The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward find themselves fighting two battles at once but they are not against enemies but their own families. Renesmee is taking the world by storm while Jacob tries to keep up. And charlie fights for the woman he loves.

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Chapter one      Surprise

Chapter two       Return to Esme Isle

Chapter three      An Unhappy Welcome Home

Chapter four         Thirds Wifes Age

Chapter five         Gentleman

Chapter six           Confused and Flustered

Chapter seven      Beautifully Scared

Chapter eight        Outing

Chapter nine          Handsome

Chapter ten             Vistiors

Chapter eleven       Should He or Shouldn't He.

Chapter twelve         Till Then

Chapter thirteen        Choose

Chapter fourteen       Possibilities

Chapter fifteen          Plans and Discoveries

Chapter sixteen         Virgin of the Past

Chapter seventeen     The Uncontrollable

Chapter eightenn        Never the Same

Chapter nineteen         Hope     

Chapter twenty             Just Perfect    replied

Chapter twenty-one     The Black House    replied

Chapter twenty-two      Something Untold   replied  

Chapter twenty-three    Returning Past     replied

Chatper twenty-four      Do What?  replied

Chapter twenty-five      Farewell         replied

Chapter twenty-six      Nonexistence    replied

Chapter twenty-seven  To Much  replied

Chapter twenty-eight   Ending with a Question replied 

Chapter twenty-nine    Still Here   replied

Chapter 1 Surprise BPOV


Time had passed and even though I had thought once I had became a vampire that time wouldn't mean anything any more, but I had been wrong.

Each day with my daughter was a gift that I didn't want to share with anyone… anyone but Edward.

My love for him grew stronger to where I was sure that if I were still human it would have crushed me to a heap.

He still looked at me as if I were David's Michelangelo, but I knew better than to compare him to that. He was the most perfect statue their ever was. He was as still as one yes, but not even a master sculpture would be able to create a work of art like Edward.

As I was thinking this over in my mind I was also having a conversation with my dad.

I had become a master of multitasking in my head ever since I was changed.

We were at Charlie's like most weekends now that he had started to take them off, mainly to have more time to see Renesmee.

"Bells I really think that you should consider getting a will drawn up in case anything happens to Edward or you, I don't want Nessie to be put into the states hands" he said as he stroked her face.

It didn't seem strange to him anymore that her skin was burning hot. He had made a few comments before about her maybe having a fever, but no one could have a fever thier whole lives, so he let it go.

"Dad don't worry nothing is going to happen to me or Edward" of course nothing that he saw coming would hurt us. We could walk away from a car crash easy and guns were pretty much useless if someone were ever quick enough to try to shout one of us.

"Be reasonable your not going to live forever and things happen."

I had to fight back a laugh at that one because we were going to live forever, him and Renee were the only ones that were ever going to have to leave me.

"You should really think about her future and what is best for her. I don't know if you would ever consider me as her care taker if something was to happen, but I would do it. I know Carlisle would be able to financially provide for her better, but I'd be sure to give her a good life to"

It would be Carlisle and Esme that would take care of her if Edward and I were no longer around or one of the other Cullen family members, but I didn't want to hurt Charlie and tell him this.

"Thanks Dad I know you would give her the world if you could" I left it unanswered it was wrong to give him false hope.

"Well I love both of you" Charlie didn't like to talk about his feelings, but when it came to Renesmee everyone let their guard down.

"Love you to dad" I said as I buckled Renesmee into her car seat. We only used it when we were around Charlie, he almost had a stroke when he saw her riding on my lap. The rest of the visit he compared me to Brittney Spears.

As I pulled onto the road Renesmee asked me the questions she had thought of while at Charlie's but saved them till later. She still refused to talk in front of him. She wouldn't tell me why and one night it finally got to me bad enough I asked Edward once she had fallen asleep.

"I mean really Edward its ok if she talks. Charlie knows she is advanced way past what she should be" I said as I helped him strip the bed of pillows.

He couldn't help but laugh he loved when I got frustrated with anything and went on a tantrum because even as a vampire things still got to me.

