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Blood trickled over my right eye, blinding it temporally. I wish that the blood would just blind both of my eyes completely, then I wouldn’t have to watch my body get ripped apart. But then again, I do need to stare in the eyes of the one who is torturing me. I will not give her the slightest clue of my pain. Not even a wince.

          With my good eye I looked over my body. My arms and legs were held to a wall by a tight grasp from skeleton hands. Typical, it seems that the dead is even against me.

          I looked down at my bare chest and raised an eyebrow at the pentagram that was cut onto it. Blood trickled from it freely making my body even more blood-soaked than it already is.

          I sighed deeply at the mess I’m in. On almost every inch of my body are cuts, bruises and scars. Disgusting. You would think that they would do it a little more cleaner.

          It’s not only me that’s a mess, but the room too. I was in a cold, dark room which only had a small candle light that lit the room. All around the room was blood, bones, flesh and weapons of torture. How fun.

          A shrill laugh echoed throughout the room and from the shadows a young woman emerged with a knife in her hand. My torturer.       

          If you were to look at this woman you would mistake her for a young wealthy lady by the way she looked. Her black hair was tied up into a bun apart from the two bits of hair that hung freely at the sides of her face, her skin as white as snow and her black dress that hugged her chest from the top but flowed outwards onto the ground. She was just a head shorter than me and she had a slim figure.

          Her beauty reminded me of an angel but I know better. Angels are kind, gentle creatures. This girl is not. Her seductive grin and cold eyes are similar to those of a siren. Though she is not a siren. She is the one who walks amongst the dead. She is the one who is named after the Goddess of magic and is sometimes mistaken for her. This lady is Lady Hecate of the Damned.

          A smile spread across Hecate’s face as she looked over me. “You’re so cute when you bleed,” she cooed, walking over to me gracefully. “Even more so than you already are.”

          I glared at her with my good eye but I could hardly see her because of my black hair that was covering my eyes ever so slightly. I didn’t have long hair like most of my brothers do. I have short hair that only passes my eyes at the front but at the back it goes down to my neck. I’m thinking about hair when I’m being tortured, typical.

          Hecate brushed my hair away from my eyes and leaned closer to me. “You were the handsome one out of the Letums,” she whispered and breathed in deeply through her nose. She closed her eyes and smirked. “It would be a shame to ruin your looks. Maybe if you be a good boy and start listening to us we won’t have to kill you.”

          I rolled my eyes and sneered down at her. “A good little boy?” I hissed but my voice was barely audible. “What do you think is a good little boy hmm? Obey the Malum Ones, do what the Queen says, let my family suffer for eternity?” I let out a cruel laugh and shook my head. “You’re disgusting if you think I would do that. I would rather die!”

          Hecate pouted and grabbed my throat harshly. “Don’t say that, Genus,” she scolded. “It may come true and we don’t want you to be dead. You have so much potential! You have got us all wrong! We don’t want you to obey the Malum Ones nor obey the Queen. We want you to become a Malum One and kill the Queen.”

          I glared at her. “You make me sick,” I snarled. “I would never become a bloody Malum One nor kill the Queen. I would be the most despised person in the whole of England! No forget that, I would be the most despised person from the 19th century onwards!

          “Besides,” I hissed. “What would make you think that I would join you after what you have done to me?”

          Hecate’s smile faltered slightly and her face turned twisted. “More will die,” she hissed. “The bloodshed that you have already witnessed was only the start of it. Once the Malum Ones take over the Levis Council everything will fall beneath our feet. England will fall along with the rest of this world. Everyone who objects to our rule will perish.

          “Only a few will survive,” she continued. “Those few who will live will not be harmed. They will live life normally and suffer no consequences.”

          “Where are you going with this?” I snapped, squinting at her cautiously.

          Hecate smirked happily and looked at my innocently. “Your family are very unprotected,” she said innocently. “It would be a shame if more were to be killed…”

          That’s where she’s going. “You evil little ba-”

          “Uh-uh,” she giggled, pressing her finger to my lips. “Enough with that language!” She moved her finger down to my heart and brought her knife up to it. “You need to decide Genus,” she sighed. “Join us and let you and your family live or perish alongside you family. Your choice.”

          I looked down at her hand with a sneer. “You’re evil, you know that right?” I hissed at her but she only laughed at me mockingly.

          I must choose. Join the Malum Ones, kill the Queen, become the most hated man alive in exchange for my loved ones lives? Or let everyone die and hope for a miracle to happen?

