The Twilight Saga

Bella is just a normal girl, but one day she wakes up to find that she is locked in a tower. And, on top of all that, she is in a strange land filled with warlocks, vampires, faries, and other things. Who will her heroic rescuer be? And when a curse is placed upon her, can she--with the help of her new friends--find a way to break it?




              “Once upon a time, in a land far away . . . .”

              “Carmen, dear, what are you doing?” a male’s voice said. He materialized next to the woman, interlacing his fingers with hers as they floated a few inches off the ground.

              “I’m telling a story, of course! You remember the story of Isabella Swan, don’t you?”

              “Of course I do! I wasn’t born yesterday!”

              “You most certainly weren’t!” Carmen teased her husband.

“Hey!” he protested.

“It’s true, Eleazar. You were born billions of years ago.”

“I wasn’t born,” he grumbled. “I was created. We all were. I am one of the oldest things on earth.”

“Well, then why did you get offended when I told you that you were old? We both know that,” Carmen said indulgently.

“I don’t like having other people point it out,” he mumbled almost incoherently.

“Yes, you do,” Carmen insisted. “But that’s not the point. Would you like to help me tell the story, Eleazar?”

                Eleazar shook his head, already seeming to have forgotten—or perhaps overlooked—their brief argument. “You’ve always been better at storytelling, my dear. Please, go on.”

                “Okay.” Carmen cleared her throat. “Where was I? Oh, yes, once upon a time . . . .”


I would like to point out that I DO NOT SEND UPDATES! I am very busy and use all of my free time to write. Besides, I know what it's like to receive an update for a story you don't even read, and I have no wish to subject other people to that.


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Chapter 1: Anything but an Ordinary Day-

Chapter 2: The Riddle-

Chapter 3: Falling for You-

Chapter 4: Prince Edward and the Giants-

Chapter 5: Plan B, Anyone?-

Chapter 6: The Forest-

Chapter 7: The One Who Cannot Be Found-


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Hey, Twilight Chick!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I basically have the whole story mapped out in my mind. Let's just say that, in the next chapter, they will finally start on their way to solving the riddle and breaking the curse!
Hi, angelbaby!

I'm sorry about such a long wait! I'm not happy about it, either! But I have the whole next chapter mapped out in my head, so maybe (hopefully!) the next chapter will be up quicker!
i love the story! <3
Please post more soon!
Hey, Christina!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about the wait, but I'm about to post the next chapter!
i love this story
Hi, Kate!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for reading!
love it!!!! more ASAP and r they looking for Jacob???? more ASAP new reader!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, Sofia!

Welcome to the story! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about the wait! It's not usually that long, I promise! I'm not going to say anything about the story, but you'll find out if you're right or not in the next chapter! Most people will probably be able to guess who it is after that!

Chapter 7
The One Who Cannot Be Found

The light faded quickly, thrusting us into darkness. I couldn’t see very well, my eyes darting around frantically as I tried to absorb my surroundings. I would hear small rustling noises from the side, startling me and thus making Edward look at me anxiously.

After a while, they stopped to set up camp. They themselves didn’t need it, but I on the other hand, needed to sleep. They had the tents set up in a matter of seconds and I entered, laying down and yawning. Edward slipped in quickly and told me quietly that they would be discussing what to do next a little ways away so that they did not wake me. He explained that he didn’t want me to wake up and be frightened if I couldn’t find them immediately.

I sleepily nodded my assent to him. He smiled at me, his golden eyes soft, before gently stroking my face once and leaving.

I fell asleep soon afterwards, and it felt likes seconds later when I heard a voice whispering to me.

“Bella,” it murmured. “Bella.”

“What?” I mumbled, looking around, expecting to see Edward or Lady Kate.

Nobody was there.

“Bella,” the voice said again. “Bella.”

I got to my feet and looked around, biting my lip nervously. What was this invisible thing that was calling to me? Whatever it was whispered my name again, but it seemed to be coming from outside the tent this time. I cautiously left and looked outside curiously. It seemed much easier to see now, to my confusion. I could tell that the sun wasn’t out, but I could still see fairly well.

