The Twilight Saga

-A Twist Of Life- What happens when Bella leaves Edward for Jacob. . . But then they all have to reunite again. . . When the Volturi comes. Standing together, for Bella, again?

Book 1: A Twist Of Life

A story about love, friendship and rekindling relationships.


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This story happens in the time when Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. The whole Twist in this story is that Bella doesn’t choose Edward, she chooses Jacob instead... Why? Because Bella has for some reason found a certain love for kids after she drives past a daycare and sees the mothers and kids hugging and kissing each other... Bella then thinks she can’t have kids with Edward, so she chooses Jacob. That was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but Bella went with her mind instead of with her heart. Bella then marries Jacob, has kids and is having a wonderful life.


After five years-(which then makes Bella 23 years old)- the Volturi went and checked with the Cullen’s to see if Bella was still human, and to their surprise Bella is not even with the Cullen’s anymore. That to them is danger because Bella could reveal their secret. They then find out where she is and go to kill her. That forces the Cullen’s to go and protect Bella and to let her know what is coming for her, because Edward just could not stand anyone hurting Bella because he obviously still loves her.


What will happen then, after Edward hasn’t seen Bella for five years and still loves her and Jacob feeling very protective of his family...



Book 2: Soul Erosion (Halted)

Banner by: Molly Greeves

This is a continuation of the story, but in Ashley, Bella and Jacob's daughter's Point of view.

It takes you through the life, filled with love, fun, family and decisions, of a teenage girl.




Table of Contents:


A Twist Of Life:

Chapters 1- The Fight & Chapter 2- Back to Reality

Chapters 3- Just Weird, Chapter 4- Shopping Trip & Chapter 5- The Decision

Chapter 6- Boys will be Boys

Chapter 7- Skills

Chapter 8- Beach Party

Chapter 9- ........

Chapter 10- Life Passes!

Chapter 11- (EPOV)

Chapter 12- First Time... All over again!

Chapter 13- Life and Thoughts

Chapter 14- _Not named_

Chapter 15- Visionary Fun & Chapter 16- Planning and Goodbyes

Chapter 17- The Beginning of the End

Chapter 18- "What Kind of World do you want?" (Final Chapter)


Soul Erosion:


Chapter 1- Reality

Written by me:

All-Human Fiction

The Key To My Heart

Isabella Swan and Emmett Swan are the new students at Forks High. There are lots of Casanova’s in the school, and they use all the girls at the school. They are actually used to getting any girl they wanted. Isabella happens to become bait at the school because she is beautiful and new. Edward Cullen, the captain of the football team is one of the Casanova’s, actually he is the leader. Bella becomes best friends with Edward’s sister and she tells her everything about her brother. Bella has a necklace of her deceased mother Renee and she wears it all the time… Emmett and Alice then come up with the idea of a Challenge for the guys… They are still interested in her after a few weeks and accept… What will happen????

_Click Here_: The Key to my Heart

 Enjoy, darlings.


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i don't care how long it takes i love this story. and will keep reading no matter how long it takes.
Aww thanks Jettie! You're so sweet!! :)
i meant it too.
awsome write more sooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha.. Thanks Taylor and Kaycee! :)

This chapter is written in present tense, past tense and any other tense you can think of… I LOVE trying new things! LOL. Forgive me:) LOL

Chapter 17- The Beginning of the End

Forty-three. The number of vampires who are at the Cullen’s house awaiting the fight. Fifteen. The number of wolves that are standing by me for the fight. Seven. The number of Cullen’s standing by me too. Altogether, they are an unstoppable 63 fighters.

From what we’ve heard from Alice’s visions, the Volturi are only a small twenty-five. With thirty witnesses. Which make them a total of fifty-five. So we graciously have the upper hand in numbers, but they have the upper hand in defense. From what I’ve heard from Jane and Alec… I shudder at the thought of what could happen to one of the people I love. I’m untouchable to them, but I’ll be nothing but a nuisance.

I look up from my hands, which I have been playing with and staring at for the past hour. All the Cullen’s, except Carlisle is here, at Emily’s place with all of the wolves here too. Tomorrow is the big day, ‘D-day’ as said by Paul.

