The Twilight Saga

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Blood trickled over my right eye, blinding it temporally. I wish that the blood would just blind both of my eyes completely, then I wouldn’t have to watch my body get ripped apart. But then again, I do need to stare in the eyes of the one who is torturing me. I will not give her the slightest clue of my pain. Not even a wince.

          With my good eye I looked over my body. My arms and legs were held to a wall by a tight grasp from skeleton hands. Typical, it seems that the dead is even against me.

          I looked down at my bare chest and raised an eyebrow at the pentagram that was cut onto it. Blood trickled from it freely making my body even more blood-soaked than it already is.

          I sighed deeply at the mess I’m in. On almost every inch of my body are cuts, bruises and scars. Disgusting. You would think that they would do it a little more cleaner.

          It’s not only me that’s a mess, but the room too. I was in a cold, dark room which only had a small candle light that lit the room. All around the room was blood, bones, flesh and weapons of torture. How fun.

          A shrill laugh echoed throughout the room and from the shadows a young woman emerged with a knife in her hand. My torturer.       

          If you were to look at this woman you would mistake her for a young wealthy lady by the way she looked. Her black hair was tied up into a bun apart from the two bits of hair that hung freely at the sides of her face, her skin as white as snow and her black dress that hugged her chest from the top but flowed outwards onto the ground. She was just a head shorter than me and she had a slim figure.

          Her beauty reminded me of an angel but I know better. Angels are kind, gentle creatures. This girl is not. Her seductive grin and cold eyes are similar to those of a siren. Though she is not a siren. She is the one who walks amongst the dead. She is the one who is named after the Goddess of magic and is sometimes mistaken for her. This lady is Lady Hecate of the Damned.

          A smile spread across Hecate’s face as she looked over me. “You’re so cute when you bleed,” she cooed, walking over to me gracefully. “Even more so than you already are.”

          I glared at her with my good eye but I could hardly see her because of my black hair that was covering my eyes ever so slightly. I didn’t have long hair like most of my brothers do. I have short hair that only passes my eyes at the front but at the back it goes down to my neck. I’m thinking about hair when I’m being tortured, typical.

          Hecate brushed my hair away from my eyes and leaned closer to me. “You were the handsome one out of the Letums,” she whispered and breathed in deeply through her nose. She closed her eyes and smirked. “It would be a shame to ruin your looks. Maybe if you be a good boy and start listening to us we won’t have to kill you.”

          I rolled my eyes and sneered down at her. “A good little boy?” I hissed but my voice was barely audible. “What do you think is a good little boy hmm? Obey the Malum Ones, do what the Queen says, let my family suffer for eternity?” I let out a cruel laugh and shook my head. “You’re disgusting if you think I would do that. I would rather die!”

          Hecate pouted and grabbed my throat harshly. “Don’t say that, Genus,” she scolded. “It may come true and we don’t want you to be dead. You have so much potential! You have got us all wrong! We don’t want you to obey the Malum Ones nor obey the Queen. We want you to become a Malum One and kill the Queen.”

          I glared at her. “You make me sick,” I snarled. “I would never become a bloody Malum One nor kill the Queen. I would be the most despised person in the whole of England! No forget that, I would be the most despised person from the 19th century onwards!

          “Besides,” I hissed. “What would make you think that I would join you after what you have done to me?”

          Hecate’s smile faltered slightly and her face turned twisted. “More will die,” she hissed. “The bloodshed that you have already witnessed was only the start of it. Once the Malum Ones take over the Levis Council everything will fall beneath our feet. England will fall along with the rest of this world. Everyone who objects to our rule will perish.

          “Only a few will survive,” she continued. “Those few who will live will not be harmed. They will live life normally and suffer no consequences.”

          “Where are you going with this?” I snapped, squinting at her cautiously.

          Hecate smirked happily and looked at my innocently. “Your family are very unprotected,” she said innocently. “It would be a shame if more were to be killed…”

          That’s where she’s going. “You evil little ba-”

          “Uh-uh,” she giggled, pressing her finger to my lips. “Enough with that language!” She moved her finger down to my heart and brought her knife up to it. “You need to decide Genus,” she sighed. “Join us and let you and your family live or perish alongside you family. Your choice.”

          I looked down at her hand with a sneer. “You’re evil, you know that right?” I hissed at her but she only laughed at me mockingly.

          I must choose. Join the Malum Ones, kill the Queen, become the most hated man alive in exchange for my loved ones lives? Or let everyone die and hope for a miracle to happen?

          I know I shouldn’t be considering my options. I should be thinking of my loved ones well being but I know that the Malum Ones will go back on their promise once I have done what they want me to do.

          Hecate tapped her foot impatiently. “Come now Genus Letum,” she hissed, putting her finger under my chin and raising my head up sharply so that I would look at her. “What do you choose?”

          I looked at her and sighed deeply. I know what I have to do. I must do it. I have no other choice. “I choose…”


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...I could maybe live with that... (;

Yay! Its not just me! :D

Awh, I'm sorry! WOO!!!



Wow, cliff hanger in the first chapter. NOT COOL.


Haha, this is great. Really creative. :)

You should totally keep writing. And if you do, please update me. ;)

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Moonie! Don't do that to me! Duh corse you should continue! um just a question could you put some of the roleplay charries in the story too?cause that'd like totally awesome!

lol!!! sorry! and thanks I will! Um I can't because this is based around the Victorian Era but in Praesentia, School for the Supernaturals there will be familiar faces hehe!

lol! sorry! and the cliff hanger continues until later on in the story >_< hehe :3


Thank you so much ^_^ it means a lot to me and I will keep writing ^_^ I will! and thank you!

I loved it Moonie!

Of course you should continue!

You are extremely gifted at writing, for that I am jelouse lol I can't spell now xD

A cliffty...Moonie LOLZ

Hmmmm, which Charries will be mentioned in Praesentia??????? :)))))))

lol I love it! (lol almost as much as I love Genus lol :3)

Awh Thank you Lil Red ^_^

lol I don't think that's true. Have you read your writing? It's totally amazing ((speaking of which I haven't got an update in a very long time O.o))

I know lol! I didn't know how to finish it :3

lol not many sadly. There may be some attributes of characters not of my own but I sadly can't bring characters from S.O.S. into Praesentia that are not mine :3 It's not exactly like S.O.S. I just couldn't think of a name for the bad guys so I just wrote the Malum Ones lol!

lol! My little English boy loves you all too... except he isn't good with love so he may think it in another way :3

Thank you lol! i will ^_^ I'm writing right now and edging away from the Writers Block ((I tend to get them on the first chapter :3)) ^_^
lol! It's not sadistic... much...O.o lol! jk and thank you! XD I'm writing as we speak... O.O I don't want to perish, please don't let me perish! I'm too young to die!!!
I love it!!!

But I don't like how It's a cliff hanger =.=
I hate it when stories do that...



XD thank you so much!!!


I'm sorry... but I love torturing people's minds ^_^ And you won't know what happens until the near end *laughs evilly in chipmunk style!*


Thank you again! XD I am almost finished the chapter and I apologize deeply for the late comment and story update.

Considering all that has happened through that month I'm surprised I finished the chapter at all ^_^ and yeah it is quite long. I've had major problems with it as well: i.e. writers block and trying to sort out the plot but I'm going to work on the story more so hopefully the updates will be quicker. I apologize for the wait. :)


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