"Bella she is just worried it might frighten him and she loves him to much to do anything to make him uncomfortable"

"Well she doesn't have to do full sentences, she could even mess a few words up every once in a while"

"You know she would never go for that. It would question her intelligence to do it, love"

"Well she is going to have to do something, he might start thinking she's a mute"

"If he does I will know and we'll figure it out from there. Everything is perfect why ponder on the negative." he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Your right I guess I'm just used to my world going into code red every other day and it seems off not to worry over something"

"Well there is one thing to worry about"

"Yes, the Volturi are still on my mind, they could decided to come back any day"

"No that's not what I meant and you shouldn't worry about them. Alice will give us a heads up if that is decided, I meant Jacob"

Jacob had started to decrease in age and no one was sure why. This had made Edward frantic with worry. He loved Jacob as if he were family. I was worried to until Jacob told me to stop because it seemed to be slowing down and would probably stop soon. But Edward was still worried and that made me think that maybe there was something Jacob wasn't telling me.


"Momma, why does grandpa not like my Jacobs daddy?"

"He does like him they have been best friends ever since I was your age"

"O I just thought that since Aunt Sue had choose him over my Jacobs daddy that maybe that had changed"

"Renesmee that's grown up things and between them so don't think on it anymore" I hated to be so short with her but even I didn't understand fully what was going on with Sue, Billy, and Charlie. And to be honest it kind of grossed me out to think of my dad being romantic with anyone. He had never dated, if any, after my mom and him had split up.

"Ok I wont I promise, plus if I do daddy will tell you"

Their was a bit of a sour edge in her voice that I remember I used to have when I didn't care for something or did when I didn't get my way. It was very much not like her to be anything then less than gleefully happy about everything.

"Yes he will" I said with a smile.

Later that night Jacob took Renesmee back to the cottage to sleep so Edward and I could stay behind and help plan everything for Renesmee's fourth birthday. Even though she looked like an eight year older and acted even older.

I didn't understand why Edward wanted to be so involved in the planning of the party being as sure as I was that Alice could handle everything on her own. The party was still at least a month away and if she needed help Esme would be more than glad to lend a hand. He had given me a lame excuse that it wasn't everyday that your baby girl turned four.

"So we will do white Lillis and yellow roses for the center piece with pink ribbon woven through the flowers… does everyone know what they are getting her …" Alice's eyes went out of focus for two seconds then came back. " Yes everyone is decided and Emmet you need to rethink yours a tad, I don't think that Bella or Edward would appreciate if you got her a full set of dog care products, even if Jacob thought it was funny."

"If she wants to roll around with dogs I'm making sure she doesn't come up with flees" he laughed at ease.

Emmett, to Rosalie's dismay had created a good friendship with Jacob and his pack. Emmett's new favorite pass time was practice fighting with one of the wolves and trying to take on more then one at a time.

"She smells wonderful and completely flee free" I chimed in.

In my perspective view I saw Edward give Alice a swift nod and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I turned to him about to ask what I had missed when Alice danced up to me holding out her hands to take mine.

"We have a surprise for you!"

"Why its not even my birthday or my vampire birthday" those were still a few days away and my family was adamant about celebrating both.

Edward steeped forward to take one of my hands from Alice.

" Yes love but this is for something else that is coming up sooner"

They led me into the dining room that no one ever used and there sitting on the large table were two plane tickets, two passports, and two large luggage bags waiting. I looked quickly to see where the tickets were for and went completely frozen with shock.

"Well Bella what do you think?" Alice said with a huge grin, I was sure she knew I had already figured it out.

"We are going back to Isle Esme?"

"Yes for our wedding anniversary"

"But its already pasted last week" Him and Jacob had restored my old Chevy truck to working condition, as a memento of my human life. I had loved it and as Edward had never attended me to start driving it again it tortured him when I drove it when I didn't have Reneseme.

"I know but this is from the family to" the Cullen's never passed up a chance to give gifts even if it wasn't there occasion to celebrate.

"But wait there are only two plane tickets what about Renesmee?" I had never spent time a part from her longer than just one after noon I didn't think it would be possible for me to do it. I craved her to much she was like a moving and breathing part of my heart that I had to keep close to me.

