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Here is where i will post book 1-3 of Alice Cullens past: Anniversary and Memories. I really hope you like it! Tell your friends! I have also attatched the complete version of book 1 below. Book 2 will be posted in the comment area only so you will have to read it there until it is finished which is when it will be attatched as a file like book 1 for more info scroll to the bottom of the discussion area.


Book 1

all of this book is posted on page 2 in the comments!


When you wake up alone, burning, and changed what do you do? When people appear in your mind how do you react? When your suddenly different but remember nothing of what you were before how do you survive? These are all questions Alice has to ask herself, and find the answers to.


Book 2

In book 2 Alice finds herself in a rather odd predicament, when she finds her reason to live in a dark alley way, And the volturri get suspicious. Alice almost causes this precious being his life because of one mistake she made in her past. Is there any way to save him from the Volturri? Or are they both condemned to die?

How do you give up the reason for your existance? How can you protect him when his death is almost certain? How do you leave him behind and forget he ever existed? Alice finds the answer simple: You can't.


Book 2 will be posted in the comments section Book 1 is in a file below--if the file will not load for you I'm sorry but I can only upload for microsoft works word processor, word processor 97-2003, word 2007. Okay So I couldnt post all of book 1 in the disscussion area therefore it is all posted in 3 comments on page 2 or 3:) thank you all for your patience! 

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really, really great! alice is the best, and you wrote this so well!
nice story..=) Alice rocks!xD
tht was amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing write more!!!
ooo plizz write more i what 2 now that happens next tell me when u write more!!
when r u going 2 write more? plizz do i'm anxious soo read more!!
As you may have noticed I have deleted my replies to all of the comments on this page...that is so I can start posting book 2 on page 2 or 3 instead of 4 or 5...also you can still comment and I encourage you to and I will still reply to your comments! Because I LOVE to know what all of you think! Thank you all so much for taking an interest in my fan fiction..i never thought i would get more than 2 replies!
p.s. the 1st chapter or 2 of book 2 will be posted next week thank you all for your patience!
I can't read it. I downloaded it, but I can't read it :S
I don't... =(
Can I download it somewhere?
Alright I'm posting the whole book 1 in a couple of comments because it wont let me post it in the disscusion area however its still available for download!
Chapter 1

The sun rises over the trees surrounding our house. Another morning, but this morning is far more special. it’s the morning of my anniversary. Jasper and my anniversary. Its May, 19th 2011. We’ve been together since 1948 that’s 63 years! Just the thought makes me smile. I can’t help but remember everything that led up to that stormy day in Philadelphia.
* * * * *

Someone’s screaming but I don’t know who. I realize its me. Where am I? Oh my gosh! Why am I burning! It hurts! Someone, anyone, please make it stop! Help! Why is no one answering me. I try to move a finger…It doesn’t move, which means my mouth probably isn’t opening releasing sound. Which means no one can help me. I want to cry, the burning hurts so much. I feel so numb the only thing I can feel is pain.
Am I dead? Did I ever live? Who am I…let see…My name is…I remember being called Alice. Okay so my name is Alice, and I remember someone-people-calling me Alice, which means was Alive. Was. Which can only mean I’m dead. Death shouldn’t be this painful. Maybe I’m burning to death, or worse, I will eternally rot in hell. NO! I can’t take this pain forever!
I’m fading in and out of consciousness how long has it been? Hours? Days? Weeks? Months? No with my luck (did I ever have luck?) it’s only been seconds or maybe minutes.
Wait! The burning its fading. Out of my hands and feet. Slowly, very slowly. This is so frustrating! Its fading so slow as if to tease me! Well, at least its fading. Its in the pit of my stomach and in my chest now. The burning has drained from my head and arms and legs. I can feel it all moving into my chest, but I don’t hear my heart beat. I must be dead. At least the death is becoming less painful now. All the burning is rising up into my throat…How odd. The burning has died down now to a dull numbing feeling in the back of my throat.
I guess I should try to get up. Okay I’m going to try to open my eyes. Where am I? Its to dark to tell. Okay lets move my arms to lift me onto my feet. Slowly. Wow now that I’m up on feet I can see I’m outside. Which was probably why it was so dark because I was looking up at the night sky. There are no stars out not even the moon but I can see just fine. I looked for the fire but I don’t see one. Then how was I burning? WHATS HAPPENING?!?
A man walks through a door. He’s wearing some dark jeans and a button up shirt. He’s very tall with blonde hair that looks wet as if he just got out of the shower. I hear thunder and the pitter patter of rain on the roof. I look out the windows and see rain along with a neon sign. Its raining outside that’s why his hair is wet. He’s pale, very pale, and muscular but lean. He looks about 20. A girl hops off a tall stool. She is rather short and I don’t know how she managed to climb up on the stool in the first place. She walks over to the tall blonde man smiling as if she knows him and has been waiting for him all her life.
“You’ve kept me waiting a long time.” the short pixie like girl said.
“I’m sorry ma’am” the gentleman said bowing his head.
She offered him her hand. They must know each other because he took it and they walked out of the building together.
Oh my goodness! what was that? How did that get inside my head? Who was that girl? Who was that boy? Well, man actually, a very good-looking man. I could feel a smile spreading across my features. Okay, so what, I kind of like an imaginary person inside my head! Great, I’m going crazy.
Well, what if he wasn’t just a person inside my head. What if he was real. Okay, I admit, that’s ridiculous. There was a sign in the window when I seen the rain. It said “Pam’s Philadelphia Diner” and the sign below it said “open”. So I guess I’m off to Philadelphia. But first I should figure out 3 things. 1. Where Philadelphia is 2. How to get there from here and 3 Where exactly is here. Well 1st things 1st #3 is first. Which is kind of backwards but hey, I have no Idea who or where I am or how I even got here so its good enough for me.
I need to find a map or something. Great its starting to rain. Well nothing will be open tonight anyways I better find shelter. There are trees over there, since I don’t have a home (or don’t remember where it is if I do) I suppose the trees will have to do.
I started running and It was like nothing before! I went so fast I blew through the trees out to the other side of the woods! It wasn’t blurry or anything! How could I have run that fast and my vision not gone blurry? This is amazing! I wonder how long it took me. I’ll count this time. As soon as my feet started to move I counted 1...2...3...4...5...6! Only 6 seconds! Wow! When I stopped I heard something jingle in my pocket. I pulled it out to see a watch on a chain. The time read 1 a.m.(I assumed it was a.m. because of how dark it was). I wasn’t tired though, actually I felt energized! Well I might as well try to get some sleep.

Chapter 2
Something New
I have been laying here for 2 hours! I don’t think I can sleep. Ever. Okay I may not remember anything about my human life but I do remember humans sleep. Well since I’m not sleeping and all the other humans are. Wait! I’m a human! Why am I calling everyone else humans, what else could I be? A little voice in the back of my head said but humans sleep, and humans cant cross a 2 mile long forest in 6 seconds. Okay well its 3 a.m. everyone’s still asleep I suppose I could go scout out some local book shops they normally have cartography books there. So I can find a cartography book and find where Philadelphia is.
I love running! It so exhilarating! I see a town sign it says “Welcome to Biloxi, Mississippi”. So now that I have #3 figured out its time to start on #1(who cares about numerical order when you’re possibly not human!) Speaking of the human issue I have a couple of theories. I may have died so either I’m an Angel or a Ghost. Which isn’t good for me I mean, what if people can’t see me? How will I buy the book? Well actually I don’t have any money so I’ll just be memorizing the way to Philadelphia. I can remember things in great detail now that I’m a, well now that I’m whatever I am.
I was running around town when I passed by a bookstore. I was reading the sign that said “Biloxi’s bookstore” and below that it said Hours “ Monday through Saturday- 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. Closed Sundays” There was a listing of everything they carried taped onto the wood I was getting ready to read it when a small window caught my attention. There she was! The girl in my head! I was so shocked I ran and I kept running until I found water and then I realized the sun was coming up.
It was beautiful. Just to see the sun come up over the water. I stood there mesmerized until something glittery caught my eye. For the first time since I woke up I looked down at myself. I was in a plain shirt and a skirt that reached my ankles. It was hideous. My hand! Its glittering! It was beautiful, even more beautiful than the sunrise. It looked like millions of tiny diamonds were embedded in my hand. Even though I pull my hand up to my eyes I can’t see or feel any diamonds. Then all of a sudden a human-yes they are officially humans and I am not one-gasped and I felt the dull-almost-gone burning in my throat had came up and combusted in flames licking my throat.
So I ran. Ran as fast as I could, all the way back to Biloxi. When I got there it was 7 a.m. and the bookstore just opened. I ducked inside and found a map from Biloxi to Philadelphia. The directions were fairly simple.
So now knew where I was going there was just one thing I had to do first.