          I know I shouldn’t be considering my options. I should be thinking of my loved ones well being but I know that the Malum Ones will go back on their promise once I have done what they want me to do.

          Hecate tapped her foot impatiently. “Come now Genus Letum,” she hissed, putting her finger under my chin and raising my head up sharply so that I would look at her. “What do you choose?”

          I looked at her and sighed deeply. I know what I have to do. I must do it. I have no other choice. “I choose…”


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lol it's okay, I'm very impatient too ^_^ Even with this story. I'm lazy with it as well so that's a downer, and I'm rambling again so I will stay quiet now ^_^

Chapter 1

Welcome to Letum Manor

A few years previously

“The Letum Manor, one of the most prized Manors in all of England,” John Asher, the new tiny fat detective of the Police, mused. “It must have cost a lot of money to make it, though with the job you and your family have it probably doesn’t bother you.”

          I smiled slightly and tilted my head to the right. “You are correct there, sir,” I told him, looking out of the window of the carriage and staring at my home from the distance, the Letum Manor.

          The Letum Manor holds thirteen bedrooms, two being guest rooms, fifteen bathrooms, one kitchen, one large dinning room which holds over thirty people, three games room, one large training room and many other rooms within the walls of the Manor.

          Mr Asher blew his nose into his handkerchief and coughed. “The Manor has been in your family for generations though, am I right?” he asked.

          I nodded slightly. “The manor was made by my great grandfather,” I told him and smirked slightly. “It will soon belong to my eldest brother, James the third. Though by the way things are looking he may not come to possess our family’s riches once father and mother have passed.”

          Mr Asher sighed. “Yes, I have heard as such,” he murmured. “Your brother is failing to up hold your family’s business, yes?”

          I looked at him with squinted eyes as he pushed his glasses far up onto the bridge of his nose and brushed his brown hair back away from his eyes. “Why are you asking?” I asked, trying to sound politely.

          He sniffed and touched his moustache carefully. “I am just interested, that is all,” he mumbled. “So… is he?”

          I shrugged. “He may be of age to take on more responsibility in our line of work but really he is still learning the basics like the rest of us,” I murmured.

          “I see,” Mr Asher mused, tugging at his moustache. “He is only eighteen after all.” 

          I smirked and shook my head. James is in fact thirty-one years of age but has the looks of an eighteen year old. Almost every Letum does due to a curse that runs in our family. When a Letum child turns eighteen they immediately turn immortal. We don’t know where it originated from, all we know is that we can live forever but we can die. Very few humans know of our curse, those who do are usually of higher being, but those who don’t have been told not to take notice of it by Queen Victoria herself. I have another year yet before I turn eighteen. Lucky me.

          Mr Asher checked his watch impatiently then looked at me with expectant eyes. “Is it true that your sister, Elizabeth is it? Has the voice of an angel, just like your mother?”

          I sighed and looked out of the carriage, chewing my lip impatiently. I hated this man. I respected what he does but I hate his curiosity, even if he‘s new and doesn‘t understand. Stupid human. I don’t know why father made me collect him. No, that is a lie. I know why he wanted me to be with him. With me almost turning eighteen he expects more of me, meaning he wants me to take on more responsibility than I already have.

          I forced a smile and laughed slightly at the irony of his words. “My mother sings like an angel,” I said and felt my bottom lip quiver. “My sister sings like a banshee.” I laughed softly. My mother, Victoria Jane Blair Letum, was in fact an angel whilst Elizabeth is a banshee. It’s not an insult on any form, I was only telling the truth without him actually acknowledging it.

          Mr Asher frowned as I laughed. I could sense that he was confused about why I was laughing which was making him feel incredibly uncomfortable. “Are you saying that Elizabeth is a horrible singer?”

          “No,” I told him with a small laugh. I wiped a tear away and shook my head. “Every female Letum is an incredible singer. I just thought of a little inside joke between the Letums which made me laugh.”

          The carriage stopped in front of the old Manor and I couldn’t be more grateful. I fixed my black tail coat and tie as we waited for one of the servants to open the door for us.

          I looked at Mr Asher as he fidgeted in his seat. I have been curious to why he is here. Hardly any detectives request coming to the Letum Manor. This could either be good or bad news and I will find out before he steps foot in my home.

          “Mr Asher,” I murmured, squinting my eyes at him. “Do you care to tell me why exactly you are here to see us?”

          “I’m sorry son,” he mumbled, tensing when I gave him a harsh look when he said son. “It’s news for only your parents and older siblings to hear.”

