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i liek the title!
The title seems interesting.Keep me updated.Tell me when you posted the 1st chapter.What website did you post this on?

Isabella Marie Swan, or just Bella, is running. From what exactly? Well her mother, Renee, and boyfriend, Jacob Black, were brutaly murdered and she was forced to watch.The murderer, none other than the notorious serial killer James Nomad. Now she is moving with her father Charlie Swan. Can she keep running and hiding or will the killer find her and finish the job?





Running. That's all i have been doing for the past year. From a killer. Who plans on finishing with me. My father is all i have left. My mother. Brutaly murdered. And it was my fault. If i hadn't gone out that night then she'd be alive. And so would my love.

"Bella? Honey?" My father, Charlie Swan, said from the other side of the door. He had finnaly convinced me that Forks Washington was the safest place for me. Yes he was the chief of police but that doesn't mean he knows everything about criminals.

"Yeah Dad?" I rolled out of bed and to the door. He stood there in his uniform looking confused and anxious. "Is something wrong?" I leaned against the door frame.

"Did you forget what today is?" How could I? The day I am forced back to High School. I had missed six months because of James. I have lost my sanity and peace of mind. He took everything away from me.

"Like I honestly could Dad. I just hope no one recongnizes me. Start fresh and all that." I gave him a smile. "I will be fine. If you want I will even carry the peper spray?" I motioned to the can in his hand. He scoffed and handed it to me.

"Just take care of yourself Bells." He kissed my forehead and walked back down the hall. I heard him go down the stairs and heard the front door slam shut. Thank goodness. I sighed and closed my door. Now what to wear? It seemed so childish to worry about this kida thing. But I am a teen girl. I went through my closet quickly and pulled out a black t-shirt and skinny jeans. Nothing special about today so why dress up? I changed out of my pajama pants and tank top and into the outfit. Where are my shoes? Oh right. I pulled them out from under my bed. I had only been here a month and i knew where everything was. I looked for my car keys and bragged my bag and coat. Of course it'd be raining. What else in the middle of the Olympic Penninsula. I grabbed my bag and something fell from under it. I didn't bother to look since I was going to be late. I ran down the stairs which was a bad idea. I stumbled into the wall and tried to collect myself. I looked at the clock on the stove. Damnit! I had ten minutes to get to school. I ran out the door, locked it, and into my Chevy pickup in a matter of seconds. Record timing. I drove as fast as my truck alowwed and was in the school parking lot. There weren't any parking spaces except for one near a shiny Volvo. Jeez. Conspicious much. I parked and slammed my truck door. It felt like everyone was watching me. I pulled my hood up and pulled my bug closer to me. I hate attention. Without anyone watching much I slipped into the office building. It was so warm. I walked into the actual office and looked up to see a woman. She looked nice. Like she enjoyed this job.

"Can I help you?" Her voice matched her apearance. Motherly and kind.

"Um yeah...I'm Isabella Swan?" Way to go Bells. Mumbling of course.

"Oh. Chief Swan's daughter. Well come closer. I wont bite. I'm Ms.Cope" I walked closer to her desk as she went through a stack of papaer. "Oh here we are. Now your first class is with Ms.Ansell."

(A/N: Some of these teachers places etc. are from where i live and school.)

"Thank you." I said and took the map and schedule from her.

"And if you need any help finding places there are a few kids who will help. One of them is named Alice Cullen. And another Angela Weber." I nodded and walked out of the building and down the hall towards my home room. Those names sounded so familiar. Someone opened a door and cold air swept over me. I shivered and pulled my coat closer to me. Someone bumped me and I fell flat on my butt. Oh god. Everyone in the hall started to laugh. I started to get up when a shril voice came into hearing,

"Well if it isn't Isabella." A strawberry blonde said standing infront of me. I stood erect and looked down at her. Damn my height. "Looks like you are still a giant." My eyes started to sting and i blinked back tears. "Are you going to cry? Huh? Well go a head. I mean I would if my mom died because of me." That did it. I pushed past her and two girls behind her. My tears blinded me and i collided with someone.

"Oh s-sorry." I stuttered and walked past whoever it was. They caught my wrist and turned me around. I looked at the with blurry eyes.