“Hello?” I whispered.

“Bella,” it breathed. “Bella.”

“Who are you?” I asked quietly. “Where are you?”

“Bella,” was the only response.

I walked blindly in one direction, searching for the source of the voice.

“Hello?” I called softly as I walked. “Hello?”

I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that Edward had told me to stay at the tents, but I couldn’t resist the pull to find out who—or what—was calling my name. My feet crushed leaves on the ground, the sound echoing in the eerie silence, but I ignored it, too intent on my mission.

It was not long until I came to a large meadow. It was circular and very simple—no flowers grew upon its grassy surface, no birds sang from the trees . . . no sunlight filtered through.

My eyes scanned the meadow and came to rest upon a figure standing in the shadows. Whoever it was seemed to be the same height and build as Edward.

“Edward?” I whispered.

The figure’s head snapped up. Instantly, a feeling of revulsion overwhelmed me, though I couldn’t see their face at all. I fell to my knees, gritting my teeth. The revulsion grew stronger, and my eyes closed of their own accord. I was now bent over double, nearly prostrate on the ground, fighting against the very sudden—and seemingly uncalled for—urge to vomit.

I fought against it, screaming desperately to try to stay conscious, but darkness closed over me.

A bright light shone in my eyes, brighter than anything I had ever seen. I felt like I was floating, and knew instinctively that I was dreaming.

A figure danced towards me—it looked like a woman—and came to a stop a few feet away from me. My eyes adjusted and I could see their face.

“Carmen!” I gasped. “What are you doing here?”

“I cannot enter the forest—Eleazar will not permit me to, though I have insisted that there is no danger—but I must speak to you. This is the only way.”

“You can visit me in my dreams?”

“Yes, but that is not the point!” she insisted. “Do you remember the figure that I led you to?”

“Wait, you were the one calling my name? How?”

“That’s not the point! Do you recall how you could not look at it, how you couldn’t even be in the same room?”

My brow furrowed as I considered it. The riddle echoed in my head, one particular part standing out in my mind.

A forest you must enter
To find the one who cannot be found
For the answers you require lie within his center.

“That’s the person I need to find?” I cried.

Carmen nodded solemnly.

“How am I supposed to get the answers from him if I can’t even get near him?”

“You will be able to now.”


“The curse has progressed much faster than I expected.”

“What?” I screeched again.

“In addition to your eyes, you now are beginning to take on the indestructibility of vampires. Soon, you will be unable to be harmed except by the one who has cursed you.”

“Aro can still hurt me?”

“Yes,” Carmen whispered. “You’re running out of time. You must hurry. Take this.”

She held out her hand. I frowned and looked up at her—it was empty. She merely smiled, as if to say, Wait for it. I looked back at her hand again and was shocked to see it shimmering, something forming inside it. As I watched, a necklace appeared in her palm, a small silver hourglass embedded with diamonds hanging from it. Sand was already running out.

“It’s lovely, but won’t the sand fall quicker if I run?”

“No. It is enchanted. Nothing will make the sand stop or run faster—only breaking the curse will stop it.”

“Thank you.” I picked it up and clasped it around my neck.

As I did so, the world suddenly grew blurry.

“Carmen?” I cried.

Her voice seemed to come from far away. “Beware one who is close to you, child. They are not who they say they are . . . . Good . . . luck.”

“No, Carmen! Wait!” I screamed. It was too late; she faded away, as did the brilliant light and my surroundings. I sank once again into unconsciousness.

When I woke, I wasn’t where I thought I would be.

I was pressed tightly against something cold and hard, with voices murmuring worriedly in the background.

I shivered from the temperature and, instantly, the person holding me moved. I looked up and saw Edward, still cradling me against his chest, his eyes shut tightly as he let out a sigh of relief.

