The Twilight Saga

Bella and Edward find themselves fighting two battles at once but they are not against enemies but their own families. Renesmee is taking the world by storm while Jacob tries to keep up. And charlie fights for the woman he loves.

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Chapter one      Surprise

Chapter two       Return to Esme Isle

Chapter three      An Unhappy Welcome Home

Chapter four         Thirds Wifes Age

Chapter five         Gentleman

Chapter six           Confused and Flustered

Chapter seven      Beautifully Scared

Chapter eight        Outing

Chapter nine          Handsome

Chapter ten             Vistiors

Chapter eleven       Should He or Shouldn't He.

Chapter twelve         Till Then

Chapter thirteen        Choose

Chapter fourteen       Possibilities

Chapter fifteen          Plans and Discoveries

Chapter sixteen         Virgin of the Past

Chapter seventeen     The Uncontrollable

Chapter eightenn        Never the Same

Chapter nineteen         Hope     

Chapter twenty             Just Perfect    replied

Chapter twenty-one     The Black House    replied

Chapter twenty-two      Something Untold   replied  

Chapter twenty-three    Returning Past     replied

Chatper twenty-four      Do What?  replied

Chapter twenty-five      Farewell         replied

Chapter twenty-six      Nonexistence    replied

Chapter twenty-seven  To Much  replied

Chapter twenty-eight   Ending with a Question replied 

Chapter twenty-nine    Still Here   replied

Chapter 1 Surprise BPOV


Time had passed and even though I had thought once I had became a vampire that time wouldn't mean anything any more, but I had been wrong.

Each day with my daughter was a gift that I didn't want to share with anyone… anyone but Edward.

My love for him grew stronger to where I was sure that if I were still human it would have crushed me to a heap.

He still looked at me as if I were David's Michelangelo, but I knew better than to compare him to that. He was the most perfect statue their ever was. He was as still as one yes, but not even a master sculpture would be able to create a work of art like Edward.

As I was thinking this over in my mind I was also having a conversation with my dad.

I had become a master of multitasking in my head ever since I was changed.

We were at Charlie's like most weekends now that he had started to take them off, mainly to have more time to see Renesmee.

"Bells I really think that you should consider getting a will drawn up in case anything happens to Edward or you, I don't want Nessie to be put into the states hands" he said as he stroked her face.

It didn't seem strange to him anymore that her skin was burning hot. He had made a few comments before about her maybe having a fever, but no one could have a fever thier whole lives, so he let it go.

"Dad don't worry nothing is going to happen to me or Edward" of course nothing that he saw coming would hurt us. We could walk away from a car crash easy and guns were pretty much useless if someone were ever quick enough to try to shout one of us.

"Be reasonable your not going to live forever and things happen."

I had to fight back a laugh at that one because we were going to live forever, him and Renee were the only ones that were ever going to have to leave me.

"You should really think about her future and what is best for her. I don't know if you would ever consider me as her care taker if something was to happen, but I would do it. I know Carlisle would be able to financially provide for her better, but I'd be sure to give her a good life to"

It would be Carlisle and Esme that would take care of her if Edward and I were no longer around or one of the other Cullen family members, but I didn't want to hurt Charlie and tell him this.

"Thanks Dad I know you would give her the world if you could" I left it unanswered it was wrong to give him false hope.

"Well I love both of you" Charlie didn't like to talk about his feelings, but when it came to Renesmee everyone let their guard down.

"Love you to dad" I said as I buckled Renesmee into her car seat. We only used it when we were around Charlie, he almost had a stroke when he saw her riding on my lap. The rest of the visit he compared me to Brittney Spears.

As I pulled onto the road Renesmee asked me the questions she had thought of while at Charlie's but saved them till later. She still refused to talk in front of him. She wouldn't tell me why and one night it finally got to me bad enough I asked Edward once she had fallen asleep.

"I mean really Edward its ok if she talks. Charlie knows she is advanced way past what she should be" I said as I helped him strip the bed of pillows.

He couldn't help but laugh he loved when I got frustrated with anything and went on a tantrum because even as a vampire things still got to me.

"Bella she is just worried it might frighten him and she loves him to much to do anything to make him uncomfortable"

"Well she doesn't have to do full sentences, she could even mess a few words up every once in a while"

"You know she would never go for that. It would question her intelligence to do it, love"

"Well she is going to have to do something, he might start thinking she's a mute"

"If he does I will know and we'll figure it out from there. Everything is perfect why ponder on the negative." he said wrapping his arms around me.

