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This story is book 3 in a series.  If you have not read A Sister's Love, and A Family's Blessing, message me!  You might want to read those first to understand what is happening.  A Tribe's Miracle will pick up right where A Family's Blessing stopped.  If you have any questions, just ask!  I love my readers.


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A Tribe’s Miracle

Chapter 1

Emmett’s POV


It hit me yesterday that with everything that has happened, Alex and my 2nd anniversary has snuck up on me.  We haven’t had a date night in forever.  Two small kids will do that to you, but I’m about to change that.  Alex has dropped hints that she wants this New Kids On the Block/ Backstreet Boys cd, but I think I can do better than that.   They are performing in Seattle next weekend, and I think I can get tickets.


It hit me that Jessie is into that boy band stuff also.  Collin might like to surprise Jessie with tickets also.  If Jessie is there, Alex will have a girl to talk to, and I won’t have to hear about how hot some other dude is.  I mean, she has me, what more does she need?


“Hey, Collin.  If I can get tickets to that New Back Boys concert, or whatever they are called, do you want to take Jessie?”  I called Collin.


“Yea.  I figure I might have to drop a name or two, but I haven’t used the Cullen name for anything recently, so I might as well use it to make my wife happy.  If you and Jessie are there, I won’t have to listen to Alex gush over these dudes.  I’ll call and see what I can do.  4 Tickets and two hotel rooms shouldn’t be that hard to come by.”  I said.


I called the ticket office, just to be informed that the show was sold out.  I thought for a moment, and then called Alice.


“Pixie, I need your help.  What’s the name of your entertainment coordinator for Seattle?  I need tickets to a concert that’s this weekend.”  I asked.


“For the trillionth time I AM NOT A PIXIE!!!” Alice screamed.


“Whatever just give me the number.  There’s a concert that Alex will love, and love me for taking her to, but it’s sold out.  I know your guy can get me tickets.”  I said.


“Ugh, you procrastinate too much.  His name is Craig, and his number is 578*7872.  Make sure you tell him that I am your sister, or you will get nowhere.  Oh… and you owe me something expensive from Seattle.”  Alice said.


“Thanks, and I’ll buy you something glittery, Pixie.”  I quickly hung up before she could yell at me again.


I dialed the number and waited for Craig to pick up.  “Craig, my sister Alice Hale gave me your number and said you were the guy to help me out.  Is there any way you can get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this weekend?  I need 4 tickets.  I know its sudden notice, but I want to surprise my wife for our anniversary.”  I held my breath.


“Well, all I have left are the VIP ticket packages.  They can be quite pricy, but since Mrs. Hale is your sister, I assume money is no object?  Mr…you didn’t tell me your name, I’m afraid.”  Craig said.


“It's Cullen, Emmett Cullen.  Money is no problem.  If it makes my wife happy, it’s worth it.  What is a VIP package, and what type of money are we looking at?”  I asked.


“Mr. Cullen, the VIP package includes backstage passes, autographed seats, and concert tickets.  We are talking $250.”  Craig explained.


“That’s it?  That’s not expensive.”  I said.


“Sir, I mean $250 per seat.  I’m assuming you want them.  I need a credit card number, and there will be a $25 currier fee.  This is to deliver the tickets to your house or place of business tomorrow.”  Craig said.


I gave him the information he wanted, then hung up.  Next I had to make hotel reservations.


I called around and found two hotels side by side near the water front.  I called and made reservations for Alex and I at Hotel 1000.  Thankfully the Alexis Seattle was right next door, just as nice, but about half the price.  Collin keeps saying he is going to pay me back, but if he knew that I just paid over $1000 for a hotel room for 2 nights, he would freak.


After I booked the hotels, I called Collin.  “Hey, we have tickets for Friday night.  I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights at neighboring hotels.  I thought we might want to keep the girls separate after the concert, so we can have some alone time with our wives.  They can go shopping Saturday, while we go find something else to do.  We will head home about noon Sunday.” 


“Sounds good.  Let me know how much I owe.”  Collin said.


“We will take care of that later.  Do you want to run to the mall later?  I mean, I’m gonna finish this surprise out by choosing Alex a concert outfit.”  I suggested.


We agreed to meet at the mall later, and do a one stop shopping spree.  Hopefully my idea of what I want Alex to wear will mesh with what she is willing to wear.