“Bella, how are you feeling? You look pale.” Edward murmurs, walking over toward me, his hands in his jeans pockets.

“I’m… Fine.” I say, and look up at him. He raises his left eyebrow and smirks.

“Come on Bella, I know you better than that. Come; come take a walk with me.” He smiles and extends his hand out for me. I blink twice. That’s what he said when he left me so many years ago. I close my eyes, sigh and then take his hand with a smile while opening my eyes.

I notice, from the corner of my eye Jacobs glance of worry. He looks as if he wants to stop me from going but instead sticks to listening to whatever Alice is saying to him, while still looking at me. I stop and turn around and smile reassuringly at him before I walk behind Edward timidly.

“Still oh so overprotective isn’t he?” Edward laughs as we get to the beach. “Does he think I’m going to kidnap you or something? Although that is an appealing idea, I would never go against your will, Bella.” Edward glances at me with that crooked smile of his.

“Yeah.” I sigh and smile. “So are you guys’ ready for tomorrow?” I ask. I haven’t heard anything since that time when Alice came and told me ‘the plan’.

“Well, I guess so. It’s just that, well, anything could happen, Bells. We don’t have a story to throw at them as to why you’re still human. So, our future is much undecided.”

“You sound so unsure. You don’t have to do this Edward. None of you have to. Well, except Jacob. He’s obligated to stand by me. I am his wife after all.” I mutter, spinning a joke. Edward laughs while shaking his head.

“Bella, I got you into this mess in the first place, so I am obligated too.” He says, laughing. “You take me so low sometimes.”

“Oh I’m so sorry!” I laugh and knock into his shoulder playfully. Well, that hurt. I ignore the pain and keep laughing.

“I miss my kids so much!” I murmur out of nowhere. Edward glances in my direction, swiftly before responding.

“I can only imagine. You love them a lot, don’t you Bella?” he says, getting to a rock and settling on it patting the space next to him. I sit down and nod.

“I sure do. I don’t know what I would do without them! They’re everything to me.” I say and turn to look at him. He’s concentrating on a shell near his foot.

“Why’d you name your daughter Elizabeth, Bella?” he asks suddenly, looking up and into my eyes. So that’s what all the thinking was about. I sigh. He smirks, and puts his hands into his jacket pocket.

‘Yes?” he laughs and I look up with a ‘duh’ look on my face.

“Because it was your mothers name Edward. I thought, if that was the only way to keep you in my life, then so be it.” I say and he nods.

“That’s very sweet of you, Bella.” He sighs and then takes something out of his pocket. “And this is how I remember you.”He winks at me, and throws a picture toward me. It falls in the palm of my hand and I gasp. It’s the picture that Alice took of Edward and me at my birthday party. I laugh, shake my head and give it back to him.

“You’re a really good thief; you do know that, right?” I laugh and nudge is shoulder. He laughs and nods. Still admits it, I love his honesty! I giggle at my thought, and find him staring at me.

“What?” I ask and touch my face. He smiles and then blinks his topaz eyes.

“You do know I still love you, right?” he asks and smirks. I blush and look away only for my head to be swerved in his direction again by his finger.

“That blush,” he laughs, “is so adorable!” he exclaims and throws me over his shoulder in one swift movement. I gasp, and start screaming.

“Bella, lower the noise! I’m not going to kidnap you or anything. Hush, before I become wolf bait!” he jokes and I immediately stop screaming… to start laughing.

“Really, Edward? Wolf bait? Couldn’t you come up with something, I don’t know, cooler?” I ask and feel his body shake with laughter.

“Oh Bella!” he sighs and puts me down. We were nearing the edge of the beach, and I could see Alice and Jasper standing there, amused.

“Edward, why are we here?” I ask and grab his arm. This seems all too conspicuous!

“We want to take you out for the night, Bella.” He says and I gasp.

“Really, Edward? You tell me that now?” I ask and stop in his tracks. He nods and stares off into space. “I could pick you up again and carry you over there?” he suggests finally settling to look in my eyes.

“But Jacob doesn’t know I’m going. You can’t do that.” I smirk and he nods.