"Your right I guess I'm just used to my world going into code red every other day and it seems off not to worry over something"

"Well there is one thing to worry about"

"Yes, the Volturi are still on my mind, they could decided to come back any day"

"No that's not what I meant and you shouldn't worry about them. Alice will give us a heads up if that is decided, I meant Jacob"

Jacob had started to decrease in age and no one was sure why. This had made Edward frantic with worry. He loved Jacob as if he were family. I was worried to until Jacob told me to stop because it seemed to be slowing down and would probably stop soon. But Edward was still worried and that made me think that maybe there was something Jacob wasn't telling me.


"Momma, why does grandpa not like my Jacobs daddy?"

"He does like him they have been best friends ever since I was your age"

"O I just thought that since Aunt Sue had choose him over my Jacobs daddy that maybe that had changed"

"Renesmee that's grown up things and between them so don't think on it anymore" I hated to be so short with her but even I didn't understand fully what was going on with Sue, Billy, and Charlie. And to be honest it kind of grossed me out to think of my dad being romantic with anyone. He had never dated, if any, after my mom and him had split up.

"Ok I wont I promise, plus if I do daddy will tell you"

Their was a bit of a sour edge in her voice that I remember I used to have when I didn't care for something or did when I didn't get my way. It was very much not like her to be anything then less than gleefully happy about everything.

"Yes he will" I said with a smile.

Later that night Jacob took Renesmee back to the cottage to sleep so Edward and I could stay behind and help plan everything for Renesmee's fourth birthday. Even though she looked like an eight year older and acted even older.

I didn't understand why Edward wanted to be so involved in the planning of the party being as sure as I was that Alice could handle everything on her own. The party was still at least a month away and if she needed help Esme would be more than glad to lend a hand. He had given me a lame excuse that it wasn't everyday that your baby girl turned four.

"So we will do white Lillis and yellow roses for the center piece with pink ribbon woven through the flowers… does everyone know what they are getting her …" Alice's eyes went out of focus for two seconds then came back. " Yes everyone is decided and Emmet you need to rethink yours a tad, I don't think that Bella or Edward would appreciate if you got her a full set of dog care products, even if Jacob thought it was funny."

"If she wants to roll around with dogs I'm making sure she doesn't come up with flees" he laughed at ease.

Emmett, to Rosalie's dismay had created a good friendship with Jacob and his pack. Emmett's new favorite pass time was practice fighting with one of the wolves and trying to take on more then one at a time.

"She smells wonderful and completely flee free" I chimed in.

In my perspective view I saw Edward give Alice a swift nod and her face lit up like a Christmas tree. I turned to him about to ask what I had missed when Alice danced up to me holding out her hands to take mine.

"We have a surprise for you!"

"Why its not even my birthday or my vampire birthday" those were still a few days away and my family was adamant about celebrating both.

Edward steeped forward to take one of my hands from Alice.

" Yes love but this is for something else that is coming up sooner"

They led me into the dining room that no one ever used and there sitting on the large table were two plane tickets, two passports, and two large luggage bags waiting. I looked quickly to see where the tickets were for and went completely frozen with shock.

"Well Bella what do you think?" Alice said with a huge grin, I was sure she knew I had already figured it out.

"We are going back to Isle Esme?"

"Yes for our wedding anniversary"

"But its already pasted last week" Him and Jacob had restored my old Chevy truck to working condition, as a memento of my human life. I had loved it and as Edward had never attended me to start driving it again it tortured him when I drove it when I didn't have Reneseme.

"I know but this is from the family to" the Cullen's never passed up a chance to give gifts even if it wasn't there occasion to celebrate.

"But wait there are only two plane tickets what about Renesmee?" I had never spent time a part from her longer than just one after noon I didn't think it would be possible for me to do it. I craved her to much she was like a moving and breathing part of my heart that I had to keep close to me.

"The rest of the family is going to keep her here till we return, we will only be gone for a week Bella and we can come right back if anything happens"

"Which it wont" chimed in Alice "it will be very uneventful here but Bella you are going to miss your flight if you don't hurry up"

"Wait we are leaving tonight? I didn't get to say good bye to Reneseme and she will be wondering where I am!"

"She's in on it and she couldn't be happier for you to go and enjoy yourself" Reneseme still felt that she had ruined Edwards and mine honeymoon by being born but I kept telling her that she had just made it a thousand times better.