"The rest of the family is going to keep her here till we return, we will only be gone for a week Bella and we can come right back if anything happens"

"Which it wont" chimed in Alice "it will be very uneventful here but Bella you are going to miss your flight if you don't hurry up"

"Wait we are leaving tonight? I didn't get to say good bye to Reneseme and she will be wondering where I am!"

"She's in on it and she couldn't be happier for you to go and enjoy yourself" Reneseme still felt that she had ruined Edwards and mine honeymoon by being born but I kept telling her that she had just made it a thousand times better.

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umm im a new reader n i saw that a couple chapters wer missing in the beginning
just thought id let u know.
by the way i love the story!!
hey glad to have a new reader :) i checked on the first few chapters and they are there you just have to scroll down
i love this update soon

Chapter twenty-five Farewell


Before I knew what was happening I was being thrown across the small room. I heard someone scream and looked up in time to see Jacob burst into a wolf.

"Jacob!" I yelled as I started towards him.

That's when I smelled it, blood!

I looked around Jacob to see the nurse hunched over with a gash on her forehead. I cut off my breathing as much as I could and ran to her.

"Are you ok?"

"No I hit my head on the side table." she said in a murmur with her eyes closed. "I must have tripped over something and fallen."

Ok so did that mean she didn't notice the large wolf in the middle of the room? I hurried and tried to block her view.

"Get out of here quick before she comes to completely." I said quickly to Jacob under my breath so she wouldn't hear me.

There was a loud bang and the sound of splintered wood. I assumed we would have to get a new door now.

I helped the nurse to the couch, that had now been pushed to the wall. Once making sure she was fine I hurried to the phone.

It rang once and then I heard someone pick up.

"Sam it's Nessie look Jake just received some bad news and I think it was to much for him and he phased. Do you think you could phase and check on him for me?"

"Yeah sure Nessie I'll call you right back."

We hung up and I went to sit next to the half out of it nurse. I wanted so badly to fall to pieces right now but I knew Jake needed me to be the strong one right now.

I picked the phone back up and started to call the members of the pack and my family knowing Jacob wasn't going to be able to do it.

I never told them exactly what was going on but I was sure that each of them knew.

With in seconds people started to show up. I had helped the nurse to bring Billy in his hospital bed out to the living room. He didn't say anything to me other than insisting that I sit by him and hold his hand.

Jacob still hadn't come back and I was getting worried. Sam had said that when he phased that Jacob hadn't been in wolf form, so he wasn't sure where he was.

I knew he must be a mess right now and might just need some time. If he wasn't back in two hours however I was going to send Paul and Embry after him. Embry because that was one of Jacobs closest friends. Paul because it wouldn't be beneath him to drag Jacob back against his will. I knew that even if it was hard for Jacob to be here right now he would hate himself later for not spending his fathers last few minutes with him.

My parents came in followed by Carlisle. They were the only ones being allowed on the reservation just for today only.

My mom came and hugged Billy then me her face fixed in a expressionless façade. My dad came and put his hand on Billy as Carlisle did the same and then went to talk to the nurse.

My dad then turned to me.

"Nessie can I talk to you?" he asked.

I looked at Billy who was still holding my hand.

"Its ok go talk to your dad." Billy said smiling at me.

I got up and my mom admittedly took my place next to him. He took her hand and didn't even flinch at the coldness. I knew that if my mom could cry she would be. She loved Billy like family and even though she had once told me that one by one the people that we loved that were human were going to have to leave us; I don't think she was ever really ready for it.

I followed my dad outside and a little away from the house.

"Renesmee I…" my dad started in a sweet voice but I cut him off.

"Wait dad there's something I need to say."


"Do you remember when we were about to board the plane to Italy?"

"Yes." he looked at me a bit confused.

"Do you remember that couple with the small child?"

"Yes I do, the little boy Samuel had cancer."

"Yea and do you member how you said you were so proud of me and when I asked you why you said for just being me."

"I was very proud you. You were determined to save those people willing to do something you didn't want to. It didn't surprise me because you are a very giving person."

"And Dad that girl that got on the plane is the same one that stands before you now. You think that Jacob has changed me, but dad as much as you might not want to admit it this is me being me."

