The Twilight Saga

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Chapter 1

Here I am listening to Demetri and Jane talking about useless stuff, I feel bored so I go to my room and  lay on my bed.  The image of my mom appeared in my mind.

 I miss her. Her big blue eyes and her brown hair make her beautiful face lightens.

I closed my eyes and think about our memories. The old day, it was during the Renaissance.  Jane and I were Playing  in our small house. It was nice. My room was not this big before but I love it so much.  I remembered, what my mom and I usually do. We used to look at the stars. I named one of the biggest star near the moon her name. Rose. Rose Athendora  Raynsford.

  Suddenly I heard a knock in my room.  I could sense it, it’s Jane.

‘Come in Jane’ I said

She smile and sit in my bad. She look extremely happy.

‘You and Demitri, together?’ I guess

She smile at me and ask me ‘ how do you know?’

‘Well, I know stuff I might me old but I believe me I know stuff’ I tease her

‘ yea , yea Alec.. I’m going , have fun in your room ..dreaming’ she laugh

 I look at her’ I wasn’t dreaming! I was just—emm- thinking go away have fun with Demitri’ I laugh ‘go go’

She giggle and get out from my room

‘Uhh’ I sighed 

    I’m bored, it’s been my 150 year in volturi, I never get out since 1864.Yep totally 1864. I wonder how the outside world looks like. I know that the dress is different. I bet the building are too. And I never see stars in here.  I feel like sometimes I want to get out from here. I love everyone in here, but the person who is the closest to me in here is of course Jane , my twins sister. The other they’re just friends.

  But like what I said to Jane I know stuff such as laptop, Cell phone. Human well the modern people, human that Heidi bring for our food usually bring laptop and cell phone. Thinking about human, I’m thirsty.

 I look at my watch. It’s 11.01 am . Heidi should be here by now 

 I get up from my bed and went downstairs. Yep  they are here.

Jane was giving her scary look to the human. She love scaring them. She think it’s fun.

 ‘Jane, you are not that scary you know’ I said

‘uhh shut up Alec, I’m scarier than you’ she said

‘you wish’ I laugh

 Aro stand up from his huge big chair and got closer to the human. Then everyone start their feeding.

   I drank 3 people. 2 women and 1 man. But I never want to touch children. They are well to small, too innocent, they still doesn’t know about this creepy world, where vampire exist. I don’t know about werewolves, maybe they do exist. But if they do I really want to know .


Chapter 2

I look around this huge room, Aro discussing about the plan of dominating the Volturi while Jane is flirting with Demetri..eww….                                                                                           

I just can’t believe Jane my twins sister is with Demetri. ..

Suddenly I feel really bored. I usually tease Jane but I guess I can’t tease her now. Uhh.. Demetri I hate him right now, stealing my evil twins. 

I wonder how if Aro fell in love and Jane is planning about the domination. That’s going to be very funny. The thought of Aro fell in love and asking me for advice. I laugh, I didn’t expect it to be very loud.

‘Alec, what are you laughing about?’Aro ask me

I’m dead.i’m totally dead. Stupid me. Why did I laugh. I thought

‘umm..just a funny.emm… memory, master’ I said hoping he will believe

‘would you like to share with us, my dear Alec’ Aro said

‘i..emm..don’t think it’s such a good idea..’ I answer

Aro look away and get back to his small meeting .

‘what are you thinking about..dreamer?’ Jane ask suspiciously

‘none of your business, sister’ I said

‘ohh come on Alec. We’re twins..tell me..’ she said

‘emm..let me think’ I said

‘no’ I finally answer

‘I know you’re going to say that’ she said and walk to the library

Jane Is a book freak. She read a lot of book. And it’s not a story book, it’s a history book I don’t know why she love it so much. It’s boring. But  I feel bored so I follow her.

‘hello my favorite sister’ I said

‘you only have one sister, my dear brother’ she answer

‘’re right.’

I sit beside her and look at the cover of the book

‘seriously?’  I ask  ‘again this boring book, you should really go and buy some book’ I said

‘hey,’s not boring, it’s interesting’ she replied

I raised one of my eyebrow

‘alright it’s a little, just a little boring’ she said

‘Better’ I smile

‘why don’t you go and read some book Alec’ she suggested

‘me..?books? no, no thank you’ I laugh

‘you never read, try read just 1 book’ she said

‘you know, you really sound like father..always telling me to read or do something like that, that’s why I don’t  really miss him’ I said

‘glad to know.’ She said without looking at me

‘in my defense I’m too old to read book. I’m 150. And people with that age doesn’t read’ I said and grin

‘you look  young technically’ she said

‘yep I look young and cool and don’t forget handsome..thanks Jane’ I smile

‘you are annoying Alec’she said

‘that’s my job as a brother’ I grin ‘ ohh and by the way don’t you feel your head is heavy’ I ask

‘what do you mean Alec’ she ask’ I don’t get it’

‘Your head is too big , sister..stop filling your head with the non-important stuff. It might burst someday’ I laugh

‘ahh..just go, disturb someone else Alec’ she said

I grin and walk out from the library


Chapter 3

Laying in my bed, looking at my lunch mobile phone. He got a very nice picture. He got the picture when he is in Coliseum , Pisa and Eiffel Tower. I guess my lunch is in his holiday.


