The Twilight Saga

-A Twist Of Life- What happens when Bella leaves Edward for Jacob. . . But then they all have to reunite again. . . When the Volturi comes. Standing together, for Bella, again?

Book 1: A Twist Of Life

A story about love, friendship and rekindling relationships.


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This story happens in the time when Bella has to choose between Edward and Jacob. The whole Twist in this story is that Bella doesn’t choose Edward, she chooses Jacob instead... Why? Because Bella has for some reason found a certain love for kids after she drives past a daycare and sees the mothers and kids hugging and kissing each other... Bella then thinks she can’t have kids with Edward, so she chooses Jacob. That was the hardest decision she ever had to make, but Bella went with her mind instead of with her heart. Bella then marries Jacob, has kids and is having a wonderful life.


After five years-(which then makes Bella 23 years old)- the Volturi went and checked with the Cullen’s to see if Bella was still human, and to their surprise Bella is not even with the Cullen’s anymore. That to them is danger because Bella could reveal their secret. They then find out where she is and go to kill her. That forces the Cullen’s to go and protect Bella and to let her know what is coming for her, because Edward just could not stand anyone hurting Bella because he obviously still loves her.


What will happen then, after Edward hasn’t seen Bella for five years and still loves her and Jacob feeling very protective of his family...



Book 2: Soul Erosion (Halted)

Banner by: Molly Greeves

This is a continuation of the story, but in Ashley, Bella and Jacob's daughter's Point of view.

It takes you through the life, filled with love, fun, family and decisions, of a teenage girl.




Table of Contents:


A Twist Of Life:

Chapters 1- The Fight & Chapter 2- Back to Reality

Chapters 3- Just Weird, Chapter 4- Shopping Trip & Chapter 5- The Decision

Chapter 6- Boys will be Boys

Chapter 7- Skills

Chapter 8- Beach Party

Chapter 9- ........

Chapter 10- Life Passes!

Chapter 11- (EPOV)

Chapter 12- First Time... All over again!

Chapter 13- Life and Thoughts

Chapter 14- _Not named_

Chapter 15- Visionary Fun & Chapter 16- Planning and Goodbyes

Chapter 17- The Beginning of the End

Chapter 18- "What Kind of World do you want?" (Final Chapter)


Soul Erosion:


Chapter 1- Reality

Written by me:

All-Human Fiction

The Key To My Heart

Isabella Swan and Emmett Swan are the new students at Forks High. There are lots of Casanova’s in the school, and they use all the girls at the school. They are actually used to getting any girl they wanted. Isabella happens to become bait at the school because she is beautiful and new. Edward Cullen, the captain of the football team is one of the Casanova’s, actually he is the leader. Bella becomes best friends with Edward’s sister and she tells her everything about her brother. Bella has a necklace of her deceased mother Renee and she wears it all the time… Emmett and Alice then come up with the idea of a Challenge for the guys… They are still interested in her after a few weeks and accept… What will happen????

_Click Here_: The Key to my Heart

 Enjoy, darlings.


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Hey Robyn.. I've strated writing the next chapter so it should be up soon... You will see whats going to happen...



it is good post more soon
Well, hey there all!! How are all of you doing? Update on works of 'A TWIST OF LIFE'..
I WILL be continuing with this story..
I've been in full swing of writing the next chapter... Even though i'm writing Exams too..(Naughty Me:) )
So0o0o0 guys, if you could just be patient with me, I'd truly be greatful!:)*
Thanx All of Yo0ou!
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A Twist of life

Heya! Okay… I’ll let you read! Catch you at the end =)

Chapter 15- Visionary Fun

We drove into the awfully familiar drive that belongs to the Cullen’s. Memories, flash-backs and scents hit me as we came to a stop. I took a deep, steadying breath before turning to my kids.

“Okay, so what do you say we go inside?” I asked and looked at each of their faces expectantly. I got slight nods and ‘okay’s which I just rolled my eyes at. I got out of the car and bent down to retrieve E.J from the car seat. Elizabeth and Ashley jumped out with Jacob.

I walked around the car to them, taking each of their tiny hands in mine.

“Momma, does Aunt Alice live here?” Ashley inquisitively enquired.

“Hmm, yes…” I looked down at her.

“Okay!” she muttered excitedly hopping toward the front door. We all followed her, giggling. I was just about to knock when the door flew open. I was greeted with an amorous hug from Alice.

“Why good to see you too!” I mumbled, hugging Alice with my free arm.

