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After Breaking Dawn MACEY STYLE!!!!!!!!! :D PG (just to be safe! its not bad)

Ok so! This is set a few years after BD!! The cullens move to a new town for a new start, basically everyone could care less about moving to Atlanta, except Jasper, he is SO EXCITED!! Ok well they meet some new people and have some pretty funny moments if i do say so myself! Please read and tell me what you think!!! ps! I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! ALL STEPH MEYER!!!!!! well exce
pt for the four other people that come but O WELL!! Hope u like it! please excuse all spelling errors!
P.S. This is inspired by my best friends Savannah and Tayler!!! (Love ya, Savanny and Tot!!)


Rosalie POV

Finally we landed. Yet, another town, another school, another (as
Alice would call it) "adventure". Here we were, in Atlanta, Georgia.
Well our thought on this… not so hot. Of course, Jasper was out of his
mind excited to be back in the south. As we pulled up to the new house
every one just got out silently.

We had to move from Forks because the stupid idiot humans started
getting very suspicious. Our new home here in Duluth was a fairly
large, though not as big as our house in Forks, and white. It has six
large pillars in the front and small glass doors across it. Ughhh it
looked like a mini version of the White House… This is going to be
loads of fun.

But, as long as I had Emmett by my side I could endure anything. As
we walked into the house Emmett, being the idiot he is, picked me up
in his arms and carried me through the door the rest of the way.

"Emmett, what the heck are you doing?"
He didn't answer, just looked down at me and smiled then kissed me.
Renesmee called from behind us "Get a room!" Nessie had grown so much
in the past seven years. She looked to be about 13 years old. This
year she would start school and be in the 7th grade.

With in just a few minutes all of the boxes were in the house and
every one else started to unpack at vampire speed. I just found mine
and Emmett's things and went to find a room that I liked. As soon as a
turned the corner there was a long hallway and there were four doors.
They were all the same, large with white walls and wooden floors. Wow.
Alice and Esme were going to have loads of fun with this decorating project!
Speaking of Esme........
"It's so beautiful, isnt it, dear!" Esme exclaimed
"Ughhh, well, it's a little boring…"
"I was talking about the house! But, don't worry about it! Alice and I are working on it!
What colors?"
"Royal purple and gold." Esme left the room with a smile way too
happy to be here.Then Alice came into my room and just randomly hugged me then left! What the heck!! Why was she always so happy! Edward passed behind me
in the hall and said
"Because, she's Alice, that's why." Well he did have a very good point.
After that I heard her and Esme going around asking color schemes then they went
shopping for new furniture. They returned a while later and the house
was already finished. Goody…. can't wait to see the new high school

Alice POV
YAY!! The new house was finished. And everyone had their own
excellent (if I do say so my self) rooms. Edward and Bella had brown
and white, Rosalie and Emmett had royal purple and gold, Esme and
Carlisle had a lot of different tan, gold, and brown, Jazzy and I had
silver and black, but my favorite was Renesmee's room. She had hot
pink and green, her walls were light green and had a four poster bed
with a hot pink comforter. And a silver desk, chair, and vanity. It just looked like a princesses room!! Perfect for my favorite half vampire!!
Renesmee had grown so much in the past few years it was just mind
boggling. I would say she looked about 12 or 13 so she will start the
7th grade. And as far as I can see, she is going to meet some lovely
people there! And I think there are actually other vampires in her
grade. I can't quite see them yet because, well, Nessie is there but,
I'm pretty sure.
My Jazzy could not be any happier right now. When he heard we were
going to move to Georgia, he was ecstatic. And speaking of my beloved
Jazzy he was coming up the stairs right now! In 3, 2, 1!
"Hello, my beautiful, loving, perfect, amazing, outstanding, wife."

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Welllllllllll when Nessie saw the three of them Macey was not there yet and yeah, right now it doesn't make a lot of sense but it will!! Don't worry!!
thnx! lol, i'm having trouble finding people to read it. lol
omg that is so funny!
i lovee lovee lovee this story. your amaxeingly talented.. dont stop keep writeing. x3x3
SUPER SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bella POV

After the whole dispute with Edward and Alice, we waited by the Volvo
for Nessie. When we saw her coming she looked just as excited as
yesterday afternoon as she ran towards us.


"Hey, Nessie. How was your day?" I asked though I already knew.

"Well I bet you already know but.. Can Savannah, Julia, Tayler, and
Macey come over tonight to meet you?"