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Chapter 25

Taylor’s POV


I hate the idea of moving, but I’m to the point of trying anything.  Chloe has been depressed and withdrawn since we lost the baby.  I thought the new baby would help, but she just seems afraid to do anything, that it might harm the baby.


“Sam, can I meet you in the woods?  I need to talk to you.”  I called Sam and requested a meeting.  Between the two alphas, Sam was the one I felt I could talk to about this. 


“Sure.  Give me five minutes.”  Sam said, then hung up.


I reached the meeting place first, and paced back and forth until he arrived.


“What’s wrong?”  Sam automatically asked.


“It’s Chloe.  She hasn’t been well.  It started when she lost the baby and Gabby was kidnapped.  She refuses to leave the house, and if I try to make her, she ends up having a panic attack.  I thought with time she would get better, and realize she isn’t in danger, but it hasn’t helped.  If anything, the new baby has her even more paranoid.  She won’t go up the stairs, afraid she will fall again.  She won’t let Gabby out of her sight.  When I leave, it’s a long process of assuring her I will come back.  Then I come home to find her sitting by the window, staring out of it.  I talked to Carlisle, and he referred us to a friend of his.  That’s another problem, she says Carlisle is one of you, and against her.  She refuses to see him or let him check on her.  This new doctor is in Port Angeles.”  I paused to take a breath.


“Taylor, you should have come to me and the pack earlier.  We could have helped.  At the least, we could have taken over your patrols.  What does the new doctor say?”  Sam asked.


“He says all of her fears are based on her memories of that night.  In her way, she is protecting herself, the baby, and Gabby.  He thinks a change might help.  That’s what I needed to tell you.  We are moving to Port Angeles.  With the baby due anytime now, we have to be near a doctor.  If she won’t let Carlisle even talk to her, there is no way she will let him deliver the baby.  We found a apartment near the hospital.  It must just be the memories in this house that she has problems with.  When we were apartment looking, and even in this one we rented, she has no problems with stairs.  She seemed like her normal self almost.  Still a bit reserved, but nothing like what she is here.  I hope we can return soon, but that depends on Chloe.  At the least, we won’t be returning to this house.  I’d like to sell it as soon as possible, but I’m not sure how that works, since we are on the edge of the reservation.”  I felt better, just talking to Sam.  Somehow I know that I will get my wife back, the wonderful woman I fell in love with and married, not this empty shell.


“Leave the house to me.  Rebecca was looking for a house, close to Billy, but not too close.  If she is still looking, yours might be just the thing.  If not, I will see if I can find someone else who wants to move up to a bigger house.  You just do what you have to for your family.  Getting Chloe the help she needs is all that matters right now.  If you do decide, you want to come home, just call.  We will work out the details when that time comes.  If you need anything, please call.  Don’t leave your brothers and I hanging anymore.  We can’t help if you don’t let us in.”  Sam pulled me into a hug, then walked off into the woods.


I turned and walked back towards my house.  It was time to finish packing and get moving.  The sooner I make this change, the sooner I have my wife back, I pray.

Poor Chloe :(

I hope she recovers soon.

Can you post a character index of everyone, I keep forgetting who's married to who and their children and the other couples?

Character List, as requested.

The Cullens

Esme and Carlisle
Bella and Edward, daughter Nessie
Jasper and Alice, daughter Alice Anna (AA)
Emmett and Alexandrea (Alex), daughter Addison (Addi), son Carter, daughter Alexis (Lexi)

The Wolves:

Sam and Emily,
Children: Claire (actually Emily's niece, but they raised her) who is married to Quil
The Triplets, Sawyer, Sabrina, and Sophia

Collin and Jessie, twin daughters Phoebe and Olivia

Embry and Diana, daughter Emoree

Taylor and Chloe, daughter Gabriella (Gabi)

Jake (married to Nessie), adopted son Zander (Leah and Aiden's son), daughter Sarah Isabella (Izzy)

Quil (married to Claire), son Quil Traeson (Trae)

Brady and Kenzie, daughters Madeline (Maddi) and Nicole (Nikki), twin sons, Hayden and Ian

Leah (deceased) and Aiden (deceased), (biological parents of Zander and Leala)