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Chapter 2 Return to Isle Esme

I laid in the sand with Edward next to me beaming rays of light off of each other as I let the sun warm my face. We weren't in any danger of anyone seeing us and had taken advantage of it to get our feel of the warm rays the sun gave off. I felt as if I was in a state as close to sleep as I would ever be able to get to still and relaxed when Edward stroked my check. His touch was like a shock that melted through me making me shiver even though I was on fire on the inside.

"Bella there is another reason why I wanted to bring you here with out the family" I froze what would he have to tell me that he couldn't tell the family. "Charlie called me a few days ago and wanted my advice… he wants to marry Sue Clearwater"

I was shocked I knew that they really liked each other but to get married at his age seemed kind of silly.

"Why did he call you?"

Edwards mouth twitched as he fought back a laugh .

"Well he remembered how well I courted you and.."

"Omgish my father asked you for dating tips!"

"Not really like that he just wanted to know if she would of preferred something against another."

We finally told Charlie that Edward could read minds when he started to notice Edward answering Renesmee without her saying anything. No one could help but give or answer anything she wanted or asked.

"So why did you have to bring me to an island to tell me this?"

"Well…" He seemed reluctant to answer me

"Edward what is it?" I started to go through my head to the worse possibilities.

"He wants to be changed into what ever we are"

"WHAT! NO he cant he just cant"

"I know love but ever since he has been let in to all the secrets and supernatural creatures around him he is feeling like he's left out. He doesn't like that he cant protect her from any danger. And before you say anything this is exactly what you felt when you were human. What is it with you Swans and wanting to be internally dammed"

I knew he was trying to make me laugh, but I just couldn't force myself to come out of my shock. My father Charlie Swan becoming a vampire I couldn't see it. He was always so sensible but it seemed that love always made people do the unthinkable.

"He doesn't even know what we are, he will change his mind once he knows" I told mostly to myself .

Charlie was way to rational to just do something blindly. Then something hit that I hadn't considered if we told Charlie what we were then…!

"No we cant tell him Edward he would have to become one of us to protect the secret, I wont allow it"

"I hope you see how much I had to deal with when you wanted me to change you"

"That's different" If one of us died the other would come soon after, the world was nothing to me with out Edward. "I'm positive that Sue is going to die one day and we cant change her" To Quileute's vampire venom was poison they would not change just die. " I wont help destroy my dad when she dies"

"I know and that's why I told him no"

"Then why did you bring me here"

"I knew that you would be embarrassed after your tantrum once I told you about Charlie…if you had done it in front of the others"

He thought I wasn't embarrassed doing in front of my beautiful and perfect husband and of course he wanted to spare me from embarrassing myself.

"And well of course for what I told you earlier our anniversary and now that I've told you the bad part I'd like to start the good" he gave his famous crocked smile.

I could wait for later to really stress out about Charlie.

"I have a surprise for you"

"Edward I don't want anything else I have you and that's more than anyone should be allowed"

"Yeah but we are vampires we get to bend rules"

He ran from the sand covered beach back into the house and out of sight. It really still stunned me how fluid his movements were and how boyishly happy he was now a days. I ran after him feeling as if I could do cartwheels all the way. I followed his scent and found him in a room that I had never been in before after a moment I remembered a clouded human memory of this room but it had look completely different.

"Esme thought we might enjoy a room of our own on the island and they are going to build one for Renesmee to"

The room was a little bit smaller than the master bedroom with a large cherry brown sleigh bed. On top of the bed was a deep purple confronter. I laughed.

"Edward is that the one from my old room at Charlie's? How did it get so big?"

I breathed in the scent of the confronter, but I didn't smell any of my scent on it, there was however a trace of Alice on it. I had wondered why she had been taking such long hunting trips insisting that she was simply bored with the small arrange of animals that were near home.

"A remake of it, we wanted to bring some of your old life into the new as much as we could"

"I have you and the rest of my family that is all I need to be happy" He always thought he had taken away everything from me for being in my life.

I wondered around the room giggling when I found my old bag of toiletries sitting in the drawer of the bed side table.

"Yes completely human." I laughed. "Well it is a shame" I teased .

"What is?" his face was completely shocked.

"I was kind of hoping to see the white and blue rooms once more" I gave him a quick wink so he knew what I meant and before I could say or do any more he swept me up into his arms and ran to the white room.

Once inside the room I couldn't help but giggle for joy when I heard a low growl growing louder and louder from with in Edwards chest.

