The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1

Here I am listening to Demitri and Jane talking about useless stuff, I feel bored so I go to my room and  lay on my bed.  The image of my mom appeared in my mind.

 I miss her. Her big blue eyes and her brown hair make her beautiful face lightens.

I closed my eyes and think about our memories. The old day, it was during the Renaissance.  Jane and I were Playing  in our small house. It was nice. My room was not this big before but I love it so much.  I remembered, what my mom and I usually do. We used to look at the stars. I named one of the biggest star near the moon her name. Rose. Rose Athendora  Raynsford.


     Suddenly I heard a knock in my room.  I could sense it, it’s Jane.

‘Come in Jane’ I said

She smile and sit in my bad. She look extremely happy.

‘You and Demitri, together?’ I guess

She smile at me and ask me ‘ how do you know?’

‘Well, I know stuff I might me old but I believe me I know stuff’ I tease her

‘ yea , yea Alec.. I’m going , have fun in your room ..dreaming’ she laugh

 I look at her’ I wasn’t dreaming! I was just—emm- thinking go away have fun with Demitri’ I laugh ‘go go’

She giggle and get out from my room

‘Uhh’ I sighed  

    I’m bored, it’s been my 150 year in volturi, I never get out since 1864.            Yep totally 1864. I wonder how the outside world looks like. I know that the dress is different. I bet the building are too. And I never see stars in here.  I feel like sometimes I want to get out from here. I love everyone in here, but the person who is the closest to me in here is of course Jane , my twins sister. The other they’re just friends.

  But like what I said to Jane I know stuff such as laptop, Cell phone. Human well the modern people, human that Heidi bring for our food usually bring laptop and cell phone. Thinking about human, I’m thirsty.

 I look at my watch. It’s 11.01 am . Heidi should be here by now 

 I get up from my bed and went downstairs. Yep  they are here.

Jane was giving her scary look to the human. She love scaring them. She think it’s fun.

 ‘Jane, you are not that scary you know’ I said

‘uhh shut up Alec, Im scarier than you’ she said

‘you wish’ I laugh

 Aro stand up from his huge big chair and got closer to the human. Then everyone start their feeding.

   I drank 3 people. 2 women and 1 man. But I never want to touch children. They are well to small, too innocent, they still doesn’t know about this creepy world, where vampire exist. I don’t know about werewolves, maybe they do exist. But if they do I really want to know .

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It seems interesting,keep me updated please
I thought of this idea a while ago but never bothered writing it down. I love it so far and am willing to bet yours'll be better than mine. Keep me updated please.
Seems pretty interesting please continue writing
its good


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