“You came! Hey Ashley!” she bent down to lift Ashley in her arms. Her eyes widened a bit but then she released a bit of tension after she saw how hurt Alice’s expression became. She lifted Elle into her arms too and kissed her cheek. Elizabeth flinched, but then hugged Alice around her neck.

“Hey, E.J!” she winked at him.

“Good day Jacob.” She smiled and Jake nodded with a grin. “Alice.” He acknowledged her.

“Come inside! Esme was expecting you but since I couldn’t see your future, I couldn’t say but I’m so happy that you came!” she ranted on and on, leading us to the kitchen, where Esme has just finished cooking.

“Bella! So nice to see you! Glad you came!” she hugged me and then released to shake Jacobs’ hand.

“Good to see you too, Jacob!” she told him, with a smile plastered on her face the whole time.

“You too, Esme!” he grinned.

“Well, why don’t you guys go and have a seat while I clean up here.” She said and ushered us into the living room. We just stopped in the middle when I heard booming laughter.

“I thought I smelled you… hey Bellsa!” I heard Emmett yell from the stairs... He ran over to me and grabbed me into a bear hug.

“Emmett!” I greeted in a sing-song voice.

“How’s the human doing today?” I rolled my eyes and ignored the pun.

“I’m doing great!” I felt a tug on my pants and looked down to see Ashley staring up at me. I picked her up and kissed her cheek.

“Ash, this is your Uncle Emmet.” I said and she clapped her hands.

“Uncle Emmett!!!!” she squealed and jumped from my arms to his.

“Whoa, enthusiastic, aren’t we?” he laughed and hugged her to his chest. “You’re Ashley, right?” he asked, and she nodded, excitedly.

“Pleased to meet you!” he grinned. “Uncle Emmett… I have a question. What are you?” Ashley asked and Emmett’s eyes widened and he shot a worried glance in my direction. “The term, ‘Cut to the chase’, fits perfectly here!” he laughed. But before he could answer her question, she wiggled out of his arms and stood in front of me, her arms folded.

“You are very white, and very cold and very hard. You have pretty orange eyes and you just seem… weird. I would like some answers please.” She murmured and Emmett chuckled and looked up at me.

“You let her watch too many re-runs of CSI.” He smirked and I laughed and hoped that took her off the subject. E.J, still in my arms, smiled down at Ashley and nodded before looking in the direction of Elizabeth, who was in Alice’s arms, and smiled. What the… They planned this. Cheeky little nudgers. I turned around to look at Jacob and he looked as shocked as everyone else. He shook his head with a grin, before looking directly at me.

“Babe, I gotta… go. They’re waiting on me.” He said and kissed my and E.Js’ cheeks.

“Goodbye baby girl.” He rubbed Ashley’s arm and she nodded and waved before turning back to Emmett. “Bye Elle!” Jacob called and then waved at everyone else before leaving, and leaving me with this situation. I sighed in exasperation.

“I’m waiting Uncle Emmett…” Ashley challenged and I smiled and then looked up at him pleadingly.

“Ashley, we’re like you.” Rosalie murmured, coming from behind Emmett. “We’re special, like everyone else. Everyone’s born different. We’re just more… durable.” She smiled and I winked at her.

“Okay, I don’t know what that means. But, I also want to be du-rabo,” Ashley said, incorrectly pronouncing the word. We all laughed. Ashley sighed and tsked before continuing. “I want to look like you. Orange eyes, nice hair and pretty, pretty. Momma, I want to look like Aunt Rosalie.” Ashley said, looking up at me, her arms still folded.

“Great!! We’ll have a fashion show!” Alice squealed with Elizabeth in her arms, grinning too.

“Yes! Momma, can Elle and I take part?” Ashley pleaded. I nodded and she jumped up and down before running over to Alice. E.J looked at me and rolled his eyes and I laughed.

“Okay, let’s run up to my room. I’m going to make you look like princesses.” Alice laughed, rushing upstairs. The room fell silent.

“Well at least she’s not interrogating me anymore.” Emmett laughed. “Hey E.J, want to play football outside?” Emmett suggested and E.J’s eyes lit up and he looked at me expectantly.

“Momma, can I?” he asked and I nodded. “Sure, love. Just be careful.” I said and put him down. He ran over to Em and together, they ran out the back door.

I chuckled silently, while shaking my head. “They’re really beautiful, Bella!” Rosalie murmured, breaking the silence. “They’re everything I have always dreamed about.” She whispered, so lowly that I wasn’t even sure if she had said it.

