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This story is book 3 in a series.  If you have not read A Sister's Love, and A Family's Blessing, message me!  You might want to read those first to understand what is happening.  A Tribe's Miracle will pick up right where A Family's Blessing stopped.  If you have any questions, just ask!  I love my readers.


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A Tribe’s Miracle

Chapter 1

Emmett’s POV


It hit me yesterday that with everything that has happened, Alex and my 2nd anniversary has snuck up on me.  We haven’t had a date night in forever.  Two small kids will do that to you, but I’m about to change that.  Alex has dropped hints that she wants this New Kids On the Block/ Backstreet Boys cd, but I think I can do better than that.   They are performing in Seattle next weekend, and I think I can get tickets.


It hit me that Jessie is into that boy band stuff also.  Collin might like to surprise Jessie with tickets also.  If Jessie is there, Alex will have a girl to talk to, and I won’t have to hear about how hot some other dude is.  I mean, she has me, what more does she need?


“Hey, Collin.  If I can get tickets to that New Back Boys concert, or whatever they are called, do you want to take Jessie?”  I called Collin.


“Yea.  I figure I might have to drop a name or two, but I haven’t used the Cullen name for anything recently, so I might as well use it to make my wife happy.  If you and Jessie are there, I won’t have to listen to Alex gush over these dudes.  I’ll call and see what I can do.  4 Tickets and two hotel rooms shouldn’t be that hard to come by.”  I said.


I called the ticket office, just to be informed that the show was sold out.  I thought for a moment, and then called Alice.


“Pixie, I need your help.  What’s the name of your entertainment coordinator for Seattle?  I need tickets to a concert that’s this weekend.”  I asked.


“For the trillionth time I AM NOT A PIXIE!!!” Alice screamed.


“Whatever just give me the number.  There’s a concert that Alex will love, and love me for taking her to, but it’s sold out.  I know your guy can get me tickets.”  I said.


“Ugh, you procrastinate too much.  His name is Craig, and his number is 578*7872.  Make sure you tell him that I am your sister, or you will get nowhere.  Oh… and you owe me something expensive from Seattle.”  Alice said.


“Thanks, and I’ll buy you something glittery, Pixie.”  I quickly hung up before she could yell at me again.


I dialed the number and waited for Craig to pick up.  “Craig, my sister Alice Hale gave me your number and said you were the guy to help me out.  Is there any way you can get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this weekend?  I need 4 tickets.  I know its sudden notice, but I want to surprise my wife for our anniversary.”  I held my breath.


“Well, all I have left are the VIP ticket packages.  They can be quite pricy, but since Mrs. Hale is your sister, I assume money is no object?  Mr…you didn’t tell me your name, I’m afraid.”  Craig said.


“It's Cullen, Emmett Cullen.  Money is no problem.  If it makes my wife happy, it’s worth it.  What is a VIP package, and what type of money are we looking at?”  I asked.


“Mr. Cullen, the VIP package includes backstage passes, autographed seats, and concert tickets.  We are talking $250.”  Craig explained.


“That’s it?  That’s not expensive.”  I said.


“Sir, I mean $250 per seat.  I’m assuming you want them.  I need a credit card number, and there will be a $25 currier fee.  This is to deliver the tickets to your house or place of business tomorrow.”  Craig said.


I gave him the information he wanted, then hung up.  Next I had to make hotel reservations.


I called around and found two hotels side by side near the water front.  I called and made reservations for Alex and I at Hotel 1000.  Thankfully the Alexis Seattle was right next door, just as nice, but about half the price.  Collin keeps saying he is going to pay me back, but if he knew that I just paid over $1000 for a hotel room for 2 nights, he would freak.


After I booked the hotels, I called Collin.  “Hey, we have tickets for Friday night.  I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights at neighboring hotels.  I thought we might want to keep the girls separate after the concert, so we can have some alone time with our wives.  They can go shopping Saturday, while we go find something else to do.  We will head home about noon Sunday.” 


“Sounds good.  Let me know how much I owe.”  Collin said.


“We will take care of that later.  Do you want to run to the mall later?  I mean, I’m gonna finish this surprise out by choosing Alex a concert outfit.”  I suggested.


We agreed to meet at the mall later, and do a one stop shopping spree.  Hopefully my idea of what I want Alex to wear will mesh with what she is willing to wear.

