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When Edward left in New Moon what if Victoria got Bella and changed her. When Bella is a vampire she is very powerful and is part of a very powerful coven. Its bean 200 years and what will Bella do when they see the Cullens agian.



A Special Coven and A Special Fight To Win Chapter 1 POV Bella’s It’s been a long time since Edward left me. To be exact it’s been about 200 years since he left me in the forest and told me he didn’t love me. A year later Victoria found me heartbroken and changed me, the only thing she didn’t know that would happen would be that I would be a powerful vampire. I have many gifts; really I have all the gifts in the world. Trust me you do not want to mess with me when I get angry. Did you know that Jacob Black is really me cousin? Yeah he’s my cousin so I have some wolf blood in me, so I am able to shape shift into a wolf if I want, but I don’t do that much. Today my family and I are going back to Forks, Washington. I argued with my sisters and brothers but they said they had a house that was paid for there so we had to go. You see my sisters and brothers are just like me, a vampire. But not just any vampires, we are the most deadly kind. We have every gift known to man, also we are shape shifters so when we go to school we shape sift into a half vampire, half human form so we at least look human and we can still use our gifts. Anyways we just moved back to forks after 200 years. We got to our house and it was huge. Tess, Lily, and Maddie all ran to get there rooms no matter that there was like a 50 rooms in this house. I turned and look at Adam, Taylor, and Joey they just shrugged and I helped them unpack our bags. Yippy we have school tomorrow. Was all I could think of, a new start for us, yippy. We un packed everything out of all of our cars and headed to the school. When we got out of our cars we smelt vampires. Un-oh. We all looked at each other and started for the main office to get our schedules for school tomorrow. We got to the main office and grabbed our schedules and went outside. When we got out everyone started at us. Ugh I hate getting stared at. But we couldn’t help it we were in our hybrid forms. Hybrid is what we call our half vampire half human form if you didn’t know before. “Come on let’s get out of here I want to know why there is vampire scent here” Tess whispered. “Alright” everyone said in a whisper. And with that we drove home and dropped the cars off and took off towards the school in our invisible form.

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thnxs i will update soon
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mmmhmm u should write more .....OR I WILL BITE UR FACE OF AND EAT IT FOR DINNER ,WAHHAHAHAAH.IM crazy....
wait i just dissed my self wow.bu nyways good keep writting
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i will write more soon
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thxs and sure
l love your story
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I like it! please update me!!!!!!!
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