“That would be true, Bella,” he sighs, “if Jacob wasn’t in on the whole thing!” he laughs and throws me over his shoulder again, gently. I don’t scream this time, I just sigh very exasperatedly and sulk crossing my arms on his back.

“Stubborn little cookie, ain’t she?” Jasper laughs with Alice chiming in. Edward sets me down in front of him. I smirk and fold my arms.

“So, where are we going to?” I ask and they look at me as f I had grown two heads. Alice sighs with a laugh and grabs my hand.

“Let’s go, we need to get you ready!” she exclaims, excitedly while moving in the direction of her yellow Porsche.


“Alice, I look stupid!” I murmur, looking myself up and down in the mirror. Alice had put me into a plain black, just above the knee, kind of dress. The top was actually normal. She put a black cardigan over it and stated, “There! Something normal!”

I giggle and look at my face. She pit on a thin line of eye pencil and a whole lot of mascara. And that’s all. I look pretty normal. I turn around and smile at Alice.

“Thank you, Al,” I sigh and look down, “your work is beautiful!” I look up and hug her.

“Thank you Bella!” she exclaims and I smile glumly.

“What’s wrong?” she asks, her expression turning into one of worry.

“It’s just… Alice, everything’s perfect! Everything. What with you guys being here and all of my other family being here, everyone in one place, living in harmony. But this is all only for one reason! And for the wrong reason! Things shouldn’t be this way!! I’m so happy at this moment, I could actually cry happy tears, but then thinking about what might happen tomorrow and all of the troubles of the future, or the non-existing future… it’s all too much! And once again, everything is about me! This is all my fault! And I can’t do anything to help or even prevent it! Alice, I’m a waste of space in the worl-”

“Bella,” I hear Edward sigh,” don’t ever think that! You mean everything to many people, including myself, so you’re definitely not a waste of space on this earth.” He says and stops to stand next to Alice in front of me.

“Bells, Edward’s right. This is not your fault. Noting is ever your fault. Everything happens for a reason, you can’t stop or prevent it. Bella, you should stop thinking so low of yourself. You are a beautiful, independent and strong woman! Don’t let anything tell you that or let any problem make you feel low in self-esteem or something.” Alice smiles. I see Edward nodding next to her. He put’s his left hand on my shoulder.

“Everything will be alright.” He whispers and smiles. He looks me up and down and then retracts his arm.

“You look beautiful tonight.” He says and puts his hands in his suit pants. I smile and blush before looking down and snorting. “Thanks,” I whisper, “you don’t look to bad yourself!” I say and look up.

“Well, what can I say? Alice got to me.” He smirks.

“She got to me too, unfortunately.” I say giddily.

“Hey! Guys, I’m still here!” Alice exclaims and Edward turns toward her with a shocked face.

“Oh sorry. You were just so quiet that it became abnormal. You know you always go on ranting…” he laughs and I high-five him, randomly.

“Har-har. Funny guys!” she says and crosses her arms across her chest. “But I should add the thank you though. You guys complimenting each other on my work and all. I must say, I have outdone myself yet again.” She smiles proudly.

“Yes, Alice, you have done so yet again. So can we get going now or should we wait until you’re done complimenting yourself?” Edward jokes and turns toward the door. Alice gapes and narrows her eyes. “How rude!” she exclaims and chases Edward out of the room, leaving me all alone. I turn toward the mirror again and pull my cardigan straight with a grin.

“You look beautiful, Bella.” I hear Rosalie say from behind me. I spin around and blush, while looking at her. She’s so beautiful! She’s wearing a straight cut grey dress that cuts off at her knees. With that, she pairs a pair of killer black heels.

“You too, Rose.” I say and smile innocently. She walks forward, with her hands folded across her chest, and I immediately become intimidated.

“Bella,” she starts and stops to sit on a sofa in the small room, “don’t you miss your kids?” she asks and I sigh in relief. What a simple question! I smile and walk over to the sofa and sit next to her.

“Yes, Rose, I do. Those evening phone calls are just not enough. I feel as if a part of me is with them.” I say and look down at my hands.

“do you remember that little talk we had so many years ago?” she asks and I look up and smile.

