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This story is book 3 in a series.  If you have not read A Sister's Love, and A Family's Blessing, message me!  You might want to read those first to understand what is happening.  A Tribe's Miracle will pick up right where A Family's Blessing stopped.  If you have any questions, just ask!  I love my readers.


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A Tribe’s Miracle

Chapter 1

Emmett’s POV


It hit me yesterday that with everything that has happened, Alex and my 2nd anniversary has snuck up on me.  We haven’t had a date night in forever.  Two small kids will do that to you, but I’m about to change that.  Alex has dropped hints that she wants this New Kids On the Block/ Backstreet Boys cd, but I think I can do better than that.   They are performing in Seattle next weekend, and I think I can get tickets.


It hit me that Jessie is into that boy band stuff also.  Collin might like to surprise Jessie with tickets also.  If Jessie is there, Alex will have a girl to talk to, and I won’t have to hear about how hot some other dude is.  I mean, she has me, what more does she need?


“Hey, Collin.  If I can get tickets to that New Back Boys concert, or whatever they are called, do you want to take Jessie?”  I called Collin.


“Yea.  I figure I might have to drop a name or two, but I haven’t used the Cullen name for anything recently, so I might as well use it to make my wife happy.  If you and Jessie are there, I won’t have to listen to Alex gush over these dudes.  I’ll call and see what I can do.  4 Tickets and two hotel rooms shouldn’t be that hard to come by.”  I said.


I called the ticket office, just to be informed that the show was sold out.  I thought for a moment, and then called Alice.


“Pixie, I need your help.  What’s the name of your entertainment coordinator for Seattle?  I need tickets to a concert that’s this weekend.”  I asked.


“For the trillionth time I AM NOT A PIXIE!!!” Alice screamed.


“Whatever just give me the number.  There’s a concert that Alex will love, and love me for taking her to, but it’s sold out.  I know your guy can get me tickets.”  I said.


“Ugh, you procrastinate too much.  His name is Craig, and his number is 578*7872.  Make sure you tell him that I am your sister, or you will get nowhere.  Oh… and you owe me something expensive from Seattle.”  Alice said.


“Thanks, and I’ll buy you something glittery, Pixie.”  I quickly hung up before she could yell at me again.


I dialed the number and waited for Craig to pick up.  “Craig, my sister Alice Hale gave me your number and said you were the guy to help me out.  Is there any way you can get me tickets to the New Kids on the Block/Backstreet Boys concert this weekend?  I need 4 tickets.  I know its sudden notice, but I want to surprise my wife for our anniversary.”  I held my breath.


“Well, all I have left are the VIP ticket packages.  They can be quite pricy, but since Mrs. Hale is your sister, I assume money is no object?  Mr…you didn’t tell me your name, I’m afraid.”  Craig said.


“It's Cullen, Emmett Cullen.  Money is no problem.  If it makes my wife happy, it’s worth it.  What is a VIP package, and what type of money are we looking at?”  I asked.


“Mr. Cullen, the VIP package includes backstage passes, autographed seats, and concert tickets.  We are talking $250.”  Craig explained.


“That’s it?  That’s not expensive.”  I said.


“Sir, I mean $250 per seat.  I’m assuming you want them.  I need a credit card number, and there will be a $25 currier fee.  This is to deliver the tickets to your house or place of business tomorrow.”  Craig said.


I gave him the information he wanted, then hung up.  Next I had to make hotel reservations.


I called around and found two hotels side by side near the water front.  I called and made reservations for Alex and I at Hotel 1000.  Thankfully the Alexis Seattle was right next door, just as nice, but about half the price.  Collin keeps saying he is going to pay me back, but if he knew that I just paid over $1000 for a hotel room for 2 nights, he would freak.


After I booked the hotels, I called Collin.  “Hey, we have tickets for Friday night.  I made reservations for Friday and Saturday nights at neighboring hotels.  I thought we might want to keep the girls separate after the concert, so we can have some alone time with our wives.  They can go shopping Saturday, while we go find something else to do.  We will head home about noon Sunday.” 


“Sounds good.  Let me know how much I owe.”  Collin said.


“We will take care of that later.  Do you want to run to the mall later?  I mean, I’m gonna finish this surprise out by choosing Alex a concert outfit.”  I suggested.


