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After Breaking Dawn MACEY STYLE!!!!!!!!! :D PG (just to be safe! its not bad)

Ok so! This is set a few years after BD!! The cullens move to a new town for a new start, basically everyone could care less about moving to Atlanta, except Jasper, he is SO EXCITED!! Ok well they meet some new people and have some pretty funny moments if i do say so myself! Please read and tell me what you think!!! ps! I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! ALL STEPH MEYER!!!!!! well exce
pt for the four other people that come but O WELL!! Hope u like it! please excuse all spelling errors!
P.S. This is inspired by my best friends Savannah and Tayler!!! (Love ya, Savanny and Tot!!)


Rosalie POV

Finally we landed. Yet, another town, another school, another (as
Alice would call it) "adventure". Here we were, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Well our thought on this… not so hot. Of course, Jasper was out of his
mind excited to be back in the south. As we pulled up to the new house
every one just got out silently.

We had to move from Forks because the stupid idiot humans started
getting very suspicious. Our new home here in Duluth was a fairly
large, though not as big as our house in Forks, and white. It has six
large pillars in the front and small glass doors across it. Ughhh it
looked like a mini version of the White House… This is going to be
loads of fun.

But, as long as I had Emmett by my side I could endure anything. As
we walked into the house Emmett, being the idiot he is, picked me up
in his arms and carried me through the door the rest of the way.

"Emmett, what the heck are you doing?"
He didn't answer, just looked down at me and smiled then kissed me.
Renesmee called from behind us "Get a room!" Nessie had grown so much
in the past seven years. She looked to be about 13 years old. This
year she would start school and be in the 7th grade.

With in just a few minutes all of the boxes were in the house and
every one else started to unpack at vampire speed. I just found mine
and Emmett's things and went to find a room that I liked. As soon as a
turned the corner there was a long hallway and there were four doors.
They were all the same, large with white walls and wooden floors. Wow.
Alice and Esme were going to have loads of fun with this decorating project!
Speaking of Esme........
"It's so beautiful, isnt it, dear!" Esme exclaimed
"Ughhh, well, it's a little boring…"
"I was talking about the house! But, don't worry about it! Alice and I are working on it!
What colors?"
"Royal purple and gold." Esme left the room with a smile way too
happy to be here.Then Alice came into my room and just randomly hugged me then left! What the heck!! Why was she always so happy! Edward passed behind me
in the hall and said
"Because, she's Alice, that's why." Well he did have a very good point.
After that I heard her and Esme going around asking color schemes then they went
shopping for new furniture. They returned a while later and the house
was already finished. Goody…. can't wait to see the new high school

Alice POV
YAY!! The new house was finished. And everyone had their own
excellent (if I do say so my self) rooms. Edward and Bella had brown
and white, Rosalie and Emmett had royal purple and gold, Esme and
Carlisle had a lot of different tan, gold, and brown, Jazzy and I had
silver and black, but my favorite was Renesmee's room. She had hot
pink and green, her walls were light green and had a four poster bed
with a hot pink comforter. And a silver desk, chair, and vanity. It just looked like a princesses room!! Perfect for my favorite half vampire!!
Renesmee had grown so much in the past few years it was just mind
boggling. I would say she looked about 12 or 13 so she will start the
7th grade. And as far as I can see, she is going to meet some lovely
people there! And I think there are actually other vampires in her
grade. I can't quite see them yet because, well, Nessie is there but,
I'm pretty sure.
My Jazzy could not be any happier right now. When he heard we were
going to move to Georgia, he was ecstatic. And speaking of my beloved
Jazzy he was coming up the stairs right now! In 3, 2, 1!
"Hello, my beautiful, loving, perfect, amazing, outstanding, wife."

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Hey guys! Ok I'm really sorry about kinda just stopping this story. I'm going to write more of it, but I had just hit a littlebump in the road and had a difficult time continueing the story. I'll keep writing! Promise!
12. The Plan
Jasper POV

I still can’t believe what happened yesterday afternoon! I was so
stupid! Everyone was extremely forgiving but really, I almost killed
my niece’s best friends, my brother, and my “dad.” But I had reason
enough to be angry with my stupid idiot of a brother… But the girls
and Carlisle were just trying to help and were put in harms way. Well
rather in my way. I can just be so careless sometimes! I would love to
blame this all on Emmett but that would not be right to give him all
the blame, though he did deserve most of it…..

