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This begins at the end of Jacobs book in Breaking Dawn. It is in Jacob's Point of View. Jacob doesn't imprint on Renesmee. Instead, he figures out he loves Leah. Some parts are different, but some are the same.(For examle, some of the dialouge is the same but what follows is different.) Comment if you like it...xD

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Continued from Breaking Dawn Book 2 Jacob: page 356-359

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A Twisted Fate-Chapter 1

As I looked into those eyes, an exact replica of Bella's, I jerked to a stop and forgot the murder I'd been planning. How could I kill this last rememberance(for lack of better word) I had of Bella? I sat down again, remembering the good times Bella and I had. My eyes started to water and I quickly wiped the moisture off my face. It was time for me to go. I ran out the door and changed into a werewolf. I ran until I reached the woods in front of my house.
I stopped and changed back into a human. I sat by a tree and wondered what had come over me back there. I thought of Bella and, for some odd reason, Leah. I never really thought about it before, but I might actually like her. I never really thought of her like that before. My only focus used to be Bella. Now that Bella was gone -wince-, I had an open mind.Could Leah....?
No. I wasn't even going to think think about that right now. Too soon. I sat outside for a few hours then got up and walked over to my house.
"Dad?" I asked. "Jacob, is that you?" He replied. "Yeah, it's me, dad," I said.
I walked into the living roomand sat down beside him on the couch. He turned off the television and asked with a grimace, "So, how'd it go?"
I just shook my head. I couldn't speak because of the lump that was now in my throat. If I said anything, I knew I would begin to cry. He embraced me in a tight hug. "It'll be fine. All things happen for a reason," he told me. I just nodded.
After a while, I got up again and walked out the door. I didnt know where I was going , but I had to get out of there and be alone. Before I knew it I was running. I still didnt know where, but it felt like I was being pulled towards someone. But who?
I ended up at the Cullens again, where Leah and Seth slept. Strange. I looked at Leah and my thoughts started overflowing. I couldnt control them. I left off from my thoughts earlier.
Could Leah and I ever be? When Bella was alive, she was my only choice. Now she was gone, I found I sort of liked her. Was all her anger centered toward Bella because she was jealous of her? No. No it couldn't be. Could it?
At that moment, Leah's eyes flashed open. She glared at me."What are you doing here?" she snarled. "Shouldn't you be helping you precious bloodsuckers?"
I winced and her face softened. She must have figured it out by now. She was smart. "Oh," was all she said.
I sat down and looked into her eyes. It was plain as day now. I loved her. How could I have not figured this out before? How could there have ever been a doubt? The only question now was should I tell her? It couldn't hurt. She probably already hated me. Everyone did. Who knows? She might feel the same way, thought that chance was small.
"Leah?" I asked her.
"Yes?" she asked.
"I think I might love you," I whispered
She just stared at me for a minute, eyes wide. Then, she got up, changed into a wolf, and started running. I changed into a wolf, too, just to see what she was thinking. I heard a mixture of things, but the only one I was looking for was the one that was the loudest and clearest. I LOVE YOU, TOO.
My heart skipped a beat, then doubled up. Was I dreaming? When I got my thoughts together, I was aware of more than one person. Great. I turned my head and looked at Seth. He was staring at me wide eyed, mouth open. I didnt have time for this. I got up and started running after Leah.
When I caught up to her, she was sitting beneath a tree with her fingers on her temples. "Leah, are you alright?" I asked her.
She sat there for a minute then said, "How could this happen? I didn't even know I liked you."
"Neither did I until today," I told her.
"You know it will never work out," she said
"You dont know that," I countered.
"No, Jake, really. I can't have children while I'm a werewolf, and things aren't looking so well right now."
I was shocked."I'm not even worried about that. Especially after today. All I want is to be with you. I love you."
"I love you, too." she said.
I tooke her hand and stood up. I motioned for her to do the same. We walked, hand in hand, back towards the Cullens'.

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