"Bella?" A child-like voice said. I wiped at my eyes and focused them.

"Y-yes?" Whoever it was shorter and had spiky black hair.

"It's me. Alice Cullen. Your bestfriend since we were born?" I blinked and got a better look at her. It was Alice!
"Oh my god. Alice!" I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame. I hadn't seen her since sixth grade."You haven't changed at all Ali." I said letting her go. She smiled.

"Hey what's that suppose to mean?" She put her hands on her hips.

"Yep. You are definatly Mary Alice Cullen." She punched my arm and we started to walk again.

"So what class do you have first?" She said in her chirpy voice as we walked hand in hand.

"Um..."I handed her my schedule.

"Oh you have every class but Gym and Spanish with me. Oh but you have Gym with Edward. You do rememeber him right?" I rolled my eyes.

"I've been gone for a few years. I didn't loose my memory." She chuckled. I had to admit though i vaguely remembered everyone that use to be my friend. Edward of course i would remember. I was in love with him until my parents got divorced and I left with my mom.

"Well let's go! I want you to meet someone." She dragged me down the hall earning a bunch of stares. I inwardly groaned. "Okay come on." We got to the classroom and I handed my slip to the teacher.

"Welcome to Forks High School." Ms.Ansell said and smiled. Alice dragged me to the back of the room where a blonde guy was leaning back in his chair.

"Bella I want you to meet Jasper Whitlock Hale." The blonde guy looked at me and smiled sitting right in his chair.

"Hello Jasper." I held out my hand and smiled.

"Hello Bella. Alice hasn't kept quiet about you comming and I have heard alot of good things about you." He had a southern accent and smiled back. He dropped my hand and Alice and I sat down at the table.

"So Japser everyone is here right?" Alice was smiling like crazy. My heart squeezed when I saw the way they looke dat eachother. It was like they were the only ones there. The way Jacob and I use to look at eachother. My chest felt hollow.

"Yes, darling. Emmett and I made sure of it." He smiled back and gave her a wink. My face fell and i chewed on the bottom of my lip. "Bella. Are you alright?" Jasper was looking at me confused. I looked up at him through the curtain my hair formed.

"Yeha. Just..." What was I going to say? Just my only reason to be alive was dead and becuase of me too. Not likely. "I just miss this place." I gave him my best fake smile and he backed off. The bell rang and we all headed to our other classes. The day flew by. I sat with Alice through all of classes we had together and for Gym I sat out. Thank god too. They were playing basketball and let's just say I was terrible at sports. I would have gotten hit by the ball twice if a bronze haired guy had blocked it. I gave him a thank you look and smiled. He looked so familiar. Later at lunch I learned that the guy was Edward. My long time crush. I kept quiet through out the rest of the day.

When the bell signaled that school was over I was the first out. I just wanted to leave and go to bed. Memories I had long forgotten had flooded into my head. Remembering Alice, Edward and their freakishly huge brother Emmett. I also met Rosalie. Japser's twin sister and The Cullens new foster kids. I also remembered Carlisle and Esme. They had been like second parents to me. By the time I had reached my truck that I was emotionaly exhausted. I barely made it into the cab when I heard someone.

"Bella! Wait." I tilted my head to see Edward Cullen walking over to me. I smiled and opened the door.

"Yeah?" He held the door and smiled back.

"I was wondering if you would want to...Y'know....Got out some time?" He ran a hand through his gorgeous hair. "Or a group thing." He said obviously seeing my face.

"Um....I...Just..Uh..." Tears threatened to spill. Could I? Only after such a short time.

"It's alright. Forget I asked." He closed my door and walked to his Volvo. I started my truck and headed home. I was there in only five minutes. New record again. I stopped my truck in the drive way and slammed the door. Fumbling with my keys I stumbled into the house, up the stairs, and into my room. I looked around at all the boxes stuffed into a corner. My attnetion went to the little piece of paper on the floor. What had fallen from under my back pack earlier. I set my bag down and picked it up. It was a picture. I turned it over and gasped. I hadn't looked at this since before James killed them. I put a hand over my mouth trying to keep the sob from comming through. The picture was of me and Jacob. On the bottom of it in my messy handwriting was "Forever and Always" and in the bottom right corner were J&B. I fell onto my knees and cried.