          I gritted my teeth and once again forced a smile. “How about we let my parents decide about who can hear and who can’t,” I grumbled.

          The carriage door opened and I spotted one of my favourite servants, Bryan Promus, bowing his head and holding the door open for us.

          “Welcome back Master Genus,” Bryan greeted kindly, smiling up at me. “And welcome, Mr Asher, to the Letum Manor. Lord James and Lady Veronica are waiting for you both in the dining room.”

          I smiled and checked my pocket watch. “Ah, I see that we are just in time for lunch,” I mused smiling brightly at Bryan. “Please announce our arrival to my parents and whomever is in their company… apart from my younger sister for now.”

          Bryan bowed his head. “Already done, Master Genus. Ivory has already done as you wish though I do not think Miss Rabidus does not know of your arrival,” he said and looked up with a smile. “But I can assure you we will make sure she is on her best behaviour. Now if you would kindly follow me.”

          Mr Asher turned to me with a surprising smile. “Your servant is very well trained,” he mused. “Are all your servants like that?”

          I smiled and nodded. “Why yes of coarse. We Letums only take on the best of the best as our servants,” I told him. “Who else could we pick as a servant?”

          I looked at Bryan and grinned. Almost all of our servants had the same features; pale skin, white eyes, a flowing walk. They only difference between them all is their hair colour and age difference. Bryan is an older man and has short white hair. He is a gentle man who is not only our servant but our teacher too.

          All of the Letum servants are also the Letum guards. They are great fighters but only fight when they are ordered to. They best thing about the servants is that they cannot die because they are already dead. All the Letum servants are ghosts.

          Bryan turned around and smiled gently at me. “Are you coming, Master Genus?” he asked, looking carefully at Mr Asher as he stumbled over to Bryan.

          I smiled and brushed had hand through my hair. “Of coarse,” I said then added in a whisper. “Even though I would like nothing more than to be away from that stupid detective.”

          Bryan put his finger over his lips and held back a laugh. John obviously didn’t hear it but due to Bryan being dead my whisper was like me talking normally.

          I got out of the carriage and followed Bryan with John into the Manor. As we entered, Mr Asher was taken aback by how big the Manor actually is.

          I watched him carefully as he examined the two staircases that lead up to the second floor, and tensed when he walked near our priceless family vase. All over the golden coloured walls were pictures of members of our family. I am not going to even begin counting how many there actually are, there are just too many.

          “It’s big in here isn’t it?” Mr Asher mused, looking around. “You could get lost in here if you weren’t careful.”

          “Then I suggest that you follow us then,” I pointed out as Bryan and I walked ahead into the dinning room. Mr Asher snapped his attention to us then rushed over to us.

          I rolled my eyes at the fat man then watched Bryan open the large wooden doors of the dining room. As he opened them I saw almost all of my family in there. My father, James Letum, was sitting at the top of the table proudly. My mother, Veronica Letum, was sitting gracefully next to my father on the right side of the table. My sisters; Elizabeth, Astra, Mary-Ann and Maria, sat on the right side of the table with my mother. My brothers; James, Astor, Beau, Brady and Braiden, sat next to my father on the left side of the table.

          Three seats were left on the table, two being for me and John and the other for my younger sister, Rabidus, who was nowhere to be seen.

          Mr Asher stared in bewilderment at my family. No one must have told him about the amount of children my mother and father have. I wonder how he would react if he found out that we are all supernatural beings!

          “May I present, Mr Asher of the Police of England,” Bryan said, bowing his head as both Mr Asher and I entered the room.

          My father stood up from his seat and smiled brightly at Mr Asher as if greeting an old friend. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr Asher,” my father said brightly, as he walked over to Mr Asher. “I am sure that you already know but I would prefer to say it myself, I am James Letum the second.”

          Mr Asher smiled as he and my father shook hands. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Letum-”

          “Please,” my father interrupted. “Call me James.”

          Mr Asher smiled brightly at this and said. “Okay, James. It’s nice to meet you and in return to your kind gesture you can just call me John.”

          My father grinned and slapped Mr Asher’s back, surprising him. “You’re too kind,” he said cheerfully.

          I looked at my father curiously. My father has brown hair that was tied back, though his hair isn’t very long. His eyes are of different colour. His left eye is black whilst his right eye is red. Like me, my father usually wears black clothing. He always has a wicked smile on his face and even though he may come off as nice he’s actually pretending. He’s nice to his loved ones and those who he has to be nice to but when it comes to those he despises he will bring on his true evil side. Being a demon, that’s his nature.