Seth and Hayley, daughter Leala

Dylan and Sky, daughters Camren (Cami) and Destany (his best friend's children, parents died in car wreck), son Dalton (dead brother's son)
    Sons, Dalton (his nephew) and reece (from Sky's past)

Jenny (16 yr old neighbor of Dylan and Sky, babysits Cami)

Lindley (Jenny's step dad's niece, dad deployed to Libya, living w Jenny and Ben)

Rachel (Jake's sister) married to Evan (police officer, works w Jake)

Paul (deceased, Rachel's abusive husband)

Rebecca (Jake's sister), daughter Malia


Christopher (Jenny's Boyfriend)

Kellan (Chris's friend, crushing on Lindley)

Ben (Jenny's ex step dad, Lindley's uncle)

Thank you so much!

Welcome.  I have it saved on my computer, and update it as I add new characters. 

Just glad to have a comment.  Was beginning to think I didnt have any readers left.

Chapter 26

Jessie’s POV


Today is August 31st, My birthday, and I’m as big as a house and fat all over.


I try to roll over to find a more comfortable spot in bed, but there is a box blocking my way.  Great…. Collin has decided to be cute with presents.


I open the box to find a baby sling.  Nice… the baby gets a present for my birthday.  My husband better get better at this gift giving before the day is over. 


I dig around and finally find a pair of warmup pants that somewhat fit, and a tshirt of Collin’s.  I’m to the point where the cute maternity stuff just does not fit, and the late term clothes I have don’t fit either.  I mean, when you are this pregnant, I don’t want anything to touch me, much less cling to my baby belly.


I make it into the living room, and Phoebe and Olivia come toddling towards me.  “Open Mommy!”


They each have an odd shaped present they are thrusting at me.


I open the presents to find a pair of blue sandals….that are not meant for swollen pregnant feet.  Okay, another useless present.


I waddle into the kitchen to find some food, and Collin puts the girls in their high chairs.  No mention of my birthday, and no breakfast cooked.  The girls got sweet baby rice and had it all over them within a few minutes.


“Collin?  Where’s our breakfast?”  I asked.


“Oh, I didn’t know what you wanted, so I fixed myself an omelet while waiting for the girls to wake up.  I think there is some cereal in the cabinet.”  He replied.


Seriously?  He expects me to get up out of this chair and fix my own breakfast.  I can’t even reach into the cabinets because my belly keeps me out too far.


“Please fix me something, and I’ll keep an eye on the girls.  Anything but fruity pebbles or baby food will work.”  I suggested.


“I’ll see if I can find something.  There is a present on the table there for you.  You can open it if you want.”  He said over his shoulder.

In this box is a blue and white silky halter-top dress… in a pre-baby size.  Just the perfect thing to make me feel better about myself… a dress there is no way I can fit into anytime soon.


I toss the box on the table as Collin comes in with a plate of toast and scrambled eggs.  “Did you like the dress I bought you?”  He asked.


“I just noticed that it’s too small.  So far, for my birthday, I have gotten a too small pair of sandals, a too small dress, and a second baby wrap. No happy birthday, no love shown, just useless presents that make me feel fat.”   I replied.


Collin handed me a final box.  “Maybe this will tie it all together and explain.”


I opened the box to find a small diaper bag.  “A diaper bag?  Seriously?”


“Look inside.  There is a gift certificate to the spa, and to your favorite restaurant.  I knew you didn’t feel like going out to celebrate today, so I bought everything we would need for a special night out after the baby is born.  A baby wrap and diaper bag because I knew you wouldn’t leave the new baby with a sitter so soon, and the dress and shoes are a new outfit for you to wear.  I checked with Alex and bought the size she said you would be wearing right after the baby is born.”  Collin sighed.


“Nice thought, wrong presentation.  Right now all the dress and shoes do is make me feel fat.  I know I’m as big as a barn, seeing a dress that I should be able to wear in a few weeks doesn’t help that.  I know in my mind that I will lose the weight and not be this big forever, but it doesn’t feel that way.  I’m going for a walk….alone.  You need to clean the girls up, give them a bath, and get them dressed for the day.  It's past time for them to be out of their pjs.  They have playgroup today anyways.”  I kissed my husband and walked out the door.  I know he had good intentions, but today wasn’t the day to remind me of how fat I am.