“Thank you, Rose. They’re great, just a bit too energetic.” I laughed.

“That’s the beauty of parenthood.” She laughed and I nodded, a silly smile appearing on my face. “I feel like killing the Volturi! Your kids are so perfect, why would they… okay they are not the reason they’re coming, but if things come down to fighting… they’re sure to get hurt.” Rosalie mumbled. I sighed. I’d forgotten all about the Volturi.

“Yeah… well, we should just hope for the best.” I murmured, playing with my fingers. The silence started to become awkward and I all but sighed with relief when I heard Alice yell Rosalie’s name.

“I’ll go check what she wants.” She said and I nodded. Okay, so I’m kind of left all alone. Better than a tension-filled company. I took a seat on the nearest sofa and looked around. Everything was in place, every flower, table, and sofa. I smiled as thoughts of my birthday party flooded my mind. If I think back now, everything is kind of funny.

“Bella?” I heard a voice ask and my head snapped up. Jasper and Edward were walking through the front door with confusion masked all over their faces.

“Uh, yeah. Hey.” I murmured shyly.

“What you doing down here all alone?” Edward asked and I laughed.

“Alice and Rose have the girls upstairs and Emmett’s outside with E.J. Esme’s in the kitchen and I have no idea where Carlisle is.” I muttered and looked down.

“Oh. Why aren’t you upstairs with the girls?” Jasper asked. Gosh, what’s with the twenty questions!?

“They’re planning on having a fashion show. I don’t want to be ambushed too, you know.” I laughed and they joined in.

“Jasper, get you’re curly butt out here. You have to see this!” Emmett yelled from outside, and Jasper chuckled, before running out.

“E.J’s doing some kind of dance.” Edward laughed, while walking over to the sofa opposite me. “It’s quite cool.” Oh no. I bet he’s doing my happy dance. My cheeks flooded with warmth and I chuckled silently flustered.

“I missed that. No one here blushes, well they can’t.” Edward muttered and I looked up, with a smile on my face.

“I’ve really missed you Bella.” He muttered all randomly.

“I’ve missed you too Edward.” I blushed, “We had lots of great times together. You remember when… never mind.” I laughed.

“Silly Bella. He murmured. Just then, Rose came walking down the stairs, her car key in one hand and her purse in the other.

“Where you off to Rose?” Edward asked.

“The mall. You can’t have a fashion show without clothes.” She laughed, and smirked at Edward. “By the way, Bella, would you like to go with me?” she asked and I looked a bit skeptical. “Come on, I won’t bite. Besides, you need some time out.” She murmured and I sighed.



Ashley and Elizabeth were all covered up when Alice and Rose brought them downstairs. We were all seated on either side of the ‘runway’, which I must say looks pretty impressive. Alice had layed out a narrow scarlet carpet that led from the foot of the stairs, right down to the glass wall. She then set out four silver seats on either side of the runway. She put a long string of fairy lights on each side of the carpet and a spotlight right at the end. When I asked her why she did this she had said, “Bella, wouldn’t you freak if you saw how this place looks? We’ve all wanted to be models when we were little. I’m just making it realistic for them!” I didn’t understand, but I let it slide.

“Let me introduce you to the new and improved Elizabeth and Ashley!” Alice squealed and then pressed play on some sound system she found. Kiss me by Sixpence none the richer blasted from the system and Ashley and Elle removed their robes. I gasped when I saw the sight before me. Ashley and Elle looked identical. I know they are twins but no two people could look this much alike. I broke out into a breathtaking smile and they winked at me. They looked beautiful! Their hair, though different colors, were both straightened and their face was layered with a perfect amount of make-up covering their features. My angels looked beautiful. They strutted down the ‘red carpet’ and posed at the end for Alice to take a picture of them. I sooo need a copy of that.


“Thank you so much for the wonderful day, Alice!” I muttered, leaning in for a goodbye hug.

“It’s my pleasure! I hope you all are visiting soon again.” She said to the kids.

“Yes Aunt Alice! It was fun!” Ashley said, yawning. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” Alice laughed.

“Jake is waiting… I’ll see you around Bella!” Alice yelled as I retreated from the doorway and rushed to the car, because it started drizzling.

“Hey babe!” Jake greeted when I got into the car.

“Hi…” I yawned as he kissed my cheek.

“Busy day, I see.” He laughed and turned around to look at the kids. “Hey. You guys have fun?” He asked them and they nodded.