Chapter 3
I found the mirror shop that was in this town and I went inside. I studied myself for a long time. I needed to know if that girl was me or not. I stood in front of a full length mirror and looked, really looked. The mirror was 5 feet tall and I looked about 4 feet and 10 inches tall. My face was pale, really pale. I touched it and it felt hard as stone, unbreakable. I had short, cropped messy hair that was sticking up in places, I kind of liked it like that. Of course I would brush the leaves out of it later but I like it kind of flipped out. It was deep black and it made me look pixie-like. Then I caught a glimpse of my eyes. They were glowing red! My eyes were large and long. I had thin delicate eyebrows. I also had dark circles under my eyes, it looked as if I had lost sleep, but I’ve never been tired. My lips were a reddish color instead of a pale pink like the sales woman. I was beautiful. I smiled at the thought and gasped at my perfect white teeth. But when I smiled, even though my skin was hard as marble, my features softened and I looked even more beautiful. I studied my shirt and decided it would have to go. Sure, its weird to be worried about fashion but I was going to create-hopefully I could sew- the dress I seen in my head. My skirt was just as plain as my top. My skirt had 2 pockets in it and in the left pocket there was a lump. I reached in to find a note. It said:
Dear Alice,
I know when you wake up you won’t understand what happened to you, and I wont be there. However, I left you this note to tell you a little bit about what you are. I have changed you into a vampire. Yes, a vampire, because you were my only true love. There is no need to dwell on that fact though, because I am gone now. I turned you to protect you, it’s a story best not told if you don’t remember how it happened, its not worth remembering. As a vampire you will have some interesting changes. First of all you will look different, you will be incredibly fast and beautiful(not that you weren’t already), you will also have glowing red eyes. I can not write any more for he is coming and if the wrong people find this note it could put you in grave danger. Be well, my love and let your life (which you will live forever) be wonderful and fulfilled.
With love for you forever,

* * * * *
I was absent mindedly making my way to my little chest of things I kept for memories and digging for the key to unlock it. I suppose all these memories possessed me to do so. When I unlocked it I reached toward the bottom of the chest, and pulled up the secret compartment. I delicately pulled out the tattered piece of paper. I read it once, then twice then a third time. I was observing William’s hand writing. Fingering the tattered edges and the places where the note had been folded, left with a permanent crease.
I never mentioned it to any one, not even Edward has found out, that I knew who W. was. His name was William. I smiled at the thought. I couldn’t remember him until I found out what had happened. I had recently found out in 2006 that James (the same tracker who tried to kill Bella, the one I dismantled) had killed my William.
My parents had had a high place in the social community in Biloxi, Mississippi, so when they found out I had visions they put me in an insane asylum. They didn’t put me there just to keep their standing in the community(which in the 1920’s was very important) they put me there to protect me. Back then if you were psychic, you were a witch or a demon. So they were protecting me.
I spent most of my life in an insane asylum and fell in love with Will. He in turn fell in love with me. He was a vampire and was planning on changing me so we could live together for eternity. Until James realized our attraction and wanted to kill me. Will died trying to protect me. James killed him but not until after William spread his venom throughout my body. The note was the kindest thing he could have done for me, it was too bad it took me so long to find it.
He only expressed a little of what love he felt for me because he wanted me to move on and find another mate. The reason I remembered him so clearly is because not only did I spend most of my human life with him but he was my first true love. I wept for him now just as I had then. Of course just like back then I didn’t actually cry because vampires cant produce tears.
* * * * *
I read the note once more absorbing it and I started to cry. But no tears came out. I guess vampires can not cry. I pulled myself out of my mental crying for my lost love and tucked the note in my pocket, vowing to keep it forever. I kindly turned to the sales lady. And smiled.
“Can I help you with something dear? You look a little lost.” she said
I smiled and replied “Yes, I was wondering what the date was today.” my voice shocked me it was so melodic. I loved it, it made me want to speak more! I started to walk over to her.
“my, my, my,” in a southern accent she continued “you must be a dancer of some sort.”
“Why do you say that?” I said my voice once again shocking me and making me smile even wider. Would I ever get used to the sound off it?
“The way you move, so graceful. You must be a dancer, like in one of those musical stage performances.”
“thank-you so much I’m flattered!” Its true I was very flattered. “I am not a dancer though, thank you for the compliment.”
“Its no trouble miss. Now what were you needing to ask me?”
“Oh yes, I was wondering what the date was today.” my voice was like a soprano singing. I loved it!
“Today’s Date is January first 1921.”
“Thank you I should be on my way.” I said as I waved and started for the door.
“Happy New Year!” She hollered after me.
Well now that I was off to find the boy in my mind, who I really hope is real, I was going to have to look a little more decent. I’m going to have to follow the roads, but as I started to walk I seen my hand glitter. But the strangest thing happened. The only part of my hand that glittered was the part in the sunlight. I guess I am going to have to stick to the night time and the shadows.

Chapter 4
Its only 8:30 a.m. so there are still plenty of shadows. So I was making my was down the woods by the main road when someone shot at me! Hunters. Great! I didn’t even thing they could see me! So I just kept pushing myself faster until it was 5 p.m. and I reached a bigger city called Montgomery, it was in Alabama. I guess I can stop here. Ooh a clothing store! I guess I’ll go inside and look around. They clearly have all the latest 1920 fashion. So ill browse now and then tonight when the humans are all in bed I can sn- a mans booming voice interrupted my planning.
“Sorry Miss but its 6 p.m. time for me to close up for the night.”
“Oh,” I said innocently shooting him a smile “I didn’t realize the time,” I continued in my best southern accent, which actually didn’t sound so bad with my voice. “I’ll be sure to come back tomorrow and continue looking, there were a few pieces of clothing I was willing to buy.”
“okay ma’am, see you then” He said as he walked me out of the store.
I left then and waited for him to lock up. Now its time to wait. I wonder who this guy is in Philadelphia? Why is he important? Is he even real? But, wait, he has to be real because I seen myself finding him. But how did I know what I looked like when I was shocked in the mirror store today? There had to be some books on vampires somewhere. Then again maybe not. But this W. person told me all the basics about being a vampire, so does that mean this vision of this guy I had make me out of the ordinary. Wait…Did I just think the answer. A vision! I had a vision! A vision of the future…Or was it the past? No it couldn’t have been the past I had vampire traits in this vision. Which means this guy is real! But he took my hand so at ease which means we must know each other. Maybe we meet soon and part and then meet again? Oh well too much to think about now.
Its 8:30p.m. according to my watch. Time to put my plan in action. Okay there’s a window in the front I can sneak into the store there. Okay ill just lift it up, good its not locked, and climb in. Well that was easier than expected. I already know what I will be wearing its the newest and most expensive piece of clothing in this store. A brand new black and white patterned dress. The skirt part should be easy enough to run in. Now that I’ve changed I need to get out of here before someone finds me. I hoist myself up and out of the window and land just in time for a police officer to find me. Wonderful, I shut the window and turn to confront him.
“And just what do you think you’re doing out here?” he said in a gruff voice.
“I was just locking up this store sir,” I said putting on my best and most innocent façade I had along with my strongest southern accent. When he gave me a disbelieving look I continued on with my lie. Shooting him a smile I said “ I had already locked the door from the inside so this was easier than unlocking the door and then relocking it again.” the next time he spoke he seemed slightly disoriented as if my smile threw him off
“Oh, well, um, this store isn’t open till 9:00p.m. the curfew of the town is 9:00p.m.”
“I know that sir, I was taking count of everything we had in stock.” I said he looked at me seeming to believe my lie and continued on without a word. Well that was much easier. I think my looks charm men, how amusing! It is night now so I need to continue on my journey up to Philadelphia. I will go through Atlanta, Georgia and then up to Charlotte, North Carolina its about 300 miles from where I am now.
I need to run north. Okay so the man in my head is real (yes!) and I’m the girl he knows, but how does he know me? Do we meet between now and when I meet him in the diner? When do I meet him? How will I know when, and what time I meet him?!? What if I don’t make it in time? What am I supposed to do just sit at that diner on every rainy day in Philadelphia.?!? This vision thing is so complicated when it only gives you on piece of the puzzle! I wish I could just tell my visions I need to know when and where and they would tell me what I need to know. Apparently its not that easy. Humph. This stinks.

