The Twilight Saga

Hey my name is hope!

Hope you like my short preview to a story i may be writting!

Right after braking dawn


I look at Edward and i still get the chills. It's still hard to believe that he belongs to me and nobody else.

Today Edward and I are both due for a "doctors appointment". Given were still in high-school we are required to.


We live in colorado... And it has been 5 years from my transformation. Edward and I are going to of-course get Carlisle to do our appointments. But something has happened... my daughter nessie, is already looking older than both Edward and I. Her transformation is almost to an end according to carlisle. I hate that she looks older then Edward and I. Did you know she wants to be a teacher? 


Jacob came with us to colorado.. yay! not. I LOVE jacob but he doesn't give Nessie her space. One night we were having a scary movie night (Emmett"s favorite), and jacob had fallen asleep and as we were watching "one missed call" Nessie screamed and jacob woke up (more like phased) and but a big old scratch on t.v. Thankfully us Cullens have lots of money, but it's simply irritating. I Have no more feelings for Jacob but in some ways i understand why i liked him soooo much when i was a human. but i understand even more why i choose edward. Edward is my SOUL MATE and i wouldn't want to live without him. I hate that renee thinks i died in a car reck 2 months ago.. she calls edward at least once a week.. he really feels bad.. we are only trying to protect her she was catching on to us. I don't want the Volturi after my biological mother.  I love rosalie, she is close to me. After renessme's birth she accepted me into the family. We have the same taste in movies we both like romantic comedies and our movie night is tomorrow! Edward doesn't have a preference, alice likes cheerful movies. And as for jasper it's all about the action movies.




We have 1 month and 3 days.



Today is going to be great! Reneeseme's birthday is today. She is turning 6. Its soo crazy my little girl is turning six. She doesnt look any where close to six i give her 20, my own daughter looks older then me! I have a special party planned for her. We have deiced to take her to a place of her choice. She can pick where and when she wants to go where. He last few birthday Alice wouldn't let her do what she wanted. But today it's all about my little girl, she still prefers to "show" people what she wants to do, but she isn't a baby anymore and she is fluent in 3 languages. Chinese,Spanish and Portuguese. She prefers human food now that she is older, but blood makes her stronger. Jacob and rennesme have something going on that we all have a feeling they're hiding. They haft to be good at hiding things with Edward reading minds.Reneesme decided she wanted to go to a carnival (surprising). Off we go! 


We have 23 days 


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wow love it write more
sounds like a good start.  you should definately write it.


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