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I loved the chapter.I wonder why Edward wanted to go on a date with Bella so soon.I guess we'll find out,right? Yay!!! I'm the first comment! Finally!!! I can't wait for more!
Oh RJ that was so sad but I find it hard to be too sad because as you know I am no fan of Jacob Black LOL especially with Bella it has to be Edward. Ok can't wait to see where you're headed with this one.
Oh and if you want to know what the pic looks like here!

Tears and Date

I had been crying so hard that I didn’t even hear the knock on my door or it open. All I did hear was someone calling me distantly. I slowly brought up my head to face my father. He looked torn. He’d seen me crying.
“Bella.” He knelt down to my level. I couldn’t meet his eyes. Mine still blurred from the tears. I felt him wrap his arms around me and I started to cry again. How I could was odd from how much I had already. “Ssshh Bella.” He tried to soothe me and I tried to stop the tears and sobs. I took a shaky breathe and finally managed to stop. The picture was still in my hand and seeing it made me want to cry more. But I held back the tears. No more crying Bella, I told myself, Jacob wouldn’t want you to.
“Sorry you had to see that Char-Dad.” I said finally meeting his eyes. They were sincere and glassy. Charlie wasn’t one for crying but I knew he couldn’t help it this time.
“Now Bells. You have a right to cry. I would too.” He looked at the photo and I handed it to him. His face wasn’t readable but by the way he shook his head I knew how he was feeling. “So this was the infamous Jacob.” I nodded and my heart faltered when he said was. I didn’t want to think about it. “He looks nice. And I bet he loved you well.” I nodded again and brought my knees to my chest.
“And I loved him.” I mumbled into my knee. I felt Charlie’s hand on my shoulder and him give it a gentle squeeze. “Love you Dad.” I had to bring myself to try to be happy for him.
“Love you too Bells.” He kissed my forehead, got up and left. I sat in quiet as I heard him turn on the TV. My life seemed to be falling apart as I knew it. And all I could do was try to patch up my heart, smile and pretend it wasn’t killing me everyday. I took another shaky breathe and laid on my bed. I licked off my boots and threw my jacket across the room. It didn’t matter that I fell asleep in my clothes. I just needed so alone time.

(Next Day)