“Yes, of course Rose. It was one of the only conversations we had when I was with Edward.” I joke and laugh. She laughs with me and nods.

“That’s true, Bella, it was one of the only convo’s we had. But I did it for a reason, Bella. I wanted you to know what you would leave behind if you chose immortality. I guess that talk worked.” She smirks and crosses her legs. I chuckle and nod.

“It helped me make the decision, Rose. I knew I loved Edward at the time, so much that I would give my life. Don’t get me wrong, I still do, but things have changed, and my love feels like it’s been split into three different directions. Rose, when I saw those kids at the daycare that day, I felt as if I needed that kind of relationship. Everything clicked. My life seemed complete with the picture of me and my very own children, but it was like the picture was incomplete. The image couldn’t show me who the father of those beautiful children was. And at that moment, Edward came into the picture and the kids disappeared. It seemed all wrong and twisted to think that, but my mind was jumbled that all I could think of was my own kids. So, suddenly Jacob came into the picture and the picture seemed perfect. Even though I didn’t love him as strongly as I had loved Edward, I still felt a connection, and of course the thought of him being able to give me kids. I don’t regret making that decision for one moment, what with my angels being here, happy and alive, but I always think of how life would have been if I had stayed with Edward. Sometimes I even think of impossible things like what if I could’ve had kids with Edward? I know it’s silly, but, really what if? I’m stupid to even think tha-” but Rosalie stops my ranting with the rapid shaking of her head.

“Bella, what you thought was not stupid. After I had found out why you broke up with Edward, I was overjoyed, for you. But then thinking of the heartache that caused my brother, I stopped and thought for a while. Seriously Bella, the day you left him, it was as if I didn’t have a second brother. One would’ve said we were only six in our house. We would rarely see him, sometimes not at all in the first year. But then he went away for three years, with no contact, just a little, ‘I’m going somewhere to think.’ Of course we kept tabs on him, but we still missed him and worried if he would do something irrational. Thank God, he didn’t. Then at the beginning of this year he came back, a bit happier, more himself. We were so happy to see him, but to get back to what I was saying,” she laughed and put her hands in her lap, “Bella, vampires and humans have had children together before.” She smiles and I gasp.

“Yeah, that was my reaction too. This was many years ago. It only worked of course if the guy was the vampire and the girl was human. The only downfall was that in most cases, the mother of the child would die. Usually, ah, let’s not go there.” Rosalie smiles and I look at her still gaping. Had I heard her right? Vampires and humans could have children? I could’ve, we would’ve, it should’ve. I close my eyes and blink twice.

“That would have changed everything, Rose!” I whisper and she smiles meekly.

“Yeah, I know.” She nods and I shake my head. Whew, this is way too much at one time! I shake my head and forget the whole conversation before my mind jumps to conclusions again.

“Bella, it’s all right. Everything happens for a reason.” She smiles reassuringly. I nod and sigh before feeling her get up and stand in front of me. She offers her hand to help me up and I take it, stand up and soon feel her embracing me. I smile and hug her back.

“Bella, you would’ve been a great sister!” she laughs and I smile. “Let’s get going, they are probably waiting on us.” She says and we walk together, laughing.


My night was fabulous! Me, together with Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rose went to a restaurant where we were the only people there. Jaspers connections. He had organized with a friend to give the restaurant to us for the night. We were the only people there and I got, recently prepared, food, compliments of Chef Esme.

We chatted, shared stories of the past five years, five! I can’t believe that five years have gone by. And in that short five years, I had lost my true love, got married to my best friend, had three children with my best friend and now will be fighting with vampires again. All of this in five years. We had a fun time together. It was so… nice! I smiled and then walked into our house.

“Jake?” I called. I got no answer, so I walked into the living room and switched on some of the lights. I took off my cardigan and heels, yes heels, and sunk into the closest sofa. I sighed as I closed my eyes and thought of the night.

I think I fell asleep, because when I woke up, I was in my pajamas and in bed with the covers pulled up to my shoulders with the lights off. It was dark and I felt a teeny bit sweaty. I pulled the covers till my waist and stretched while yawning. I started to sit up and look around, a bit disorientated. I switched the light on and cringed at the brightness of it. I felt a bit like I had a hangover.