Sitting me on the bed he lay on top of me holding up his weight. He kissed my lips softly catching my bottom lip in his teeth pulling it ever so slightly. I moaned in response as my head swooned. Even though I no longer had to breath he still made my heart and head in these moments act as if I were still human. In that moment I realized what I wanted to do. Edward had always done so much for me. As my husband he loved me with everything he had and as my lover he always thought of me first. Tonight I wanted this to be for him.

I pressed my lips firmer to his and began rolling him to his side, then to his back so I ended up on top. I straddled his waist while pressing my lips to his collar bone. I trailed the sides of his neck with my fingers moving past his shoulders to the buttons of his shirt. I kissed his lips in rhythm as I unfastened each button on his shirt. He began to rub my thighs setting them a blaze as he moved from my knee to my hips and back again. Once I had his shirt opened I grabbed both of his hands and held them above his head. He lifted one of his perfectly sculptured eye brows.

"Am I a hostage, Mrs. Cullen?"

"Something like that." I tried hard not to lose my focus or I'd be taken under and not be in control.

I took my time with each piece of his clothing. Getting the pleasure of hearing him breathing unevenly. I tried as long as I could to resist and take things slow.

He started to beg me and that flattened myself control. He took advantage of my sudden loss to roll on top of me.

"Please Bella, I'm not sure I can take it any longer." he breathed

I enjoyed his hungry eyes and did something I had never done before. I slipped out from under him and ran. I didn't know what I was doing but I laughed with joy as I heard him following me.

"Aw come on Edward you got to be a better hunter if you want to get your prey."

Once in the living room he jumped over the couch and had me in his arms.

"What was that all about?"

"Mixing it up a little" i said as he held on firmer to me.

"Ok I'm not going to lie that was hot." he smiled at me.

"Really well then get a load of this." I said as I pushed him down on the couch and started to have my way with him.

When we were finally done, well as done as we could ever be Edward began to move to get up but paused.
"I guess I really am your hostage I don't want to move from you."

"Then don't"

"Fine with me"

Time went by and I lost count we had been like this for days now I was sure.

He had seen me at my worst and my most vulnerable, but he loved me anyways.

As we lay there raged breath and still intertwined. I traced his face with my finger tips. I could never get enough of the smoothness of his skin even though mine was now the same.

I took courage in the fact that we were now the same and I asked him something I had never had the courage to. I didn't know if it was because I was afraid of the answer or afraid of his reaction in general.

"Can I ask you something and would you please answer honestly" I rolled on top of him so I had him pinned between me and the bed.

"Of course, love, what is it?" his eyes flamed with interest and a small amount of concern.

"Did you find it more pleasurable to make love to me when I was human?"

"what made you think of that?"

"well I was just remembering the last time we were in this white bed and well I was human then"

"yes I thought of that"

"O… " I tried to hid the sadness that I felt. He had loved when I was human and I knew now he was happy to have me, but I still felt that I was fighting against another girl from another time. Edward had never dated before me so I never had to deal with being compared to an x girlfriend. But I still had to compete with his warm flushed check human Bella that I had been before.

"Bella, please lift your shield" I had become much better with my shield since the fight with the Voltaire, there was really nothing I couldn't do with it that I wanted.


"So I can hear the insanity that going on in there"

"please just answer the question, I promise I wont be offended"

"fine then I prefer Bella"

"Which Bella?"

"Do you know another?"

"You know what I mean human Bella or vampire Bella?"

"ok then my wife Mrs. Bella Cullen"

"Edward, come on just answer the question'

"I will when you explain it"

"well I know we have talked about this before, about me being still warm to you because we are the same temperature now, but do you ever wish you could go back even for a minute and make love to the human me" I was glad I no longer had to breath as I rushed to say what I thought.

"of course I don't, why would I want to leave the present when its so perfect"

"O, I was just wondering" I wanted to sign in relief but I knew that he would be able to hear any noise I had plus it wouldn't make me feel any different if I did. It wouldn't settle me like it did before.

"ok now that you've got to ask me an insane question, can I ask you one"

"Um yeah I guess"

"what would you say if I said I wanted to move her for a while"

"What?.. Why?.. What about the family?…What about Charlie?….I don't think that Jacob would want to leave his whole pack like that."

"No Jacob wouldn't be coming, nor the rest of the family. Just Renesmee, you, and me." I didn't know if it was just me but he seemed be trying to get something across to me.

"Is their something I don't know?"