Chapter 5
Welcome to…Georgia?
There’s the wooden sign that welcomes me to Atlanta, Georgia. It took me long enough to get here. I guess now that I’m a vampire I love to go really fast! I suppose vampires have to eat, but I don’t know what. Probably human food. There’s a diner called “Country Cooking” I’m sure I can get some food there, but I don’t really feel hungry. I don’t have any money! How can I buy food if I don’t have any money. Well maybe they need help. If they hire me I’ll get paid…But there’s no help wanted sign. But humans are easily tricked so maybe I could just make my own sign and put it in their window and take it back to the manager, since this is a man’s world the manager is a man and I’m sure a couple of smiles and saying Oh but sir I really need this job. I’ll have him in the palm of my hand.
Well before I continue with my scheming-scheming sounds to evil- planning. I really need to clean up. I’ll run down Peach St. and check for a beauty parlor. Aha! Found one…Lucille’s beauty parlor its closed but it doesn’t look locked. I tried the front door and walked right in! My lucky day, now I just need a few things. Ill grab a mirror, shampoo, soap, a brush, and some hair gel. I heard a river while I was running it’s south east from here.
Now that I’ve had my shower and fixed my hair(in that spiky look I woke up with only this is 10x better and cleaner). Its about 7:00 a.m. now The beauty parlor will be opening soon, I’ve go to get back and return this stuff!
As I’m running I started pondering some things. I wonder if I was a thief in my human life because, I sure am stealing a lot of stuff lately. I hope I never die because with all this theft I will never make it through the golden gates of heaven, and I cannot stand the burning so I will never be able to stand Hell. Of course I don’t even know if god applies to vampires, but W. said I would live forever so I guess vampires cant die. Which is good for me.
Okay I have to get in this beauty shop and out as fast as I can, the owner is starting to “unlock” the door. I shoved everything back where it belonged and ran out the back door! It was 7:30 a.m. now and the Country Cooking diner is already open so my plan of posting it before hand wont work. I’ll just walk inside and smile my way into a job.
“Hello, may I speak to your manager?” I said to the nearest waitress.
“ Yes,” she twanged in her accent. “ She’s in the back.” She must have noticed the surprise on my face because she continued, “ Yes, it is a woman, her husband disappeared so she is filling in for him.”
“Ah, I see.”
“She’s right this way.”
She led me through a kitchen and into a room in the back. The room was painted a beautiful dark green with landscape paintings hanging on the walls. There was a floral rug over the wood floor. In the center of the room was a wooden desk with 1 comfy looking chair behind it and two chairs in front of it. On the desk was papers, pencils, and flowers.
“Have a seat.” a female voice chimed like bells.
As I was making my way to one of the chairs, I noticed she had black eyes. I had never seen black eyes, she also had deep purple bruises under her eyes and she was extremely pale. She was also the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She had long chestnut brown hair that fell around her waist in spiral curls. I sat down and so did she. She had a slender figure and I guessed she was about 5 feet 5 inches in height. She was wearing a sleeveless white shirt with ruffles down the middle, around the collar, and around the bottom hem. On her hands reaching up to her elbows were gloves, their color was a cross between white and khaki . Her khaki skirt tightly framed her waist down to her shin.
“So, what can I do for you…” she trailed off as if asking for my name so I answered.
“Alice…” she indirectly asked for my last name. Well I had no last name but I couldn’t tell her that.
“ Sorry,” I said smiling “ Alice White”
“Nice to meet you Alice White, now, what may I do for you?”
“Nice to meet you as well. I was wondering if you had a position open? For a waitress maybe?”
“I have a position open but its for a cook, not a waitress.”
“Oh, I see, well I don’t know how well I can cook.” I said unsurely.
“Well, you know I like you. I definitely need a friend right now after losing my husband. One of our current waitresses knows how to cook, ill switch her to a cook and you to a waitress. You can start right now.” She said not giving me a choice in the matter. Which I didn’t want one.
“That sounds wonderful, and I would love to be your friend umm” I paused not knowing her name.
“Oh! My name is Elaine. Elaine Montgomery.”
“Nice to meet you Elaine. I don’t mean to sound rude but how much do I get paid and when?
“Oh you don’t sound rude. You get paid twice a month. Your wage is .50 an hour, which means you will get paid about 98.00 a month.”
“Wow, thank you!” then she leaned very close to me and the next words she said surprised me greatly.
“I have a secret.” she whispered.

Chapter 6
“Okay, what is it Elaine?” I whispered.
“Well, you see, my-” she was cut off by a woman running into the room!
“Elaine! Elaine I know wha-” She stopped in the middle of her sentence when she laid eyes on me. Then she continued spitting the words hatefully out of her mouth “Elaine. Who. Is. She?”
“Ah, Melanie, she is my newest employee here at the restaurant, I was just sharing my business strategy with her.” Elaine said calmly.
“Elaine!” Melanie groaned, “How could you share that with her?”
Melanie had straight honey blonde hair that fell right around her shoulders. She too, had black eyes, only hers were much less inviting than Elaine’s. She was wearing a sky blue flowing skirt that fell right between her knee and her ankle. She had on a ¾ sleeve white shirt. Her shirt was a button up shirt with light blue buttons and in her hair had a bright blue flower in it. She could have been an angel, she was inhumanly beautiful.
“ Alice I think you should get started on your work day, we will talk later.” She said hurriedly. “ Tell Amber you are her new trainee and tell Beth I need to see her. Thank you” she demanded
Well it certainly wasn’t a request but I didn’t mind, being in the room with a scowling Melanie was worrying me. I can hear them yelling Melanie doesn’t sound to happy with Elaine, I don’t know why but I’m sure they wont be friends anymore. There’s a waitress maybe that’s amber.
“Um, Amber?”
“Oh, no dear, I’m Beth.” she said her voice was hoarse.
“Oh well, nice to meet you Beth. Elaine wanted to see you.” Just then Melanie stormed out of the room.
“oh okay, and by the way,” she added, “Ambers aver there.” She pointed me in the direction of Amber, as she hurried off to the back room. So I walked over to Amber.
“Hi Amber.”
“Oh, Hello. Do I know you?” she asked.
“No, I just got hired here Elaine said you should train me on how to be a waitress.”
“Well Hello Alice! it’s a great pleasure to meet you! Well being a waitress is easy just watch me take care of this customer.”
I watched as she went up to a man in a suit and led him to a table. She politely asked what he would like to eat, he told her, she scribbled his order down on a small notepad. She then ripped the piece of paper of and stuck on an empty nail on a wall inside the kitchen area. There were a whole row of nails. Then she disappeared into a backroom and came out with an apron, a notepad, pen, and a uniform. She handed them to me and walked away as the chef yelled order 27 is ready! And she carried the plate on one hand and the drink in the other handed it to the man, smiled, and walked back to me.
“that’s the first part, go get dressed and I’ll show you the second part.”
Well this is going to be easy. Ill just change and then finish out the day, I should only have to stay here a month, 98 dollars should go pretty far for a while at least long enough to buy me meals. I still don’t feel hungry, but there’s got to be something I need to eat. I walked down the long hallway in time to see Amber taking the man’s plate and giving him his check. She walked over to me.
“did you see what I did?”
“next I’ll show you how to put money in the cash box.”
“Okay.” I really don’t want to work around all these humans, I cant move as fast and I certainly hate this burning in my throat. Maybe the burning means I’m hungry. Next Amber showed me where the money was kept and then we cleaned up. We closed up the restaurant early and Amber made me giver her my apron so she could sew Alice in the dark green apron.
Then I left. I didn’t say goodbye to anyone, not even Amber, who was really a sweet girl. When I left with my tip of 2.50 (a rich man came in and I was the one to serve him) I decided to get some food. There’s a place where they serve hamburgers, steaks, and shakes. I guess I’ll try a hamburger, and a milkshake. I take a bite out of the hamburger. Its taking everything I have to not spit it out I swallow it and order a steak, for some reason I want my steak to be rare. I sipped my milkshake but its gross! Ah, my steaks here. Its okay I guess. I like it a little bit, I force it all down and pay the bill. I don’t have any of my tip left but that’s okay. Maybe vampires don’t eat human food. Maybe we don’t eat at all. I don’t know there’s just so much to figure out! And I have to stay here for an entire month! Maybe more! I would like to have a place to stay instead of having to sit out in the woods and get leaves in my hair. And dirt all over me. I really need to find a place to stay. I guess I’ll try Oak Avenue.
I guess I got lucky, There’s a couple renting out a bedroom in their house. Its only about 9:00 p.m. so hopefully they’re awake. I knocked on the door and waited for five minutes until and elderly lady made her way to the door.
“Hi, I’m Alice, I was wondering if your room is still for rent.”
“Oh why yes it is dear.” As she took my hand she said “Oh, come in, come in child! Your freezing! My goodness, well I suppose it is a chilly night in Georgia.”
“Yes I suppose it is.” I lied. I’m cold? I didn’t feel cold? She led me through a hallway and opened a door and then turned to me.
“This is your room, no parties or anything dear we have 3 other tenants living here. The room is $4.50 a night, which includes morning breakfast. You pay your rent either every two weeks or once a month whichever you prefer. There are fresh towels and wash clothes in there, we all share a shower so its quite a fuss in the mornings. Also there are bed sheets and pillows in the little shelf over there, and that dresser is yours for all the time you live here. Feel free to put anything you want in it.”
“Thank you so much, its perfect. I’ll pay my rent once a month. I don’t know how long I’ll be staying here but I’ll be sure to let you know before I leave for good. I’m really tired though so I should be off to bed.”
“I can tell your tired you have dark circles under your eyes. Go to bed Child, good night.”
Well I’m doing tons of lying as well as thieving, wonderful. I just wish I could meet this man in my vision, if it even is a vision, I feel like he has a part of me. Like I need to be with him before I’m complete. I don’t understand it but, Once I get my first pay check I’m leaving for Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ll be In Philadelphia soon enough, to meet a man I’ve fallen in love with. Yes, I’m in love with him! I may not know his name or anything about him, but I love him! I just hope he can love me as well.

