The Twilight Saga

It has been 20 years since Edward left. Bella never stopped loving him.
This story is now complete. Hope you enjoy it.

After All These Years

Setting: 20 years after Edward leaves in New Moon.

Chapter 1

Unlike some people, I loved washing dishes. It was the time that I allowed my mind to wander freely; the time where I replayed the day in my head; the time when I allowed memories to wash over me. Maybe it was the warm water. Maybe it was the feeling of washing everything away. Maybe it was that the window over the sink faced the forest and brought Edward back to my mind each day.

I didn’t push Edward from my mind anymore. The first year after he left, I couldn’t even think of him without clutching myself in physical pain. I couldn’t bear to say his name…couldn’t bear to hear it. But that had changed over the years. I welcomed the memories now. For me, there would never be another love. I knew I had found my one true love as a young woman. I knew Edward was the only piece that could complete me. Twenty years later, I still loved him.

Tonight, Edward was so clear in my mind. Jacob and his family had surprised me with a birthday cake. It was the first birthday since Charlie had died and they didn’t want me to be alone. I preferred to skip over birthday celebrations. Like most women, the thought of getting older was offensive, but for me birthdays also signified the end. The end of Edward and me-----the memory of my eighteenth birthday party at the Cullen’s was one of my blackest memories.

Jake and I remained best friends all these years. He imprinted on Anna when he was nineteen and they were married shortly after. Life had changed for Jacob after the Cullens left Forks. He no longer shape shifted. There was no need. Once in a great while, he would tell me that he smelled a sweet smell in the air, warning me to be careful. I think he thought it would scare me. It never did. I only hoped that meant that an old friend was passing by, or more importantly, Edward was near.

As I washed and dried the last plate, I replayed Jacob’s last words to me tonight. “Lock up good tonight, Bells. I smell a strong sweetness in the air.” He had no idea how I wished that were true.

I hung the dishtowel to dry and went out on the back stoop, staring at the forest. It was dark, but it didn’t scare me. Before turning in for the night I spoke out loud, “Good night, Edward. I love you.”

Chapter 2

I still kept the bedroom at the top of the stairs. I had repainted and gotten new furniture along the years. But in all those years, I never replaced the mattress. It was there that we talked for hours; there that he held me, and that we kissed. It was worn now, and honestly my back would most definitely benefit from a new mattress. I just couldn’t part with it.

I got ready for bed and turned on the bedside lamp. I opened my window a crack, like I had every night since he left. Then I took out my journal. I always wrote in it on nights that I felt particularly preoccupied with memories. I learned years ago that writing my thoughts down would often ward off the nightmares I had so often. Somehow I wasn’t sure it would help tonight. My journal, like anything else about my life, was not a typical journal. I actually wrote letters to Edward. I had filled over a dozen blank books with letters to him. Maybe someday, when I was gone, he would read them and understand the depth of my love for him. He would know that I figured out why he really left and that I eventually forgave him. Tonight was a night I knew I needed to write to him. And so I began…

My Dearest Edward,
I’ve missed you so much today. It’s my birthday. I turned thirty-eight today. That means it is almost 20 years to the day since you’ve been gone. I never would have believed that I would be without you after all these years. On days like today, I still feel the hole in my chest. I know it was your love for me that allowed you to leave. But, I wonder, do you still think of me? I love you, much now as ever before.

I stopped there because tears were making it difficult to write. I cried myself softly to sleep.

Shortly afterwards, the nightmare began. It was always the same when it came. Wandering in the forest. Calling out his name. Crying. Never finding him. Feeling so alone. And then…waking up in a cold sweat, sobbing for what I would never have again.
I tried to calm myself, counting my breaths, in and out.

Then I heard his voice, “Bella.”

I sat upright and looked around the room. It was empty, of course. But, I didn’t feel alone in the room. Oh, God. Tonight was particularly bad. I was having delusions again. It was years since I had heard the delusions this clearly. I tried to concentrate harder. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in…

I felt a cool breeze in the room and instinctively pulled the blanket higher to my chin.

“Edward?” I whispered into the dark room.

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Chapter 11

Years ago the sound of his words might have spun me into a panic attack. As much as I had loved Edward at eighteen, the thought of marriage had made me uncomfortable. Charlie and Renee’s failed union had been a daily reminder of how wrong a marriage could go. And, I had never wanted to follow in their path. But seeing how happy couples like Ben and Angela were in their marriage had tempered my ancient ideas. Now, more than anything in this world, I wanted to be Edward’s wife. I didn’t have to think about it, I knew without a shadow of a doubt we belonged together as one.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him. He reached behind my neck and pulled me closer to him. His lips moved across my jaw and down to the hollow of my throat before returning back to my mouth. He gently released me, staring into my eyes. “Can I take that as a yes, Bella?” he questioned softly.

“Yes…yes…yes!” I said kissing him playfully after each affirmation. “Oh Edward, you don’t know how long I have dreamed of this day!”

His eyes glowed with happiness, as he pulled the black satin box from his pants pocket. He opened the lid and handed it to me, exposing the delicate ring nestled inside. It was not a traditional solitaire, but had a long oval face covered with slanting rows of sparkling diamonds. It was incredibly lovely, like nothing I had seen before.

I gasped when I saw it. “Edward, it’s beautiful.” I said quietly.

“It was my mother’s,” he answered, removing it from its box. He lifted my left hand and placed the ring on my finger. “And now it’s yours…forever.”

We both stared at the ring on my hand as it sparkled in the moonlight. I wasn’t sure I could ever be happier. He pulled me back into a kiss, the kind of kiss that he didn’t normally allow. And for a minute I had forgotten who or where I was.