"No I just think that it would be healthy if we spent some time just our little family for a while"

"It would kill the REST of our family to be away from Renesmee and from you as well'

"They will be fine and its not like it would be forever just a few years the time will go by fast Bella you wont even notice"

"I'd miss Alice like crazy"

"She would come visit don't worry"

"So was that one of the reasons you wanted to come here"

"You caught me I wanted you to remember why you loved this place so much" He smiled at me, but I still couldn't shake a voice inside my head telling me that there had to be more to this.
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Chapter 3 A Unhappy Welcome Home

We hadn't stayed at Isle Esme long now that I knew that we would soon be living there for some odd amount of time. I was completely beside myself on the way home to the point that Edward had to keep warning me that we were around humans and I was more or less freaking them out. I wanted to see Renesmee so much to hold her in my arms and to let her show me every minute of every day that I had missed while I was gone. We had never been able to get any bars on our cells so I could call her and see how she was. It was one of the main reason we cut the trip short. Edward didn't even fuss when I jumped into the car to drive on the way home knowing that I would be on pins and needles if I didn't have something proactive to do. Once we were on the curving road leading to the house I half wanted to jump out the car and run the rest of the way. The only thing that kept me in the car was Edward rubbing my knee in comfort, I knew he was already listening in on her thoughts. It was so unfair. When we pulled up I didn't bother to properly pull the car into the garage instead I just park it out front. Carlisle was at the front steps ready to meet us with a strange smile on his face. I looked to Edward for an explanation and found that he was looking straight ahead.

'when did it start?" Edward rushed and asked Carlisle

"About a six days ago, we have been trying to get a hold of you and were going to send Emmet to come find you if you hadn't come home by this afternoon?"

I couldn't make sense of what they were saying. Was someone hurt was Renesmee hurt?

"where is she" Edward asked in strained voice. O no, not my Renesmee I should have never left her side.

"Up stairs in Alice's room she wanted to um... dress up"

What why would she want to dress up if she was sick. I finally forced myself to say something "Carlisle what's going on?'

"You'll see Bella" Carlisle backed out of our way to the door.

I ran up the steps into the house and up the stair case while pulling Edward along. I wouldn't feel better till I saw her with my own eyes and held her in my own hands. When we rounded the corner I had to stop in my tracks. In front of me stood human Bella but not her, more beautiful than her with shimmering bronze locks of curls. I heard Edward and I gasps at the same time. No we weren't gone that long a week and a few days at the most, so how could Renesmee look like she was a preteen. I couldn't move as I watched the small teenager run around the room laughing while trying on different hats and jackets.

Edward finally asked the question running through my head. "Renesmee is that you?"

"Daddy! Momma! Your back! I've missed you so much" she cooed in a voice that sounded nothing as it had when we had left. She ran into our arms, I hugged her numbly. What had happen to my baby girl?

"What happened dear?'

"O I'm not sure Nonno has some theories but I try not to get mixed into all that mumbo jumbo he says"

Just then Carlisle walked into the room 'Thanks Piccolino" he said with a smile. How could he smile and use their nicknames for each other so easily with my daughter leaping years of her life away. "Edward, Bella, can I talk to you a minute"

"Don't be to long mom I want your help in picking some of these clothes. Alice said I can have what ever I want out of here because all my old stuff doesn't fit anymore"

"Um sure" was all I could manage to get out.

We followed Carlisle to his study, with Edward towing me the whole way I felt like the floor had crumbled from under me.

Once seated I couldn't hold back anymore. "what's going on?"

"well she started to act funny, saying things that didn't sound like her" I knew this I had noticed this before I had left but I never thought it would turn into this "And then we started to notice her ageing rapidly… one day she was wearing high watered pants, the next she was asking Alice and Rosalie to go bra shopping with her because you weren't here" It seemed that he was just glad that she hadn't asked him to go.

"yes I should have been here" I was never going to leave her side again. As far as I knew if I ever left again I'd come home to a middle aged woman as a daughter.

"What's making her age?" Edward asked still holding my hand tighter and tighter"

"I'm not sure but it seems to only happen when she is around Jacob"

"WHAT?" Edward and I shouted at the same time.

"So let me get this straight the mutt cant keep his own self from going back to puberty and now he is taking my daughters life into fast forward so she can go through it with him" I couldn't help but be surprised Edward had always been so close to Jacob the last few years. Edward jumped up and started pacing back and forth across the room huffing to himself about putting up an electric fence around the house.

"Is the ageing stopping at all?" I asked in hope.

"O yes its stopped almost altogether and even with Jacob coming by, she is quit a trooper about the whole thing she really is enjoying growing up but at least Jacob stopped decreasing in age"

"That's great for him" Edward said completely emotionless.