Chapter 7
I looked at the little watch I had in my pocket and seen it was 6:50 a.m. Which means I need to leave for work. I continued with the same routine Amber showed me yesterday, only today I had my name sewed on my apron. This routine continued every day from 7:00 a.m. sharp to 6:30 p.m. which normally left me there until 7:00 p.m. cleaning up.
It seemed I should be getting paid more for all the work I was doing. Everyday was a routine it reminded me vaguely of something I had done before.
* * * * *
I now know it reminded me of the days in the Biloxi, Mississippi asylum. Everyday I would wake up and have half an hour of free thinking while I was eating breakfast then they would walk into each patients room and give them pills, after we took the pills the workers would take our trays and lock the door. 15 minutes later they would be back with wheelchairs and they would wheel us out into the rec. room.
I remember most days I would just stare out the window. Once a week William would talk to me and keep me company the entire day, and when my meds wore off I would talk back. He would wheel me off into a secluded room when I had my vision so that the workers couldn’t put me in a straight jacket and then shove me in solitary confinement.
It was like that until the day James tried to violate me, William was so angry he knew James was going to kill us both after that. So he ran with me outside and changed me.
That all seems like an eternity ago now, I can’t believe all of that came rushing back to me right after we killed James and I found out the truth of what happened to me. Its funny that I kept the green apron with my name sewed in gold on it until the day I remembered things about my past. I guess when I remembered the routine I went through everyday in the asylum I just didn’t want to have a reminder of a routine I went through everyday in the restaurant. So I burnt the Apron, I went outside in the woods and took a lighter and burnt it.
* * * * *
This routine continued for about two months. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t bring myself to break it. It gave me time to ponder questions about this blonde haired man, about who I am now, who I was before now, and I tried to force myself to remember who I was before this change, what I did before this change, and where I was.
So many questions rush into my head all the time, not just questions I ask myself about the blonde haired man, but about me. Who was I? Why did I wake up alone? Where did I live? Did I have any family? Why did W. need to protect me? Who was trying to hurt me? Was I a bad person? Why can’t I remember anything? But the last question bothered me so much that I tried, really tried, to remember my past life. I couldn’t see much when I tried to remember, just blurry images, and blackness.
Theese questions were the only thing that kept me sane(if vampires can go mad) during these two months of this boring routine. I am always praying, more to myself than to god, that this routine will end or I would get a raise and leave this place. Well one day Elaine called me back to her office, this was definitely a break in the routine!
“Hello Alice.” she said warmly.
“Hi Elaine!” I was probably way to excited to see her, well not her in specific but someone other than Amber or regular customers.
“Please sit down Alice.” she said as she gestured towards a chair. I took my seat.
“Well first of all I would like to apologize for the scene you had to witness between Melanie and I,” she continued. “second I’m sure your wondering what that business secret of mine is.”
“I forgot all about it.” I blurted. Well I don’t normally say what I’m thinking.
“ Sure you did. Like we can forget anything with our spacious minds.”
Spacious minds? What does she mean? Maybe she’s crazy!
“ So like I was saying before we were so rudely interrupted last time. My Husband hasn’t disappeared, I know right where he is.”
This puzzled me, just like everything else she has said to me. Elaine seemed nice but she makes no sense!
“Um, then why haven’t you told anyone that?” I asked.
“Don’t be silly Alice you know I couldn’t tell them that!”
“No I really don’t I have-” Oh she did it for the job! Her and her husband must’ve faked his disappearance so she could be manager and he could have a break! Of course!
“Oh so you understand now?”
“Absolutely! It makes perfect sense!”
“Good then you won’t mind meeting me outback tonight?”
“Um, no I won’t mind.”
“Great,” she said standing up. “I will see you at 11:00 p.m.”
She showed me to the door and that was that. What in the world could she want at 11:00 p.m.? Does she want me to meet her husband because that seems silly! I guess I’ll find out when I get there.

Chapter 8
It was 11:00 p.m. and Elaine was waiting for me. It was going to be a pain moving at human pace but I suppose I could manage.
“Ready?” She asked.
“Absolutely!” I replied.
Then she took off and I was stunned! She is a vampire. Ive met another vampire! I didn’t think I would ever meet another vampire! But why does she have black eyes instead of red? Well I better start running before she leaves me behind completely! I caught up with her in a matter of seconds, it seems I’m faster than her. When she stopped we were at a large vacant building.
“So you’re a newborn?”
“So you’re a vampire?”
“You didn’t know?”
“You had black eyes, vampires have red eyes, at least I do.” Maybe I was the only one with red eyes.
“You were never well informed on what you are, were you?” She asked
“I was alone. How did you know I was a newborn?”
“Simple, your faster than me which means your stronger which means your young.”
“Huh. So what did you bring me here for?”
“This.” She said as she opened the door and 12 red eyed vampires snapped their heads around to see me. This is dangerous was all I could think. I feel threatened. A girl who looked like she was fifteen walked over to us.
“Elaine! Did you bring food?”
I wanted to know what they ate but I couldn’t bring myself to ask.
“Does this look like food?” She asked rhetorically. “This is my friend Alice, she recently applied at my restaurant and I took her.”
“Ah I see, well we have distressing news.” she paused uneasily, then continued, “Melanie has left us, she was really angry, she tried to persuade some of us to come with her and join her army but we didn’t want to fight against you, I’m worried about what she’s going to do.”
“Oh, well I already knew that but I don’t think she will do us any harm.”
“Army?” I asked cutting in to their conversation.
“ Oh yes, you see Alice I have started a newborn army! The first one in Georgia as a matter of fact, and we will be heading over to Texas to fight!”
“Newborns fighting? But why?”
“To gain land of course!”
“Oh.” Why would vampires have wars over land? I guess I understand new borns are stronger so that’s why they use them but I- oh no!
“Um Elaine?” I whispered, “you’re not planning to use me in your army to fight are you?” I really didn’t want to be apart of this anymore.
“No you will work with me directing and training the newborns!”
“Okay” I do not have a good feeling about this. This is immoral and wrong, but everyone here is fine with it. I want to leave NOW!
“Well Alice you should be going feding time can get ugly with this group” She said and waved good bye to me.
“Bye” I said over my shoulder and bolted for the door. New born armies. Just. Great.
Chapter 9
In to deep

I snuck into my room at the woman’s house when it happened. Another vision.
But you don’t understand I pleaded I wasn’t involved! “Then give me your hand”
“Why?” “DO NOT QUESTION HIM!” another voice boomed. “Just let me go! Please! I’m new to this!” I yelled. And I started to run but I screamed and crumbled to the ground as immense pain shot through my body. It reminded me of the burning only ten times worse. Suddenly someone was on top of me and I went numb. I was turned over to see 5 people. All with glowing red eyes. A man said something to another man and started to approach me. A woman approached me as well and said “this might hurt just a little.” And then they were tearing me apart.
Oh my gosh! This isn’t good I’m so scared I could cry! Who are those people and why do they kill me? My head was spinning and all I could think was I’m going to die! I lay there the whole night worrying about what could happen to me and wishing desperately to be able to change it!
Then something occurred to me I just needed to show that man my hand! Then they will set me free! But then another thought occurred to me, a worse thought. What if I am actually guilty of whatever they claimed I was, what if I can’t get out of this?
I was in a trance for a month going to work and then home then to work then to home the entire time trying to figure out ways out of this mess that was going to happen soon. Then once again Elaine broke my trance.
“Alice starting today I need you to meet me everyday after work at 10:00 p.m. to help with the newborns.”
“Um, okay no problem.” I mumbled.
“Is everything okay Alice?” she asked.
What do I tell her? Can I tell her about my visions? Can I trust her?
“Nothing.” No I cant trust her yet I decided. “Just slightly distracted is all.”
After giving me a weird look she replied “okay see you at 10:00 then.” and walked away.
Time is passing and there is nothing I can do about it, especially now that I’m rooted here in georgia all the while my mind is screaming get to Philadelphia! I wish I knew exactly what time I needed to be there. I must have wished hard enough because another vision overwhelmed my mind.
As I sat on the stool I looked over to a booth with an old man reading a paper the paper said May 19th 1948 Philadelphia News. Then I glanced out the window when the blonde haired man stepped in the door and had my full attention. I am grateful for this vision! Not only do I know the exact date of our meeting but I got to see this man I am so in love with but have never met! Now if only I knew where those people would be I could avoid them at all costs. But its 10:00 and time to meet eleaine.
“hello!” a girl with long red hair greeted me, It was down to her ankles! She had on a simple dress and it had red splotches all over it.
“Your training us right?” her voice was pretty but not the prettiest.
“I don’t really know what to do or anything really so no not really.”
“Oh okay! Well you can sit with me my name is Amanda.”
“Alright its nice to meet you Amanda I’m Alice.”
“you can see the future right?”
“Um, yeah how did you know about that?”
I haven’t told any one! No one!
“Oh my ‘special ability’ is to sense other peoples powers.”
“Oh okay that’s interesting.”
we chatted casually the rest of the night and Elaine never showed up.
Chapter 10
Vampire armies, Vampire Wars, Vampire Diet