I awoke with a jolt. Just a dream. Just a dream. A tear fell from my face. He was dead. And it was my fault. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, I kept repeating to myself. Not again. The sun was barely coming up. I watched it for the little time it would show and watched it disappear behind the clouds. That’s Forks for you. Realizing I was still in my clothes from the day before I grabbed a pair of navy blue jeans and a blue t-shirt. No one to dress up for. I grabbed my towel that was hanging on the door and hurried across the hall to the shower. After turning the water on and getting undressed and in the water started to relax my sore muscles. I leaned my head against the wall and let the water fall over my head. What am I going to do? Fake a smile and pretend everything was alright? Or let my walls down and break down in the middle of class? Like hell. I turned off the water and wrapped a towel round me. The bathroom was filled with steam and when I opened the door I was welcomed with a blast of cold air. I shuddered and hurried into my room. After getting dressed clothes shoes and all I pulled my semi-wet hair into a pony tail. Like I said before; no one to dress up for. I looked outside to see it pouring. Crap. Me and rain don’t mix. Especially when driving. I sighed, grabbed my coat keys and backpack and headed out to my truck. I shivered at the coldness. The inside of my truck was almost as cold. I needed to get a better heater. I turned on my truck and turned on the heater and radio. When You’re Gone by Avril Lavigne was playing and I shook my head. Of course it had to play. I started to drive down the street towards Forks High. The rain fell hard and I could barely see out of my window. I finally made it to the school. Five minutes until the bell rang. And once again the only parking space left was the one next to the shiny Volvo. I rolled my eyes and pulled into the spot. I turned everything off and opened my door. It seemed like everyone’s eyes were on me again. Ugh. I pulled down my hair and pulled up my hood. My hair fell in curls around my face. The way Jake liked them. No no no. Not now Bella. I made it to my locker without incident but that was short lived because as soon as I opened the locker I heard a high pitched voice.
“Bella!” I heard from down the hall and winced. Did she really have to do that. I hid behind the small locker door and tried to quickly gather my books. “Well well. Isabella.” I tried to hid the grimace I made when I saw the same strawberry blonde from yesterday. What was her name?……Tanya. Right. More like royal pain. “Are you gonna cry like yesterday?” I noticed the two same girls behind her. One was blonde and the other a dark brunette. I couldn’t remember the blonde but the brunette was Jessica Stanley. She was in my Trig class. “Well?” Tanya said trying unsuccessfully to reach my face. I ignored her and shut my locker. No point in starting a fight. “Hey I am talking to you.” She pulled on my hood and my hair. I jerked back and fell on my butt. There wasn’t a sound from everyone around. I tried to get up and gather my books but she knocked them out of my hands. This chick really wanted a fight. I pushed her when she wasn’t looking and she fell onto the blonde. They both fell to the ground and I smirked. Everyone around was either laughing, mostly the girls, or drooling from how they were positioned, mostly the boys. Tanya was positioned so she hovered over the blonde and their legs were wrapped together so when they tried to get up they both fell again. I couldn’t help but smile. I heard a familiar laugh from behind me and smiled at Alice. She looked like she was going to fall over. I walked over to her and she sobered.
“Damn Bella.” We started to walk towards homeroom and soon Jasper joined us.
“Was that you who caused Tanya and Kate to fall all over each other, Bella?” Jasper asked looking like he was going to crack up any second. I nodded and he held onto his sides as he laughed. Did everyone hear about it? We made it to homeroom where everyone was clustered together whispering to one another. That is until we walked in. It was dead silence one second and the next I was crowded with people congratulating me. That was to much. I pushed through the crowd and to the back table where Alice and Jasper already sat. Inseparable much. I sighed. I needed someone like that. Again. Homeroom went by fast as did Spanish, math and Trig. By the time my mind had caught up with the day it was already the end of school. I barely remembered any of the lessons. When I made it outside the rain had somehow stopped. And someone was following me. I spun around ready to punch whoever it was when they caught my fist. I was stunned to see Edward. I had almost hit him. Smooth Bella. He dropped my wrist and it fell to my side.
“Oh um sorry.” I said looking down. “Didn’t know it was you.” I heard him chuckle and looked to see him with a crooked smile. Oh I could melt. Focus Bella! He doesn’t even like you. Then why did he ask me out yesterday? Pity probably.
“It’s okay Bella.” He said and his voice was like velvet. I let out a breathe I hadn’t realized I’d been holding. “I was going to ask if I could walk you to your car.” I smiled. A gentlemen he turned out to be.
“That’d be nice.” Smooth again Swan. We walked across the lot to where our cars where side by side. Why did he have to look like a god when he leant against my old pickup. I didn’t know what to say and there was an awkward silence. And I couldn’t take it. “About yesterday and going ou-” I tried to say but he caught me off.
“No its alright. You don’t have to. I’d rather you wanted to then just go for my sake. And you don’t want to. I get it.” He turned from me and my heart quivered.
“That’s not what I was going to say.” I said quickly. He looked at me confused. “If you had let me finish I was going to say, I would like to. Go out with you. Sometime.” My voice quivered. I was seriously doing this. Oh come on the last time I was on a date was over a year ago. Let yourself have fun, I could practicaly hear Jacob saying it. I looked at Edward and he looked stunned and excited, I think.
“Oh thank god.” He gave another crooked smile. Stay still my heart. “I- Uh. Thank you Bella.” He walked back over to my side and bent forward to kiss my cheek. Heat radiated from me and I had to duck my head to stop him from seeing my blush. “How about Tomorrow?” Tomorrow was Saturday. “You can pick the place. Or we can hang at my house. Or yours.” He sounded so nervous. I let out a nervous laugh.
“How about Aro’s pizza in Port Angeles? And then maybe a movie.” He smiled and nodded.
“Okay. Um. I’ll pick you up at six?”
“That’d be great.” This time I stretched on my toes and kissed his cheek. I smiled and got into my car. I watched him get in his and drive off. I sat in my cab, biting my bottom lip and smiling like crazy. Maybe I can try to start over. Yes, I heard Jake’s voice again. He would want me to. And I could try…..If James didn’t find me first.