I got out of bed then and started to walk toward the kitchen, for some water. I felt slightly dehydrated and tired at the same time. As I walked into the living room, I heard the sound of whispers. I strained my ears to listen, as I was a bit afraid that it might be robbers. But why would robbers be here? Silly me!

“I’m a bit frightened at the fact that she will be there. Alice had said she’s almost certain that things are going to turn into a fight. She’ll be the most vulnerable one there. I just can’t stand that! Where does she go if things get nasty? She’ll be in the middle of everything! Paul. I’m frightened that she’s gonna get hurt.” I heard, I think, Jake say. I leaned against the wall and reality hit me. Generally, today is ‘d-day’. Today is the day that will decide everything. My future. Their future. My kids’ future. Everything!

“Bella will be alright, Jake. We’ll protect her. I promise that!” I heard Sam murmur. Who’s all in there???

“Yeah, Jake! I’ll never let my big sis get hurt!” Seth says jokingly. I smile and suddenly I feel like I should be in this conversation. I walk into the room and stretch and yawn while closing my eyes until I hear someone clear the throat. My eyes shoot open like I wasn’t expecting it. My cheeks instantly turn a bright shade of red and I smile innocently. All of the wolf boys are in my living room and I’m In my p.j’s!

“Oh. Hey guys!” I exclaim and they all murmur ‘Hi’s back. I walk over to the tap and get some water before walking to the kitchen counter that overlooks the living room. I lean on it, sip my water and then smile.

“So what you guys talking about?” I asked inquisitively.

“Just about what’s happening today.” Jake says and smiles meekly. I nod and sip my water again.

“Oh, so what’s happening today?” I ask.

“Well, whatever happens. Bells, don’t you want to get some rest? Today’s a big day and you need to be energized.” Jake says and I shake my head.

“I can’t sleep, but I know you want to get back to talking so I’ll go back to the room and shower or something. Good night ya’ll!” I say, leaving my water on the kitchen counter and retreating to my room.

I go straight to the shower. I hate feeling dirty! I close the door before undressing for obvious reasons. I get into the shower quickly and stand there, letting the water drench me. I’m vowing that I won’t think about what’s happening today until when it happens.

I soon get out of the shower and put on a pair of comfortable slacks and a J.T. I walk over to the bed and fall onto it, relaxing on my back.

I wonder what Ashley, Elizabeth and E.J are up to. I miss them so much! I didn’t get a call in two days due to the planning and everything and then my dinner with the Cullen’s last night. I sit up quickly and look at the clock on my nightstand. Two a.m. Maybe they’re awake? I grab my cell phone and quickly get Emily’s number and then call. I hold my breath until I hear Emily’s jolly voice on the other line.

“Hello?” she asks and I smile, relieved that she’s still awake.

“Hey Em, It’s me, Bella!” I exclaim and I ear her whispering to the kids that it’s me. I hear their loud screeches and a smile stretches across my face.

“Hey Bella! How are you?” she asks.

“I’m great, it’s just well, shouldn’t you all be asleep. It’s like two in the morning. The last time I checked they were all under six years old. They shouldn’t be out ‘late night’ partying’ ” I giggle and she laughs. I hear a boom and I get a mini-heart attack while waiting for Emily’s reply.

“And miss this? Bella, this is amazing. You should see it! It happens once a year and we’re lucky enough to catch it while we’re here.” she giggles.

“Yeah? What’s happening?” I ask, amused.

“It’s a firework display. One that you could find nowhere, that is as spectacular as this, in the world.” Well that explains the ‘boom.’ I smile. They’re having fun. I can hear it. ‘Wow Aunt Em! Look at that!’ I hear Ashley’s excited scream.

“That sounds awesome!” I laugh and I hear her whisper something before she get’s back to me.

“Yeah. Would you like to talk to them, Bella?” Emily asks, as if she were reading my mind.

“Please?” I ask and she laughs.

“Here you go.” And I here the swift movement of her hand, handing over the phone.

“Hey Momma!” Ashley yells and I smile, so brilliantly, at the sound of her voice.

“Hey baby! How are you doing? Are you having fun?” I ask and here her excited giggles.