“Come on, Jazzy! We are going to be late!!” Alice yelled from downstairs.
“Alice, first, school doesn’t start for another hour, second, I’m
ready, and third, you don’t have to yell. Obviously I can hear you.”
“Shut up.” She smiled and slid her fingers though mine and we headed
out to her Porsche. We slid in and headed off to school, my own
personal purgatory right here on Earth. The only thing that made it
even worse was that I had been through high school ten times! It’s
just painful! But, the only thing that made it endurable was being
with my own personal miracle. I love her with all that I am, and there
is nothing that could ever change that.
“Jazzy Jazzy we’re here.” Alice interrupted my loving thoughts
“Oh, sorry.” I smiled at her. Suddenly her eyes glazed over, a
vision. Then she started laughing in a devilish laugh.
“Oh my gosh, that would be hilarious!!” she exclaimed.
“I’ve got a plan!” she said excitedly and told me the rest.
“OK!! Are you ready?!” she asked I nodded my head. She whispered the
plan to Rose and Emmett and Bella, of course Edward already knew… Show
“So, we meet back here right before lunch! Then the plan shall
commence!! Alright, see you later!” Alice said happily and waved them
goodbye as we headed off to our first class of the day, English. It
passed without anything shocking, go figure. The whole time I just
played with peoples emotions. When we were reading a poem from Edgar
Allen Po, I made one of the girls cry and had a very nerdy looking boy
in hysterics. Alice and I tried to hold back laughter the whole time.
Humans could be so hysterical some times!! The rest of the classes up
until lunch went in about the same fashion, except in geometry we made
the teacher cry. Which was even more hysterical because he got on his
desk in a fetal position when the principal came in, I think we will
be needing a new geometry teacher. Pshh I could own! I would much
rather be teaching Civil War history…. I dreamt on about my fantasies
when I was brought back to earth with a start.

