The Twilight Saga

Hmmmm so i decided to write a fanfic :) I have read soooooooooo many and they are all amazing but there is something missing in them and idk what it is so I’m gonna write my own and hopefully I find it.

This fanfic is a continuation of the saga :) a story about Renesmee and Jacob

All characters belong to the brilliant Stephenie Meyer.

Oh and I’m kinda obsessed with so yah and I tried to make the outfits as best I could.

Thankyou Reena for all ur help half the story is yours :)

--Melissa Steele

(a couple months after the volturi came)


How do you chose between two people you love?

Chapter 1: Our Forever
Bella’s POV

As Edward and I lay in each others arms on our bed waiting for Renesmee to wake up I couldn’t help but smile with all the happiness I feel. I love my family and my new life. Now that everything is perfect, and there isn’t anymore trouble to deal with, I can really just relax and enjoy everything I have. My new family. My beautiful daughter and my soul mate.

I know Edward didn’t want it but me being a vampire makes our love easier. He doesn’t have to worry about hurting me anymore, that’s my problem lately. I haven’t grasped the fact that I’m the one who has to be careful with my strength, I’m so used to him being stronger. I started to laugh when I remembered the arm wrestling match with Emmett.

“What’s so funny love?” Edward said as I interrupted is thoughts with my laughter

“I was just remembering the arm wrestling match with Emmett, and the expression on his face when he lost.” I said with more laughter

“You should have heard what he was thinking” Edward said as he laughed too

I was going to ask Edward what Emmett was thinking as we heard Renesmee wake up.

“She’s awake” I said with a smile

We looked at each other and both ran to the closet at vampire speed to get dressed.

I try to consider Alice a little everyday when I chose my clothes, 2day I picked jeans and some black lace up ankle boot I wouldn’t completely kill myself in. Its raining outside so I put a Juicy Couture Velour hooded top on to go over my sparkly tank. I topped the whole outfit off with some simple diamond studs. I knew Alice wouldn’t like it but I wore my hair up in a pony tail. I didn’t have time to waist doing my hair or make up I didn’t care about those thing, I like to spend that time with my daughter. Alice complains but she knows that it’s the best she’s going to get, cuz I would much rather ware a cotton T and some sneakers.

Edward wore a simple gray long-sleeved T and some jeans with leather shoes. I swear he would make a trash bag beautiful.

When we were finished we ran to Renesmee’s room,

“Good morning Nessie, ready to go see everyone?” I said as I gently scooped her up into my arms.

“Yes” she replied with a smile

“What would you like mommy and I to make you for breakfast this morning?” Edward said after he kissed her head.

“hmmmm can I have some pancakes with strawberries and bacon please? Jakey loves pancakes” Renesmee said knowing Jacob would be there for breakfast like he is every morning. Jacob spends every day at our house from the time Renesmee wakes up to when she falls asleep.

“Of coarse my sweet” Edward said before we shared a quick kiss and ran to the house.

The second we entered the house Renesmee was taken out of my arms by Rosalie and Alice for her daily fashion show.

As we waited for our baby to come back we went into the kitchen to make her and Jake some breakfast . Edwards new favorite hobby is cooking, him and I are always the ones in the kitchen putting the much neglected appliances to good use. I let Edward make the pancakes while I washed and chopped strawberries, and cooked the bacon.

When breakfast was finished Renesmee was ready for everyone to see her outfit of the day.

“dundududa Presenting Ms.Renesmee Carlie Cullen” Alice said as Rosalie and Renesmee walked down the stairs

Everyone began to cheer and there were a lot of “ooss” and “ahhhs”.

Renesmees outfit consisted of a pink, white and purple sundress with light pink tights underneath and dark rose jacket over the dress. And to top the outfit off, silver shoes to match a silver peace necklace. Renesmees curls were perfect like always with a silver headband.

After Esme was done taking pictures of her, and Carlisle was done measuring her she ran to my arms with a huge smile.