          Mt father turned to me and grinned. “I see my son brought you hear safely, was there any trouble?” he asked, tilting his head slightly.

          I bowed my head. “No sir, no trouble at all,” I told him then looked up at him and gave him a look which said ‘I’ll tell you later’.

          My father smiled slyly, understanding my look. “That’s good,” he said then turned to Mr Asher happily. “Now, why don’t you take a seat and join us for lunch?”

          Mr Asher shook his head slightly. “I don’t know if I should,” he murmured. “My bosses specifically told me to inform you of the problem we are facing then leave.”

          “Come now, John,” my mother said softly, speaking up. She smiled her beautiful, gentle smile at him and said, “We always want our guests to feel at home here and since it is lunch you must be hungry. How about we discuss during our meal, therefore you will have satisfied you bosses and yourself.”

          I smirked. My mother always knew how to get to people. As I looked at her I couldn’t help but notice how angelic she looked. My mother has soft features. Long, blonde hair which stops just below her waist which has a crown of small white roses on her head. Her eyes are of a soft blue which always look upon you lovingly. Her lips are full and of the colour red. She always wear white dresses, but never ones that reveal her back. If she done so then it would expose her white wings. It’s difficult for her to hide her true identity, but she does it well. My mother hardly ever fights, she would never raise her hand to another being unless they were harming her loved ones. Out of all the Letums, she is the most kindest.

          Mr Asher pondered over this then smiled softly at her. “Well, I don’t want to intrude or anything but if you insist on letting me join your family…”

          “We do,” my father said, putting his hand on Mr Asher’s back and leading him to his seat at the end of the table. “Please, it will make us happy if you do.”

          Mr Asher smiled and sat down, rubbing his hands softly. “Well then, I shall stay but we must discuss the-” he was cut short when our servants brought in boiled beef served with a variety of savoury vegetables. I delectable lunch.

          As I looked at Mr Asher I thought I saw salvia escape from his mouth as he watched the food come in. My father and mother smiled at each other then took a seat. I took my seat next to my brother, Braiden, and looked around for my younger sister.

          “She’s taking a nap,” Braiden whispered to me. “She spent all day looking for you and ended up falling asleep beside a tree.”

          I rolled my eyes and tried not to laugh. “Honestly, what is it with little children always after me?” I whispered back and sighed when he shrugged.

          Children younger than me seem to be attracted to me. They seem to think of me as an older brother, no matter who it is or whether or not I treat them nicely. They are still prone to me. Maybe it’s because of what I am…

          When a plate of food was set in front of me I couldn’t help but turn my nose up at it. I hardly eat human food. It sickens me and it never satisfies me. Though my mother and father force me to eat it in front of guests and my younger sister. To show that I am human to the guests and to set an example to my sister. Typical.

          As Mr Asher was stuffing his face with the food, my parents, siblings and I all shared a look. We knew we had to be nice to the man even though we didn’t want to. 

          Mr Asher looked up and wiped his face with a hankerchief. “You have a lovely home,” he said to my father and mother. “And may I add a lovely family.”

          My father bowed his head and smiled. “Thank you, John. You are too kind,” he said cheerfully. My father has a lot of pride for this manor. He feels better here than anywhere else. I guess it may be because of the ground this house was built on…

          “Now, Mr Asher,” my father said to the pig, putting his elbows onto the table and resting his head on the back of his clasped hands observantly. “Would you care to discuss the situation?”

          John Asher paused for a moment before setting his cutlery down and cleared his throat. “Since you are comfortable with me discussing this in front of your children…” He waited for my father’s nod of approval before continuing.

          “There has been abductions of young men and woman throughout England for three months now,” Mr Asher exclaimed, turning serious. “Only few have escaped, and when I saw few I mean two.

          “The two survivors were a young man and a young woman who I am not permitted to say the names of. Both of them explained that the people who tried to abduct them were cloaked figures with a burning red eyes. They also stated that there was a strange marking on the right side of their cloak.”

          Mr Asher sighed sadly. “There have been no leads on the culprits or any clues on where they could be. There have also been no signs of the missing people or who could be taken next.”

          My father rubbed his chin in thought. “So basically what you’re saying is that you can’t solve the case so you’re shrugging it off to us?” he asked then winked to show he was joking but really, he’s not.