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Hi RJ I feel so bad for Bella and her grief over Jacob and her mom. I am so glad she is going to give it a go with Edward. I can't wait to see how the date goes. 8) Loved it and can't wait for more!

Finally updating! Hope ya'll like it!



I was actually smiling when I walked into the house. And an actual smile.
“Someone’s happy.” I heard and turned around from the staircase. Charlie stood there with his dad-smile. “Anything happen today at school?” I rolled my eyes.
“Do we have to talk about it?” I slid my bag off my shoulder and sat on the step looking up at him bored.
“Fine. This is me backing off.” He said backing away with his hands up in surrender. “Oh and I will be at La Push all tomorrow.” I nodded and headed up to my room. I had a date tomorrow. A smile crept back over my mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a childish giggle. I caught my reflection in the mirror. The girl there looked….Happy. Her eyes had a red ting to them from crying a little. But her cheeks finally had color under the pale skin. And her eyes…Had light in them. After so long. I turned away. I deserver to be happy. Don’t I? I fell back onto my bed and starred at the ceiling. Wow. I have a date. For the first time in almost two years. I closed my eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep…

(Next day)

“Bella.” I spin around to the voice. No! He has the biggest smirk on his face. My knees begin to tremble.
“No. You cant be here.” I whisper and try to back away. My breathing has increased and its painful to breathe.
“But I am my dear. Now. We can be together. Finally.” His cynical blue eyes make me shiver.
“No!” I close my eyes and cover my ears.