"Well, we were planning on playing baseball tonight, but if you want,
they can meet up with us and play."

"Sounds great!! I'll go tell them now! They probably already know but
… OH WELL!!" she turned around and ran back towards the middle school
building. She returned a minute later and was bubbling with

"They said that they would be there!! This is going to be SOOOOO much
fun!" she drug out the word for much longer than necessary.

At seven o'clock we headed to the clearing to meet Nessie's new
friends. When we arrived they were already there waiting for us.
Nessie ran immediately to hug Savannah, Tayler, and Macey, which
frightened Edward a little bit. Julia did not move to greet anyone;
she just stood behind the other three. She looked very sad, or
depressed, or maybe she was just bored and did not want to be there,
like Rosalie did not want to be. First Macey stepped forward.

"It's very nice to finally meet you. I've been waiting a long time."

"You must be Macey. I'm Carlisle," they shook hands then the one who
must be Tayler stepped up.

"Hello! My name is Tayler. And, no, Emmett we do not want to join you
for a game of poker. We came here for baseball, correct? Yes, I
thought so."

We all started to laugh and Emmett looked disappointed. Next Savannah
stepped up. This was starting to look like some sort of club meeting.

"Hello! I'm Savannah Whitlock! It's lovely meeting you here!" when she
said this we were all very shocked. "What? Did I say some thing?"

Jasper stood frozen in astonishment. Finally Carlisle spoke "No,
Savannah, it's just that.. your last name. It is the same as Jasper
here. What year were you born?"

"Actually, to be honest, I don't remember. Probably some time in the
mid-eighteen hundreds, Why?"

"Do you remember anything at all from your human life?" Carlisle pressed.

"I just remember that my moms' name was Anne and dads' name was Ben,
but why does that matter?" The look on Jaspers face was some thing I
had never seen before, it overwhelmed me. He looked like he was about
to pass out from surprise, it that was at all possible. After a very
long silence Jasper finally spoke.

"Savannah? Savannah, it that really you?"

"What? I have never met you in my life. What's going on?" She turned
to face Tayler who was also speechless, as was Macey. Julia still did
not say anything; she still had no emotion what so ever on her face.

"You probably don't remember me do you…. Oh my gosh, Savannah, I
thought I would never see you again."
"What is going on?!" she said extremely annoyed

"Every thing is okay, just calm yourself, well actually, let me do
that for you," immediately a wave of calmness came over us. "Let me
explain, take a seat, you may want to." I had never seen Jasper so
excited, though I still was clueless to what was going on, except that
Savannah and Jasper had some sort of family connection.

"Ummm well okay," Savannah said as she took a seat on one of the
rocks. Tayler, Julia, and Macey followed right behind her with out a

"Okay, Savannah, you may not believe me but this is all true."

"What! What is it?"

He took a deep breath "When you were a human you lived in the time of
the Civil war. You were in were in Texas when you… older brother… went
to war. Then you were only about two years old." He stared at her with
adoring eyes. Savannah was so puzzled when the rest of us made the

"How do you know that?"

"Let me finish, your ..big brother was about seventeen when he left
for war, but he never came back. By then you were about three or four
years old"

"What are you trying to say? I don't get it." She said still very
confused and annoyed.

"Savannah, I'm your brother. Your name is Savannah Rose Whitlock; you
lived in Huston, Texas. You were born on January 3, 1857.Yes, your
parents names were Ben and Anne Whitlock. Savannah, I'm your brother."
He repeated. Savannah was, well, I don't know if shocked was the right

"I know what you are feeling right now, and I am telling the truth."
Jasper said with true honesty in his voice.

Tayler was the first to move as she leaned over towards Savannah "He
is, I can tell. There is nothing but complete honesty in his head.
Savannah, you have a brother. He knows where you came from. He knows
who you are. He knows you." Savannah did not move for a long moment as
contemplated the story he was telling her. After a long minute or so
Macey, Tayler, Edward and Alice had a huge grin on their faces. I
guessed they knew what was going to happen next. Then after another
long moment Savannah started to smile a smile of true happiness. She
rose and walked to Jasper.

"I had always wished I had a brother."

"Savannah, you have no idea how much I missed you."
She hugged him then, for the first time Julia smiled and said.

