The Twilight Saga


After The Storm

- Chapter 1 -

Bella sat in her classroom, bored, just doing her work. Suddenly, she felt the urge to go to the bathroom.

She raised her hand, "Yes, Ms.Swan?" the teacher asked, "Can I go to the bathroom?" Bella asked.

The teacher nodded her head, the teacher wrote out a pass for Bella. Bella grabbed the note, and ran out of class.

As Bella walked out, she spotted her old locker. She sighed, and remembered a haunting memory.

~ ~ ~

Edward, looked deeply into Bella's eyes. They were leaning on her locker, talking.

Bella couldn't help but smile, and just hold tightly onto his cold and pale hands. The bell rang, and Bella jolted for class.

"Wait!" Edward said, quietly. Bella stopped, and turned to Edward. "What is it?" she asked.

"Why don't we... go to the meadow?" he asked, she smiled. The Meadow, was their favorite place.

"Of - course." Bella said, with a huge smile. They sneaked out of the school, while Bella was on Edward's back.

Edward ran to the meadow, in full speed. Bella closed her eyes, not wanting to get sick.

They reached the meadow, and Edward put Bella down. Bella opened her eyes, and smiled at the sight.

The meadow had green grass, the sun was somewhat out, and flowers were blooming. "It's beautiful as always." Bella commented,

"Just like you." Edward said, holding her by the waist. She turned to Edward, and he leaned forward to kiss her.

Before his lips could touch hers, everything stopped, and all you could hear was, "Hey you!"

~ ~ ~

Bella turned around quickly, "Hey you!" someone repeated, she turned to see a dean.

"Um... yes?" Bella said, "What are you doing in the hallways?" the dean asked, she bit her lip.

"I need to go to the bathroom." Bella replied, holding up her pass. "Then hurry up!" the dean said, which made Bella walk faster.

As Bella turned the corner, she returned to her previous tempo on walking and sighed. She spotted the Girls Bathroom, and walked in.

"Hello." she called out, there was echoes... no one answered. She sighed with relief, she liked it when she was alone.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her hair was long and up into a normal ponytail. She pursed her lips, and let out another sigh of relief.

She blinked her eyes rapidly, she yawned. She just realized she felt a little tired, she hid in a small corner and sat on the floor.

Bella was so happy, that they actually clean their bathrooms right. But still, she put tissues under her, and she put her hood on. She leaned against the wall, and sighed.

She closed her eyes, and the first image she saw was... Edward.

~ ~ ~

She stood in the woods, it was dark. She looked around, and realized Edward was in front of her.

She spoke out words, she didn't want to say, words she knew too well. "Okay, I'll pack my things." she said, with a nervous smile.

Edward had an indescribable expression on, that you couldn't figure out. "You don't understand Bella." he said, "Understand what?" she asked, now puzzled.

"Were leaving. Not you." he said, just then there was a jab in my chest. She didn't want to believe what he had just said.

'Does this mean...?' Bella thought. "You don't mean?" she asked, a little speechless. "I'm sorry." he said, Bella wanted to start crying.

But she didn't, she wanted to show that she wasn't that weak. She loved Edward, and nearly started to plead. "Please, Edward. I love you." she said,

Edward shook his heads, and pulled away from Bella's grasping hands... "I'm sorry, Bella. I don't love you. It was all a lie." he said, suddenly the hole got bigger.

Then everything went gone, and everything went red... and then there was an alarm ringing...

~ ~ ~

Bella woke up, to an alarm ringing. It wasn't a normal type of alarm, but a warning alarm. It panicked her, and made her jump up.

She looked around the girls bathroom, which was still vacant. She gasped, and pulled out her cellphone. She had been at the bathroom for half an hour.

She got up, as the alarm continued to ring. She grabbed the bathroom doors, but her mind stopped when it wouldn't open. That's when Bella realized the bathroom was locked.

She gasped, and saw smoke coming from under. "No!" she yelled, now she realized there was an actual fire. She stood in the bathroom, not sure what to do.

"HELP!!!" she started to yell, banging at the door hoping it would open. She hit it more, and her hands became numb. Her hands were shaking, and she bit her lip.

"What am I going to do?!" she asked, her voice sounding stressed. She spotted the trashcan, and tried her best to lift it. Luckily it wasn't heavy.

Bella lifted the trashcan, and threw it at the door, that made a deep thud. "HELP!" she started to cry out, and fell back. More smoke was entering the bathroom.

Bella slipped on the tissue that she layed out to sit on, and fell on her back. She started to cry, and layed helplessly on the ground.

"H-h-help..." she said, crying harder. "" she said, and her eyes closed as smoke surrounded her.


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