“Yes, Momma! It’s so nice here! You should see the rollercoaster and oh yeah the pools, Momma. And and the castles and…” she goes ranting on and on about everything. I smile, answering to everything she says. I close my eyes as she gets to the part where she asks why I didn’t go with them. A tear rolls down my cheek, as I listen to her, and the other two in the background, telling me how much they miss me. Soon, I can’t even get a word out, because my throats so thick with tears. I look up and see Jake walking toward me with his hand extended. I hand him the phone and rush into his arms, hugging him and crying into his shoulder. He had taken control of the call and soon ended the conversation asking for Emily. As she answers, Jake hands the phone to Sam and he walks out of the room, closing the door, and leaving Jake and I alone.

“Shhh, Bella. Everything’s gonna be alright!” he whispers while hugging me tightly to his chest. I cry even harder, clutching at his t-shirt, drenching it with tears. He walks us over to the bed and seats us on the edge, with me still stuck to him.

“It’s it’s… all just so… over- overwhelm- ming.” I stutter, inhaling air quickly. “I- I’m miss miss the- them so-so mu-ch, Jake!” I cry and he rubs my back in soothing circles.

“Shhh... Me too Bells. Don’t you worry, baby. I’ll make sure you’re safe, even if it’s the last thing I do!” he exclaims and I feel an extremely warm tear fall onto my forehead. I look up into his eyes and it’s as if I could see his soul. Everything, I could see everything! I could see the love he held for the kids and I. The worry he has for us, and the overwhelming pain it holds because of the hurt his feeling inside. I throw my arms around his neck and cry even more. He lies down on his back and pulls me against his side, my head resting on his chest. I’m still crying, maybe even balling at that. But Jake keeps it together for me and rubs my back in soothing circles and whispering to me that it will all be okay. I soon became so tired out, that I fall asleep on his chest, with my heart all cried out and my soul tiredly hurting.


“Bella, we’re here.” I heard Alice murmur from the front of the car. I opened my eyes and sat up straight to look around. Everything seemed grey. And all I could see were trees. A long trail of trees. I moved a bit forward and stuck my head in the front where Alice and Jasper were. Is this the place?

“Ally, is this the place?” I asked, and my palms suddenly got all sweaty and my heard beat faster. Jasper glanced at me from the side of his eye and I suddenly felt at ease. Completely at ease. But the thought kept running through my mind. My body may be not reacting to it, but my mind was definitely working double time.

“Nope, but it’s just through these trees. The clearing I saw resembles this one, so I hope we are at the right place.” She sighs and Jazz grabs her hand and smiles reassuringly.

“Alice, are you sure these vampires will be okay with having me here? If I’m going to cause problems then…” I started but was cut off by Jasper.

“We had strictly set rules, Bella. They know why they are here. They won’t do anything to harm you, but we still need to be on the lookout, just in case. Bella, we are all there to protect you. Don’t worry, nothing’ll happen.” He says in his country accent. Suddenly I smiled and felt giddy. I turned to Jasper with a smirk and pulled his shoulders up.

“I just wanted to get a reaction from you…” he defends himself and I laugh and shake my head.

“Let’s go. We only have fifteen minutes left.” Alice says and I instantly become anxious again despite Jaspers attempts to calm me.

I sigh deeply before getting out of the car and following Alice and Jasper.

The clearing is huge! When I entered it through the trees, every head turned in my direction. I blushed intensely while walking a bit closer behind Alice. Edward, Carlisle and Esme started walking out of the crowd of people to come and say hi.

“Everyone, this is Bella.” Carlisle announced loudly and I looked down immensely embarrassed. I got a few hi’s and a few smirks but I ignored them and listened to what Carlisle was saying.

“So, everyone, you do know you have the choice of staying or going. There is a huge chance of this getting to a fight, people.” Carlisle mutters and lot’s of ‘yeah’s evaporated from the crowd of vampire. They were a huge bunch! Gosh, with the wolves? These Volturi have something waiting for them. I smile a bit and look up to find Edward staring at me.