She placed her hand on my face asking if I liked her outfit.

“Yes Nessie I love your outfit you look very beautiful 2day” I said

“You say that everyday mommy” she said with her musical laugh

“That’s cuz you look very beautiful every day” I said and then kissed her hand.

As I finished my sentence Jacob ran through the door and headed strait to Renesmee to give her a big hug.

“Nessie!” Jacob almost yelled with excitement.

“Jakey! Guess what?” Renesmee said muffled by his arm.

“What?” Jacob said with the same amount of excitement she had.

“Daddy and mommy made pancakes for breakfast!” she said as Jacob set her down in her chair at the table.

“No way!”

Edward and I carried the food in after Renesmee was finished telling him.

“Hey be careful Nessie try not to ruin ur new clothes, Jacob make sure she doesn’t” Alice said as Renesmee started to pour syrup on her pancakes


“sure sure”

--The cullens life went on like that. Simple. They never worried about anything anymore. Jacob graduated the fallowing year and moved into the Cullens house to be closer to Renesmee. They cherished every moment of Renesmee’s childhood they took her to zoos, amusement parks, plays, they made cookies on Christmas, visited Charlie often, they did everything a child is supposed to experience while growing up they didn’t want Renesmee to miss out on anything, and her best friend Jacob was right next to her the whole time. (Six and a half years later)--

Chapter 2: Tragic
Bella’s POV

Just as I thought the simplicity of my life could never change, something drastically life changing happened.

It was a normal day in our house, we woke up and made Nessie and Jake breakfast. We decided to play a board game today. During the middle of the board game, Alice’s face went blank with horror and all I could hear was Edward say “NO” before the phone rang.

I was first to get to the phone, when I answered it, it was Carlisle.

“Carlisle whats wrong?” I said knowing this is what Alice had saw and what Edward had heard.

“Bella, I have some bad news” Carlisle began slowly “I don’t know how to tell you this, but your father has been in an accident” before Carlisle could say anymore I dropped the phone and ran to the hospital. I was there within five minutes.
I walked into the hospital slightly quicker than I should have, but I didn’t care, I knew something was wrong with my dad. I headed towards Carlisle’s office.

When I walked in, Carlisle was already there, someone must have told him I was on my way.

“Where’s my dad, I need to see him?!” I said with tearless sobs.

“Bella I don’t know if you want to see him right now.” Carlisle said as he walked towards me.

“why not? I don’t care about the blood, I can control myself, he’s my father I need to see him. I need to see if he’s ok!” I practically screamed.

“Bella I’m not worried about the blood, I know you can control yourself, it’s just that Charlie isn’t ok. I don’t want you to see him this way, I don’t want your last memory of him to be this.” he said quietly.

“What, what do you mean by last memory? Please tell me my dads ok or will be.” I said barely a whisper. If I wasn’t a vampire, my face would be drenched with tears.

“Bella, I’m so sorry I have to tell you this, I wish I could tell you he’s ok, but he’s not.” Carlisle said slowly “Charlie was shot this morning during a bank robbery, trying to save someone’s life, he died instantly.”

I fell to the ground, my legs couldn’t hold my body up. Carlisle caught me and tried to comfort me, but there was nothing he could do. If my heart was still beating it would have stopped from the huge chunk that was ripped out that belonged to my father. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t know what to think or what to do, or how I should act.

All of a sudden I got angry. Why didn’t Alice see this? How could she let my father die?

I stood up and ran home not caring if anyone saw me in the hospital. As I reached the house I went through the door, not even bothering to open it, and I went straight to Alice.


“Bella, I didn’t know.” she whispered.

“HOW COULD YOU NOT KNOW, YOU CAN SEE THE FUTURE, HOW COULD YOU NOT HAVE SEEN THIS COMING? How could you do this to me?” I questioned ending in a whisper.

Alice just stood there with sorry pleading eyes, saying nothing. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me. I collapsed to my knees.

