The Twilight Saga

It has been 20 years since Edward left. Bella never stopped loving him.
This story is now complete. Hope you enjoy it.

After All These Years

Setting: 20 years after Edward leaves in New Moon.

Chapter 1

Unlike some people, I loved washing dishes. It was the time that I allowed my mind to wander freely; the time where I replayed the day in my head; the time when I allowed memories to wash over me. Maybe it was the warm water. Maybe it was the feeling of washing everything away. Maybe it was that the window over the sink faced the forest and brought Edward back to my mind each day.

I didn’t push Edward from my mind anymore. The first year after he left, I couldn’t even think of him without clutching myself in physical pain. I couldn’t bear to say his name…couldn’t bear to hear it. But that had changed over the years. I welcomed the memories now. For me, there would never be another love. I knew I had found my one true love as a young woman. I knew Edward was the only piece that could complete me. Twenty years later, I still loved him.

Tonight, Edward was so clear in my mind. Jacob and his family had surprised me with a birthday cake. It was the first birthday since Charlie had died and they didn’t want me to be alone. I preferred to skip over birthday celebrations. Like most women, the thought of getting older was offensive, but for me birthdays also signified the end. The end of Edward and me-----the memory of my eighteenth birthday party at the Cullen’s was one of my blackest memories.

Jake and I remained best friends all these years. He imprinted on Anna when he was nineteen and they were married shortly after. Life had changed for Jacob after the Cullens left Forks. He no longer shape shifted. There was no need. Once in a great while, he would tell me that he smelled a sweet smell in the air, warning me to be careful. I think he thought it would scare me. It never did. I only hoped that meant that an old friend was passing by, or more importantly, Edward was near.

As I washed and dried the last plate, I replayed Jacob’s last words to me tonight. “Lock up good tonight, Bells. I smell a strong sweetness in the air.” He had no idea how I wished that were true.

I hung the dishtowel to dry and went out on the back stoop, staring at the forest. It was dark, but it didn’t scare me. Before turning in for the night I spoke out loud, “Good night, Edward. I love you.”

Chapter 2

I still kept the bedroom at the top of the stairs. I had repainted and gotten new furniture along the years. But in all those years, I never replaced the mattress. It was there that we talked for hours; there that he held me, and that we kissed. It was worn now, and honestly my back would most definitely benefit from a new mattress. I just couldn’t part with it.

I got ready for bed and turned on the bedside lamp. I opened my window a crack, like I had every night since he left. Then I took out my journal. I always wrote in it on nights that I felt particularly preoccupied with memories. I learned years ago that writing my thoughts down would often ward off the nightmares I had so often. Somehow I wasn’t sure it would help tonight. My journal, like anything else about my life, was not a typical journal. I actually wrote letters to Edward. I had filled over a dozen blank books with letters to him. Maybe someday, when I was gone, he would read them and understand the depth of my love for him. He would know that I figured out why he really left and that I eventually forgave him. Tonight was a night I knew I needed to write to him. And so I began…

My Dearest Edward,
I’ve missed you so much today. It’s my birthday. I turned thirty-eight today. That means it is almost 20 years to the day since you’ve been gone. I never would have believed that I would be without you after all these years. On days like today, I still feel the hole in my chest. I know it was your love for me that allowed you to leave. But, I wonder, do you still think of me? I love you, much now as ever before.

I stopped there because tears were making it difficult to write. I cried myself softly to sleep.

Shortly afterwards, the nightmare began. It was always the same when it came. Wandering in the forest. Calling out his name. Crying. Never finding him. Feeling so alone. And then…waking up in a cold sweat, sobbing for what I would never have again.
I tried to calm myself, counting my breaths, in and out.

Then I heard his voice, “Bella.”

I sat upright and looked around the room. It was empty, of course. But, I didn’t feel alone in the room. Oh, God. Tonight was particularly bad. I was having delusions again. It was years since I had heard the delusions this clearly. I tried to concentrate harder. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in…

I felt a cool breeze in the room and instinctively pulled the blanket higher to my chin.