“You okay?” he mouthed and I nodded. He winked and then points somewhere on the far east side of the clearing. Suddenly all the chatter stopped and everyone looked in that direction. A huge shadow came from th3 trees and I noticed the shape immediately. The wolves are here. I sighed in relief that it wasn’t the Volturi. Yet. They walked through the trees one by one, coming to stand behind the crowd of people. I could pin point each and every wolf. I got a wink from Jared, Paul and Seth. Silly boys. In situations like these they’re your best guys. I smiled brightly as Jake came through lastly behind the long line. I winked at him this time and I earned a huge wolfy grin.

After the proceedings were done, Carlisle escorted me to the crowd of vampires. He came to a standstill in front of two ladies, and a guy that had a smile as big as the Kalahari Desert on his face.

“Bella, this is Zafrina, Kate and Benjamin. They should be your best friends for the next couple of hours. They’re like your… bodyguards.” He smiles and I nod and look at them innocently.

“So this is the famous Bella. Pleased to meet you! I’m Benjamin, as you know.” He says and extends his hand for me to shake. I shake it nervously and smile before retracting my hand…

“I’m Zafrina, as you know.” The olive-toned, tall beautiful one extends her hand and I take it with a smile.

“And I’m Kate.” The other pale, and extremely beautiful one says and extends her hand with a smirk. I move in to take her hand and Benjamin watches with an expression of ‘ouch’, as if what I wanted to do was illegal. I took Kate’s hand firmly and shook it and nodded at her. Her mouth hung open and I retracted my hand immediately.

“What? You didn’t feel that?” she asks and I look at her confusedly.

“What?” I ask and look at my hand.

“The current in my hands. You didn’t feel it?” she asks and I shake my head no. She puts her hand on my shoulder and looks expectantly.

“Not even that? I put the current a bit higher.” She looks astonished. She puts her hand on my face this time and closes her eyes tightly before opening it again.

“Not even that? Are you kidding me?” she asks and drops her hand.

I look around confused and stop at Carlisle. “Is something wrong?” I whisper and he shakes his head with a bemused smile on his face.

“No, not at all. Kate’s gift just didn’t work on you. She’s not used to it, that’s all.” He says and nods his head.

“And what is her gift?” I ask inquisitively, amused and slightly thankful for my malfunctioned brain.

“She transmits electrical current throughout her body. At a touch, she could shock you to the ground. Well not you, of course. But others…” Carlisle says and I nod.

“That’s why she’ll be helpful to you. No one will be able to get to you if she’s guarding you.” Benjamin laughs.

“Nobody will even get within fifteen meters of you.” He smirks and Carlisle laughs in with the joke.

“Why?” I ask and look around at their faces. Carlisle thinks for a moment before nodding and looking at Benjamin.

“Well, you’ll see, it’s difficult to explain.” He says and looks to Zafrina.

“Well, looks like it’s my turn to say what I can do,” she giggles and then looks me in the eyes. I stare back at her for a minute and then she shakes her head with an astonished look on her face.

“You didn’t see that?” she asks and I shake my head. She gapes before looking to Kate.

“This is frustrating!” she exclaims to Kate and she nods along with Zafrina and I laugh.

“I can’t help it.” I whisper and look at my feet.

“I know, but it’s just frustrating not being able to show someone something when I’m so accustomed to doing it.”

I look up and nod. “Well, I can put any image I’m thinking of into your mind. You’ll think you’ve zapped to that place whereas you are actually standing right here. Like I would put a picture of you in a cave into your mind and it will all be surreal and stuff.” She laughs and I nod, giggling.

“You are a huge exception, though.” She chuckles. I shake my head with a grin.

“Okay, so you guys have finished the meet and greet, so I will go. Good luck!” Carlisle exclaims over his shoulder and I watch him, shocked. What and attitude to have five minutes before a huge fight! I shake my head and then look up at my ‘guards’ with a smile.

“You would make one mean vampire!” Benjamin jokes and I laugh and shake my head.

“I wouldn’t. I’m way to… I don’t know. Something?” I laugh and he shakes his head.