"Edward can I see you outside" I asked stopping his pacing altogether. He looked up like I had just asked if he remembered to put on socks in the middle of a funeral.

"Bella I really think we should be getting back to Renesmee"

"No I think we need to talk" I stood and walked out the room I waited at the stairs until I heard him following me.

I heard Carlisle whisper to Edward " you really should have already told her" that's all I needed to confirm what I felt I already knew.

I walked out the front door and down the drive to where I knew that if I was quiet enough no one in the house would be able to hear me.

I turned, planted myself and crossed my arms "Edward what do you know that I don't"

They were fighting and it was my fault. My parents never fought, they were always filled with love that it radiated to everyone else especially me. I couldn't under stand what the big deal was, so what I had grown up faster than normal hadn't I always done that. I didn't feel any different I was still me. I liked the same things, I was just a little taller and prettier now. I stared at myself in the mirror and looked at my clothes they were baggy and very plain I had just thrown anything on that seemed like it might fit. I wanted to dress my new body is something better, something maybe royal blue, I loved how it looked on my mom.
I started to search in Alice's closet when I realized most of the things had tags still on them. I wanted to wear something that Alice had worn, something that had caught her eye. I started to search randomly going through drawers and dress bags, when something smooth touched my hand. I had reached my hand in one of the middle drawers to just see what she had in them when I felt something that felt softer than silk. I pulled it out excited and became even more excited when I saw what it was. It was a corset top all black with red lace on the trim. It was the most revealing top I had ever seen, I blushed even thinking about trying something on that showed this much of me. No I would never have the courage to do it, and I couldn't think of a time that Alice had ever worn this. Why did she have this if she didn't ever wear it.
Something still confused me like why was the woman CoCo Chanel on the front of one of Alice's fashion magazine named after a hot chocolate drink? I skimmed the magazine but found it rather non educational. So I looked out the window to see if my parents were still talking, they were no were to be seen. I listened hard but I could only hear my dad coming back up the stairs, where had my mom gone?
o'no whats going on ?
Chapter 4 The Third Wife

My whole world seemed to be changing before my eyes, my sweet simple father wanted to be changed into a vampire and I had missed a huge chunk of my daughters life. Renesmee tried to stay up late with me just talking while she showed me what I had missed. I had thought about this moment on the way home from Isle Esme, but then I had pictured a small toddler who could fit into my arms easily. She still fit into my arms and I held her ever more tighter now that I understood what was happening to her. I was in a healthier place now then where I had been only a few hours before when I was running to meet Jacob to get some answers or rip his head off. Edward had refused to give me any answers saying that no matter how angry he was with Jacob it was his place to tell me. We meet in the clearing and I hoped to myself that no one else would be killed here ever again, especially today. I had told Edward to stay home because I wanted to talk to Jacob friend to friend in privacy but the real reason was I didn't want anyone to hold me back if I did attack. I heard the soft thuds of one set of paws coming closer but it shouldn't of surprised me that he had come alone even though he knew I was angry with him he trusted me not to hurt him... or at least not to kill him.

"Hey Bells "


"ok now that the formalities are out the way, isn't there something you want to know"

"only about a million things, Jake please just tell me what's going on"

"I don't know where to start really I know your worried about Nessie but you shouldn't be" how the mess could he tell me not to worry about my daughter!

"why! how do you know that everything will be ok she might age again"

"she wont I promise"

"how do you know" ok I was getting annoyed if he didn't answer me soon I was going to throw him across the clearing.

"Do you remember the stories about the Quileute spirit warriors?" I didn't have time for stories!

"Yes" vaguely I had been human at the time Billy had told it at the camp fire.

"Do you remember the one about the third wife's sacrifice?"

"Yes" it had been my favorite of them all because a normal human had saved the whole tribe in her sacrifice.

"And here I thought you only remembered stories about bloodsuckers" it still made me smile that Jacob didn't see me as a vampire, just Bella his best friend.

"what does that story have to do with what's going on now?" nothing connected that I could see.

"well there is another story that is a part of that one that isn't told to everyone but only to the alphas. It's the story of the third wife's age.