“Yes daddy! Aunt Alice dressed me up and,” Ashley ranted on and on, telling every detail of the day as Jake drove off from the Cullen’s place.


“Good morning Daddy! Happy birthday!” The kids screamed, hopping on our bed, excitedly.

Jacob laughed before the realization set in. “Thank you!” he exclaimed as they launched forward into his arms. I laughed and admired the sight before me.

“I’m going to get the surprise.” I muttered, getting out of bed, with Ashley trailing behind me.

“Momma!” she whispered. “My gift is in my room. I’m gonna get it.” she whispered excitedly. I nodded and headed off to the kitchen where Jake’s “Breakfast in bed’, consisting of pancakes, which they helped me make, bacon and eggs and orange juice, was.

I took it and walked down the hallway, meeting up with Ashley, and walking into the room.

“Aw, you shouldn’t have!” Jake exclaimed and I laughed while walking toward him with the tray. “Compliments of the chef.” I winked and kissed his cheek.

“Happy birthday, Jake.” I set the tray down and then walked to the chair in our room, to sit. Ashley handed over her gift, a card that they all made, with a smile.

“Thank you!” he smiled. I love my family!

After our morning celebration, the guys came by one by one to congratulate Jake on his birthday. The day turned out to be fun, with just my family playing games and joking around. But I couldn’t help but feel worried. The reason why the Cullen’s actually are here keeps on popping into my mind. The Volturi would probably be coming soon. That means that my kids aren’t safe anymore. Every sound I hear, I think it’s them. Every movement I see when I’m alone, makes me anxious. I just don’t feel safe anymore.

“Bells? You okay?” Jake asked me coming down the stairs of my library. I was sitting in one of the many sofas I have in here.

“Yeah, just thinking.” I mumbled back with a smile.

“Okay, but Alice is at the door for you. Should I tell her to come back another time?” he asked and I shook my head jumping up.

“No, I’m alright. You stay here and watch the kids?” I asked, walking toward him.

“Sure. She’s at the door.” He muttered walking over to E.J who called his name.

“Thanks.” I muttered running up the stairs. I closed the library’s door before running to open the front door.

“Hey Alice!” I exclaimed walking toward the already open door.

“Hey Bella. Can we talk?” Alice asked, concentration taking over her expression.

“Sure, come inside!” I moved from the doorway to allow her to enter.

“Thanks.” She muttered, walking over to the sofa.

“Bella, I had a vision.” Alice said, as soon as I sat down.

“Yeah? What about?” I asked, expressing my anxious doubt.

“The Volturi. Bella, they’re coming in a week, or so I’ve seen.” She said, looking at me quickly before continuing. “Bells, I know how much you want your kids to not be part of this so,” she sighed before continuing, “I came up with an idea.”

“I’m listening.” I mumbled, a flicker of hope sparking through me.

“Well, the Volturi don’t know that you have kids, so why don’t you just send them away with Emily? Like to a theme park far away from here. We will pay the expenses if they need to travel or any hotel fee.” Alice said, a small smile playing on her lips.

“That could work, but the question is, will they go with Emily?” I asked, sighing.

“If Sarah and Emma go with, Ashley will probably tag along, persuading Elizabeth and E.J to go with too.” Alice said. I nodded.

“But this will be the first time they will be away from me.” I mumbled and Alice shook her head.

“Don’t worry Bella. It’s for their safety and they get to go somewhere fun. It’s a win-win situation.” She smirked and I nodded.

“Okay. I’ll run this over with Emily and the kids.” I said, absent-mindedly.

“She’s going to agree Bella. The future.” Alice said, tapping her temples. I chuckled.

“Okay, that’s sorted then. But Alice, what are we going to do when the Volturi arrives?” I asked, the anxiousness creeping up on me again.

“We’re trying to gather a few of Carlisle’s friends, to stand with us. (A.N- Chocolate to those who know where I stole this idea from.) To convince the Volturi that you’re not a threat. We have a few that agreed. They like the idea of maybe overthrowing the Volturi. If it comes down to a fight, we’ll have to fight back.” Alice sighed, her shoulders sagging. “And that could be dangerous for you.” Alice muttered. I looked down and sighed. Why am I such a problem!!!!!

“No, we’ll find a way to protect her.” Jake said, opening the library’s door fully.

“Eavesdrop much?” Alice chuckled. Jake grinned but then became serious. “Nobody’s going to hurt Bella. We’ll just have to work together. Remember when that red-haired vamp was out to get Bella? Well, we found a way to work together then. Why not now?” He asked walking over to sit beside me.

