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My story got deleted the first time, so I'm starting again.

This is most of the first chapter. I should have the chapter finished fairly soon.

Enjoy, fellow katw lovers!


Chapter 1 – Love Shine a Light

It was years ago, but I remember Eurovision 1997 like it was yesterday. My Dad was taking me and my step mother, Suzy, to meet Katrina and The Waves.  Little did they know that I already knew the band very well.

On the plane to Dublin, Suzy kept up an almost constant stream of inane chatter. “Ooooh, I’m so excited! I hope they like me.”

As Dad reassured her that ‘everyone’ liked her, I rolled my eyes. I knew for a fact that none of the band would like Suzy. I had told them what she had done to my family.

I was shaken from my thoughts by my Dad’s voice.

“Are you excited, Holly? This is for you, after all.”

“Yeah, it’s gonna be brilliant” I replied enthusiastically. I really was looking forward to it. The song was fantastic and I loved Eurovision.

But I knew the trip wasn’t really for me. Dad hadn’t done anything special just for me since he had divorced my Mum 3 years before.

As Suzy started chatting again I buried my head back in my book and waited for the plane to land so I could get away.


Finally, the big night had arrived. We had only been in Dublin for a day, but it felt like ages. Every second I had to spend with Suzy felt like an hour.

We were all busy getting ready to go. I had decided to wear a yellow shirt and some jeans in honour of Katrina’s outfit on the Old Grey Whistle Test. I was just doing my hair when Suzy walked in.

“You nearly ready?” she asked me.

“Yup” I replied, absent-mindedly.

“I just wanted to say that I think you should let me do the talking tonight. You know, when we meet the band.”

“Really? How come?” I asked.

“Because adults like to talk to other adults, not little kids” she said, asininely.

“Well, if you think so” I responded doubtfully.

“Wise decision” she muttered as she left.


As the sound of Kim’s last strum of the guitar faded away, the audience erupted into applause. Sat with the British audience, we could feel the full force of the excitement. Union Jacks were waving all around me and people were cheering and clapping.

We slipped away backstage in the midst of the hysteria. All we could do now was find the band and sit and wait.

When we entered the green room we were confronted with a sea of people and tables. Many people were clustered in one particular place, so we realised that must be the British area. We snaked our way through the crowd towards the cluster of people.

I was in front, so everybody saw me first. Katrina gasped and came forward, enveloping me in a hug.

“Hey, you! Good to see you” she said.

“It’s so good to see you” I cried. “You were amazing!”

“Oh, c’mon! It wasn’t that good” she laughed.

I heard a voice from behind me then.

“Holly, what are you doing?”

It was Suzy.

“Ah, yes” I stuttered. “Suzy, this is my friend Katrina. And Kat, this is Suzy and my Dad.”

I could feel 6 pairs looking down at me for a few seconds. Suzy wore a look of pure jealousy, Dad was clearly surprised, while the band were obviously trying to quell their anger.

PR is clearly extremely important, as a polite, professional demeanour was adopted by the band. Suzy’s ego was suitably massaged by the entirely false idea that she had made famous friends, and so things went back to normal.

I was seated at the table and joined in the conversation. We talked about everything from the performance to how I was doing at school. It was good to have attention like this – I didn’t ever get it from Dad and Suzy.

I also couldn’t help but notice how close Kat and Vince were.

“Still on then?” I asked them.

“Oh yeah” Vince replied. “She just won’t stop being perfect. It’s really unfair!”

“Shut up, Vince” Kat laughed, pushing him away as he kissed her on the cheek.

Kim and Alex rolled their eyes and I giggled.

“You guys are so mean” I told them. “It’s sweet!”


As the votes started to trickle in, everybody became really tense. Kim was restless and on the verge of pacing the floor. Alex was twiddling his thumbs and seemed to find his shoes particularly interesting. Kat and Vince were holding hands tightly and she was leaning against him while he traced slow circles on her arm. I was fidgeting and fiddling with my hair constantly. Even Suzy had gone quiet.

We all watched and waited.

Then a string of countries awarded the UK 12 points. We tried to stay calm, but it didn’t work. The high scores kept coming in, the lead over Ireland opened up wider and the excitement mounted.

As Iceland finished awarding their points, we all cheered and people started crying.

In the midst of the chaos, I heard Vince murmur to Katrina “You have to sing again, baby. Are you ok?”

She responded “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you. I love you.”

Ronan Keating arrived then to take them back to the stage. He led Katrina away through the crowd and everyone else followed.

We watched on the screens as they gave their final performance. It went a bit wrong, but it didn’t matter. They had won and they were on top of the world.


I was so tired when we went to the after party that I only managed to stay up dancing for half an hour. I curled up on the floor at one end of the room and tried to sleep.

I saw Kat walking towards me, so I lifted my head up.

“Tired, huh?” she asked me.

“Yeah” I murmured sleepily. “It’s been a long day.”

She sat down and I edged closer.

“How would you like to come hang out with us tomorrow?” she asked.

“I’d love to! Thank you” I said, perking up a bit.

“Good. Now, come here” she said, pulling me onto her lap.

I adjusted myself so I was comfortable and closed my eyes again.

Then, Kat started singing softly “Sleep, sleep on my pillow, and dream of my love. Sleep, sleep on my pillow, and I’ll dream you’re in love with me.”

I finally drifted off.


Next thing I knew I woke up in my bed at the hotel.

As I wandered out of the bedroom door, I saw Dad and Suzy sat watching TV.

“Morning” I called breezily.

“Morning” Dad replied. “Apparently you arranged to ‘hang out’ with the band today. So we are.”

‘YES!’ I cried internally. A whole day of being able to ignore Suzy.

I scuttled off to get ready to go down to breakfast.


Once we had all finished getting ready we called for a taxi to take us to the hotel where all the Eurovision acts were staying. It was a 5 minute drive away from our hotel.

When we got up to their suite, we were greeted by Kim.

“Heya” he said. “Bet you can’t guess which two people aren’t up yet.”

I looked at the clock and rolled my eyes – 10am. “Honestly” I said. “Some people.”

However, just then Kat and Vince emerged, prompting wolf whistles from Alex and Kim.

“Morning, lovebirds” I said to them. “What sort of time do you call this?”

They shrugged simultaneously and giggled.

“Nice pyjamas, Kat” Alex sniggered.

She was wearing one of Vince’s shirts.

She stuck her tongue out at Alex, then yelped as Vince pulled her down onto a chair.

As she snuggled up against his chest, everyone else seemed to resign themselves to the fact that this was how the day was going to go. We started talking about what we were going to do.

“I think we should go shopping” I started it off. Suzy made agreeing type noises and Kat mumbled her agreement. But all the guys just groaned.

We were outnumbered, so we had to compromise. We would get to go shopping in the afternoon and the guys could choose for the morning.

My Dad is a bit of an idiot and he decided he wanted to go climbing. He hadn’t done it for some time, so he wanted to now. Suzy and I, temporarily allied, tried to dissuade him. But the rest of the guys had already agreed.


Hope you all enjoyed that! There will be more. Watch this space to find out the consequences of the climbing.

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