The Twilight Saga


My name is Alegaesia and I live in year 2211 on Earth Planet. Or what is left from it.
I and my people live in a concentration, at the most “green” area of Earth. The last one.
We are the last residents on Earth.
Our city is named Adurna and is governed by the dreadful King Kelutz and the Guardians Council. I’m part of the population of 6.000 inhabitants, fighting for our survival.
I´m going to narrate my story, about all that Man create for him and for his future: misery, disgrace and death.
The Nature, for save herself, create the 4 elements´ Association, where she elect four babies to represent each one of them, giving them special powers.
Let´s see what happens!!!

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Chapter 1 – “The Beginning”

She smiles resplendent, so happy like I never seen before!
It looks like she had an attack of amnesia and forgot everything that happened until today.
What a day, one of the worst and best of my life!
All the tears squirted, all the hatred in my heart, all the times I slant on the breastwork of the window waiting a miracle, believing that everything was a lie…
Today is the last day of arrangements. I´m so sick of this dissimulation that I was feeling like tear and break everything that appears in front of me! But I couldn´t, although everything my family did to me, I still want their well-being.
But they can´t demand me to be joyful and excited, that would be the cumulus! I don´t know how she sustain that look, like nothing can shake up her happiness.
“Alegaesia, please, turn a little more to left, the dressmaker has to finish the final retouching!” she said, my own mother with the most pleasure look I ever seen in her, which gives me the sensation of pure disgust.
I am at the last fitting of my wedding gown and my wedding day is tomorrow! Wedding as one might say, because the correct term is the sale of my own body! That´s right, my family sold me in return of WATER!
In this age, the most valuable asset is the water, more than all the gold and gems.
It was unusual to exist families with more than a bottle of water per week! This family is rich, which means that they earn weekly 5 liters of water.
My future husband (that I don´t know yet), it´s going to give a dower of 10 bottles of water, on the old-established coin, $5.000!
Today, wedding´s eve, I´ll get to know my fiancé and future husband, pretending to be the happiest woman in the world. It´s going to be hard!
“Alegaesia, let´s go! Go and prepare yourself for the dinner that´s going to decide your future!”
“Yes, mum” I answer, with the most disdain look that I could manage.
“Alegaesia, my daughter, show some joy! It´s your wedding´s eve, your union, your two-part life!”
Just after this sentence, the bubble that I create inside me with all the sadness, hatred, tears, memories and experiences explode, I scream with all my strength and trough out everything at my mother´s cynic face.
“I´M FED UP! Everything is a lie, falsity, hypocrisy! I was sold and obliged to marry a man I never see in my life in return of WATER! And was my family, whose I always loved and cared, that organized it, treating their daughter like an object for being capable to quench the thirsty with more gluttony than all the population from Adurna! And my mum is here, in front of me, happier than Kelutz in front of his feast´s table, preparing the sell´s conditions of her own daughter! I´M JUST 16 YEARS OLD!”
My mother drops her head of embarrassing, stay like that for 3 seconds and, then, goes to check if the dressmaker didn´t listen a word of my speech.
“Please” I thought, with the most disgust, disdain and repulsion at the person who gave me birth, turned my back and climbed up the stairs to my bedroom.
I will!!!! Thanks for reading!!!
I´ll post the second chapter really sooner!!!
PLZ PLZ keep writing !!!!!!!!!!
that is awsome.weres chapter 2.i'll be 2 me,vick.can't wait.
Alegaesia is the land of Eragon, but I loved the name, so I decided to put it on my protagonist...
Adurna means water in elf language...
Thanks for readding!!!
Hey Priscila,

Totally lovin the story chicka. Very original, keep me updated.
this is....................................WOW!
Thanks!!! Give me your opinion about how you like the story to be!!!
the story is so cool...
you have to give the updated and the second chapter..
Yeap, I´m sure I will!!!!
Thanks for reading it!!!
Thanks!!! I really wanted to writte something else of twilight world...
I realy like this, We would love to have this as part of the Winter Solstice Collection so feel free to post it in our group! It would be made a feature and ofcourse be put on the front page.


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