“Yes Jacob, but there are other vampires too.” Alice said, deep in thought.

“I heard that and they’ll just have to deal with it. We’ll be at the ‘confrontation’ too. So we’re all going to have to work together.” He smirked. Jake has brains! I laughed at that thought.

“Okay, I’ll run it by my family. Well, I have to go now. See you tomorrow, Bella!” Alice said, standing up. I stood up and then hugged her. “Don’t worry, Bella. We’ll find a way.” She whispered in my ear before pulling out of the hug. I smiled at her. “Thank you Alice!”

“Goodbye Jacob.” She muttered before walking out and closing the door behind herself.

I turned toward Jake, a bit relieved that we had a plan. He smiled and then leaned in to give me a bear hug. “We will find a way!” he mumbled, mimicking Alice’s last words.

Authors Note:

Okay… Kill me! I know you want to!! 

A BIG sorry for the long wait!!

I hope ya’ll enjoyed that chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Favorite Lines, quotes in this chappie? Tell me in your comment.

B.T.W-(By the way)... I have a question. Do you guys think I should kill off the Volturi or find a way for everyone to live in harmony? Or, kill Bella??(insert evil grin)… -Naw, I’ll never do that!- Comment on that too please.

Chapter Question: What would you do if your long lost
Boyfriend visited you after five years? What if that boyfriend was
Edward Cullen?

COMMENT!!! Please? 

Chapter 16- Planning and Goodbyes

Hiya!!! A short addition to Chapter 15. You all deserve a bit more… okay, read further. Get ready for some more Ashley cuteness and some sad goodbyes. Yes, get some Kleenex too! LOL okay, I’ll shut up now. Read and review!!!!


Everyone was in full swing of preparing for the ‘confrontation’. We worked off of what Alice had come to tell me four days ago, and things looked fine. My kids-who have no clue why they’re being sent on a mystery trip to Disney Land with Emily-, are just as busy preparing. They have packed almost everything they could force into their suitcases. And, they are more than satisfied with all of us being occupied, because now they get to have more play dates and have often slept over at Emily’s’ in the past four days. Ashley was a bit wary in the beginning, but now she’s become immune to the excitement radiating from the others.

The Cullen’s-who have been travelling to get more witnesses-, have been a major help to the planning. So far, or what I’ve heard from Alice, they have gotten more than twenty witnesses to stand with them. I don’t know how they are going to help, because like what are they going to say?? ‘She’ll shut up?’ , or ‘We’ll change her’ –like that’s ever going to happen now... but I know if it comes down to fighting, I’ll have many people standing by me, or rather the Cullen’s. Some don’t care about the fact that they are standing for me, they only care about the fact that they may overthrow the Volturi.

The Cullen’s and the pack have tried working together, to see if they could work out something. Some of the witnesses don’t agree with having wolves fight with them, but really, they could help so they’ve laid off the fact a bit.

“We’re going to Disney Land! Yeah!” Ashley exclaimed, jumping up and down on her bed. I smiled up at her from the arm chair across from her bed.

“Momma? Why aren’t you coming?” Ashley suddenly muttered, stopping her maniac jumping on her bed.

“Well, I‘ve got to take care of things here. As you know, next month is E.J’s birthday and we’re planning a surprise party for him.” I said, saying anything that came to my mind.

“Ooh, a party! I want to help!! Momma, can I stay and help?” she pleaded, sitting cross-legged in the middle of her bed. I shook my head and grinned.

“No Ash. He’ll want to know why you’re not going with them. You’re the oldest too, so you have to watch them for me.” I muttered, smiling playfully.

“Oh!” she smiled excitedly. “I’ll help Aunt Emily!” she exclaimed and I nodded.

“But you have to promise that you’ll behave as well, okay baby girl?” I asked and she nodded excitedly.

“Yes Momma! I promise!”

“That’s my girl!” I winked at her and she ran over and jumped into my arms. “Momma, when are they coming back?” she asked and I smiled.

“Anytime now. I told Aunt Emily that she could drop them at three.” I told her and she nodded.

“Okay, Momma! What can we do?” she asked, looking up at me as she sat on my lap. Ashley had offered to stay with me because I seemed ‘alone’ as she had said. Elle and E.J went over to Emily’s place to play though, saying that they missed their cousins. I swear that these kids are too smart for their age.

“Well I don’t know Ash. What do you want to do?” I asked, hugging her to my chest.