“Gah!” I sit up straight. What the hell? My chest hurts. Like the dream. I look around dazed and try to make sense of the dream. He cant find me. Not when I’m barely getting my life together again. There was another bang on my door. “What?” I say loud enough. It slowly opens and a blonde head pops in. Followed by a pixie. Oh no.
“We heard you had a date Bells.” Alice said dragging a bag into the room. I eyed the bag knowing what was in it. “Don’t give me that look. You know we have to.” She said plopping down next to me.
“You don’t like make-over’s?” I shook my head at Rosalie. “Well to darn bad. We are going to get you dressed up for Eddie. No hustle. Into the shower.” She said handing my towel and shooing me into the bathroom. I sighed and turned the water on cold. Needing somehow to wake up. I quickly undressed and stepped into the freezing water. I immediately woke up and turned it to warm. My teeth had started to chatter by then. I quickly shampooed and conditioned my hair feeling oddly refreshed. I shut off the water and dried off. The mirror had fogged over and my reflection was just a blur. I wiped away the steam and gave myself a good one two. I looked happy again. Maybe this was a good thing. I carefully opened the door and found close sitting near the door. I scooped them up and looked them over. Sensible underwear. But the outfit. God no. After putting them on I found out the pants were  tight on my butt. The top however was….okay. It was a button down baby eye blue blouse. It fit comfortably. I took a breathe. Happy Bella. Be happy. Jacob’s voice sounded so real that it made me want to cry. I can do this. I can do this, I repeated to myself.
“Bella?” The bathroom door swung open just as I was about to. “Oh. Damn that looks good on you.” She titled her head a little to look at my face. “Make up time.” She said clapping and I groaned. “Please let me have a little fun. Please please please please.” No point in saying no.
“Fine but nothing over the top.” She nodded and pulled me back into my room. Whoa. They had set up a whole station of cosmetics. And jewelry. Joy.
“Sit.” I obeyed and sat on my bed. They immediately started to paint my face. Alice did my eye shadow and blush while Rosalie fussed over my hair. I didn’t seem the point in this. No amount of make up can make me pretty. Bella! Jake’s voice was in my head again and my chest started to hurt. Just breathe. Breathe. In and out. In and out. Good. I stopped feeling the tugging and pulling from my hair and the feeling of a brush on my cheeks. “Done.” Alice said holding up a mirror. Holy crap. This couldn’t be me. The girl looked….so….so….Hot. Her brown eyes stood out from the smoky blue eye shadow. Her cheek bones were pronounced and high. And her lips had a slight red tint them. I gasped. This was me. And I am happy.
“Well?” Rosalie interrupted my thoughts. I wrapped my arms around the both of them smiling like a maniac.
“Thank you thank you thank you.” They patted my back and smiled.
“Welcome. But don’t forget…” Alice handed me a blue bracelet that matched my shirt and black heels.
“Alice you kno-”
“Fine.” She pulled a pair of black ballet slippers and helped me put them on. Those things were crazy. I stood up and felt confident for the first time in a long time. This was good. “Thanks again guys.” I grabbed my sweater and glanced at the clock. Whoa. It was already 5:30. Time really does fly. Any minute he’ll be here.
“Don’t you look pretty.” I spun around and faced Charlie.
“Uh-Hi dad. Aren’t you suppose to be at La Push.” The place where I met Jacob.
“Yeah. I was headed there now.” He gave me an unexpected hug. “You look beautiful Bella. Remember that.” I nodded and he let me go disappearing out the door. I heard the stairs creak behind me.
“Aw.” They both said. I ignored them and walked into the kitchen. Should I eat something? Or wait till dinner? Ugh. A knock at the door made me jump. I looked out the window. Edward’s car was parked in Charlie’s spot. I looked at the kitchen clock. He was early. The muffled giggles from the living room started to get louder and I told them to either leave or hush up. They stayed quiet. I went down the long hallway and opened the door. And there he was in all his glory standing there. His shirt matched mine and I smiled.
“Hey.” He said. I opened the door wider so he could come in.
“Hey yourself.” I closed the door and face him. His eyes wandered from my feet up to my eyes. My cheeks grew hot and I knew the blush got darker.
“You look….Um….Wow.” I smiled bigger and felt a flutter in my stomach.
“Thank you.” Alice said heading our way. Curse that little pixie. “I did do a good job.” I scowled at her and she just rolled her eyes. “Anyway me and Rose were just going to leave.” Rose came from the living room tugging the huge make up bag. I shut the door behind them.
“So-uh-you go ahead.” We said at the same time. “You first.” He said.
“I was just going to say you’re early.” I shrugged.
“And I was going to say that was because I booked the dinner earlier than planned. We dine at 6.” He gave me his crooked smile and I curled my toes. The things he did to me already.
“That’s okay.” My turned out a little shaky. “Let me get my coat.” Anything so I can get some of my senses back. I hurried and grabebd my keys and jacket.
“All set?” I nodded and we went out to his volvo. He opened my door and I thanked him. I bit my lip as he walked around the car. Don’t be nervous. You’ll be fine. He got in the driver side and started the car. I buckled quickly but my hands kept fumbling. Ugh. “Here.” He helped me and I smiled.
“Thanks.” He started down the road and to Port Angeles. Classic music filled the car. I hummed along to the melody.
“You know Debusse?” I nodded.
“Only my favorites.” He smiled and laughed.
“This is my favorite too.” I joined in with his laughing. We made it to the restaurant in peace. But I had a feeling I was being watched…..


Because I need to hurry with this lets pretend that Bella and Edward went to dinner at La Bella Italia *of course* and are now driving back to Bella's.