“No seriously. You’re talented and you’re human! What about being a vampire. Bella, you would be an awesome vamp!” he exclaims and Zafrina nods along with him. I look around for Kate and see her no where in sight. Zafrina catches me looking and assures me, “She’s over there, with her sisters.” She points and I stare. Those are her sisters? Which one is Tanya? Tanya? Why did I even think of that? I sigh, but they’re all so beautiful!! I shake my head and look down.

“Don’t worry so much Isabella! You’ll be perfectly fine! We’ll make sure of that!” Zafrina says and puts her icy cold hand on my right shoulder. I look up into her eyes and nod.

“Thank you.” I say and sigh.

“Bella? You okay?” I hear Edward ask from behind me. I turn around quickly to face him.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” I nod. He smiles and comes to stand beside me.

“I guess you’ve met them already?” he asks and I nod.

“Yeah. The full meet and greet!” I say and he chuckles. “But Edward, what’s the story?” I ask suddenly and look up at him.

“Story?” he asks and I nod. “Yeah, the story you’re going to spin. Is there even going to be a whole persuading session or are we hitting straight into first gear with a fight?” I ask jokingly and he shakes his head with a chuckle.

“Bella. We’ll try whatever we can. Don’t you worry!” he assures me with a serious face. I nod slowly and look up into his eyes. He cracks a small smile but then his head moves so quickly northward that I blink to see if my eyes were playing with me. My eyes soon follow his, and I look around. Nothing. Yet. He growls and then takes a protective stance in front of my frightened figure.

“They’re almost here. I can hear their thoughts. They not coming for a chat, they’re all here for the fight. All seventy of them.” He growls. My breath hitches and I suddenly am overcome with fear. They’re more than what we’ve expected. I hear the sound of soft thumping coming in my direction and I turn to see Jake right behind me. I put up a courageous smile and pat his head in thanks. He nods slowly and I turn to the front again. Everyone was in place. In a formal position of a semi-circle with me in the middle but at the back of Edward, Zafrina, Benjamin and Kate. I take a long steadying breath and look forward toward where everyone else was looking.

And out of the trees emerged an army of black-cloaked, fiery looking vampires. Aro was first and looked ready for the kill, his eyes looking glazed over. The strong movement of the vampires stopped, about two hundred meters away. I watched sacredly as they all stared at the sight of us. My breathing paced up and I took a step backward. Suddenly and overwhelming feel of warmth and happiness replaced the fear, the type of happiness I would pair with my kids. Their kind of happiness. My head snapped in the direction of Jasper who was standing twenty meters away but in my position at the back. I smiled lightly at him and thanked him with my eyes. Somehow he understood and he nodded with a smile. The line of wolves behind us took a step forward, anxiously. All of this drama, pain and negativity… because of me! The happiness flurried inside of me but the thought still swarmed my head and made me feel angry and yet fearful at the same time. With all of these thoughts clouding my mind I took a deep breath and cleared my mind. I looked up and saw everyone still in the same positions as five minutes ago. Suddenly Aro’s face lit up into a sly smile and he took a step forward.

“Ah, Carlisle. Nice to see you again. It’s a pity it had to be for such a bad reason though.” He murmured loud enough for everyone to hear clearly but me faintly.

“And for that little… human. Why go through all of this for a mere human?” Aro sneers and Edward takes a step forward growling. Jacob joins in with the growling and one could only think of what he was thinking.

“She’s much more than that. Actually much more than you’ll ever be.” Edward shoots at him fiercely and I shrink back at the way his words were full of power.

“Defending her as well? I thought you were done with her. Ah, she must be something then.” He laughed sneeringly. Caius laughed with him loudly and I looked up at him with my eyes narrowed. That’s something I would’ve expected a little child to do. Chiming in with someone I mean. So immature!

“Her talents of the future, or would have been future would have added a great addition to our kinds history. What a waste. After we kill her it will all be a waste!” he exclaims and the rest of the Volturi’s fighters looked straight up with sly smiles on their faces.

“Over my dead body!” Edward exclaims and everyone on my side started growling. I take a huge step back at the sight and sound of everything.

This is war!


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Hey everyone! I just wanted to let ya'll know that Chapter 17 is the second to last chapter. In clear words, it's the second last chapter. :) Thank you all again for reading! I'll put up Chapter 18 soon.

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