The Twilight Saga

A Winters Night



* Disclaimer* All charectors in this story belong solely to Stephenie Meyer. The idea is of course mine though ツ 






Renesmee pov


   It`s the middle of winter and i feel like i should be sweating I thought to myself , Thats a dumb idea i`m half vampire i cant sweat. Duh... It`s a good thing noone can hear me they`d think i was crazy or something. As i continued to wake up i rolled over and opened my eyes.

 " It was all a dream" i thought out loud "well that`s a downer"

 I then realized i need to stop thinking about my dream before dad heard my thoughts. Crap to late.

 " You okay in there ness?" dad yelled

 " Yes dad fine i`ll be out in a few minutes"  I yelled back

I started to smell the bacon and eggs, all to much for me to eat. Then i realized jake must be here. I looked at myself in my mirror, that covered the whole back wall of my room, Aunt Alice had gotten it for me.

 " I look okay" i thought to myself.

 I threw on my polka doted robe and headed to the kitchen. Jake was sitting at the kitchen table, black shorts and nike tennis shoes only with mom and dad, him eating like a pig as usual. That didn`t stop my thoughts though

" oh my gosh he`s so.." My thoughts we cut off by dad clearing his throat. He looked at me intensly but wasn`t mad. It took dad a while to get used to the fact that i was growing up, thats my body, my feelings, everything was changing about me.I still remember the conversation we had exactly a year ago tomorrow.

" Dad, i am getting older you need to understand that. I might be slowing down but i am still changing"

" i know you are nessie it`s just well I`ve only had 7 years to get used to this, you`re just growing up so fast" he blurted out

" I know im technically 7 dad but EVERYTHING about me is 15" i whispered that one

I knew he had hated that i said that but we both knew i was right, i think mostly he hated the fact that i had feelings for jake.



Jacobs pov


 "WOW" was all i could think when Nessie walked into the kitchen. I stopped myself from thinking anything else before Edward could read my thoughts and get mad. I couldn`t help myself though it was so hard and my thoughts started to wander...

" She looks gorgeous when she first gets up, her eyes are so beautiful, her lips what i`d do to kiss her lips.." I stopped realizing i had gone to far. I was right Edward was staring at me, he didn`t look mad though, he looked well amused.

" oh my god he`s actually smiling at me! but he just heard what i was thinking he should be furious.." i thought to myself.

That of course only made him smile bigger and i swear i heard him laugh.


Edwards pov


I know they both had to se me smile.

 " i wonder when they`ll realize they have the exact same feeling for one another, better yet when they`ll have the nerve to tell one another." i thought

At first i had hated the fact that jacob had imprinted on Renesmee, but as he was around more and i got to know him more the idea didn`t bother me so much. I knew he would love her and could protect her if need be. That idead made me smile. Bella looked at me confused.

" what`s goin on ?" she asked

 " I`ll tell you later" i replied and kissed her on her head.

I started thinking again... i sure hope they figure stuff out before i explode hearing all this...


Leahs pov


    " Should i knock or just go on in" i asked myself outloud. This is good i smell jacob this shouldn`t be to bad with him here. I`d been running for 5 hours but it felt like days.

" Stupid leeches always getting in the way, always new ones coming here, Who.Do.They.Think.They.Are?" i thought

As i went to knock on the door Edward swung it open,

"Dang for a second i forgot he could hear my thoughts."

"What is this about a new Vampire around here? Explain please?" He asked and instructed at the same time. I truely didn`t know where to begin.



Jacobs pov


  i heard leah at the door so i got up and went into the living room.

" What`s goin on leah?" i asked her as nicely as i could considering she had ruined my morning with renesmee. Leah looked worried.

" Is everyone okay?" i asked

" well sort of" she replied

" well??" i was starting to get mad

Leah wasn`t exactly fond of Bella or her family. She didn`t really come her unless she had to or was desperate.

" Well spit it out Leah" i barked at her

" I was running in the woods and well...Caught the scent of a vampire...Only this vampire wasn`t a full vampire..." she hung her head and looked even more worried " this vampire was only half vampire..." she whispered




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Love it :)
Hope you write more soon =)
Its geting relly intresting :}
Thanks ツ I`ll be posting more soon
write more please cant wet for the next chapter.
Thanks for reading ツ
thanks ツ
Edwards pov

My head started to get full of everyones thoughts, well everyones but Bellas, she just stood there, her arms wrapped around nessie looking scared.
" BE QUIET" I yelled.
Everyone stopped what they were doing thoughts and all and just stared at me. I`m not one to yell but if i could get head aches they would have gave me one.
" Edward, whats wrong?" Jacob asked
" Everyone just needs to calm down, you`re all filling my head and i can`t think straight, i think we need to go see carlisle"
Everyone nodded in agreement

Bellas pov

Im worried. I thought silently to myself as the others stood there arguing and discussing back and fourth I had to have been standing there in silence with my arms wrapped around nessie for at least five minutes.
" Edward" i whispered
He looked at me " yes my love"
" What are we goin to do?" if i could have cried i would have " i thought after the volturi left we would be left alone. left in peace" I half whispered
" well dear we don`t even know what this other vampire wants, maybe he was just passing through" replied Edward
I doubted that other vampires never just passed through here, other vampires always wanted something.
" Wait Leah, didn`t you say something about this vampire that made it different?" i asked
" yeah Bella i did, I said it was a half vampire" Leah said
" How do you know? " i asked
" Well the scent smelt similar to Renesmee, but i know it wasn`t her. I know NESSIE`S scent. " she growled
It wasn`t very often i heard Leah refer to Renesmee as Nessie, I knew then this was serious.