“Bella,” he breathed. His grip on me tightened. “Don’t ever do that to me again.”

“What?” I had no idea what he meant. Why was he acting as if his world had ended? It was just me!

“Nothing,” he said hastily, changing the subject almost immediately. “What happened to you? And where did you get that necklace? I could have sworn it wasn’t there a moment ago.”

“It’s a very, very long story.”

I explained about what happened with the figure. He was still completely confused about my necklace until I also told him about my bizarre dream. As I spoke, his jaw clenched and his eyes grew hard.

“How did you find me?” I asked, trying to distract him.

“We heard you scream,” he answered tersely. “I was speaking to the lords and lady about half of a mile away so that we would not disturb me. We were nearly back at the camp when we heard you scream. We found you, crumpled and bent double, in the grass. You were so still that I . . . I thought you were dead at first.” His voice grew choked near the end, his eyes tortured.

“Edward, that doesn’t matter. We have to leave—now. We have to find whoever this was.”

“Lady Kate and Lord Garrett are trying to find a scent as we speak. I sent them to do that while I waited for you to revive.”

I looked down at my hourglass anxiously. Only three-quarters of the sand were left.

At that moment, Lady Kate and Lord Garrett rushed in, wild expressions on their faces.

“We have found a scent!” Lady Kate cried. “We must set off at once!”

“Pack up the things!” Edward ordered. They instantly obeyed, flying around as they threw everything into bags. “Where is Lord James?”

“I am here, your highness,” came the voice of Lord James, a pleasant smile on his face.

“Where have you been?” Edward growled. “Never mind. Help them pack up!”

Lord James’ smile disappeared, but he went to help Lord Garrett and Lady Kate as Edward looked over me.

“Are you sure you are okay?” he asked anxiously. “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine,” I insisted.

“Are you sure? I can go get you something if you ne—”

“Edward!” I said loudly, speaking over him. I covered his mouth with my hand. He instantly froze, looking shocked, but—to my relief—did not seemed to be uncomfortable with my actions.

I didn’t move my hand, and he did not try to remove it. Instead, we just stayed like that. My eyes were locked with his. His golden eyes smoldered, drawing me in. I found my hand moving from his mouth and running through his unruly hair, though I did not give it permission to do so. A small smile spread across his face as my fingers combed his bronze hair.

“What’s happening?” I whispered dazedly.

“I haven’t the slightest idea,” he murmured, his face slowly growing closer to mine.

At that moment, a loud shout distracted us. We both snapped out of our trance, my cheeks turning bright pink, his face sheepish. We turned to see Lady Kate shouting irritably at Lord James. She spoke so quickly that her words blurred together, her face livid. His reply was also so fast that I could not understand it.

“Enough!” Edward shouted, stepping between the two arguing vampires. “That is quite enough! We must get going!”

Lady Kate and Lord James glowered at each other one more time before resuming their work. They were finished in seconds and we were soon galloping through the trees. I cringed and flinched as trees flew by us at high speeds, narrowly missing us.

“Shh,” Edward murmured soothingly. “I won’t let a tree hit you.”

I forced myself to relax, though I never fully let go of my fear.

It was not long before we were riding into a clearing similar to the one I had been in, but this one was not empty.

A large hut built out of wood and leaves was placed in the center, with smaller huts surrounding it.

I took a deep breath as we very slowly began to ride towards the building.

“Here we go,” I whispered.

FINALLY! I am SOOOOOOO sorry about the wait! (*ducks and hides from the tomatoes everyone is throwing*) I really don't have a good excuse for that. Sorry!

I am so excited! I am going to the Carrie Underwood concert on Friday! She's not my favorite singer (Taylor Swift definitely is my fav), but I still really like her music!

Anyway, back to the story. Most of you can probably guess who that is. If not, I'll explain anyway at the end of the next chapter. Feel free to guess, though!

Again, I am so sorry! I will try to update much faster than before!

I love the story please don't take so long to update
love your story right more soon!
omg, u have to write more


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