          Our family are not only known for our strange family curse but our job. The Letums are investigators and secret police for the Queen of England and the Levis Council (which is the all famous supernatural council for beings of the light, they are basically our superiors. They decide what happens in the supernatural world). Whenever there is a case too hard for the original police they call on us to solve it.

          “Have you got a list of the names of the missing people? Images too would be good?” my father asked.

          Mr Asher nodded and searched the inside pocket of his jacket and brought out a brown envelope. “I’m sorry to say but we only have names,” he told him as he gave the envelope to Bryan who then gave the envelope to my father.

          I watched carefully as my father opened it and examined the paper within. His forehead creased in thought as he read over it. I was eager to help out in this case. It’s been a long time since I done one.

          “It seems we have a problem here,” my father mused, handing the paper to my mother. “From what I’ve read, over one hundred people have gone missing. You should have notified us sooner.”

          Mr Asher’s eyes widened and I saw his cheeks reddening. “We thought we could handle this case on our own,” he murmured.

          “No,” my father said sternly. “You thought that you could handle this case on your own because you’re new to the force. I have a feeling that they were hoping to contact us sooner but you rejected their suggestions so that you could solve it yourself, hoping to prove that you are a worthy member of the force by solving your big first case. If you had contacted us sooner…”

          My father trailed off into silence. I could see in his eyes that he was annoyed by the selfish nature of this human. It’s not surprising, all humans are selfish. That’s what separates us from them.

          My mother took notice of the fallen face of Mr Asher and decided to take charge since my father couldn’t think of anything nice to say.

          “I apologize John, you see we like to get things done around here as quick as possible and we can get a little upset if things are delayed. If you had given us the case sooner rather than later we could have been done by now and the people who have been kidnapped could have been at home, safe and sound,” she explained, putting her hand over my father’s softly. “But what’s done is done, no need to be upset about it.”

          Mr Asher nodded slightly and looked at his now empty plate. “You don’t need to apologize,” he murmured, looking up with a small, guilty smile. “I’m the one who is sorry.”

          My father looked at him and smiled his charming smile again. “Well, I guess we should get down to business now, shouldn’t we?” He grinned and looked around the table at us intently.

          “So, my dear children. Who wants to take on this case?” he asked curiously then looked at the paper. “I would say, judging by what we know so far, five will do-”

          “Hold on!” Mr Asher exclaimed, shooting up from his seat which startled us all. “Are you mocking us? Sending your children out to solve this case? Are you saying that children are smarter than the police?”

          My father smiled at his anger, feeding off of it. “John,” he said softly. “These are Letum children. They are all, well not all due to my youngest daughter, experienced in cases like these. I have the utmost faith in them so I tell you, trust me.”

          Mr Asher gritted his teeth and sat back down lightly. “I don’t like it,” he grumbled. “But if you say that they are experienced then… alright…”

          I grinned slyly at Mr Asher. How tempted I was to make a remark on how we are all better at this then he is. It has taken them weeks to try and solve this case and they haven’t got anything, it will only take hours for us to solve it.

          My father smiled at Mr Asher then continued what he was saying. “So, any volunteers?”

          We all were eager to do this case but no one raised their hand. We always let our father decide who goes on each case judging by what they are and how they can be of use, the others can give a hand but only if the ones on the case ask for it. My father is always fair on judgment.

          After a couple of minutes in silence, my father rubbed his chin in thought and looked around us. “Since there are no volunteers, I shall pick,” he told us and stood up.

          He stared at us all for at least six seconds then came to his decision. “Okay,” he murmured. “The people who will take on this case are; Elizabeth, Brady and Braiden, Mary-Ann and Genus. You will all start this case immediately, look for any suspicious people and…”

          He cut himself of and smiled sweetly. “Now, I shouldn’t be giving any help should I?” he chuckled and waved his hand. “Off you go, start the case. Have fun.”

          I could see Mr Asher’s jaw drop at the words ‘have fun’ . Silly human.

          I stood up and stepped to the side of my seat. Elizabeth, Brady, Braiden and Mary-Ann done the same and we all bowed to our parents and Mr Asher before walking out of the room.

          “So,” I murmured, looking at them all with a glee in my eye. “Shall we begin?”


*Sorry for the wait but I'm trying to work as fast as I can but I can't really because I'm not allowed on the computer as much as I used to be because of exams and what not. In my free time I'll work on the stories ^_^*

Oh my god Moonie!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You're such a talented writer I'm jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


can't wait fo rmore!

Thank you so much! ^_^


I can assure you, I'm not. I'm an amateur compared to you're work! It's pure professional!!!


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