I walked around in the woods near our house for awhile, then sat on a log to rest a bit.  My back hurt, but it always hurts when I walk more than a few steps.  I roamed around looking at the leaves and thinking about how I hurt Collin’s feelings.  He has been really patient with me during this pregnancy, and I know my hormones have been out of whack.


I sat at the base of a tree and stared into the woods for a little bit, then a sharp pain hit.  Before I could process what the pain was, another one hit, followed by a gush between my legs.  I reached down and felt my pants.  They were definitely soaked, so I pulled them down and off my legs. 


The pains were back to back now, so I slowly stick my hand down there to see whats happening.  “Great, just fantastic….Absolutely fudge-tasticly Wonderful.  I’m in the woods by a tree, alone, and the baby has picked now to come.”


I pull my knees up to my chest and push.  After each push, I pause and check.  On the fifth push, I catch my son.  I use my pants to wrap him in, and collapse against the tree.  Hopefully Collin comes to check on me soon.  He won’t believe that I just gave birth alone in the woods.  This is definitely a birthday to remember.


I lightly doze off until I hear a stick cracking.  I look up to see Collin coming towards me.


“Come see your son.  Kevin Joel White.”  I motioned Collin over.


He came and sat next to me, and looked down at his son.  “Did I ever tell you that you must be Wonderwoman?  Mother of twin toddlers, and now you give birth alone… in the woods?”


“I wonder what the girls will think of their little brother.  Joel is going to be outnumbered.”

She had her baby...IN THE WOODS!!

Collin is so sweet! :)

lol, Jessie has to be difficult like that.... thats just who she is (Jessie is based off of one of my real life friends, lol)

Chapter 27

Rebecca’s POV


When Sam called and said he had a house to show me, I never dreamed it would be this perfect.  It has a nice sized yard, but plenty of shade.  Spacious open kitchen, dining room, living room area downstairs, with a half bath, then upstairs are the bedrooms.  There are three bedrooms and a bathroom besides the master.  One of the bedrooms has a walk door to the master bedroom, so it can be used as a nursery.


“It's perfect.  When can I start moving stuff in and buying furniture?”  I asked.


“I have the keys with me if you are sure.  It's a lot of house for the two of you.”  Sam replied.


“How much is it a month?  Am I renting or buying it?”  I asked.


“You can rent, but the owners prefer to sell.  I can hold it until you make arrangements with the bank, if you want to buy.” Sam explained.


“I want to buy it, and no need to make arrangements.  I’ll write a check for it.  I have money from the sale of my property in Hawaii.”  I pulled out my checkbook and wrote a check.  “Now, if you will give me the keys, I need to go check on my daughter.  It's getting close to feeding time, and Dad is probably freaking out.”


I take the keys and head to Dad’s house.  As soon as I settle in the rocker with Malia, I call Jake.


“Hey, baby bro.  Where in Forks or nearby can I buy furniture?  I just bought a house.”  I ask.


I listen for a minute, and then break in.  “Yes, I know what I’m doing.  I am an adult, a mother, and I’m older than you in fact.  So… As I was saying, I bought a house, and now I need furniture.  I’m ready to get settled in our own space, but need a bunch of furniture first.  I at least need living room furniture, a desk, a bedroom set, and nursery stuff.”


I arrange to let Jake take me shopping tomorrow morning, and decide to go nursery shopping myself.  I can do that as soon as little Miss Malia decides she is full.




I felt wore out by the time I walked into the baby store.  I decided to give Seth’s wife my business, so I went to Little Miss Giggly.  Seth’s wife… that seems weird that little Seth is grown up, married, and has a child with another on its way.


Hayley met me just inside the door, and locked it behind me.  “It's almost time for me to close anyway, and I thought you might need some help picking things out.  You can put Malia over in the play area, if you want.   Leala is asleep in her bassinet behind my desk, or I’d let you put Malia there.”  Hayley explained.


I walked over to the play area, and saw a playpen set up as a crib.  I noticed an odd-looking pad under the blanket, and wires coming out of it.


“Oh, that’s a baby monitor.  It watches their body temperature and their breathing.  If the temperature drops it beeps, and a warning goes off if the baby’s breathing changes.”  Hayley showed me how it worked, and handed me a receiver to clip on my waist.  I gently laid Malia down and covered her with the light blanket.  I hope that she will sleep for a bit.