"No this is something new this isn't you."

"My love for him is a huge part of me and so is my love for my family. Can you only accept part of me?"

"I accept all of you but it doesn't mean I have to be ok with you in a relationship with him."

"It does dad. I value our opinion and I want your approval but in this case I can live with out either."

"What about his opinion and approval? Can you live with out those?"

"His opinions are one of the best parts about him and his approval always shines threw him when he looks at me. So no dad I don't think I could live with out them."

He looked at me for a long time in deep thought.

"You know there was another time when I was insanely proud of you." he said.

"O when was that?"

"In the garden back in Volterra when you single handily took down Alec."

"Yeah I got kind of a rush from doing that. O that reminds me I got a letter from him."

"I know." he smiled.

"How? O wait that's right I told mom."

"Yes but I was the one to send the letter."

I stood there dumb founded had the letter not been from Alec?


"He gave it to me the day we left for Volterra and told me to give it to you when I thought you had forgiven him."

Anger rushed threw me and I pulled the letter out of my pocket. I had started to carry it around with me not sure what to do with it.

"And you thought now was the time. After everything with Jacobs dad you send me this! I shrieked at him thrusting the letter at his chest.

"I sent it before I knew about Billy."

"Still dad what were you thinking?"

"I was thinking I wanted my daughter home."

"And how was this going to make that happen? What did you think I was just going to read his letter and decide I didn't want Jacob and run home?"


"Then what dad? What did you think was going to happen?"

"I didn't know but I had to try."

"Well I hate to tell you dad but you failed."

At that I stormed back towards the house. On the way I smelled Jacobs scent. I wanted so badly to run to him and I have him hold me. But now was the time for me to be the strong one for him.

He looked up as soon as I walked in and I ran to his side. He held me close with his arm as he held his dads hand in the other.

Moments latter Grandpa Charlie walked in. I hadn't seen grandpa Charlie in so long. Billy had made sure to always visit Charlie at his house so he wouldn't come here. I had really missed him but I knew that the separation was necessary to keep him safe. I knew mom wasn't exactly sure how to tell him what happened to me without really telling him what happened.

Mom ran up to him and hugged him.

"Hey Bells." he said as he patted her back and held her. "Where's Nessie?"

"She's right there by Jake." my mom said biting her lip.

I saw as he scanned the room and once seeing Jacob look confused. I smiled at him and his eyes widened.

"Nessie?" he asked. He blinded a couple of times. I'm not sure what he thought would happen by him doing that, I wasn't going to miraculously change back into the little girl he knew.

"Yeah it's me grandpa."

"Wow I've sure missed a lot."

"You don't know the half of it." Jacob said from my side.

Charlie's eyes went to Jake and a somber look came over his face as he remember why he was here.

Everyone came and talked to Billy. Most tried to joke about good times they had had while others just tried to keep in the tears. Jacob was strong the whole time and would lean into me for a reassuring kiss everyone in a while. His sister was fairing as well and Paul had to bring her outside so she could even breath.

It was getting very late and no one seemed to want to leave. Every wolf and vampire could hear as Billy's heart was slowing down.

Jacob held his hand as he closed his eyes and just like that Billy was gone.

He held on to his fathers hand until someone from the funeral home came to transport him.

Jacob didn't say anything for a long time while I rubbed his back. Everyone had went home and left us there alone.

"I'm going to go for a run." Jacob said in a small voice

"Ok I'll be here when you get back."

"Don't wait up."

He hurried out the door and even though he said not to wait up I did until it turned midnight.

I was laying in our room when I heard a lot of banging and crashing in the front room. I thought it might be an intruder but that never happened in La Push plus I knew I could take any kind of intruder down in a heart beat.

"Aughhh" I heard someone yell in the front room. I slowly got up from the bed and peaked out the door. What I saw broke my heart instantly.

Jacob was in the living room throwing everything everywhere. He was crying erratically and had a slight deranged look on his face. He was mumbling something under his breath but as he threw more things his voice rose louder.

"Said you would never leave me" he yelled as he threw a lamp across the room. "Said that I would be in my forties before I would even have to think about living with out you." He yelled.