Going to these “training sessions” as Elaine called them helped…Sort of. Amanda and I were getting along and she introduced me to Amber. Amber had short blonde hair, not as short as mine but just above her shoulders. She wore these cute black pants that were flowy towards the bottom but tight around the waist and a frilly white top to match. She also had on a small white hat that had black sequins on it. All in all she was absolutely beautiful.
I noticed that there were beautiful vampires and extremely gorgeously beautiful vampires. I was probably just a beautiful vampire but I haven’t looked in the mirror in so long but I would never compare with these vampires anyways. Elaine wanted to appoint me “trainer” of these little get together but I didn’t know anything so she appointed Violet.
Violet was, interesting. Well actually she was mean and brutal to everyone. She had long blackish purplish hair. She had on the most revealing dress I had ever seen anyone wear here. It was 3 inches above the knee and was slit up one side 5 inches. It was skin tight it was cut in a v shape near her chest and held together by straps that tied behind her neck. On her hands she wore short purple gloves and she has a black scarf on around her neck. Her hair was tied back with a black satin ribbon that tied in a bow. She was beautiful there was no doubt about it but I have never in my life seen someone with so little clothes on!
* * * * *
I can’t believe how shocked I was at this dress, dresses like that were pretty common now. I suppose it was the twenties and to show that much skin probably broke laws in several states. She reminds me of a prostitute now. I can’t believe she was so vivid in my mind she seemed so unimportant and distant now.
* * * * *
Violet was very mean to everyone except me. I have no idea why but she loved me. She always talked to me and laughed at my questions but answered them happily. Well because of that everyone hated me except Amber and Amanda.
“We never see much of Elaine anymore.” Amber said.
“I wonder why?” Amanda questioned.
“I don’t know isn’t this…thing,” I couldn’t find the right word for it, “her idea.”
“Well sure but it will benefit us all.” Amber commented.
“Simple,” Amanda continued. “We get more food, more land, more time for ourselves.”
“Food? Vampires…Eat?” I asked and they both looked at me like I was an idiot.
Then Elaine, as if to answer my question on queue, brought in our…Food. Humans?!? Humans?!? Oh. My. God. I. Am. Supposed. To eat. HUMANS?!? NO WAY!!! NO WAY AM I EATING A HUMAN!!!!! Just as I am freaking out they dug in and there was this burning. I’m dying again!! So I bolted. I ran and ran and ran and ran.

Chapter 11
Too much to process, even for me.

I have no clue where I am there’s no one here and no signs, no anything. Why did my throat start burning? Maybe every time it burns it doesn’t mean I’m going to die! Well when it first started burning I was alone but maybe me being on fire on the inside made me a vampire? No that doesn’t seem right. The second time there was a burning I noticed my sparkly skin out by the rising sun on the beach and a human was there. Humans were just there this time and my throat was burning. Wait, I live with humans in that house and my throat doesn’t burn. When I ate that raw bloody steak it tasted okay not repulsive like that burger. So what if only human blood affects me like this. Maybe since human blood is what I eat, er drink, the burning means I’m hungry, I mean thirsty. This is all very confusing.
I just wish someone would explain everything to me. I have so many questions. Why can I see the future? Why are those people going to rip me apart? Do I have to eat/drink? Do I have to eat/ drink humans? Why am I in love with a man I’ve never met? How did I become a vampire? Why cant I remember my human life? Why am I alone? Why is there a newborn army? Why are there newborn wars?
Its too much! At least now I’ve answered two of my questions. There are newborn armies because of food, I guess. And I also am guessing there are wars over land because if you “own” the land you get all the humans. I don’t like this at all and I don’t want to go back, but I don’t have anyone else maybe a weeks vacation would help.
* * * * *
I did take that vacation. I didn’t go anywhere else I just sat down where I was. I also learned that I could hold still in one spot for a week. It seems so long ago now and those questions are all answered. Jasper answered most of them and Carlisle answered any more I had left to ask. He still answers my questions.
“Alice? Alice are you having a vision? What do you see?” Renesmee said worriedly as she walked into the room.
“What, oh, no Renesmee I am not having a vision.”
“But you looked so distant, I’ve lived here for three years I’ve seen you when you have visions.” she said as she touched her hand to mine to show me all of her childhood memories of me and my visions. It was so weird that Renesmee was a full grown adult now.
“Oh sorry Nessie I didn’t mean to alarm you I was just remembering some things.”
“Okay like what?”
“My past.”
“oh then you probably want to be alone,” she said as she got up and headed for the door.
“I don’t mind really.” then her hand touched my cheek asking if she could hear about it.
So I quickly filled her in on what I had already remembered.
“Then I went on a weeks vacation and started to head back to Elaine and Amanda and Amber and Violet. I stayed there for quite a while and in March of 1922 she decided it was time for war.
“You fought in a newborn war? Why don’t you have bite marks like Jasper?”
“No, Nessie I did not fight in the war like Jazz did.”
“Oh well then what happened?”
“We were on our way to Texas when we came across this group of vampires in-” I stopped abruptly. I was having a vision.
Emmett was irritating Jacob by not letting Nessie near him. Edward tackled Emmett and Jake thought Nessie was hurt. He started to shake. Then Rosalie ran up and punched him across the little stream in our back yard. He phased and phased back quickly and Bella of course ran over to him. Esme was re stacking my- I mean jasper and my gifts. Carlisle was calming Rosalie down as she shouted “You stupid mutt! You were so worried about Edward hurting Renesmee and u could’ve KILLED her!” she continued on her rant as Carlisle calmly said “Rosalie everything’s fine please stop yelling.” Then jasper looked at me and calmed everyone down, well almost everyone Rosalie was still shouting at Jake and Jake was shouting at Edward and Edward was shouting at Jake. So I stepped in and told Rosalie if she doesn’t calm down I will get her a horrible anniversary present for her and Emmett next year and I will shave off all of her hair. She shut up instantly which made Edward crack up and Jake phased and left as Nessie said who wants to open up some presents? “You better not be looking at the present I got you Alice!” Renesmee shouted pulling me out of my vision.
“sorry Renesmee I wasn’t I swear I was just having a vision about Jake and Edward and everyone fighting on my anniversary.”
“how do I stop it?”
“Warn Emmett to let Jake see you or he will ruin my anniversary party.”
“Okay.” she said and walked out of the room.
* * * * *
We were on our way to Texas when robed figures stopped us. We didn’t get far before all hell broke loose.

Chapter 12
Breaking the Law

We stopped and the robe figures examined us. One touched a mans hand and when he did I remembered the vision all over again.
But you don’t understand I pleaded I wasn’t involved! “Then give me your hand”
“Why?” “DO NOT QUESTION HIM!”Then give me your hand!

Oh no! This is my death! I’m going to die! NO, NO, NO, NO, NOO! Then another person…A girl touched is hand and looked at him questioningly. He shook his head no.
“Ah, and what do we have here?” The man who’s hand was touched asked.
“It looks like an army Aro.” The woman said.
“Jane let them speak!” Another man said.
“I’ll let them speak, Demetri, ill let them scream!” Jane said.
“Jane! Don’t you dare!” Aro said with clear authority.
“Ah, Jane don’t look so sad I’m sure Aro will let you use your power before we-” a blonde haired man spoke.
“Caius, we will do no such thing until we are certain. Now I ask you again what are you doing?”
“Nothing, just going hunting, this is my coven.” Elaine lied smoothly.
“Really? A coven so large?” Demetri questioned.
“Absolutely!” Amanda piped up.
Amber joined in adding “ We are a very big family.”
“Yes a coven of 14 is quite large, and very unusual.” the blonde haired man-Caius- added.
“Are you accusing us of something?” Elaine asked.
“No.” Aro said. “and your name is?”
“How wonderful to meet you Elaine. We’ve heard quite a bit about you.” Aro said offering his hand.
“Yes you’re good friend Melanie filled us in.” Jane said.
“Melanie?!? Is she hear?”
“No she has…Departed from us.” Caius added with a grin.
Aro forced his hand out again and Elaine took it. They stood there looking at each other. Then everything happened extremely fast. What Aro said next was so simple its hard to believe what followed it.
“It is confirmed.” And he nodded.
I stood there and watched as they fought but fell down screaming and got bitten by a man who hadn’t spoken yet as he seemed to paralyze them. I stood there and watched them all struggle. The only other person standing still was Aro and he was staring at me. No one came after me until after, after fires were started, after I watched all 13 of them be ripped to pieces screaming and thrown into a fire. The entire time Aro never looked away from my face. Not once. When they all noticed he was staring at me and I had turned my face away from the carnage and I was looking at him, they re-assembled behind Aro only Caius stood at his side.
“Shall we?”
“I suppose so, we must kill her.” Aro stated simply.
“Kill me?” I whimpered.
“Well absolutely you were involved.”
“But you don’t understand!” I pleaded, “I wasn’t involved!”
“Then give me your hand.”
“Why?” I questioned realizing my vision was about to come true.
“DO NOT QUESTION HIM!” Demetri yelled.
I knew what I would say next ‘Just let me go! Please! I’m new to this!’ but I realize that me saying that and running is what got me killed.
“Don’t kill me, you can’t kill me! I-I know you’re going to kill me if I do what im supposed to so I’m not, so y-you cant kill me now.”
“You…Know?” Aro questioned.
“She’s clearly out of her mind, so lets get her out of our way!” Jane snapped
And then another one came.
“No She is not in our way quite yet, give me your hand child.”
“I don’t understand.”
“You don’t have to.” Aro said gently.
“If I give you my hand will it save me?”
“But more than likely not!” Jane said clearly happy about my death.

