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I was running away from them, I never ran so fast in my whole life, I didn’t wanted to run away from them, my family the only thing that I got left but I knew that if I stay
both of them would be killed and I couldn’t let that happened.

“Sky wait we will find another way to solve this problem” Carlisle said again, but I only ran faster because I knew that if I stop for a little they would catch up with me
and take me back home, or I would go home and make all my family be kill.

I couldn’t run anymore, I wanted to stop to go to Edward and Carlisle because I knew they would tell me that all would be better, that we will find a solution for all of
this, but today was different, because even if I never saw them again, knowing
that they were alive and safe was the thing that help me make that choice, and
with that I ran to Italy without stopping or looking back.

When I got there I begun to fear about my life wondering if going to the Volturi was the best thing, and then the connection I had with my brother Edward let me know that
both of them were very sad, but the worst thing was that my father wasn’t upset
or mad at my choice he was only sad and that made me think again if what I did
was right, and when I was going back home, because once again I chances my
mind, I saw three figures coming to where I was standing, the moment I saw them
I knew who they were and I knew that if I even try to run they would catch me
and bring me back one way or another and I didn’t want to know what the Volturi
were able to do.

“Skylighter so glad that you were smart enough to become one of us. Or are you here to tell us that you don’t accept the offer?” Caius asked me, I was afraid when I looked at them but
the moment Caius spoke made every part of me wanted to run away from them,
because every word he said was follow with an air of death that made the hair
from the back of my neck stand up.

“No, I accept your offer but with some conditions”

“And what are your conditions, because we would be very glad to help you feel more at home here” he said

“The only reason I came here is because you told me that if I didn’t come you would kill my family, if it wasn’t for that trust me I wouldn’t had come to Italy in my whole life. Now
are you going to hear my conditions and accept them or not?” by now I was so
angry with everything, even with me for taking this stupid decision, that I could
feel the fire begging to appear in my hands, and I knew that if I didn’t control
myself I would end up killing one of the Voltuti, or worst one of the humans
that were here.

“Aro I think it would be better if we continue this discussion some place else” Marcus said.

“Yes of course, Skylighter if you come with us so we can continue this conversation in a more private place” Marcus said, it annoy me when they call me by my whole name, because even
if it mean something beautiful, only my mother call me that and i hate her. Carlisle wasn’t my real father but it feels like it,

“Ok I will follow you so I can tell you what I want, but the before we go I want to tell you my first condition, don’t ever again call me Skylighter just tell me Sky, that is the only name I will respond to.” I said that with an authority that I didn’t know I had, but if
they wanted me they were do what I said. The minute I said that they look at me like I was sick with some kind of

mental dieses, and I just looked back at them wondering what the hell they were
looking at.

“What?” I couldn’t keep my stupid mouth from asking,

“Nothing, it will be done as you wish” one of them said, I didn’t know who it was because by this point I wasn’t paying any attention at what they
were saying because I didn’t care.

“Ok Sky if you may follow us now so we can show you where you would be stating at” I think Aro said, and with that I follow them into a castle or something like that. They
gesture for me to go in after them, and that was the moment that I knew I couldn’t
turn back, I knew that from now on my life would be going downhill from now on.  


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I like the name Sky for the main character.

What is a Skylighter?

Best wishes



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