The Twilight Saga

This is a story based on a dream I had last night, it was quite vague so I'm sorry if that shows in my writing. It's based during Breaking Dawn, but instead of helping Bella, Jacob decides to go with his pack and get the baby.

Chapter 1
"Run, Bella!" Yelled Edward at me. I could see them coming, the whole pack.
"Run!" The yell came again, this time it was Rosalie. She was running beside me now. "Grab hold of me." I knew what was coming, but for once I was not scared or even hesitant. I was relieved. As I gripped onto Rose's firm shoulders I looked behind me. Edward was staring after us, turned away from Carlisle and all the rest of his family. Fighting for me, for his baby. The baby he didn't want.
"I love you!" I called to him, but we were going so quick I think my voice was lost in the wind. Rose patted my hand.
"It's ok, Bella. You're ok. The baby's ok. Everyone's going to be ok." She assured me.
"Not Jacob," I began to cry. "How could he? How?!" Rosalie shook her head. I thought she was going to comment, but stopped herself.
I said her thoughts for her. "That dirty Mongrel! That flea bitten dog!" I was yelling and Rosalie smirked.
"You finally understand." She smiled. How could she? Smile? Smirk? Joke? At a time like this? I was thinking of everyone who had betrayed me when we came to a abrupt stop. She set me down. In front of me was a little hut.
"Welcome to your new home," she said

I'll post more later. Please leave comments, I hope you like it.

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Please comment- I know its only short will add more soon!
Please add more. I want to know what happens
this cool are u going to write more ?
i hope u do and soon
wow that was good.
this is great can't wait for more!!!!


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