The Twilight Saga

I marveled at the beautiful school standing before me. I admired the lion statues that lined the walkway, the large trees that scattered everywhere, and the large fountain that was filled with rose petals. It was so beautiful. I walked in through the large brown doors and shivered as the breeze crawled up my uniform. I looked down each corridor and bit my lip. Where do I go? I decided to go up the long golden steps. Once I was up there, there was a room that read 'Music Lounge'. "I love music!" I whispered excitedly and walked in. No one was in there and I sighed. "Of course abandoned." I looked around and saw a Grand Piano and I walked towards it. "It's dusty, figures." I wiped off some of the dust off the keys and bench. I sat down and played a song that I had written. While playing the piano I must have been in a trance because I hadn't realized some one was watching. I jumped up from the bench and blushed. "Sorry, I was just playing a little song! I hadn't realized you were in here, honest! I just wanted to hear it because I love music and...." I stopped myself from going on a babbling fest and he just kept looking at me. I bit my lip and took a step closer to him. "I'm sorry." I nodded and smiled. He looked at me and shook my shoulder. "It's alright. It is the music room after all." He shrugged. His voice was so light but bold. It made small goosebumps crawl up my skin. What a fascinating boy...

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thank you :)
Sounds good :)
thank you :)

sounds interesting post more soon and keep me updated please if thats alright?


Yeah totally! And thank you : )


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