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I decided to write a fanfic. Please tell me what you think! I will post more if you like it. Oh btw, Claire is 15

Chapter 1: Change
Quil's POV

I was laying down on my bed, with my head resting on my shoulders. I was perfectly at ease. I didn't have patrol today. I didn't think we needed to patrol ANYTHING. Since I joined Jacob's pack, the menacing feeling I usually got from the Cullens had faded.

Jacob was an overprotective boyrfriend. He was about to marry Renesmee. He was lovesick. She loved him too, of course, but Jake's love was stronger.

I kind of envied him. He finally had his happy ending. I had to be patient. I would never force Claire to love me. It hurt to think of rejection. She always had a choice to make. But to my knowledge she has never kissed a boy before.

That made me feel happy inside. I wanted to be her first... and her last.

Claire knew I was a wolf. I told her when she had turned 14. She actually took it quite well.

"Quil, you're so cute as a wolf." She had giggled. I remebered everything she told me. Claire was the reason I existed.

I never told her I imprinted on her. Honestly, I was afraid of her reaction. But I would tell her... When the time was right.

We had been spending a lot of time together. Sometimes I wondered if she felt the same way about me.

Claire had grown up to a beautiful young woman. I had a picture of her on the table next to my bed. Her black wavy hair blowing in the wind. Her dark eyes pierced through me.

I smiled.

She was so playful, on very rare occasions you would catch her be serious.

The sound of my phone ringing made me jump. I immediatly knew it was Claire. Addicted by Simple Plan was my ringtone for her.


"Hey Quil!" She giggled. "What are you doing?"

"Just thinking." I teased her.

"Oh?" I imagined her expression. Her eyes rolling and the biggest grin anyone could ever put on their face. "About what?"

"I don't think thats any of your business." I laughed.

"You big meanie!" Claire responded in the cutest little girl voice she could manage.

"What do you want, Claire?" I asked.

"Now I can't ask my favorite wolf to hang out?" She said with mock anger.

"Depends on what you want to do." I replied innocently.

"Well, I was thinking.."

"Yes, Miss Young?" I smiled Mrs. Claire Ateara

"Will you be so kind and accompany me to First Beach?" She asked.

"Why, of course." I chuckled. "When will you come down?"

"Actually, Mister." She announced. "I'm with Aunt Emily."

"Oh, then I'll come pick you up." I instantly replied.

"I'll be waiting." She whispered into the phone and hung up.

What was that all about? Claire has been acting really weird. I ran some gel into my short hair. Putting on some clean clothes, I sped to Sam's house.

Sam had stopped phasing. He was aging now. Emily was getting old now too. I stared into the rearveiw mirror.

Seventeen Forever.

I tapped on the steering wheel until the light turned green. I had to be careful sometimes. Stomping on my car wasn't such a good idea. Last time I did that, an accident almost happened. Though I would come out unscratched.

Pulling up to Emily's familar faded blue house made me feel... young. I remebered back in the day, when we had vamp problems. We would always meet here. Eating all the food in Emily's fridge.

I laughed at the memory. It seemed like a century ago.

"Quil!" Claire opened the door and jumped in. I hadn't realized she had gotten out of the house.

"Hey Claire." I gave her an one armed hug. "Looking good."

"Thanks." She seemed pleased. I raised my eyebrows.

She was wearing some tiny denim shorts. I rolled my eyes. The girl would do anything for attention.

"So what exactly did you want to go to the beach?" I asked. Her playful expression faded.

Widening her eyes, she blushed. Her golden-brown skin turned pink.

"Nothing really." She lied. "I just want to hang out."

"Okay then." I looked away awkwardly. Claire had caught me staring at her lucsious legs.

The sound of gravel crunching under the wheels was soothing. The constant nudging of Claire's elbow on my arm made me want to laugh.

"Can I turn on the radio?" She asked.

"Go right ahead." I smiled.

She laughed at the song that was playing.

"I like where we are." She sang. "When we drive in your car."

"Nice, Claire." I laughed. She giggled along with me, resting her head on my shoulder.

I kind of stiffened at the contact. Claire and I never had much physical contact. Only a hug when we would say goodbye. I occasionaly kissed her forehead.

Though this feeling was different.

I parked on the side of the road.

"Here we are." I gestured.

"I can see that." She teased.

Getting out of the car, I walked forward. I heard Claire trudge along behind me.

"It's so nice outside today." She whispered, taking my hand.

"It is." I said awkwardly. This romantic Claire kind of freaked me out.

"Well get out of that shirt silly!" She playfully swatted my arm. "I want to swim!"

"Oh-kay?" I pulled my shirt over my head.

Claire's eyes widened in emmbarasment.

"You're so... pretty." She chose her words carefully.

"So are you gonna go into the water fully clothed?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

"No!" She put her hands on her mouth.


"Don't look!" She laughed.

"I'll turn around." I said. Claire took so long!

"RAWR!" I felt her skin on my back. "Give me a piggy-back ride!"

I laughed so hard. My whole body shook.

Running around, I was having a blast.

"Quil!" She laughed my name.

"What?" In one swift movement, I know held her in my arms. "What was it that you want to tell me?"

I gazed at her. Looking, straight into her eyes. Warmthness filled my body. I just wanted to kiss her.

Claire touched my face.

"Quil, I-" She started but didn't finish.

I leaned my face to hers.

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this is an awesome story, you hear about many renesmee and jacob stories alot on fanfiction but you totally owned them all even if it wasn't about renesmee or jacob!
i believe should really continue because this is a un thought of plot and i reckon many people will enjoy it as much as i did.
thanks :D
I'll probabaly post more tommorow :)
im working on my banner :D
um...more!!!!! let me know when u have posted:)!!!!! that is so awesome!!!!! i love it!!!
awee this is really cute!
I cannot believe that you would leave us hanging like that.....that is so unfair...hello...we need to have more....please.....more....please!!! Let me know when you have it posted! It is really good!
ohhh! please write more!
( and add me, and keep me posted! lol )
it was great!!
thats really good keeep going
that was really good can't wait for more!!!!
this is really good keep going!! : )
omg this si rlly good!! plz email me when u added more!!
wow write more soon


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