We agreed to meet at the mall later, and do a one stop shopping spree.  Hopefully my idea of what I want Alex to wear will mesh with what she is willing to wear.

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I have the next chapter in my head... Will try to write tomorrow, but no promises.

Chapter 29

Aric’s POV


I know I have some explaining to do, to Stevens, and to Jake.  I didn’t think before I called Rebecca my wife to get the dude to focus on me instead of the girls. 


First I called Edward to fill him in, just in case the dude called.  I got Edward to agree to represent Rebecca if needed, and to continue to let the dude think I was Rebecca’s husband.


“So, what’s up with you and this baby chick?”  Stevens asked.


“Baby chick?”  I replied.


“The chick at the café with the baby.  It's not yours, is it?”  Stevens remarked.


“That chick as you call her, is Jacob Black’s sister.  The baby is her daughter she adopted in Hawaii before moving back here.  She is my soon to be cousin-in-law and I’ve been helping her out around the house.  I knew there wasn’t a guy in her life, and did what I could to diffuse the situation.”  I informed him.


“Chill, dude!  I was just jerking your leg.  It's good that you stepped in, before we ended up having to arrest the guy for assault or kidnapping.  What did you do to get him to leave anyways?”  Stevens asked


“I tossed one of Edward Cullen’s business cards on the table and told him to contact us only through our lawyer.  At the mention of a lawyer, he quickly calmed down.  I set up a meeting for Rebecca with Edward later today to discuss possible actions.”  I explained, checking the time.


It was finally time to go off duty.  At least paperwork shouldn’t take long since we didn’t have any major official action today.  The sooner I get out of the station, the sooner I can pick up Rebecca and Malia and go home.


Well, take them home at least.  I’m going to try to convince Rebecca to let me sleep on her couch in case the dude comes searching for Malia.

nice chapter, i sure hope it all works our for rebecca and malia, can't wait to read your next upate!

A/N:  Sorry it took so long! 

Chapter 30

Nessie’s POV


I think I’m going to go nuts if I have to stay at home all day every day with the kids.  I love my kids, don’t get me wrong, but I do not think I was meant to be a stay at home mommy.  I need adult conversation, and not just with Jake.  I can’t whine or complain to him, that just makes me feel guilty.  He works all day and patrols at night.  Being alpha takes time and energy…not to mention that we still act like newlyweds when we have alone time.  A little bit of talking and cuddling turns into more…every time.  No surprise there, that I’m pregnant again.


Driving to the grocery store, I notice an empty building right here in Forks.  It's a medium size building, with its own parking lot.  We need something for kids in Forks.


I drive on to the store, and manage to get Zander to sit in the basket of the shopping cart, and place Izzy’s carseat in the top seat area.  This would be so much easier if I could leave them at home, or with someone else to run to the store.


I stop in the middle of the aisle.  That’s IT!  I just had a brilliant idea.  We can buy or rent that empty building and open a Mommy’s Day Out.  I know the family will use it.


I rush through the store so I can get home and start researching it.  If we label it as a day care, and since most of the children will be Native, we might even qualify for child care vouchers.


I got the kids down for naps, then started searching the internet.  I called and got Claire excited about the idea, and gave her information to talk to Quil about.  I put the laptop down and curled up in the chair for a quick nap, but before I could get to sleep, I heard a small voice.


“Mommy!  Issie stinky!!!!”  Zander yells from the bedroom.  Before I could get out of the chair, Izzy starts crying.


“No nap for mommy today apparently.”  I mutter under my breath as I go to check on the kids.  Hopefully lunch will stay down during this diaper change.

really good update!  the mommy's day out is a great idea! can't wait to read your next update!


Chapter 31

Jenny’s POV


“UGH!”  I groan as I slam my locker door shut.  “Can you believe Ms. Montgomery?  How does she expect us to do the baby doll project for a week?  I mean, I know some kids are not around babies to know how much work they can be, but we babysit daily.  How can I care for a real infant when I have to carry a baby doll around 24 hours a day?”


“I know!  What makes me even madder is the fact that she told Star she doesn’t have to do it, because she has a baby brother at home.  If one person gets credit for being around a baby, everyone should have the chance.  I would rather take care of a real baby for a day, than the doll for a week.”  Lindley agreed.


“I think I’m going to talk to Ms. Montgomery, and if that does not work, I’ll go talk to Mr. Craig.  I know he will be fair.”  I decided.