Always Watching

The feeling would not go away. At the resteraunt and into the car. Hell even when I went to wash my hands in the bathroom. Oh no. He couldn't have found me already. I started to bite on my bottom lip. Terrible habit, I know.
"Bella?" I snapped out of my haze and looked at Edward. "Um. You were looking like you wanted to scream or something."
"Oh...Um. Sorry." Was all I could get out. He gave me a long side look and turned his attention back to the road.
"Bella. You don't have to be sorry for anything. I think I should be the sorry one." My eyebrows raised and I shifted so I faced him.
"Why? Did I do something wrong?" My voice trembled.
"You didn't seem ready to go out. I knew that but I didn't really acknowledge that. Bella I'm sorry that I made you go out tonight." He was sorry for that? He regretted it.
"You regret it already." I whispered and looked at my hands. My eyes prickled but I kept blinking tears back. I knew this was to good to be true. It was to soon to try to be happy again. No Bella! I could hear Jacob in my head and that only made me want to cry more.
"Oh god no Bella." I felt something tug at one of my hands and I let it go limp. I felt the car stop and saw we were at my house already. "Why would you think that?" I kept my face down. Seeing his face wouldn't do any good. Bella. Be happy, please, for me. Again Jacob tried. I bit my lip again and looked at Edward. I knew what he was seeing. A girl pathetically about to cry and he was in an akward place. But when I looked up at him all I could see was sincerity and care.
"I dont know." I whispered and starred at his warm firm hand around mine. I hadn't felt a touch like that in over a year. Good. Be happy Bella. I will always watch over you and help. My eyes pricked again and Edward took it wrong.
"I am such an idiot. Bella I am so so sorry. I dont regret it." He pulled me akwardly close. The buckle to the seat belt dug into my thigh and I let out a whimper. "Please dont cry." He whispered and I felt his hand as light as a moths wing on my hair. It was comforting. In a way I wanted.
"I-im not crying." I pulled away and wiped my eyes with my sleeve. I let out a small laugh. "Or atleast not why you think." I gave him a smile.
"Its official. Isabella Swan you are the wierdest chick I know. Aside from Alice anyway." He chuckled and I felt a flutter in my stomach and chest. "But I dont think I would change that." He was so close. My eyes make their way down from his eyes to his cheeks then his lips. "Could.....Could I try something?" I nodded without thinking. He leaned closer and before I could protest his lips were touching mine. It wasn't a forced kiss like the one's James gave me. Or the ones I was use to like Jacobs. But it was sweet and soft. I closed my eyes and leaned into it. His other hand found mine and without breaking the kiss, his arms wrapped around my waist and mine around his neck. He pulled away just barely and I could see his eyes had darken. Blood rushed to my face and I tilted my head so he coulnd't see.
"Wow." My pathetic answer. I was mentally smacking myself.
"You could say that again." His arms were still around me and by the way we were posed I could tell he was just as uncomfortable as I was.
"Oh sorry." I detangled myself and blushed harder when my top went up a little revealing my stomach. I quickly covered it before he saw the scar there.
"No need to be. Come on let's o before it really starts to rain." I nodded and grabbed my purse. He opened my door and my cheeks got darker. If it were possible anyway. He grabbed onto my arm when I almost slipped and again his face was only inches apart. I reached up on my toes and kissed his cheek. A n electric shock ran through my body.
"Thank you." Then something I didn't expect happened. I blinked and right behind Edward stood....Jacob. I gasped. How was he here. It's okay, I heard him in my head, I will always help you Bella.. A smile formed on his ghostly figure making me want to cry more. I missed that smile so much.
"Um. I should get you inside." Edward brought me back and Jacob was gone. I felt a twinge in my heart. He said he'd always be watching. We walked up the steps and Edward turned to look at me. "Bella. Can I jsut say something? And promise not to laugh please."
"Of course." I giggled. Whoa. I never giggled.
"Bella. I think.....I think I may be fall-" He was interrupted by the front door opening. Charlie stood there with his shot gun in hand.
"Hello Edward." Please dont kill him, please dont kill him, I chanted in my head. "Bella. Um you got a phone call from someone and their still waiting for you I guess." He turned around and mummbled something. Way to kill the mood Dad!
"Sorry. What were you going to say?" But he just shook his head.
"I'll tell you another time. Oh and can I maybe call you sometime?" I smiled.
"I'd like that." I reached up and kissed his cheek again. Lord knows I wanted to do something else.
"Great." With that he walked down the steps and I swear my knees almost gave out then. I stumbled into the door and shut it behind me. I walked into the kitchen and Charlie was sitting there holding out the phone.
"Thanks Dad." I took the phone. "Hello?"
"Well well. I have found you my love." My heart stopped and everything seemed to slow.
"How the hell did you find me." I growled. He couldn't have. Not now.
"Oh sweet sweet Isabella. I am always watching you." My mind blurred and everything went black.......

So comment?

OMG RJ how could you leave it like that?  How did James find her so fast? Yeah I know he's a tracker. Man I hope she doesn't do anything stupid but she's Bella so of course she will. Ok so post more when you can please?



Lol, she's Bella, so of course she's gonna!


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