“Jazz! Wakey Wakey!!” Alice sang in my ear.
“He’s fantasizing about teaching a Civil War class.” Edward told her.
“Hah! You little fruit cake!” Emmett laughed. Ok, that’s it!
“Emmett move!” Alice said as she pushed him over just so my fist
missed him by about an inch and a half.
“Dang it! Why did you move him?!?” I said loudly.
“Forget it, ok let’s go over the plan!” she said happily. They all
made sure they knew their part and we set off. Alice and I went to the
cafeteria to cause a distraction big enough to have as much of the
faculty in there as possible.
“Ok, let’s just go sit at our table then you play along with me, got
it??” she asked and I nodded as we got our food/props and went to our
usual table.
“And, get ready for it, all together now! Action!” She smiled. Alice
took a bite of an apple and started to gasp, before anyone could
notice she spat the apple out and pretended to choke. She fell to the
ground where she started to seize. Gosh! She put on a good show!
Quickly I ran to her side and pretended to be frantic which was not
difficult with all the emotions around me.
“Oh my gosh!! She is having a seizure!! Some one call Carlisle!!!! Or
911! Quick!!!!!!” I yelled and a small girl ran to the office,
perfect. Soon enough most all of the students and staff were in the
cafeteria freaking out.
“Ok! They called an ambulance and Dr .Cullen! They should be here any
minute!!” one of the students informed us. Wow, Alice never ceases to
amaze me! This is working perfectly! Emmett is just going to have to
stop the ambulance before it gets here and well, who cares if Carlisle
gets to see the show! Oh, here he comes now!
“Jasper! What’s wrong??” He said as he came bursting through the door
and came to my side next to a now very still Alice.
“Just play along, Carlisle, pretend to work on her or something.” I
whispered so only he could hear.
“I know, she told me the plan, although I’m not exactly certain as to
why I am involving myself in a matter so immature.”
“Well just go with it!” I told him, the entire conversation took only
about a second so it went unnoticed by all the humans in the room.
“Alice, Alice, sweetheart,” he said in a fatherly tone, very nice
touch! I am proud to call you my father!. “Can you hear me?”
Alice just barely moved her head to the side, just noticeable enough
for the humans to see.
“Ok, I think she is coming through” Carlisle said sounding relieved
and making himself loud enough for them to hear. “Alice, it’s me,
Carlisle, can you hear me?” then her foot moved and inch or so. By
then the entire school body and every person who worked at the school
was either in the cafeteria or right outside the door. Perfect!!
Carlisle pretended to work over her for another moment then spoke
again. “Alice, if you can hear me, move your foot,” Just loud enough
for the rest of them to hear. Alice moved her hand instead. “Alright,
I think it’s time to move her, she’s stable. Alice,” he said talking
to her again. “can you speak to me?”
She spoke so quickly that we barley caught it, to all of the humans
it merely looked like she was attempting to speak, “Ok, they’re
finished, take me out to the parking lot and say you are taking me
home, Carlisle, to keep a closer eye one me. Renesmee, Rosalie, and
Edward have cameras so we can watch each part later.”
“It’s ok, don’t strain yourself.” He said still going along with what
the humans saw. “Jasper, let’s take her out to the car. I’m going to
take her to the house; we have everything necessary to take care of
her there.” He slightly smiled at me and I returned the grin as I
picked her up. Alice started to pick her head up and blink confusedly.
“What happened??” she asked the classic line, loud enough for
everyone as we walked out the door. They followed us to the front
steps of the school then the teachers started herding them back
inside. Alice and I went straight to Carlisle’s Mercedes while he went
to reassure the principal and teachers.
“Alice will be well. This has all happened before; she has had
problems like this for a long time. Don’t worry about her, she’s
okay.” He said with a smile to the headmaster and shook his hand.
Then, he turned back to us with a look of disapproval. “You kids just
had me lie straight to the face of the headmaster!” he said in a
disapproving whisper.
“Sorry, Carlisle! It’s all part of the plan! Wait, listen.” Alice
said then we all became quiet to listen to what ever she had us
listening for. We head a loud “WHOOSH” noise then a few screams.
“Alice! This won’t cause too much damage to the school will it?”
Carlisle asked worried.
“No, well yes, but we are replacing everything tonight and I already
have new stuff for the entire school!”
“What did you end up doing to the office anyway?” I asked
` “We filled it with MILK!! All the way to the top!” She said almost
screaming with excitement.
“Wait! You filled the entire front office with milk? That’s going to
ruin every single paper in there!” Carlisle said disapproving again.
When will he ever learn!
“No, that is what Edward and Bella were doing while I was having my
‘seizure’. They got out everything important and put behind the
school. Then they filled the office with milk!”
“How did they get the- no never mind, I’ve heard enough! I’m going
back to the hospital. I suggest that you go home, remember, you just
had a seizure.” Carlisle said jokingly as he got in the car. We snuck
back to the rest of the family and everyone was laughing.
“Oh my gosh!! That was one of the funniest things ever!!”
“Did you see the look on the principal’s face?” they all said now
quietly laughing.
“Oh, Alice! They told us to ‘hurry out; our dear sister has another
seizure!’ Are you ok?” Edward said jokingly.
“Edward, I think I’ll make it.” Alice qwd laughing with them. “Of
course I did!!’ He said still laughing “Bella got every single bit of
it on video. Rosalie, did you get Emmett stopping the ambulance?” He
asked turning to Rosalie, who looked quite amused.
“Duh! That was the best piece of our part of the plan! When we saw
the ambulance coming down the freeway, Emmett threw a fairly large
branch right next to it. Then, he ran out so it looked like he hit it.
The people jumped out so fast and were like ‘Did we just hit
something?’ then Emmett was under the ambulance and threw it into the
forest on the other side of the freeway. Before they could see what
had happened he ran! They were screaming and freaking out! It was one
of the funniest reactions I have ever seen!” She laughed for what
seemed the first time since the day before we left Forks. Edward
nodded with me. I think she, and all of us, really needed to humor our
souls. Edward laughed at my metaphor
“Nice thinking, Jazz. That makes plenty of sense!” He laughed. Gosh,
he was in a very animated mood today! Really, this is very unlike him!
Usually he just looks at us like we are idiots! “Maybe, just maybe,
Jazz , that sometimes you are!” he laughed even harder.
“Ok, we need to figure out what we will do next because I just had a
seizure. Should we all go home? Should I only go home? Or do just me
and Jazz go home?” Alice asked.
“No freaking way I’m staying here any longer than necessary!” Rosalie
now said almost sounding angry.
“Good point, let’s just all go.” Alice said in agreement. We all
laughed and headed home for the day.

Hahha OK!! So just reading this doesn’t sound that funny but if you
just make a mental picture of a crowd of people standing outside the
door of the office then opening the door and being attacked by a
tsunami of milk,you cant help but laugh!! Just picture you
principal/boss of your school/office being attacked by MILK! Then
Emmett throwing the ambulance…. Ok just picture that in your head then
picture Rosalie’s expression through the whole thing! Told you! U
just have to laugh!! R&R please!! Thank you ALLLLLL SOOOOOOOOOO
LOL this is sthe chapter that they fill the office w/ milk!! i couldn't wait for this one to come up!! lol ok and btw i'm changing my screen name!
this has been my favorite!!!!!!!
i wish that that would happen in my school, i was laughing in my room and my dad came to see what was wrong with me because i didn't stop laughing...i'm imagining the principals face when he saw the milk, lol
I was laughing the whole time i read it it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
that whole chapter was so funny i was laughing the whole way threw
That was good.... Way too funny but Nessie didnt have no part in the action
Well sorta, She, Bella, and Edward were in charge of filling the office with milk. Thanks!
REally funny! =]
They are really bored with high school. Let me know when you post again.
Lol!! Isn't everyone?!?!?

I'll send a message to everyone on my friends list!! Thank you!!
it is awsome i love it


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