“Wait! Aro I know that you’re going to say ‘No she is not in our way quite yet, give me your hand child.’ so please don’t hurt me.”
“Hmmm, a grand mystery indeed! Oh child you must give me your hand!” He said excitedly clasping his hands together.
“Okay I’m going to save us all time and just do it even though its only a possibility it might save me and clearly Jane doesn’t want me to be saved.”
“How did she-can she…read minds?”
Aro took my hand then and I realized he was reading my thoughts I felt him feel everything I had felt beginning with the burning.
“Visions! Of the future! Amazing!” Aro declared
For some reason I felt like he might still kill me for having visions and I started to run but then I was in pain again and then I was paralyzed again. Its horrible reliving all of this twice. I heard their voices deciding what to do with me since I ran I must be hiding something even though Aro didn’t see it. They decided not to kill me but to…keep me.

Chapter 13
Lost track of time and everything else.
When I could finally move my limbs again I was in a dark cell. Whoever carried me to wherever I am kept my face in their robe so I couldn’t see anything. Nothing was said and for some reason my vision is hazy in this dark cell.
Of course I wasn’t always in this dark cell but as soon as they set me down I ran for it, so they paralyzed me. And when I ran again a little time later they locked me in the castle. When I ran for it again a while later they locked me in a bedroom. When I broke down the door and ran for it they caught me and tried to persuade Aro I wasn’t worth keeping. So they locked me in this cell. It was probably all of the paralytic venom that made my vision hazy but my vision is returning which reminds me I haven’t had a psychic vision in…well in however long its been since that battle.
Then the door creaked open.
“Alice?” A sweet female voice asked.
“Um, yes I’m still in here I won’t be running anymore.” I reassured her.
“Oh.” she giggled. “I’m not here to make sure you’re here, most of the family is gone and I’ve taken it upon myself to fill you in on things, Aro said you were pretty clueless, that’s why we kept you alive.”
“Nice to know.” I said a little more at ease as she walked in the door and pulled me up.
“Come on, its time to get you prettied up and explain everything.”
She walked me to an elegant bedroom. The walls were painted white with burgundy trim. The trim had black vines painted on it. The ceiling was white and the floor was hard wood. The bed had burgundy sheets with white and dark red pillows on them. Curtains hung around the bed they were burgundy and white and they were transparent but they had black vines sewn into them climbing they’re way around the curtains. The bed frame and posts were elegant and black. There was a large walk in closet and a large vanity table made of dark red wood. There were also mannequins lined up, some were naked and some had half finished outfits on them.
“Do you like it?” she asked.
“Absolutely! Its beautiful! And the colors all complement themselves, its very elegant.” Then I covered my mouth! I just blurted something out to a stranger who lives with people who want me dead. Very smart Alice.
“You don’t have to stop yourself from saying anything and you don’t have to be afraid of me or anyone else here, we are not going to hurt you. I’m glad your into fashion.”
“How did you know?”
“The way you knew about colors and the very stylish dress you were wearing, it doesn’t fit in here but for over there it was perfect!” she gushed.
Then I looked at her and she was absolutely stunning! She had straight reddish brown hair that fell around her waist. She had pale skin and glowing red eyes. Her lips were full and red. She had extremely long eyelashes and red eye shadow on. She wore a black Corset that was tied tightly with white string and on the side had burgundy vines. Her skirt was burgundy with black vines crawling up toward her waste. She had a silver necklace on and it resembled a key. Her body was built perfectly and her outfit made it even more perfect.
“So do you change your room to match your outfits?” I said and then laughed, feeling completely at ease which probably isn’t natural.
She laughed and said “No, you just caught me wearing this out fit today! You should see all my other ones! Now come over here and sit down.” she dragged me to the vanity and plopped me on a bench that matched the red wood of the vanity table.
She pulled out a washcloth and washed off my face. Then started to brush through my hair.
“You’re hair is so short!”
“Yeah it seems like everyone else has long hair!”
“I don’t know why but I guess vampires generally do.”
“Oh well my outfit is an absolute mess!”
“Don’t worry I have plenty for you to choose from!”
“Oh thank you.” I said calmly. This is so easy to talk to her its scary!
“Okay so I’m sure you have tons of questions, what to start with…what to start with?” She pondered.
“We’ll start simple. What’s your name?”
“Oh my goodness! I’m sorry! I’m Athenadora! Caius’s wife.”
“Nice to meet you. Okay how about, do we age?”
“Does everyone have a gift?”
“Oh you mean like your psychic ability, Aro’s mind reading, Marcus’s mate reading? No Not everyone has these rare gifts, but Aro wants anyone who has one to live here and be apart of the Volturri as long as the gift is…Useful.”
“Okay which brings me to my next question, who are the Volturri?”
“Ah, the question I’ve been waiting for.” Athenadora said with a smile. “ Well a while ago the Romanians ruled over all the vampires and they made us pay taxes, we couldn’t go out in the day time no matter what the weather, it was just horrible. So Aro, being Aro, got a crazy idea to overthrow them-he’s always loved power- So he gathered many vampires and they fought, we have certain vampires with powers for example- Aro can read all of your thoughts with just the touch to your palm, Marcus can sense the ties between people, Corin can paralyze anyone with his venom, Afton can manipulate fire, Chelsea can sway your opinions or alliance, Renata can project a shield but it only stretches around her and Aro.”
“Um, wow I am definitely not the only one to posses a power, it sounds very common.”
“Well its only common among the Volturri because Aro loves those powers so almost anyone in the Volturri at all has a power.”
“Oh okay well continue.”
“Alright, so anyways, We fought the Romanians and we won, We are now in power and have very few laws, much less and much more reasonable than the Romanians laws, so-”
“wait,” I cut her off. “What are the laws?”
“Oh, our laws are: No newborn armies/wars, no hunting in Volterra, No vampire children, and the most important one: No giving away our secret-which is we are vampires.”
“Simple enough I suppose.”
“So here we are now enforcing those laws it started out with only 1 law keep the secret but we had to add these others as times changed and new ideas arose.”
“Well at least now I know what the Volturri are.”
“Do you like it?” She asked gesturing towards the mirror.
When I looked I sucked in a breath my eyes were black!
“is it that bad?” She asked.
“Oh no! Its not that its just my eyes, they’re black now they were red.”
“Oh okay well you see when your eyes are black that means your thirsty.”
“Okay, so they change color, interesting.”
Now that I did look into the mirror I loved it she had put make up on me to enhance my beauty-which I didn’t even know was possible- and my hair was flipped out only in all different directions some of it stayed straight some of it flipped in some flipped out and it was very spiky!
“Wow I love it!”
“Its very pixie like-so I have the perfect outfit for you!” She pulled me into the long closet.
“Um, wow so many clothes! They are so beautiful! Did you design them all yourself?”
“Yes, do you like them?”
“Wow you are so talented I love them all!”
She handed me a corset that was a dark green and lacy- the skirt was dark green and went down to my ankles it was flowing and had black netting over the dark green material. It was beautiful I slipped it on and I looked perfect!
“I love it! Thank you Athenadora!”
“No thank you I never thought I would meet someone with so much in common with me and-”
“ATHENADORA! What are you doing?”
“Now Caius calm down I mean I was just making Alice more comfortable and answering some questions It really was no big deal.”
Well it is a big deal Aro never gave permission to-” Caius was interrupted.
“Well I do now, Why don’t you two go work this out somewhere else.”
They left the room and I felt uneasy about being in the room with such a powerful man who had locked me up and could kill me.