I spoke with Ms. Montgomery, and apparently, several others did as well, because towards the end of 6th period, Ms. Peg announced for all of Ms. Montgomery’s Family Life students to meet in the home ec room the last 10 minutes of 7th period.  


We all gathered in the home-ec room and Ms. Montgomery stated that there were new requirements for the parenting assignment.  Since it was brought to her attention that some students would have difficulty finishing the assignment due to work or athletics, there would be an alternative to the assignment.  We could accept the doll for a week, or bring an infant family member to school.  If we brought the infant, we had to have written permission from the parents of the child.  We have to bring the child to school, and it must accompany us to every class.  If a teacher complains about the baby being disruptive, we must call the parents to come get the baby, and then check out a doll to complete the week.


Lindley looked at me and smiled.  “Are you calling Nessie or Claire?”


“You call Claire, I’ll call Nessie.  Let’s do this tomorrow, before Ms. Montgomery changes her mind again.”  I decided, then walked outside to call Ness.


“Nessie?  I need to borrow Izzy tomorrow for school.  We have to bring a real infant family member to school for one day or carry those fake baby dolls for a week.  Thanks!  I will be there about 7:20 in the morning to pick up Izzy and her stuff.  No… I do not want Zander also, but nice try.”  I was glad Nessie agreed to let me borrow a baby.

Chapter 32

Claire’s POV


I can’t believe that Mom is pregnant again.  I’m happy for her and Dad, but at the same time its just weird.  I mean, she is a grandmother now, she should stop having kids.  But, she is pregnant and on bed rest for awhile because of her history with miscarriages.  Since she has to rest, I get to watch my wonderful little siblings.


Don’t get me wrong, I love Sabrina, Sophia, and Sawyer.  I love having little sisters and a little brother.  However, it is really hard to watch three 3 year olds and a 6 month old at the same time.  As soon as Trae goes to sleep, one of the triplets screams and wakes him up.


This is the fourth day in a row that I’ve had the triplets at our house.  I don’t know how Mom does it.  It seems like they walk in the front door, and within 5 minutes my house is trashed.  There are toys everywhere, and I pick up one for 10 more to appear magically in its place.  On top of the mess and noise, I haven’t been feeling the greatest.  I ache all over, my chest is tender when Trae nurses, and my stomach hasn’t been the greatest either.


I finally got the kids settled down on the couch to watch a movie, and settled Trae upstairs for a nap.  It was peaceful for about 45 minutes.  The triplets were curled up watching a movie and Trae was sleeping.  I heard Trae crying as he woke, and tried to slip upstairs quietly.  I THOUGHT the triplets were asleep on the couch.


I stripped Trae down, put a clean diaper and onesie on him, and sat down to quickly nurse him to calm him down.  I finally get him to calm down, and grab his blanket and a toy to bring downstairs.


When I get to the landing on the stairs, I see Sawyer run past the bottom of the stairs.  Great, they are up.  Sabrina and Sophia start yelling about something, and Trae starts crying again. 


Now I’m trying to walk down the stairs, carrying a crying squirming infant, along with a blanket and his toy.  I’m just slowly reaching each step with one foot at a time, since I can’t see my feet or hold the rail.  The next time I know, I feel my foot slipping out from under me, and I go flying through the air.  I hold Trae tight, and turn to make sure he doesn’t hit the floor.


I land on my side, and roll to my back.  Sharp pains shoot through my lower back and abdomen.  I lay there for a minute and take in what happened.  I try to sit up but that makes the pain worse.  Sawyer stops and looks at me.


“Bring Sissy the phone.”  I try to get him to help me.


He just sits and cries.  I hear my phone ring and hear Sabrina answer it.


“Sissy went boom on the stairs.  Sissy hurt.”  I hear her say.


“Sabrina, bring me the phone sweetie.  Let sissy talk.”  I motion for her to bring it to me.


I finally get the phone and I’m relieved that its Bella.  She says she is already on the way, for me to just stay still.


“Bella, I think you should know that I just realized this morning that I’m pregnant.  I haven’t even told Quil yet… and I think I’m miscarrying.  My back and stomach hurts so bad from this fall.”  I say through the tears.

Great updates! Hope that deranged woman gets what coming for her!!

great update!  can't wait to read your next one!