" I don't know that one"

"well its about time you did" Jacob took a deep breath and continued "the Quileute's and the Makah's were critical of each other because the Makah's feared and did not trust the men who turned into wolves. Taha Aki the Quileute chief visited the Makah tribe to try and ease tensions, but while meeting with the Makah's chief he saw the chiefs 10 year old daughter. She was beautiful and held Taha Aki with out ever physically touching him. His life in its entirety was suddenly fixed around her, but he only loved her as if she were his little sister. He had no plans to try to persuade her to fall in love with him, only wanting what was best for her. He couldn't stay away and he thought about handing off his duties as chief to his oldest son so he could spend more time with the young girl. His 2nd wife had just passed away and his sons were now of age to be on their own. But the night before he was going to tell his tribe of his plan a messenger from the Makah tribe came to summon Taha Aki for his chief. He ran with inhuman speed afraid that something terrible had happen to the chiefs daughter. When he entered the chiefs home he was confronted by a gorgeous slim bodied woman. As soon as he looked into a her glowing brown eyes he knew that it was the chiefs daughter but he had just seen her three days before and did not under stand how she had grown so much. The Makah chief believed that his daughter had some how been possessed by the same things the Quileute's had been poisoned with. Taha Aki knew that it could not be because she had no Quileute in her blood. The chief banned them both saying that his daughter had been taken away from him and was no longer his heir. Most of the Quileute's had never visited the other tribes so when Taha Aki returned home with him new bride no one recognized her. They could now live in peace together so Taha Aki gave up his spirit wolf to die when she did." Jacob closed his eyes and bowed his head as if awaiting for my scolding.

"why?" i whispered

He opened his eyes slowly whispering back "why what?"

"why is she ageing?"

"We believe that the ages are speed up to match each others in order to create a stronger alpha wolf faster. "

"Then why hasn't Claire's life been hit into fast forward like Renesmee?" i began raising my voice. I shouldn't feel so aggravated with Claire for having her whole life with out any interruptions even though she had been imprinted on by Quil.

"Its only alphas" he said it like it was a no brainier.

"Why just now you have been around her for.." he cut me off "Because not until just recently I decided that I could not be away from her and I know you all will have to move on soon and I'm going to." he finally raised his head to look at me with a plea in his eyes " But Bells you know I never meant for this to happen I would never take years from her"

So that's all it took, an alpha putting his love for the one he imprinted on before his tribe, to make what ever power that flowed in the wolves change everything else to keep the alpha with his pack. As much as I wanted to blame and hate him I couldn't. He loved her.

"How does it feel"

"horrible I'm soo sorry Bella I don't blame you if you really hate me right now."

"No I don't hate you Jake but I meant how does it feel to have to relive almost four years of your life" I smiled at him, he didn't deserve to suffer for something that he couldn't help.

With a faint smile he said, "for Nessie, I'd do it all over again"

We had walked back to the house talking about nothing in particular, it felt like he was as urgent as I was to get back to Renesmee.

She showed me a few more memories from the time I had been gone. Rose measuring her for the right bra cup, Esme's worried face when Renesmee had ran up to hug her and almost knocked her over with the extra weight she had from sprouting up.

I didn't laugh at the memory like she did, I understood but that didn't mean I liked it.

"Momma what's wrong?"

"Nothing at all" I tried to replace what ever expression. I had to be the positive one.

She showed me a memory of myself explaining that lies were a bad thing. I had been trying to explain why we had to keep vampires a secret and the difference between that and telling lies. Well at least I knew she had been listening to me.

"Really darling I'm fine" I smiled at her with warm eyes I meant it, I was fine she was the one that had so much a head of her.

I wanted to distract her and I thought of the one thing that could. "I wonder where Jacob is."

I could hear his heart beat upstairs in Carlisle's study whispering with Edward. Something in Jacobs thoughts had made Edward grab him by the back of his shirt and drag him upstairs to the study. If I hadn't been so stunned it might have been comical to see Jacob being picked up like he was a dog.

I could faintly hear what they were saying and I knew if it was this hard for me Renesmee wouldn't be able to hear them at all.

"I didn't mean anything by it Edward I promise" Jacob whispered pleadingly.

"Mean it or not Jacob it still crossed you mind"

"we can't control all of our thoughts"

" that may be but if they are about my daughter you will control them" Edward roared an octave higher than what he had been. It made his reply all the more menacing.

What had Jacob thought that had Edward so angry? I didn't like the fact that it seemed I was being left out of the loop more and more now a days.

Renesmee's pictures started to fade in my mind and I knew she was almost a sleep.

"Get out of my house!" I heard Edward yell clear as day as if he were yelling it straight in my ear. What had I missed and hadn't heard anything that should set Edward off this way.