He grabbed the picture of him and his dad working on the truck that I was looking at the other day. He started to raise it up to throw it.

"Jake wait no!" I yelled grabbing the picture out of his hands.

He looked at me like he had just realized I was there. He was looking me straight in the eye as he took the picture back from me and placed it on the couch that was still tipped over.

"I'm leaving." he said.


"I can't be here anymore



"Jake I know your going threw something right now but you can't leave."

"Yes I can and I am." he said a little forcefully.

"What about me huh are you just ganna run out on me Jake?"

He didn't say anything but just stared at his feet.

"Answer me Jake!" I said as my voice cracked at the end.

"Are you ganna leave me?"

"No I can't do that." He finally spoke but it was in a voice of a beaten man. A man who felt like he wasn't living anymore just existing.

I took his hand that had been held around himself.

"Do you love me?" he asked

"Yes, of course."

"Then come with me."


"Does it matter?"

"No, but Jake what about our families?"

"I don't have any family left

"That's not true Jake you have your sisters still."

"Rachel is to far stuck up Paul's butt to care about any one else and Rebecca has her huge Samoan in Hawaii. I have no family."

"That's still not true."

"Fine then Renesmee who do I have left because it looks like I have no one left?"

"You have me." I said simply.

He looked at me with so much intensity it almost scared me. He suddenly kissed me. It was rougher than any kiss we had ever had and it became more forceful and needy by the second. He lifted me up not moving his lips from mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he slammed me into the wall. He started his way down the hall way towards his room. Once we were inside his room he threw us to his bed. He finally broke our kiss to get air or least I thought that was why until he ripped my shirt clean off me. I lay there completely stunned and a little turned on. He started to grab a handful of my jeans and I knew they were soon to be the next casualty.

"Jake wait." I said still trying to catch my breath from our frantic kisses.

"No." he said mostly to himself.

"What?" I said in a little disbelief.

"I'm done waiting. I've had to wait to many times I had to wait for my mom to come home but she never did because a idiot driver decided to drive drunk. I had to wait here in La Push while you went to Italy to get pawed at by that Italian loser. I had to wait and watch my father deteriorate in front of me until he died. I'm done waiting."

"Jake I'm sorry about your mom and your dad and even for ever going to Italy but we can't do what I think what we are about to because of all of that. When we decided to do that it should be because we love each other and want to. "

"But I do love you and I do want to."

"Me to but we can't ok?"

"Don't you get it Renesmee I want to be close to you. I feel so… so lost right now. Like I'm disappearing."

"Your not Jake your right here with me." I tightened my legs around him bringing him closer to me.

"I know there's no way I could of made it this far with out you."

"Don't cut yourself short."

"I just want some happiness and you're the only thing that does that for me." He hugged me close. "But I won't force you to do anything."

With that I started to undress him more.

"What are you doing?"

"What does it look like." I started to undo my jeans

"Wait Nessie you were right, now isn't time I'm not… in the right frame of mind."

"Ok but I still want to hold you."

"I think that's the best thing I've heard all day."

"I won't leave you Jake I'm not going anywhere. You don't have to worry about me leaving ever. I won't go anywhere with out you and I won't die."

"Promise." he whispered in to my hair.

"I promise." I said making sure my voice was more sure than it had ever been before.

We lay there intertwined with each other whispering our love and devotion.

He held me close.



"I miss my dad."

"I know it's going to be ok."

I could feel as he relaxed and drifted off to sleep.
poor jacob
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oh my gosh x x ! ♥ that's so . .sad and beautiful at the same time ! iHope she truly means it ! that she won't leave him . .because it would truly suck now ! but, iWant them to be happy and iKnow leaving won't solve anything !
thank you Mrs. Jacob Black and it's great to have a new reader! tika i agree with you it would really suck
i can't believe is coming to an end, I can't wait what else you have store for us.

Poor Jake, thats a good thing Nessie is there. It was really sad. I have no words for it.