Renesmee pov

I wish everyone would just shut up and stop talking. I want to go see grandpa carlisle, I want to get this straightened out.I hated when mom talked about the Volturi, and more than that i hated the fact that another vampire was here, were my family was.
" Can we go NOW ?" i asked
Everyone shut up and just stared at me witha blank expression. Oh what i would give to have dads gift right now.
" What are you talking about honey " mom asked
" I want to go see grandpa Carlisle.... NOW.." i stated.
" Okay we`ll go now... Is everyone ready? " dad asked
Everyone nodded yes and we were off. As we approached the house Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper were waiting on us.

Alice pov

" Whats the problem guys? "
" Leah was running in the woods and smelt a half vampire coming this way, but he heard her and it scared him off." Edward and Jacob said together.
I looked down smiling, if i could have blushed i would have.
" That was probably Nahuel." i said half laughing
" WHAT ? WHO? " Everyone asked together
" Well i had a vision of him coming, but i wanted it to be a surprise."
" Oh " everyone said.
" The visions lasted till this morning then they.. well just stopped, I see why now." I said smiling at Leah
" Oh i`m so sorry." leah said
she was looking at her feet, shuffling back and fourth, I could tell she was really upset with herself.
" It`s okay though he really wants to visit us, I already see him coming back. Lets not scare him off this time okay ?" i said smiling at Leah
" How soon Alice" Edward asked
" 3 days " I replied

Bellas pov

We all started to head back to the cottage. I heard Nessie " I`ll race you !" she challenged Jacob and Leah. I heard them yell back at her " You`re on!". With that i heard Renesmee take off, her feet hitting the ground. Then i heard the sound of Leah and Jacobs wolfy paws hitting the forset floor right behing her Jacob first. Edward came up behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.
" I love seeing her happy "
" I know my love as do I" he replied
" So what were you goin to tell me this morning befor we were interrupted?" I asked
He put his hand to my face, I smiled. I always smiled when he touched me so basically i was always smiling.
" Well i was reading Jacob and Renesmees thoughts this morning" He said
" And?" i asked
" I was just wondering when they`ll realize they have the same feelings for one another. I mean I know Jacob imprinted on her and all but.."
I interrupted him " i know i know" i was wondering that myself
" Hopefully it`ll be soon " i Smiled
I looked up to Edward he was smiling at me. I leaned up to kiss him, He picked me up, i wrapped my legs around his waist. I locked my lips on his, i gues a little to hard because we fell to the ground. He looked at me again and acted like i had hurt him.. we both started laughing.
sorry about the spelling mistakes. My son was trying to help me type so it wasn`t exactly easy to put it on here. i hope you guys like it!
Of course i will, i`m glad you like it. Your story is great too can`t wait to read more of it!
Thanks! I tried to keep the pov of everyone as clear as i could, sorry it confuses you. Thanks for reading though!
Cortney ツ
Leahs Pov

We reached the cottage. I heard Jacob and Nessie a few feet ahead of me, " I won " he yelled, "No you didn`t it was a tie" she yelled back. I really didn`t care who had won it was just nice to run.We all sat down on the grass in front of a tree beside the cottage. Jacob and Nessie of course had already started staring at one another all goo-goo eyed. I wonder if they`ve even told one another how they feel, or if jakes even told her about him imprinting, if he`s allowed to tell her. I guess i sure made a mess of things today i really hope no one is mad at me.
" umm renesmee is anyone mad at me?" i asked
" i don`t think so" she replied " but i personally think he should have called or something first."
She smiled up at me. Okay so i guess being here, around everyone isn`t so bad, even if they do stink. Everyone is always so happy. I layed back in the grass and started to day dream. i really wish someone felt that way about me, the way Jacob feels about Renesmee, or how Edward and Bella feel about one another. I`ve even seen how the rest of this family looks at one another, how in love they are. I guess you could say I sort of envy them. I heard Edward and Bella approaching and quickely snapped out of my day dream.

Edwards pov
As Bella and i came closer to the cottage I couldn`t help but overhear Leahs day dream. We slowed our fast pace walk to a slow one so i could Talk to Bella.
" I know Leah doesn`t really like us that well, but i`m beginning to get very worried about her."
" Why`s that dear?" asked Bella
" She`s well I guess you could say depressed, she very much wants someone in her life. I overheard he daydreaming, she wishes she could fall in love and is even wishing that she`d imprint. I replied
" I know you can see it, the expressions she has when she looks at Jacob and Nessie when they`re together, or even us" Bella whispered.
And the rest of us, i thought silently to myself.

Bella Pov

I truely felt bad for Leah. I wanted her to be happy. What happened to her with Sam and Emily, it was well, Horrible didn`t begin to cover it. Once a long time ago Jacob had told me something.. what was it.. oh yeah.. " that`s part of being a wolf, you even get your right to fall in love taken away". If you askme that was just unfair. I wish there was something i could do but i knew there was nothing, so there was no use for me to get worked up about this.
this story is awsome great plz make more!
Thankz! Hopefully 4 will be up today.


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