Renesmee's head jerked up like everyone else's and in an instant Jacob was being dragged by Edward down the stairs to the door. Jacob wasn't even putting up a fight, as if he wanted Edward to throw him out. This was to much for me I wasn't going to stand for my husband treating my best friend this way.

When I reached the door I stood firmly in front of them both.

"What in the hell is going on?"

"I'm putting the dog out" Edward replied with out hesitancies.

"its ok Bells stand aside, I was leaving anyways" Jacob said with a new sadness he hadn't had a few minutes ago.

"why" Renesmee glided over to my side. "you just got here"

"I've got to get back to La Push for something" Jacobs voice softened but he kept his eyes down.

"O… ok well I'll walk you half way then" Renesmee offered.

"No" Edward said as she finished.

"Why not"

"Because I said so" Edward snarled.

I looked at Edward with a questioning look while lifting my shield. "what happened up there, Edward?"

He shook his head hard. "not now"

"Yes now" I said out loud. I was done with everyone having to explain things to me later on.

"Bella later, now's not the time. I need to escort Jacob out."`

"Fine if Jacob needs to be escorted I'm sure Renesmee would be glad to" I had never gone against Edward when it came to our daughter.

"Yea I would" she said slowly. Looking as if not sure if this action would have bad consequences.

They walked out with out another word from anyone. Edward and I stared straight at each other, not anger but not happily. I didn't like it.

"Edward what's going on" I asked as the rest of our family started to disappear out of the room. I knew they would all be listening even if they couldn't be seen doing it.

"Jacob is no longer welcomed at this house that's what's going on"

"Wait, when did you become the one that could say who was allowed to walk through the front door?"

"I've always been the one to protect my family from danger" how could he think Jacob was a danger? He protected us just as much as the rest of our family maybe even more.

"You think Jacob is a danger?"

"in a way"

"what way is that?"

"just trust me"

"is the pack going to come after us?" I knew they weren't but I wanted him to see how crazy he sounded.


"did Jacob snap and decided he hates us all?"

"No… worse"


"He said… well thought Renesmee was beautiful and was glad that she was his." He said through his teeth.

"really that's all he said?"

"that's all! Bella he is interested in her now."

"hadn't we always known one day he would be" why was he over reacting so badly.

"she's to young, its to early for this!"

"Edward they are technically the same age right now'

"which is his fault' His eyes flamed. I raised my hand and lightly touched his check.

"Edward I love you, but honestly you are acting worse then Charlie did when he over reacted about you."

"At least Charlie didn't have to hear my thoughts"

"is that all that's bothering you because that can be easily fixed"

"No its not the only thing but its one of the worst"

"well then I'll just shield Jake every time he is near you"

"that won't fix it, he still will be thinking it"

"Edward there young and in love like we were, what's wrong with that?" granted we were still in love but now that we had a child together were we considered young still?

His face went blank "Bella do you really want them to behave like we did?"

"hey I think we did great"

"we never took our hands off each other" he touched my bottom lip for example.

"ugh … ok I kind of see your point"

"Jacob is a lot more aggressive than I was" it was true I had experienced it a long time ago in another life.

"Renesmee is very level headed though"

"She better be" he said sternly in the direction she had left. He took a deep breath and I could see the worse of his fit was over.

"Mr. Cullen can you please not scorn our daughter like that". I smiled at him and he returned it.

"Yes dear" he said kissing my nose lightly.

"holy crow" I breathed


"were an old couple"

"Silly Bella we are vampires, we don't get old'


Jacob and I walked silently out of the house looking straight ahead. We were close to the high way when he finally broke the silence.

"aren't you going to ask what happened?"

"I'm not sure if I want to know"

"what do you mean?"

"well it really upset my dad and you so it can't be good right"

"no its not good… I'm not good"

"of course your good why would you think that?"

"forget it"

"not likely" I smiled at him and he stopped walking.

"you don't have to walk me anymore"

"I want to… we haven't had Nessie and Jacob time lately" I smiled wider and winked at him

"Nes… Renesmee I've got to get going."

"well will I see you tomorrow?"

"No" he said quickly.

"Is it because of my dad or you don't want to'

"I always want to see you but your dads right to want me away from you."

"why is that?"

"thought you didn't want to know"

"well I guess kill me and call me a curious cat then because I want to know."

He looked in my eyes, "things are... changing and they shouldn't be"

"I have no idea what your talking about. The only things that changed is our ages."

"Exactly" he said as he ran off into the forest.

"Jacob Black what the heck does that mean?" I yelled after him.
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