AN: hey guys sorry it's taken me so long. this is a short chapter but the next one is half way done and it's really long. hope you guys like the new banner :) RR please

Chapter Twenty-Six Nonexistence


The days that followed were hard on all of us. Jacob had started to make Billy's funeral arrangement but it began to be to hard for him. I had taken it over and was thankful when Emily volunteered to help. She knew more than I did about how an elder of the tribe would want their final resting place. Billy was buried with in the tribal ways with the attendance of all of La Push and Forks, only days after his passing.

We had all went back to Charlie's after the funeral except Renesmee and Jake who just wanted to be alone.

"Hey dad do you need anything?" I asked Charlie as I found him sitting on the back porch by himself.

"No honey I'm alright." he said in a gruff voice. I knew he had been holding back his tears all day. I was sure some time tonight when he was alone they would come out.

"I'm sorry about your friend daddy." I sat down next to him and hugged him.

"I know you are baby girl, but he is in a better place."


We sat there just holding each other for a long time.

"So how are you? I feel like I never see you as much." he asked.

"Sorry we're had company for the past two months."

"Company huh?"

"Yeah company."

"Well I guess I can't ask anymore questions, but do me a favor?"

"Sure dad."

"Next time my granddaughter skips a few years and then starts living with her boyfriend give me heads up. I don't always keep my shout gun loaded ya know."

"Who were you going to shoot?" I laughed.

"Jacob of course."

"Really because if I remember correctly even when he kissed me with out my permission you were all ok with it."

"Well that's different you were a young adult, that's my grand baby."

"Where was all this when I was dating Edward at the time?"

"Next to the shoot gun."

We both laughed and talked a little longer. I promised to visit and he promised to keep his gun loaded just in case. Sue came out a little later to say that Renesmee had just called. She said Jake had fallen asleep and she wasn't to far behind him so she would call me in the morning. I was glad they were at least going to get some much needed sleep. I thanked Sue and went inside to help her pick up. The house hadn't changed much well other than some of Sues things here and there. They hadn't decided where to live once they were married.

Charlie's and Sue's wedding had been pressed back dramatically due to everything that was going on. Renesmee wasn't going to be the flower girl anymore, but a bridesmaid. Clair, Emily's cousin, was now going to be the flower girl instead. Nessie had taken the news well saying that she was much to old now to be a flower girl. But in my eyes she was still my little girl.

I remembered only months ago her twirling around the living room like a ballerina. Edward picking her up and asking "to have this dance". And now she was living with her boyfriend as my dad had put it. I trusted Jacob and I knew that it wasn't just puppy love. He would be my son in law one day, a part of my family like he had always been meant to be.

But even more pressing than the wedding or my daughters love life, the Volturi were due tomorrow. I couldn't believe how fast two months had gone. Of course if anyone knew about time speeding ahead of them it would be our family.


When I woke up I felt something heavy on my chest. I looked down to see Jacobs arm draped over me. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. I snuggled closer to him wishing to stay like this forever. But of course we couldn't. The Volturi were going to be here today and we were suppose to meet with my family, the packs, and our lovely vampire company in the clearing at noon.

I laid still till Jacob started to stir. We got up not saying much but doing everything together. Bathing, dressing, and eating as one. When it was almost time Jake held my hand as we slowly walked towards the clearing.

When we arrive everyone was already there. The packs were off to the side as the vampires all assembled in the middle of the clearing. I felt bad that I hadn't spent more time with the Denali's, Amazons, or any of the nomads. It wasn't like they had all come here to help me protect my boyfriend and families or anything. Risking there own lives for the second time at my calling.

We talked a little mostly about strategy as Alice tried as hard as she could to see what was to come. But of course with the wolves being involved she could see nothing.

"Do you hear that?" my dad asked Jasper.

"Yes someone is headed this way."

"It's only one though where are the rest?" Carlisle wondered.

"Do you think it's a trap?" Esme asked.

"Sam says the pack doesn't hear anyone else coming around us." my dad said.

"Can you hear their thoughts Edward?" Jasper asked.

"I'm trying but whoever they are their thoughts are frantic." He closed his eyes in concentration and it felt like an eternity before he opened them. "It's Jane."

"Jane by herself? What do you think the meaning of it is?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm not sure but she will be here in three seconds."

My mom put up her shield around all of us and we positioned ready for a fight. As Jane walked into the clearing it was dead silent.