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Thank you.  I have ideas on what is happening next, but just cant find the time to sit down and write.  I promise more will come...hopefully soon.

Chapter 17

Seth’s POV


Four days without my daughter seems like a lifetime.  I’m just glad Hayley is such a good sport.  I know this is our honeymoon but leaving my daughter for the first time was hard.  We are now at the airport waiting on Mom and Leala to arrive.  We got here over 30 minutes early, but I couldn’t sit around the empty cabin any longer.  We are all packed and ready to head farther south, as soon as I get my baby girl.


“Seth.  Their flight is landing right now.  We can go farther into the terminal to meet them.  We need to be ready to get Leala so your mom can catch her return flight.”  Hayley broke into my thoughts.


We are standing at the gate waiting, my stomach is in knots…What if something happened, and they didn’t make the flight?


All of a sudden I see Bella walking towards me with Leala.  “Bells?  What’s wrong with Mom?  Why are you here instead?  Is everyone okay?”


“Seth..”  Bella started to explain but I cut her off.


“It's Rachel isn’t it… Something is wrong with her or her baby.”  I questioned.


“Lets find a place to sit so I can explain.  Everyone is okay now, but Mom Sue didn’t want to leave right now so I volunteered to come.  I have about half an hour before I need to get to the other airport for my flight out.  I flew commercial this time because this was how you were expecting Leala, but I’m flying myself home.”  Bella motioned to a café area.


Once we sat down, Bella started talking.  “Rachel had the baby the night of your wedding.  As they were leaving the wedding, she collapsed in the parking lot.  Carlisle said her blood pressure was through the roof and did an emergency c-section as soon as they got to the hospital.  Little Eva Grace was born perfectly with no problems.  Rachel was touch and go for awhile.  They had problems getting her blood pressure under control.  Carlisle thought we were going to lose her.  Evan finally insisted on taking Eva Grace into Rachel’s room.  Once she heard the baby’s cries, it seemed to help her.  She is at home and is doing fine now, but Momma Sue didn’t want to leave them.  I volunteered to make the trip with Leala because I knew I wasn’t needed at home.  Edward can help with the grandkids for a day.  It's good for him.”


“I wish someone would have let us know.”  Hayley said.


“There was nothing you could have done and the family decided not to interrupt your honeymoon.  If it would have been worse, we would have called.”  Bella stated.


We gathered up the baggage and headed out.  We dropped Bella off at the private airport on our way out of town. 


“Thanks for bringing Leala to us, Sis.  I really appreciate it.”  I hugged Bella before we left.


“You’re welcome, little brother.”  Bella laughed as she walked off towards her airplane.


An update!!!

Thank you very much!!

You're welcome.  Im glad to see that I still have readers.  Updates should be coming several times a week for a few weeks.

great update!  please update again soon!

Loved it can't wait for more

Chapter 18

Jake’s POV


“Little Brother, you don’t have to come check on me all the time.  I’m fine.  It’s bad enough with Dad and Evan hovering, but you too?”  Rachel teased as I walked in her front door.


“I thought I’d come visit my favorite sister and niece.”  I replied.


“I’m only your favorite because I’m here and Becca is in Hawaii.” Rachel replied.


“She called me to check on you.  She mentioned flying home.”  I informed Rachel.


“Dad gave her my number and she called me to.  I told her to wait and come in for the wedding instead.  She said it would just be her, her husband wouldn’t be coming.”  Rachel responded.


“She didn’t sound that happy but I know that stuff doesn’t translate over the phone that well.  Plus she’s female and who knows what makes a woman happy or sad… Or cry when they are happy or scream over any little thing.”  I sighed.


“Now the truth comes out.  You didn’t come to visit me, you came to get away from your hormonal wife.  Is it post baby blues, stress or what?”  Rachel laughed.


“I guess it’s just that she is tired.  She keeps saying that I don’t realize how much work Zander and Izzie are, and that she isn’t ever having anymore kids.” I flopped back into the chair.


“So, lil bro, take it from a new mom.  The best present you can give her is alone time.  That means time for her to relax without kids.  Shuffle Zander off to the grandparents, and take Izzie yourself.  If you can convince Ness to use bottles, you might even get a night without Izzie.”  Rachel suggested.


