a link:P could u tell me
sounds interesting ...I would read it
:) thnx:) i will write it soon:)
ill write 2 morrow:)
im not going to be able to write 2 morrow:( im going to my cabin until monday 4 labour day weekend! so ill write monday i promise:) ty all for supportening me:)
im back from my cabin now!!! so i will start writing soon:)
ok heres a bit of first chapter:) tell me what you think:) (oh and bella is a bit more sarcastis and sausy and a bit girly)


I looked out the window as we were driving to charlies house.Me and my sister rose are staying with our dad charlie for awhile while mom and phil go out on the road. I looked over at rose who was fixing her make up in a little mirror.She noticed me looking at her and closed the mirror.

"What are you looking at?" rose said rudley

I was always jealous of her she was much prettier than i was.

"Nothing" i said and looked back out the window.

"Whatever" she said and went back to doing her makeup.I sighed of relief as i seen the house.I quickly grabbed my bag and hopped out.

"ok girls you are going to have to share a room one of you will get the bed and other a cot on the floor" charlie said looking at us both

iI ran up stairs and jumped on the bed.

"Ha,i got it first" i said to rose who marched in with bags and bags of stuff. She rolled her eyes and layed her bags beside the cot.

"Ok little sis lets make a deal" she said grinning. I nodded in agree ment.

"We start school tomorrow. Which ever one of us can get a guy to ask us out first,gets the bed,the closet space,2 shelves in the bathroom and the desk. got it?"

She said grinning

"No!" i said in protest. "We all know who that will be little miss beautiful!" i said still mad

"Your the one that agreed, you can back out now if you want...little sis". She said teasing me

"No, im going to win this!" i said

"For now we will both sleep on cots on the floor" rose said a walked out of the room.

i should have never made that bet shes going to win! shes beautiful!

ok tell me if u like it and if i should write more!!:)
anyone????? anyone at all like it???!!! please read it!!!
thnx minnie!!:) i will:)


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