Maybe I could have a holiday. I’m dead bored in here. I’m so bored. Maybe I should have a holiday.

Suddenly Jane come

‘little’ve been dreaming a lot..tell me what’s in your mind’ she said

‘Jane, I’m not your little brother’ I sighed

‘hey, I was born first’

‘we’re twins! How many centuries do we have to argue-

‘so back to the original what they say nowadays , what’s up?’ she interrupted

‘alright, I’ll tell you..I’m going for a holiday’ I said with a smile

She just look at me like I’m a idiot

‘what?’ I ask

‘seriously, Alec. ?’

‘Yeah, Jane. I am. I’m dead bored right now. ‘ I said

‘you are dead. We all are dead’ she said

‘alright, you are right about the I’m dead’ I said’ but still I’m bored’

‘you are serious’

‘yep’ I nodded

She look at me ‘you are coming back aren’t you?’ she ask

‘yes Sister, I am coming back’ I said

‘when and where and with who are you going?’ she look at me

‘chill, need to lighten up’ I said ‘ I’m going…Today, still don’t know where and alone’ I answer

‘today? Still don’t know where and alone..what?’

‘like I said calm down sis, I’m going to Aro now’ I finally say

 I walk down the stairs to the huge room and bow awkwardly to Aro

‘what’s in your mind Alec’ Aro ask

‘I ..emm’ I struggle to find a word, finally I give up and offer my hand. Aro read everything in my mind. After he finish he look at me

‘if …Holiday is what you want then, go ahead Alec, but don’t be to long, your sister will miss you’ Aro said

‘yes, master, I won’t  be long’

I bow to him and left the room. I went to my room and surprisingly Jane is still there. I pack my things , after I finished. I look at her.

‘ I’ll be back..sister’ I said

‘I’ll wait’ she said with a sad look in her face

‘come on cheer got Demetri’ I said

‘yea..but still im going to miss my little brother’ she said with a little smile

‘call me your little brother right now, we’ll argue later’ I grin

I hug her and kiss her in her cheek’ goodbye my big head sister’ I said

‘you are the big head’she said

I look at her ‘ tell me goodbye my cool, awesome brother’ I said

‘Goodbye my big head little brother’ she grin

‘Goodbye’ I finally said and left


Alec mother

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My story got here...chapter 1-3... hope you like it

I'll write more..(:
oh my goodness I love it so far!
plese do continue.
when are you going to post again?
I'll write tomorrow..i can't write today, Spring Break is over and i got a lot of HW... Thank you anyway (:
please write tomorrow i love it

Chapter 4

The first word that came to my mind was ‘WOAH, this world really change’ the building, the car, It’s just different and the street. But most of all, the car.
Gosh just look at that white car. It’s so damn cool.

I saw the owner park his car and went to buy some donut. I grin and run to the car. I’m usually not a thief but this car tempts me.

‘Sorry man, your car tempted me’ I shouted to the guy and chuckles

I try to drive the car but the car wouldn’t work. I look around the car and found a key. This car is so complicated, it’s not like the old day. We got horse.

Then the owner start running toward his car . Shouting for help and cursing me.

‘Opps.. I’m dead.’ I thought, I couldn’t move this car.

Luckily Heidi came running to me and starts driving.

‘Thanks’ I said

‘You are so stupid Alec!’ was all she said

‘hey!!’ I protested

‘you’re trying to steal someone car and you couldn’t drive it’ she said

‘I love this car’ I said and watch how she drive

‘ I know, how you move this thing, let me try’ I said

She look at me and changed seat with me , I drive very fast. I’m starting to really love this car.

‘Okay Alec, I got to go. But first, You should really change your clothes. Second, you should buy fuel for the car . Here, some money. Take it. And don’t you dare try making any trouble. Do you understand?!’ she look at me with her wild scary eyes

‘ Jeez Heidi chill, yea yea whatever you say..By the way what is fuel’ I ask

She look at me like I’m an idiot ‘just buy it, It’right there’ she pointed

‘ what if I don’t buy it’ I said

‘your car won’t work stupid!’ she said angrily

‘you really have an anger issues.. Thanks for the money anyway’ I said

‘whatever, I’m going’ and then she left

I bought the fuel, and went to the nearest shop and buy some clothes

I actually look cool. With Black T-shirt, baggy trousers, sunglass and a cap. I totally look very cool. Jane should see me right now. She will be shocked. I grin.

I get out from the store and feel really thirsty. I went back to the store and look at the seller.

The seller was a guy. He was old, he was kind of nice. But I couldn’t think about the positive side about the guy right now.

‘sorry’ I said

‘for what’ the old man say

I use my power and suck his blood. After I finished I got into my car. But before I got inside the light in the sky caught my sight. It was the stars. I used to see them a long time ago. It used to me a lot more. A thousand times more.But it’s a long time back, o just like how the street and the building changed and so does the star. And also my life .

I sighed. And think what must I do. And where must I go

I really hope you like it (:

Alec Car

Alec after changing his clothes

Omigosh I <3 this!
oh my goodness! I love it. I like how you have pictures to explain things, very helpful. :) keep up the good work. Please post asap!!!
I agree that is a hot pick update soon lol
thanks guys.. I'll update soon. and yep he is hot


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