“Alice didn’t see the accident until it was too late.” Edward said slowly. “Charlie wasn’t supposed to go to work today, the robbery wasn’t supposed to happen, is was all spontaneous, giving us no time to react.”

I hugged Alice back, letting her comfort me, as we cried tearless sob.

“Why did this happen, why now, my life was so perfect, I never even got to say goodbye.” I whispered to myself.

--Bella was never the same, something changed in her that day, she lost part of her heart. Charlie’s funeral was two days after his death. No one said anything, afraid to bring up memories of Charlie. Soon after a week of silent grieving, the Cullens decided it was time to leave forks. The hospital was getting suspicious about Carlisle’s age. The only reason they stayed in Forks was for Charlie. They moved to Hump tulips the second cloudiest town in the US. Esme and Carlisle bought a house next to the river that is completely covered with forest. The house is a 10 bedroom mansion. Jake went with the Cullens but he goes back to La Push every Sunday to check with his pack and he maintains his alpha duties by being there whenever he is needed.--

Chapter 3: Nothing to wish for.
Renesmee’s POV

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR NESSIE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” my family sang as Grammy Esme placed a cake in front of me on my 7th birthday. They sounded like a chorus of angels and they look like angels too.

“Make a wish sweetheart” my mom whispered in my ear.

I truly didn’t know if there was anything I could wish for, my life is perfect I have a perfect family, the best friend anyone could ask for and a new home. So I wished for the first thing that came to mind--even though Alice told me it would be perfect, she is able to see my future now-- a perfect first day of school at our new high school. I blew out my candles and looked at my family in our new home.

“Present time! Present time!” aunty Alice sang while she skipped to give me my presents

Every present was wrapped in a sea blue color with coral white ribbon and sea shells. The whole house was decorated that way, with sand, different colors of blue, and shells everywhere, like the beach on Isle Esme one of my favorite places to be. Even my family and I were dressed to match the décor. I opened every present my family gave me carefully, I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful wrapping job Alice did.

“Open mine and Alices first” aunty Rosalie said.

Aunty Alice and aunty Rosalie gave me a beautiful new white yellow, green, and red sun dress that went to mid calf, with thigh high black flat boots, and a red jacket--a perfect new outfit for school-- I smiled and thanked them knowing that that was there intentions.

I opened Grammy Esme and Grandpa Carlisles’ present next they gave me a set of beautiful jewelry to match my new outfit. A silver tree necklace and silver earrings. I kissed and thanked them.

The next present I opened was from my parents. It was a new ipod to replace my broken one,--Jake tackled me wanting to wrestle, I won but my ipod that was in my back pocket didn’t survive the tackle--and a car stereo that allowed me to plug my ipod into it. I looked at the stereo confused. I didn’t own a car…..

“Open ours next before you ask questions” uncle Emmett said pointing to my last present, the biggest one.

My last present was from my uncle Jasper and uncle Emmett. Inside the big box was some amazing speakers to hook up too my new stereo for a car……

I looked up at my family even more confused now. They were all just smiling with innocent faces, Jake was the only one laughing.

“Hear maybe this will help” my dad said tossing a pair of keys to me.

I looked at the keys that were in my hand then up at my family and ran into my parent’s arms.

“You bought me a car?!” I screamed with excitement.

”Everyone pitched in we wanted your first car to be from all of us” my dad said smiling.

“You bought me a car?!” I screamed again.

“Yes Honey. Your fully grown now and you know how to drive so it was about time you had ur own car” my mom said with a huge smile, she loved seeing me happy so did everyone else.

“Well arnt you going to go see it?” Jake asked

Oh yah. I ran as fast as I could out the door and right in front of the house was my brand new car with a sea blue bow. It is beautiful the perfect car for me. My family bought me a white Bugatti Veyron, the fastest car in the US 2day.

“Thank you Thank you Thank you!” I dance and screamed with excitement. I kissed and hugged everyone.