“Let’s make pancakes!” she suggested enthusiastically.

“Okay,” I murmured putting her on the ground and taking her hand in mine, “Let’s go and make pancakes!”


“So you have everything you need?” I asked Emily as she lined up to board her plane. Ashley, Elizabeth, E.J, Sarah, Em and Claire all stood around her chatting excitedly.

“Almost. Kim’s not back yet.” She murmured, looking around nervously.

“Jake?” I asked, looking up at him over my shoulder.

“Okay, I’ll go and see where those two love birds are.” He smirked and kissed my cheek before leaving to look for Jared and Kim. Kim had suggested that there were too many kids for Emily to look after on her own, so she offered to tag along. Jared couldn’t have been happier because it meant that Kim would be out of harms way.

“Okay.” I whispered, bending down and motioning for Ashley, Elle and E.J to come over to me. They walked over, their small frames shaking with excitement.

“Momma! I’m going to miss you!” Ashley suddenly murmured running and throwing her arms around my neck.

“Me too baby!” I said, encircling her waist with my arms. I pulled apart from her and then gathered them all in front of me.

“You remember what I said, right?” I asked and they nodded. “And I promise! As soon as you come back, we’ll all go out together, okay?” I said and they nodded.

“Momma, I’ll bring you something, okay?” Elizabeth said, grinning.

“Okay. I’m counting on that!” I said and kissed her cheek. I can’t help but think that this may be the last time I see my kids. If the Volturi get to me… this may be the last time I’ll be speaking to my angels.

A tear rolled down my cheek and I sniffed before looking up.

“Momma, what’s wrong?” Ashley murmured, leaning in to hug me. “I’ll bring you something as well, so don’t cry please.” She pleaded and kissed my cheek. “Me too, Mommy!” E.J said softly.

I laughed and shook my head before pulling them all in for a group hug. “I love you guys, you know that right?” I whispered and they pulled away, smiling. “Forever and always!” they said together, each of them revealing their necklaces-that I had bought- with those exact words imprinted on them.

“That’s right!” I said and kissed each of their cheeks before straightening up. More traitor tears rolled down my cheeks and I tried to take them away with my sleeve but to know avail.

“I love you all too!” Jake said coming from behind me.

“Daddy!” E.J yelled running over to Jake. Jake scooped him up and then walked over and stood beside me.

“But I want you all to promise me two things though.” Jake said, grinning.

“What Daddy?” Ashley asked, looking up at Jake’s humongous frame.

“I want you to promise me that you’ll have nothing but fun and that you’ll get Mickey Mouse’s autograph for me.” He smirked and they giggled.

“Okay, Daddy!” Ashley chuckled and then hugged his leg.

“Okay, group hug!” Jared yelled, coming to our group with everyone else. We all hugged and then Jared took a photo of all of us that were there which was: Emily, Sam, Jake, me, Kim, Ashley, Elizabeth, E.J, Sarah, Emma, Claire and Quil. We all laughed when he yelled that he also wanted to be in the picture. So he asked a guy closest to him to take the picture. All of this in an airport I tell you!

It was finally Emily and the kids turn to go through and we all yelled our goodbyes as they walked pass security, waving the entire time. I stood in Jakes arms, him standing behind me with his head on my shoulder. Silent tears fell down my face as I waved and Jake hugged me tightly from behind. He felt the same too.

They were soon out of our view and I sighed before turning around and hugging Jake. He hugged me back tightly telling me everything will be okay. I sighed and then lifted my head with a smile. “This will be the most longest and quietest week of my life!” I exclaimed, with a grin as Jake chuckled and kissed my cheek.

“So true Bells! So true,” he murmured, putting his arm around my waist, “Let’s go… and experience the quietness!” he joked and towed me along as we made our way to the exit.

Authors note:

Hiya! It’s me again!!

How was this Chapter? You need those Kleenex? Haha.

By the way, chocolate, too all of you who knew where I got that idea. I’m sure all of you knew, so I bought a few extra bars, just in case. It-The Chocolate- is delicious by the way! :). Okay, enough of chocolate now..

What was your favorite quote, line, word, sentence in this chappie? Mine was when Ashley offered to buy something too when Bella cried. My niece did that, and that’s where I got the idea from.

Oookay.. Chapter Question: what was your most saddest moment? In your life, I mean. I L O V E knowing about other peoples lives!! Make me smile, I mean cry. Please? LOL..

Okay, enough of my ranting! Hope you read… so Review! Please? 

-L A U R E N!

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