“Edward?” I whispered into the dark room.

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oh it's great,
keep writing!
Also, curious how the whole human honeymoon verses vampire honeymoon is gonna go?? Is there still gonna be a Renesmee in our future?? Bella is older now, ya know! It is interesting to me how many people either do or don't like the whole Renesmee part of the story. Personally, I love her! Especially not that I am reading Indian Summer! Wow, it is a good one too!!

Just thinking........hmmmmm..........
grate storie as always
This is such an amazing story. I've been enthralled all day long. Now I have to go and find something to do. I almost forgot that I have a family I must cook dinner for - if I can steal away from this computer screen long enough!!! Well great work and get crackin'.
Thank you. I'm hoping to post the next chapter tonight.

Chapter 17
I was frozen in my place. Rosalie turned to me, “Come on, Bella. I won’t hurt you.”

I willed my feet to move one in front of the other as I followed Rose through the backyard toward the forest. We walked in silence until she stopped at the edge of the stream that ran through their property. She stopped there and stared out into the trees, with her back to me.

“Rose,” I started after waiting several minutes, “Seth will be at the house shortly. If you have something on your mind…”

“I’m sorry …for the way I’ve treated you. I’ll try to be better.” I stayed silent waiting for her to continue. She turned to face me then. “It’s just that I’ve never really understood you, Bella. I mean, I know Edward told you about the jealousy I felt for you at first, but there were other, deeper reasons why I treated you so unkindly. Someday, I will tell you the whole story of how my change came to pass. You see, I didn’t choose this way of life. And if there were a way to change my outcome, to be human again, I wouldn’t hesitate. But you…you have always been so willing to throw all of that away. It bothered me. Honestly, it still does.”

“I love him, Rose.”

“I don’t doubt that. I see the unbreakable bond you have. Neither time nor distance have changed your love for one another. I haven’t seen Edward this happy since you were together twenty years ago. It’s like he’s come back to life again. Not that you need it, but I give you my blessing and I welcome you to our family. And, I promise you that I will try to be nicer.”

I was touched. I had so not expected this. “Thank you, Rose. That means more than you can imagine.”

We heard a thunderous noise then. She smiled, “Come on…let’s get back up to the house before Edward and Emmett knock it to the ground. It sounds like they might be wrestling.”

Sure enough, as we neared the garage, the noise got louder. Edward and Emmett were indeed wrestling and every move they made sounded like boulders crashing into one another. They were on the ground, laughing like crazy when we came through the door. It was good to see the two of them having such a good time.

“Everything, alright?” Edward asked, getting up and walking towards me.

I laughed, “I think we should be asking you two that question.”

“Everything’s fine here, I just won another wrestling match against Emmett.”

Emmett broke in, “You only win because you keep reading my mind and know what moves you’ll need to block! I need to find an opponent that isn’t a mind reader…someone that fights fair. Wanna have a go at it, Rose?”

She sashayed back towards the house calling over her shoulder, “There’s only one kind of wrestling I like, Monkey Man, and you know where to find me if you’re up for that.”

Emmett didn’t have to be asked twice. He practically ran to the house. I blushed as Edward looked over at me. “That is what we will have to put up with if we live here,” he laughed. I grimaced at that thought.

“Actually, Edward, we haven’t spoken about where we will live yet. Were you thinking we would live here or that you’d move into my house?”

“I think you should decide. We won’t be in Forks for long so wherever you are happiest, we will be.”

“How long do you think we’ll be here?”

“It all depends on how soon you want to be changed. After you become a vampire, we’ll need to live in an uninhabited area so that you don’t risk running into humans. Bloodlust will be very strong for the first year or two. It’s better not to tempt yourself unnecessarily.”

“Where will we go?” I asked.

“There is a secluded place that Carlisle and Esme own. I’m going to ask them if we could borrow it for a while.” He smiled, “You’ll love it, Bella. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.”

We heard gravel crunching under the wheels as Seth’s car came up the drive, so we walked out to meet him.

“Sorry, I’m a little late, Bella. I got another phone call right after I hung up with you,” Seth offered.