Glad I have a reader!  Do you think she will be okay or lose the baby?

:(  Sad to see that life and work took me away from the story this long.  Do I have any readers left to read my posts?  Plan to continue writing now that I'm off work for the summer.

Chapter 33

Rebecca’s POV


Aric has became part of our lives so quickly and so thoroughly that I can’t imagine life without him.  I can’t believe it, but Rachel has even talked us into sharing their wedding day and making it the double wedding we always dreamed of as little girls.


Today I get to go wedding dress shopping with my twin, and pretend to be excited about this next step in my life, when I’m really just anxious to get this custody battle over with.


Yes, that’s right.  Malia’s DNA donor has ignored settlement attempts and is taking us to court for custody.  He is trying to prove that he will be a better parent than I am.  I can’t believe the judge is even considering that a single guy in the military will be a better parent than I am, the women who was there when she was born, and was hand picked by the biological parent to raise Malia… after HE signed his parental rights away.


His lawyer’s newest angle was that my engagement to Aric was all a ploy to show me as a responsible parent in a steady relationship.  He claimed that it was all pretend and we weren’t really planning on getting married.  Nothing we said could convince him we were planning a real wedding, so the judge gave us 30 days to get married, so the lawyers couldn’t use that as part of their justification.  The judge didn’t care that we had a family wedding planned.


Edward Cullen is my lawyer, and he tried to get the judge to let us wait.  The judge wouldn’t budge, so we ended up letting the judge marry us in his office that day to prove we were willing to get married.  The judge had said it didn’t look good on my defense to be living with a man outside of marriage, that I needed to be married to have a better standing in the court’s eye.


So now I am officially legally married, yet shopping for a wedding dress with my twin, whom I haven’t told that I’m married…. While worried that after all we have done, I will still lose my daughter to an egotistical maniac of a Dna donor.


My day has to get better.  I spilt juice all over myself trying to eat breakfast, my stomach is in knots so I lost everything I managed to get in me instead of on me, and Malia has been fussy when nursing.  She acts as if she wants to nurse, but after a few sips she turns her head and spits it all up.


How she is acting I really do not want to leave her with Mama Sue, but I really don’t want to take her dress shopping with her acting cranky.  I guess I will just see if she will go to Mama willingly or if I need to take her.


I finally get us to Dad’s house and I’m ready to cry.  Malia cried and screamed from the time I put her in her car seat to the moment I collapsed on the couch at Dad’s house.  She nuzzles like she is hungry so I try to nurse her, but she just spits it up again and screams louder.


She is crying, I’m crying, and Dad quickly leaves the room.  Mama Sue walks in, takes Malia from me, and asks what is wrong.


“I think Malia is sick, she tries to nurse, but spits it back up and refuses to try again.  I spilt food on myself once, then Malia spit up on me twice before we got out the door, I hate to leave her when she is this cranky, but she will be horrible in public.  I think I have an ulcer or something because I have thrown back up everything I have tried to eat this week, and now I have to go pretend I’m excited about this wedding when all I want right now is to hear that Malia is mine forever and no one can take her away from me.”  I let all my emotions gush out and felt a little better after confessing all.


“Let me try something.  Malia doesn’t seem to be running a fever and her belly isn’t swollen.  I also have something for you to try.”  Mama Sue grabbed a different bottle from the fridge and warmed it up.  She also grabbed a box out of the cabinet and tossed it to me.


“Malia seems to be eating this milk of Rachel’s so she isn’t sick.  There is just something going on with your milk that she doesn’t like.  That’s where that box comes in.  You may think I’m crazy, but you have been married for almost a month now.  Nausea, mood swings, and Malia’s dislike of your milk makes me think you are pregnant.  Now go take that test, because it will make a big difference in what style wedding dress you pick out today.”  Mama Sue ordered me to the bathroom to take the test.


I waited on the test to show me if Mama Sue was correct, then wrapped it up and threw it away.  I have to decide how I am going to tell Aric our news.  We never imagined adding to the family this quickly.  I just know we need to keep it quiet for now so the lawyers can’t use this news against us.


Now to find a dress that I can still wear a few months down the line, once I get fatter.  Nessie explained to me before about the pregnancy modifications that comes with being a wolf, but who knows how it will work with both parents having Quileute blood but not yet phasing.


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