“Hey Nessie lets take it for a ride, you still haven’t gotten my present” Jake said trying to stop me from jumping up and down.

“Oh yah jerk where’s my present?” I said realizing my best friend didn’t get me a present.

“We have to go somewhere to get it. So lets take ur new car for a ride” he said with a secretive smile.

I knew something was up but I was to happy to care. I gave my family one last thank you kiss each and got in the drivers seat of my new car. Jake got in on the passengers side.

“Make good choices!” my mom said handing me my purse.

“Yah don’t have too much fun” uncle Jasper said while Emmet laughed.

“Be careful Renesmee Cullen. don’t go too fast” my dad said before we left knowing that I inherited his gene for the need for speed.

I drove away at a reasonable speed but once I hit the highway I wanted to see what my baby could do.

“lets see how fast this thing can go” I said pushing hard on the gas.

I loved this car! It was just how I pictured my first car, beautiful and fast. And man was my car fast. Once I really got going I was doing 249 down the highway until Jake reminded me that he wasn’t as indestructible as I am, I slowed down to 170.

“So Jacob where is my present at?” I asked looking at him not really needing to look at the road that often--I’m not as fast as a normal vampire or have the amount of space they have in there minds, but I’m close especially now that I’m fully grown and I’m immortal--

“Head down to Olympia” Jake said with that same secretive smile.

“Olympia?!” I asked.

“Yep and I’m not going to tell you why so don’t ask” He said as his smile grew.

I glared at him and just drove trying not to let the unknown bother me.

“Am I dressed right for where we are going?” I asked after a short silence.

“You look perfect” He said after taking his time looking at me.

“Ahhh just tell me already!” I said frustrated like no other.

“Nope” he said with an amused laugh

“Your difficult sometimes u know?” I said giving up

“I know” he said still smiling.

The rest of the drive was silent. Kind of uncomfortable at times. Jake kept looking at me that weird way that he did ever sense a couple days ago, when he realized I was almost fully grown. He looked like a blind man seeing sun light for the first time, and that sun light was me. Whenever he did look at me that way I swear I could hear my dad growl, but it was always so quiet that I didn’t know if I was just hearing things or not. That growl seemed to always wipe the look off of Jakes face. But in the car without my dad the look stayed. I began to feel self-conscious in ways that I had never felt before, like the way a girl does in front of a crush, so I have read, and I didn’t like it one bit.

I cleared my throat and said “We’re in Olympia now, where to?”

Jake blinked and looked out the window taking his eyes off of me and said “Head into town.”

I did as he said.

“K well now find a parking spot over there” he said pointing to a building with music, and lights blaring out of it.

I was ecstatic “Your taking me to a club?!” I asked

“Yep, you finally look 18 so yah and after a lot of persuasion with your parents they agreed” He said with a proud smile

I loved to dance and I have always wanted to go to a club, and of coarse Jake knew that.

I parked the car and jumped into his lap to hug him.

His smile grew when I did this and I was guessing that he enjoyed me on his lap more than I wanted him too, so I quickly got off and out of the car.

Jake fallowed and put his arm out for me to take.

“shall we?” he said

“We shall” I answered as I took his arm and we walked to the door.

chapter 4: Just like the movies--pg2
chapter 5: Unexpected--pg3
chapter 6: Trouble--pg4
chapter 7: True Vampire--pg5
chapter 8: Explanations--pg6
chapter 9: Sut Down--pg7
chapter 10: La Push--pg10
chapter 11: More and more piled on--pg10

chapter 12: New Faces--pg11 &12
chapter 13: Different Friends than Expected--pg13
chapter 14: My Turn--pg16
chapter 15: One Big Happy Family--pg18
chapter 16: What To Say--pg20
chapter 17: Nothin But Sweet--pg21
chapter 18: Decisions--pg...
chapter 19: Is It Love?--pg....
chapter 20: Worrying--pg....
chapter 21: Comming home is never easy--pg....
chapter 22: Truth--pg...

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