"I told you so! I was SO right! OH WHAT NOW!!" She said loudly with a
grin. "I was the one who suggested that you were related to one of
them! And, oh would you look at that! You now have a big brother! Look
who was right!!" she said smiling and pointing at herself. Renesmee
was still very confused and surprised, while everyone else laughed and

"Wait! What the heck just happened? Did Savannah just find her long
lost brother who happens to be my uncle! And some how both of you got
turned into vampires and miraculously found each other!?" Renesmee
asked extremely confused. Emmett smiled and looked at her "Yupp!
That's pretty much it! Any other questions, young one?" Renesmee
glared at him while Jasper told Savannah as much as he could about
their past.

Edward smiled at Renesmee and said "Apparently, Jasper and Savannah
are siblings. When Jasper left to fight in the Civil war Savannah was
only three years old." He turned his head to Savannah "Do you have any
idea how you were changed?"

"I have no clue. I just woke up one morning in some dark room. I don't
know what happened. When I finally escaped the room Macey and Tayler
found me. Then about five years ago we found Julia up in Boston."

Julia interrupted her, "Yes, they found me in Boston, where I had
lived for sixty years. I am only a half vampire. I never expected I
would find some body like me. But here you are!" she said turning her
head to Renesmee who finally smiled, accepting all of this.

"Wait, how do you live with human families, when they have no idea what you are?"

"Let's go with, we are VERY good at acting. We came to Atlanta and filed ourselves as orphans, like we usually would when moving to a new town. But this time we were all adopted by differnt families. Tayler was adopted by the Pattinsons, and had two adpoted twin sisters. Savannah was adopted by the Rathbones, and had a little adopted brother who is in kindergarden. Julia was adopted by the Ashfords and had an adopted brother in 9th grade. And i was adopted by the Masons, and now live with two brothers and two sisters, though i am the only adopted one. Every night we sneak out to meet eachother at someones house to just be together and hang out or hunt. Every now and then we have to do something stupid like eat human food or go outside. We have become very good as covering ourselves up in very subtle ways" Macey told us.

"That is VERY interesting. Though week after next is spring break, wouldnt your family most likely be going some where sunny?" Carlisle asked.

"Well, yes, we have yet to find a way out of that." Tayler said

"My family and I are going to Italy for the week, and would love if you came."

"We could not intrude on a family trip like that, i would feel terrible!"

"If im not mistaken you are family, Hasn't Savannah just found her brother. You girls are family, we would love it if you joined us."

"I dont know, we would have to talk to our families." Macey said unsure.

"Pshh! That;s what im here for!!" Julia said hapily "Remember! I can make them let us go!!"

"Good point!!" Macey answered happily

"Wait, did you just say that you could 'make them let you' go?" I asked confusedly, i thought she had the emotion power.

"Yes, my power goes further than your emotions, it makes you think something has happened to give you that emotion." she told me.

"Oh, that woud make more sense!"

"Uh, Macey, how did you not see this comming?" Renesmee asked her.

"Well, when it comes to vampires i know exactly what is going to happen, even befor a dision is made, with humans i am a little less reliable. I like to--" She started but was interupted.

"She is just a little freak is all. She has learned to block certian visions. She is obsessed with the element of surprise, she just cant help it!" Julia told us giggling.

"Hey! That is..... Some what true, but not the freak part... but the rest is!" Macey said with a jump.

"Well, why don't we play some ball? I'm dying play!" Macey said with a
laugh. We all laughed with her and went to play with the new members of our family. In just one night our family had grown larger by four people. This was uncanny!
Haha yeah, I noticed that after I posted and it wouldn't let me charge it!! Haha so yeah, thanks though!!!!
Oh and funny you should mention the Alice thing! That will be explained later on!! Lol, this is SO FLIPPEN confusing!!
that was good cant wait for more
i can't believe that Jasper has found a sister, though it is not mentioned in the book it is a nice twist...
write more soon
Lol thanks!! Yeah they never mentioned anything before Jasper went to war so that just kinda gave me free reign!! And my friend, Savannah who LOVES Jasper, well I thought she needed some sort of connection to him and I could NEVEREVEREVEREVER take Jazz from Alice! It would be so wrong! And being siblings was the closest thing I could get, to the point of loving each other. Instead of true love it's just extremely close siblings, like Edward and Alice, just some how closer. Lol but thanks!
that was pretty good.
This is interesting. I like where it is going and since I live outside of Atlanta, Georgia the location is great. Keep me posted on updates.


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