Chapter 14
My “Gift”
“Ah Alice!” Aro said with a smile “You look stunning! Athenadora picked out just the right things for you.” he said moving a little too closely to me.
So I took a step back and said “Thank you, Aro, can I ask you something?”
“Why of course! But shouldn’t you already know considering your power?”
“Um, no. Why did you bring me here?”
“Hm, because your power could be of use to me.”
“So you mean you want me to join the Volturri?”
“Yes, can I have your hand?”
Wordlessly I offered him my hand, remembering that Athenadora said he can read my thoughts.
“You were a lost one weren’t you,” he said to himself staring directly past me into my mind. “So you woke up alone, can’t remember a thing and were so confused that you were tricked into disobeying the law.”
“I suppose so, I mean as you can see I can’t remember any of my human life is that normal?”
“Its normal not to be able to remember some of it and its normal for it to be fuzzy, but how you cant remember a thing except darkness is very unusual.”
“So can you control your power?” Aro asked.
“Control it?”
“Darn just as I thought from reading your thoughts. Oh but wait what about the time you wished so hard to know what time you find this mystery man that you had a vision of a date?”
He knew about the blonde haired man! How embarrassing, I glanced over to the mirror to see if I was blushing, but thankfully I wasn’t.
“Well, yeah but I don’t understand what you mean?”
“Oh Alice darling!” he laughed ecstatically. “You might be able to control your visions, you may be able to ‘search’ the future so to speak!”
“You mean look for certain events in the future and then have a vision about it?”
“Absolutely! All we have to do is exercise your gift!” He exclaimed.
“and how do we go about that?”
“Well, we could always give you a topic to see the future in and if you want to see that then maybe it will come to you.”
Wow I could be able to see anything I want, I could be able to see more about my true love! Okay I seriously need to stop calling him that, he could take my hand and lead me outside and kill me for all I know!
“Okay Aro, so lets do this.”
“I’m glad your willing. Follow me.” He took my hand and led me down a winding staircase, into a beautiful room. It was wood floor, with white walls and golden patterns across them. There was a chandelier hanging over an area that looked like a lounge. There were quite a few vampires in here and they all looked at me when I entered. Athenadora jumped up off the couch and ran towards me to pull me away from Aro and introduce me to the others at the same time another woman, who was beautiful but not as much so as the others, ran towards Aro to embrace him.
“Alice I would like you to meet some of the Volturri members!”
I just smiled, overwhelmed by so many vampires in one room.
“This is Caius, my mate and husband.”
“Hello Caius.”
“Sorry about earlier, Its nice to have you here.
“This is Marcus.”
“Pleasure to meet you.” I said to the sad looking man.
“The pleasure is all mine.” He said getting up and sort of smiling to kiss my hand.
“This is Alec, and this is Jane.”
“Nice to meet both of you.”
“it’s a pleasure,” Alec looked over at a scowling Jane and added “for both of us.”
“This is Chelsea an her mate Afton.”
They were sitting closest to us, so we all just shook hands.
“This is Corin, and that man is Santiago.”
“Sorry about the whole paralyzing you thing, it was orders.”
“I suppose I understand,” I said smiling.
Santiago laughed and playfully punched him. “Nice to meet you Alice.”
“You as well.” I said, looking at shocked faces, it was either because Santiago had laughed or because he had said my name.
“This is Demetri and Felix.”
“Hello,” Demetri said.
“Hi.” Felix said.
“Hello.” I said to the boys that looked on edge.
“This is Heidi.”
All of a sudden the picture of the man in my vision was in front of me. I must have looked stunned because Alec spoke up.
“Heidi that is not funny!”
“How do you know what I’m doing?”
“Look at the poor girls face!”
Then the man faded.
“Sorry, my name is Heidi, and I can weave the image of what you want most by looking inside your head. That was interesting, you strongly want to know this man even thought you know nothing about him.”
“I know it is strange, which is why I was shocked when he suddenly appeared. Its nice to meet you though.”
“hmm, Whomever that was she has a very strong bond to him.” Marcus added.
“You could tell that through your power?” Caius asked Marcus.
“Yes and I’ve never been able to feel that through one of Heidi’s illusions before.”
“How interesting!” Aro said as he rushed over after hearing our conversation.
Then another woman joined Aro and the woman on his arm.
“Renata this is Alice and she is not a threat, so no need to shield him. Alice this is Aro’s wife Sulpicia.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“Well everyone though its been a pleasure meeting this kind soul she is going to be training her power so she can control it, so we bid u all adieu.”

Choices and training.
Aro lead me through several rooms and then out a door into a courtyard.
“Now we will have to work with something you want, but something I can control…” He thought for a moment before smiling and adding “I know! Your health!”
“Well you will have to use your visions to save your life! First you will have to figure out how I am going to attack you based on decisions I make!”
“Uh Aro I don’t-”
“it’s a wonderful Idea! Lets begin!”
HAS HE LOST HIS MIND?????? Then I was hit over top of the head and knocked to the ground. I got up and tried to search the future. I concentrated and wished for it. But nothing came and another blow hit me down to the ground. I got back up again and tried, but nothing came, after a third blow Aro stood me up and looked at me.
“Alice do you know how to kill a vampire?” Aro asked.
“You rip them apart and burn the pieces!”
“Please don’t do that Aro!”
“Oh never, never, that would be a waste of a wonderful gift! What I’m going to do is have Jane help us out!”
Then Jane appeared smiling.
“What can I do for you, Aro?” she asked with an evil smile on her face, looking directly at me.
“Give Alice an example of your talent so that she is motivated to never let it happen again, this way she will use her visions to defend herself against me.”
I didn’t understand what-No!
“No!,” I screamed. “Stop, please stop!” I shouted and then let out a blood curdling scream.
The pain subsided, and I slowly stood up.
“Okay Alice, I’m sorry for that but it’s the best way to motivate you. Now we will do just like we did before but if you don’t use your visions to know where I’m coming from then after 3 hits, Jane uses her power.” Aro stated as if he didn’t care.
“Ready, set, go.” Jane said.
I concentrated on my immediate future mentally pleading to know what would happen. Blow 1 came and knocked me to the ground. I stood up wishing so hard to save myself from the torture of that pain. I concentrated on my future, but nothing came and blow number to smashed me into a tree, causing the tree to break. I stumbled back up and concentrated on my future, but once again nothing happened and after blow 3 ain shot through my body. I let out a long scream. When aro picked me up after calling jane off of me.
“Lets try again shall we?”
“Are you mad?”
“No, I’m just helping you.”
“You better try harder this time!” Jane chided. “Go!”
Please, please, please just let me see him I can’t take anymore of this torture! Blow one struck me down. I got back up. Tried again, nothing but blow 2. I got back up feeling defeated when blow three smashed me into another tree and pain followed. It continued like this for an hour, each time the pain growing longer in length. Each time I seen nothing. I was so mentally exhausted that I had a headache and got up from the third blow and after the pain.
Tearlessly I sobbed “please stop this Aro, I have a headache, I can’t think straight, nothing will come to me in this state of mind.”
“Okay Jane go inside, Alice we do this again tomorrow.”
Then they were both gone. I crumpled to the ground and lay there, until I heard footsteps approaching.
“Alice?” A mans voice questioned. “Oh dear lord you look horrible!” Then whoever it was swooped me into their arms and jumped straight up and onto a balcony, they lay me on a soft bed and went to get something. When he came back I realized it was Marcus. He was holding a cloth in his hands.
“Here let me wipe off your face, you have dirt all over it.” He was wiping my face when he asked “What happened out there.”
“Aro decided to use Jane to motivate me. For an entire hour if I couldn’t use my visions to search the future Aro would strike me down and after the third blow she would torture me.”
“Oh, Alice I’m so sorry you had to be put through that, Aro loses himself to the thought of gaining an advantage sometimes, he also loses himself to the thought of losing an advantage or advantages, no matter who you are.” He spoke like he had experience with it.
“Oh, anything you want to talk about?”
“Anything you need to talk about?”
“Maybe someday.” He looked sad.
“Okay well Marcus,, I’m here and maybe I’ll be here for a while.”
“You’re not staying?”
“I don’t know, quite a few people here don’t seem to like me, Aro just wants to use me, and I only have two people that have really acted like they cared.”
“Ah, I see.” he looked so sad.
“Okay you know what Marcus, I’m going to stay here until I can see you smile, a real smile.” I said as I smiled at him.
“Thank you Alice, but you shouldn’t stick around for a lost cause.”
“A friend is never a lost cause.” I think I saw him smile a tiny smile at the word friend.
“Okay Alice, so why don’t you tell me about yourself, and about this man that you feel so strongly for.”
“Well I don’t know his name all I know is I am in love with him, I know it sounds silly but its true, and I know I will meet him in Philadelphia on May 19th in 1948. We will see each other at a diner we will exchange a total of 3 sentences, which I have memorized because I am obsessed and then he will take my hand and we will walk out the door together into the rain.”
“Interesting, well I’m glad you know who your mate is Alice.”
“Me too, he’s my only reason for living you know?”
“Yes, yes I do.” I seen pain flash across his face.
“Other than that my life is pretty boring.”
“Tell me about it, I’ve never had much life outside of the Volturri.”
So I started to tell him all about my life, I only got to where I first started to sparkle when Athenadora came into the room and plopped down onto Marcus’s bed with us and listened to my story. As they laughed-yes Marcus chuckled a few times when I told them some of my thoughts and the foods I had tried!- I felt like I belonged somewhere.