“Thanks sis.  I’m just afraid it’s more than exhaustion.  She keeps getting sick.  Nessie says it’s just that her body hasn’t gotten used to her non-pregnant diet.”  I stood up and gave Rachel a hug.


“I guess it’s time for me to take Izzie home before she starts getting hungry.  If you need anything just holler.”  I headed home, knowing that Nessie had the shower thingy tonight to go to at Hayley's store.

Thank heavens , Rachel is okay!

Loved it!!

Hmmmm you picked up on Rachel being fine, but you didnt comment on something else that is happening in this chapter.  Thought you'd be the one to notice.

great update!  oh my what's going on with Nessie!  Hope she is ok.  Please update again soon :-)


Chapter 19

Rachel’s POV


Since Eva Grace has already made her appearance, and I need some of my gifts already, the girls decided to move the triple baby shower to my house.  Poor Evan spent the day cleaning the house to get it spotless for company.  I can do some things, but I can’t bend over to scrub toilets or mop the floor.


Alex sends Emmett over with the cake for tonight, and orders for him to deliver and leave.  Jake shows up with punch and I quickly sent him away. 


Eva Grace is napping and Im supposed to be napping, but instead I take time to dig through her closet, looking for the perfect outfit to put her in for tonight.  I’m trying to be quiet, but I still get caught.


“You are supposed to be resting.  Whatever you are doing can wait.”  Evan swooped me up and started towards the bedroom.


“It can’t either.  I have to find the perfect outfit for Eva’s first party.  I can’t have the family see her as a sloppy baby.”  I reply.


“You sleep, I’ll pick her out an outfit.  If you don’t like it when you wake up, you will have plenty of time to change it.  Seth is coming over with all the gifts soon, so unless you want Seth to see you like this…”  Evan grinned.


Despite my protests that I wasn’t tired, I slept for over an hour.  When I woke up, Eva Grace was still napping so I quickly showered and did my hair.   By the time I got out of the bathroom, I could hear Evan’s voice over the baby monitor.

“You are clean and dry… Shhh… stop crying please, princess.  Mommy will be done in a few minutes and ready for you.  There is nothing I can do, and your tears are breaking my heart…”  His voice faded and the cries got louder as Evan walked from the nursery to the bedroom.


“It's okay baby.  Mommy’s here now and Daddy is going to go answer that annoying doorbell.  It's probably your uncle Seth again with more presents for you.”  I quickly fed Eva Grace then headed to go see what outfit Evan had laid out.


He had picked out a tutu onesies that said Daddy’s Camo Princess along with a matching bow and shoes.  I quickly dressed her, then ran back across the hall to get myself dressed.


I walked into the living room just in time to see Hayley and Leala come in.  “As soon as you sort that stack of presents out, you can leave.”  Hayley pointed at the presents.


“Anything else you need before we leave?  We can stay if you need us to…”  Seth and Evan both hesitated to leave.


“GO!”  Hayley and I said at the same time, and then busted out laughing.


Soon everyone else arrived, and Eva Grace was passed around as Alex, Jessie and I opened presents.  Alex’s revealed that she was having a girl.  We discovered Jessie was having a boy this time.


We discovered initials, but whole names are being kept secret until the babies arrive. 


As we ate, I noticed Nessie eating several different things, but having to put her plate down and make a trip to the bathroom several times.  I also noticed that Hayley was slowly eating.  She only had cake and a few grapes on her plate, but would take a bite of something, and then put her fork down.  It was like she was waiting between bites to see what happened.  She caught me watching, and quickly pretended like she was feeding Leala cake.  I could tell it was Leala’s first bite because her little eyes went wide at the taste of frosting.


I grinned and looked around the room.  It is a miracle that I am here among my family and friends, with a perfect baby girl in my arms.  I have found a man who loves me and loves my daughter as his own.  In less than a month, I will be his wife.  As I look around the room, I realize the room is full of miracles.  All the babies born to the wolf couples, the wolf wives, Alex and her part vampire babies… all miracles in their own way.  If I am right, there are more miracles on the way for the tribe.  Sitting in this room is proof of a tribe’s miracle.

Nessie is pregnant and so is Hayley!

I'm so happy for both of them!

Wow....that is one BIG family and it'll be even more bigger with more babies on the way!

Loved it!


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