“Jake?” I asked.


“Did you tell him…about walking me down the aisle.”

He nodded. “And?” I asked.

“Let’s just say I’ve heard truckers use better language.”

“I’m sorry, Seth. I shouldn’t have put you in the middle of this.”

“I told you, Bella…you can’t worry about what Jake thinks. This is your life.” He reached out to shake Edward’s hand. “Congratulations, Buddy.”

“Thanks, Seth. Glad you’ll be celebrating our big day with us.”

I gathered all the invitations from the house along with Angela’s dress and took them back out to Seth. “I really appreciate this. I couldn’t bear to go back to the Rez tonight.”

He smiled knowingly and got into his car. “No problem, Bells. See you on Saturday. Call me if you need anything else.”

My stomach rumbled loudly as Edward and I walked back into the house.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Starving. I brought a sandwich with me,” I said.

“Esme stocked the refrigerator with things for you too. Let me get you some fruit and a drink go with that.”

We took my dinner into the living room that was now empty. Edward sat at the piano while I started to eat. “Dinner music?” he asked.

I nodded and he began to play. I recognized some of the melodies as Debussy and Mozart. He played with so much feeling that it was easy to get lost in his emotions. When I finished eating, I laid my head against the pillow of the sofa and closed my eyes, losing myself in the music. That’s when he started to play the song I hadn’t heard in two decades…the song he wrote for me…my lullaby. I cried silently as he played, not out of any kind of sadness, rather out of happiness that my life had finally come full circle and brought me back the one true love of my life. He stopped playing and came to me. “What is it, Love? Why are you crying?”

Without answering I reached for him, pulling him into an embrace, kissing his entire face. “I’m just so happy.” We sat holding each other for a long time, until I fell asleep. My dreams were sweet…they were all about Edward.

I awoke to sun streaming through the front window and rainbows dancing on the wall.
The smell of cinnamon, bacon and coffee hung in the air.
“Good morning, Sleeping Beauty,” he said, kissing the top of my head. “Are you hungry?” I nodded. “Good. Esme has been cooking for you.”

I sat up and stretched the stiffness out of my limbs. “How long have I been asleep?”

“About 9 hours. All this wedding planning has really tired you out.”

Esme came in with a tray full of food. “Good morning, Bella. I hope you’re hungry. I thought I’d try to cook for you this morning.”

“Oh, Esme. You didn’t have to do that for me.” I eyed the tray. There were cinnamon rolls on one plate, crispy bacon slices on another, and a bowl of freshly cut orange slices. It looked delicious.

“ I have coffee brewing, too. Do you take yours black or with cream and sugar.”

“Cream and sugar, please,” I answered while chewing happily on a piece of bacon. I was touched that Esme had thought to do this for me. She was mothering me. It was nice. I hadn’t been mothered in a long time. A pang of sadness went through me when I thought about my own mother not being at the wedding. We hadn’t been close since I had chosen to return to Forks after the whole ordeal with James in Phoenix, and then chose to stay in Forks when Edward left me.

When Esme brought in the coffee to me, I rose to give her a hug. “Thank you, Esme. This means so much to me…that you would have thought to do this for me.”

“You are part of the family now, Bella. I’m glad to do this for you.” She smiled and then left Edward and me alone.

“She loves you as her own, you know. They all do,” Edward said, kissing my hair.

“And I love them.”

“I’m glad Rosalie made peace with you. It was important to me,” he said, gazing at nothing in particular.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked.

“Just about how lucky I am. I am just so lucky to have you back in my life.”

“This isn’t about luck, Edward. This is about destiny. We’ve always belonged together…right from that first moment that the lion and lamb fell in love.”

I couldn't keep my smile off my face reading this chapter. She got to hear her lullaby again, and she's part of the family again. Can't wait for the next chapter!
ahhh so cute
That chapter was truly touching! Especially the last line. ^.^
Wonderful...really looking forward to the wedding. I hope Jacob chances his mind.......
awww thats sooo cute... i love it post more sooon


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