“What all are you looking for, so we know where to start?”  Hayley asked.


“I need everything.  Right now, she is sleeping in a borrowed co-sleeper.  I just bought a house, so I want everything to fix her nursery up right.  I’d like to take the things home today, or pick up tomorrow, instead of ordering things.”  I declared.


We started with a crib, and went from there.  I found the prettiest crib bedding, which would work as she grew.  I decided not to have it monogrammed, so if in the future, I have another baby, I could use the bedding again.  Sigh, but that would require finding a decent guy that I felt I could trust.  It seems like all the good guys here on reservation are taken.  I found a rug and a lamp that have “m” on them, and a rocker.  I finally decided on a changing table with drawers instead of a dresser. 


After about 20 minutes of shopping, Malia woke up fussy.  Before I got her calmed, she woke Leala so we had to take a baby break.  I decided to just have Seth deliver the stuff tomorrow, and headed home.  Jake is supposed to meet me at 7am to go furniture shopping.  Since Malia has to go with us, I need to get her to bed soon.

I hope Rebecca get her new house up and running with all the baby necessities and meets a new guy!!

Chapter 28
Rebecca’s POV

It's taken several days, but I finally have all the furniture in my house. Jake kept having to leave for work, or something would come up with Nessie or the kids. Thankfully Evan helped some, and he brought over his cousin Aric to help. Aric has been a lifesaver, even if he has almost given me a heart attack a few times.

It totally scared me when I heard Malia crying, then her cries suddenly stopped. I ran up the stairs and down the hall freaking out that she would be lying in her crib, not breathing, but instead found Aric holding her and soothing away her tears.

He is over so much that its beginning to feel normal. Just this morning, I turned to tell him something, just to realize he wasn’t there. I never dreamed I could feel this comfortable around a guy who wasn’t my brother. The house feels different when he isn’t here, like something is missing.

I can tell Malia likes him also. He can soothe her with just a look or soft touch.

It is actually a warm sunny day today, no rain, so I think Malia and I will go to the little café in town for lunch today. It must be good since Aric and his partner eat there almost every day. For that matter, every time I drive by there are cop cars in the parking lot.

Aric and his partner were sitting at the counter when I walked in with Malia, so I just settled in an empty booth. Aric grinned at us, but stayed with his partner. I can never remember what the other cop’s name is, so I’m glad they didn’t come over.

I ordered my food, then tried to get Malia settled. I looked down to dig the nursing cover out of the diaper bag, when I heard a man’s voice.

“Give me my daughter. She’s mine and you can’t have her.” I heard.

I looked up to see this man looming over me. “Excuse me?” I asked.

“You heard me, you witch. I said that’s my kid and you stole her from me. That’s my daughter, not yours, and you aren’t going to take her from me.” This man yelled.

Behind the man, I could see Aric getting up to come over.

“Sir, you must be mistaken. I just moved here, and my daughter was born in Hawaii.” I stated.
“Don’t try to lie. I know who you are. My girlfriend didn’t tell me she was knocked up before I was deployed. I came back from war to find that she is dead, and you stole my daughter.” He ranted.

“Sir, I assure you this adoption was all legal. I was told you signed your rights away.” I replied, trying to keep calm.

“I’m not leaving here without my daughter. You and your husband can go away for all I care. She is mine, and I will get her back.” He leaned across the table.

Aric slid in next to me, and asked what the problem was.


“Sir, you have a choice. You can calm down and contact our lawyer, and deal with him, or you can be arrested for threatening my wife. It's your choice.” Aric wrapped his arm around me, and tossed a business card on the table.

The man opened his mouth to speak, but Aric cut him off. “I promise you will not get her back without a fight, and if anything happens to either of my girls, I will come looking for you.”

The man grabbed the card and stormed out. Aric told the waitress to put my food on his account, and helped me out of the booth.

“Stevens, we are going to run Rebecca and Malia by Jake’s house on our way back to the station. They aren’t walking home with that creep in town.” Aric informed his partner on our way to the squad car.

wow, holy cow what's with the jerk in the cafe?  i sure hope she gets to keep malia...her and aric seem like a really good pair.  can't wait to read your next update/


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