I heard a cough then, and realized we were no longer alone. Alice was bouncing on her heels, barely containing her happiness. “Congratulations, you two. I’m so happy I could burst!” She sang out.

Carlisle and Esme joined us on the porch, smiling and offering congratulations and hugs. Alice was over the top, talking about ideas for the wedding and possible dates before Edward stopped her, “Alice, at the risk of seeming rude, these decisions are not really yours to make.”

I reached out and touched his arm, “It’s okay, Edward. She’s just excited. But truthfully, Alice, I do have some ideas. So maybe I can tell you them and you can see them through.”

“Of course, Bella.” She said smiling a knowing smile.

“You already know what I’ll want, don’t you, Alice?” I questioned her.

She nodded happily before Carlisle interrupted. “I don’t mean to change the subject, but have you two made a decision as to the aging potion?”

Edward answered for both of us. “Yes, we are both willing to try it.”

“Well,” said Carlisle, “In my opinion you should go first Edward. Then based on the reaction you have to the potion, we can decide how to proceed. It may be possible that you will age enough thus negating Bella’s need for the potion at all.”

I hadn’t thought of that possibility. Edward seemed please with that idea. I knew he hated for me to have to change any part of my human life for him. I looked at him and with fear in my voice said, “Edward, you would still change me, right?”

“Yes, Bella. I won’t go back on that promise. I fully intend to make you mine in every way possible.” He answered reassuringly, squeezing my hand.

“OK then.” Carlisle said looking at Edward, “Do you want to try it tonight?”

I hadn’t realized that all of this could happen so quickly and I was giddy with excitement. Edward looked at me to gauge my reaction. Laughing at my apparent expression, he answered Carlisle, “I don’t think Bella will let me wait.”

“Well then, why don’t you explain the process to Bella while I start to get the potion ready.” he encouraged Edward.

We sat down on the porch swing, with Esme and Alice joining us. “It’s really quite simple,” Edward began. After Carlisle boils the leaf, the brew will need to steep and cool to room temperature. Then I’ll drink it. That’s really about all there is to it.”

“Edward,” Esme countered, “You are giving Bella the impression that you will transform immediately. I think you need to give her more details, dear.”

“After I drink the potion I will become very tired and at some point fall asleep. The transformation will take place during the course of a sleep cycle. When I awake the results will be visible immediately.”

“You will sleep? But, I thought vampires never slept. I thought it was impossible,” I said.

“So did we. But the rest have all fallen asleep during the transformation process.” Edward said calmly.

“The amount of time one is asleep seems to correlate directly to the amount of years a vampire will age,” Alice added. “I never fell asleep at all and no change occurred for me. Whereas Carlisle slept for ten hours and he aged 10 years. Basically, we would expect that Edward will age one year for each hour he is asleep…if he falls asleep at all.”

“How soon will he fall asleep after he drinks it?” I asked.

“For all of us except Alice, sleep came within 15 minutes.” Esme informed me. “When Edward wakes, we would expect that he will feel refreshed but very thirsty. He’ll need to hunt immediately.”

She paused, turning to Carlisle who had just returned with a steaming cup in his hand. “Do you think it will be safe for Bella to be in the room when Edward awakens? Do you think the thirst will be too strong?”

Before Carlisle could answer, I interrupted, “I’m not leaving him.”

“Bella…” Edward started.

I put my hand up to silence him. “Not up for discussion.” I said.

Alice smiled at me sweetly and then looked at Edward. “It’s ok Edward. You’re not going to hurt her.”

“Alice,” I asked. “Can you see the outcome of this? Can you tell if it will work?”

Alice smiled, “Ah, Bella. You never did like surprises. I have a vision of Edward waking up, so I know he will fall asleep. But, his face is blurred in the vision so I can’t tell how much he will age. In the vision, I see you smiling Bella, so I’m guessing you will be happy with the results.” Alice explained.

I didn’t have any other questions, so Edward excused us. Taking the cup in his hand, he led me towards his room. He ushered me in through the door, turning on the lights. His room looked much different than it had the last time I was here. The wall of music still lined one side of the room. But instead of the leather couch I had somewhat expected, an enormous bed filled the room.

“You bought a bed?” I asked.

He gave me a sultry smile. “Do you like it?” he asked.

What wasn’t to like? The bed was black iron with sculpted roses winding around the tall posts. The mattress was high and thick and was dressed in a coverlet that I guessed was made of pure silk. It looked like the kind of bed I imagined a princess would crawl into each night. I climbed up on it, caressing the fabric, “ I love it,” I answered dreamily.

He joined me on the bed and wound his arms around me, kissing softly down my neck. My skin tingled under his cool touch and I instinctively reached my arms up around his neck to pull myself closer to him. To my surprise he didn’t pull away. His icy lips molded to mine and kissed me until I was breathless. It was me that had to finally break the kiss so that I could get some air. “Edward,” I said, “Do you want to try …I mean as a teen…just so you’ll know?”

He pulled away then, “Don’t get carried away, Bella. I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. Besides,” he laughed, “I wouldn’t want you to get arrested for seducing a minor.”

I swatted at him, thinking… he still had undeniable self-control. I still became mush at his touch. Some things never changed.

Playing with my hair, he spoke again, “Bella, I was gone a long time. Did you… I mean was there anyone…are you…? He had a nervous, unsure look on his face.

I laughed now. “No, Edward, never. You are probably looking at Fork’s oldest virgin.”

“I’m glad.” He said obviously pleased. “I mean, I couldn’t have expected you to wait of course. But, I’m glad we still have that in common.”

“Well then,” I laughed again, “I guess I have been demoted. YOU are now Fork’s oldest virgin.”

“Not for long, “ he said with a grin. Then he picked up the cup.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Ready!” he said confidently.


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