"Jane why are you here?" my dad asked taking the lead as always. Carlisle might be the leader but my father was the spokesman.

"To speak to Renesmee." she said in a harsh voice.


"I'd like to speak to her alone."

Jacob snarled in protest.

"That won't be happening." my father said to both.

"Fine then can we at least go to your house?"

Dad looked to grandpa who looked to my mom who looked to Jake who looked to me.

"Fine." I said.

We all sat in the living room, for once the room felt to small, with everyone crammed in here. Especially with the wolves right on the outside looking threw the windows. Jake had phased and was vibrating next to me.

"I need to talk to you about Alec." Jane said staring straight at me.

"What about him?" I asked.

"Something's happened and I thought you should know."

"Why me?"

"Because Alec loved you."

"Ok we need to speak alone." I started towards the door but Jake held me still. If Jane was going to talk about Alec being in love with me, Jake shouldn't have to hear it.

"It'll be ok, please Jake." he didn't budge out of the way keeping his glare on Jane. "Please Jake, I need this." with that he moved so I could pass.

Jane and I walked past the wolves who gave me confused looks. We headed towards Forks in the woods neither saying a word until we were deep in the forest.

"Ok this is far enough. Why are you here Jane, what do you want?" I demanded.

"Like I said I needed to talk to you."

"Ok well talk."

"Something's happened."

"I know you've said that now where is Alec?" I had to know he was ok. Even if we were fighting I had to know.

"That's why I'm here.

"Where is he?" I demanded.

"I'm getting to that."

"Just tell me!"

"I'm trying."

"Where is he?" I half screamed.

"Dead." he said harshly.

"What?" I felt like the air in my lungs had just been knocked out of me.

"Caius had him killed."

"How? What?" I heard her begin to speak but nothing stuck in my head.

"Caius knew of his plans to get away from the Volturi. He saw his only option was to kill Alec so he wouldn't join forces with the Cullens."

I stared at the ground waiting for it open up and just take me down under.

"Alec refused to listen to Aro anymore. Caius saw that Alec no longer wanted to end the wolves and wouldn't support him with it. He had almost the whole guard ordered to attack him. More than half didn't survive."

"And Alec?" I asked in a half chocked sob.

"The only things left of him were his ashes and something he had been wearing at the time."

I felt physical pain in my heart and tried my best not to try to rip it out all together.

"What happened to Caius?" I asked Jane. I needed to know where he was, I had to avenge Alec.

"I burned that prick into nonexistence." she snarled.

"How your gift is only mental?"

"Exactly a mind can only take so much. I burned him with so much force and for so long he lost his mind. Then I ripped him apart from limb from limb." Jane said with a glint of craziness in her eyes.

"I wish I could have been there."

"I don't."

"Why is that?" I asked getting anger. I knew she must hate and blame me for her brothers death but I felt like I deserved to watch Alec's murderer being tortured out of his mind. For some weird reason I wanted her to attack. I wanted to let out some of my anger even though I knew it wouldn't bring Alec back, but it would make me feel better.

"Because I know my brother would have never wanted you to be a part of that." I saw her eyes soften just a little like they had done when she talked to Alec.

"Well it doesn't matter now he is…" I couldn't get myself to say the words. As if saying them out loud made them more true or something.

"I know it's hard to say but it is what it is."

"Why doesn't it seem like… like you lost your brother?" I asked exasperated. She didn't show any signs of morning other than her physical appearance.

"Renesmee I lost my brother the day he meet you." she shot back.

I stayed silent because she was right. If I would have never meet Alec none of this would have happened.

"Come on lets go back. I know your family and pets must be worried."

"Why do you care?"

"Like I said I know my brother wouldn't have wanted you to have been any part of this."

"I'm already a part of this." I told her as I started to run back towards my house.
OH MY GOSHNESS (: this waa such an awesome chapter ; Alec is dead - -& Caius too ! this was such an unexpected turn ; but what will happen next . . i'm not so sure =P great chapter !
congrats on being first comment =) and the next chaper is so nuts i had to wait till i was almost done with it before i posted this one just to make sure everything would go right.


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