Chapter 16
After the long night of talking about my life with my friends, I forgot what awaited me in the morning. I walked down the stairs and Aro greeted me excitedly with Jane by his side.
“Alice I trust you had a good night, and hopefully that will result in a good day today!”
“Or a very bad one.” Jane said smiling viciously at me.
“Okay.” was all I could choke out.
I am not looking forward to this, there has to be a way for me to get out of this, I can’t fight!
“Okay so lets review,” Aro said. “You are not allowed to move unless you have a vision of where I am coming from and then once you move out of the way I will read your thoughts to make sure you didn’t lie. After three hits and no visions Jane will step in.”
“Ready, go!” Jane yelled.
Take a deep breath. Deep breathing helps me concentrate. Please let me have a vision I thought calmly. I closed my eyes, this might help me concentrate. Please let me see what Aro is going to do, what is he deciding on doing to hurt me? Let me see Aro, please. I kept the desperation out of my thoughts. Blow 1 hit me in the back, and it was sharp, a rock? I get back up calmly, if I don’t scatter my brain with worry maybe I can se his plan.
For a week this continued for however many hours a day we would go in this cycle. Then it hit me, not a blow but a thought, what if Aro isn’t-Punch number 2 knocked that thought straight out of my head. No! what was that thought, crap! Um, lets see, if Aro isn’t deciding until he hits me that could be affecting my visions! Yes!
“Aro I-” Blow 3 interrupted me and intense pain followed, just like every day since I was let out of that dungeon.
It continued this way, I kept trying to tell them what I was going to say but I couldn’t get it out between the blows and the screams. Maybe if I didn’t scream they would think I was dead and would listen to me! Jane’s power ripped through my body, but I just squeezed my mouth shut. Then the pain worsened, so I squeezed my mouth shut harder squeezed my eyelids closed, and balled up my fists.
“Pain!” Jane shouted
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HELP!! AHHHHHHH! EEEEE!” I screamed and squealed, until Aro called her off. Apparently holding back wasn’t going to help me, it just made Jane angrier.
“Jane, can I ask you something?”
“Certainly, Aro.”
“Do it to me.” Aro said simply.
“What?” Jane’s face was horrified.
“I’m simply curious.” Aro said, a grin spreading across his face.
“Um, I don’t think-”
“NOW!” Aro interrupted with a lot of power in his voice. Then he crumpled to the ground and started screaming. As soon as the first scream was let out Jane immediately ceased. Aro got up and of all things he laughed, surely he is crazy.
“Well that explains a lot, I’ve always been curious if the people you use your power on are just weak or it actually hurt. Now I know.” then Aro looked over to me. “Alice, we will continue, ready?”
I wanted to say no but instead “Aro can I ask you something.”
“When are you making your decision?”
“What do you mean?” He looked utterly confused.
“My visions are…Subjective. I only see what your going to do once you make the decision, so If you don’t make the decision until 1 millisecond before you hit me, then I will never be able to see it.”
“Hmm, this I did not know, I will try making my decision quite a while before I strike.”
“Ready, go!” Jane said kind of disgusted.
Okay focus on Aro’s future. I closed my eyes and caught a glimpse of something! A glimpse I couldn’t see clearly but still! That progress!
“Wait Aro! Wait!”
“What is it child?” He said now immediately next to me, I loved vampire speed!
“Here.” I held out my hand and he seen the glimpse too!
“Wonderful,” he said exuberantly! “We are finally getting somewhere!” He yelled clasping his hands together.
“Aro?” I said giving him my hand and showing him my latest thought.
“No I suppose we don’t need Jane anymore for motivation today. Jane you are dismissed.”
Jane stalked away angrily as I beamed a smile at her.
“Okay Alice are you ready?”
“Yes.” No. No I am not! What if that was just a fluke?!?
“Okay here we go.” He said smiling widely.
I can do this. I just have to focus. Okay I can do this. I need to see Aro’s future. I NEED to see what move he is going to make. And then right on time I saw.
In 10 seconds Aro jumps from a tree branch directly above me. He lands on my back. He hops off and I stand up. I knew how long it would be! I searched 10seconds in the future! I took 2 steps to my right, as soon as I made the second step Aro drove himself into the ground. He turned to look at me and I smiled offering my hand. He took it saw what I saw.
“Oh Alice this is absolutely perfect! I cant-”
“Aro!” A woman screeched. It was Sulpicia.
“Practice over.” Aro said. He didn’t even finish the sentence when I was bolting up the stairs of the castle and straight into Marcus’s arms!
“Marcus! I did it! I finally did it!”
He pulled me back to look at my wide smile and said “Oh Alice! That’s wonderful!” He pulled me back to him and spun me around in an embrace when Athenadora cleared her throat.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” She accused jokingly.
“ATHENADORA!” I ran into her arms and hugged her, almost knocking her over. Then I grabbed her hand, and grabbed Marcus’s as well and towed them over to his bed.
Just like a week ago we all sat there listening to me tell them my story. Then Caius called for Athenadora so she left and Marcus made his way over to the balcony.
I followed him.
“I think I’m ready.” And I completely understood.
Chapter 17
A Tragic Loss
“Alice do you know why I was so worried about Aro’s little training sessions with you?” he asked still looking out at the sky. It was twilight.
“Not exactly.”
He sighed. “Did you know we’re not Aro’s real family, not his real brothers?”
“Yes.” I didn’t say much I figured it was best to let him speak.
“He has a sister. Her name is Didyme, she is very kind.” He smiled a little bit. “She has the power to push her feelings inside of you, but only love and happiness. Its almost like she has this giant bubble around her and anyone who passes inside of it feels happy and loves her, it saved her life once.
“Aro was wondering if she had a power after he had changed her, so he took her out to the same courtyard you were in and attacked her.”
I couldn’t hold back my tiny gasp. He didn’t look over at me though, just kept staring at the sky. Twilight was a beautiful time of night, and he couldn’t stop looking at it.
“He attacked her and pinned her to the ground about to rip out her throat when she begged for her life in her head, but she pushed it into him and he was so overwhelmed with love he got off her. I personally felt the bond strengthen between them. It was amazing.” He smiled, almost a completely happy smile. “We fell in love in a matter of weeks, I fell in love with her the day we met and so did she but we both took weeks to say it to each other.” he paused and frowned. “we so foolishly wasted time because of uncertainty,” he sighed and a great sadness overwhelmed his face. But he continued.
“We were together for months and Aro was planning to take over, and destroy the Romanians. Well, Didyme being the peaceful soul she is, did not want to stick around for the war and told me to flee with her, and not tell Aro. I was to honest and respected my brother too much not to tell him, so we informed him and he said it was a sad loss but to have a happy life, he asked for one favor. For me to stick around at a fake ball so that he could know their bonds. I stayed and informed him of the Romanians bonds, then went upstairs with the other gentlemen to discuss what we had learned. I was the last to come down the stairs and when I did Didyme was gone. Aro told me a Romanian had killed her.” he looked as if he was about to cry, and I’m sure that if vampires could, he would have been.
“I was so angry at the Romanians that I couldn’t wait for the war so I could kill them all personally. But I stood at my balcony and heard Aro and another talking, about killing and not knowing her power was that strong. A thought flashed through my head that Aro had killed Didyme, but I didn’t believe myself, my brother would never do that to me. I rushed down to the river where we had our first kiss, and so many others, and found her necklace.” his voice broke. “It was in a pile of ashes, the wind blew a note to me it said it was from me to Didyme, but I recognized Aro’s writing.”
If vampires could cry I’m sure he would have so I placed my hand over his and stared out at the starry sky with him.
“So I fought at the war, viciously killing Romanians, but it didn’t help because deep inside I knew who the real killer was. Aro brought Chelsea up to strengthen my alliance so I couldn’t try to figure out if he did it, and so I wouldn’t kill myself.”
I felt as if I was going to cry myself, its just a heartbreaking story, and the agony spread across his features killed me inside, it made me want to rip my heart out it was so terrible. It made me want to scream in pain of his loss. I can only imagine how horrible he must feel if this is how bad I feel. He must silently pray for death everyday. I would.
“I still wish for death sometimes, Aro never finds out because he never pays that much attention. I JUST WISH HE WOULD DIE A PAINFUL DEATH!” he screamed. “I wish he would die a slow agonizing death feeling 100 times more pain then what I feel. But he is incapable of loving, he doesn’t even have a true mate. He will never understand! My life will never be the same because of his obsession with power! I just miss Didyme so much.”
I turned towards him and held him in an embrace as he tearlessly sobbed on my shoulder. I sobbed with him, for his loss, his pain, and I knew exactly how it would feel.

Chapter 18
He pulled away from me then. He turned and sat down on his bed, I looked out at the stars.
“I’m sorry, I should never have burdened you with this.”
“Marcus, don’t be silly, I told you I was here for you, and I am, this is no burden for me.”
“Alice you are a kind vampire, one of the kindest I’ve ever known.” Marcus said.
“Thank you Marcus, and you are one of the kindest, most interesting vampires I have ever come across in my…How long have I been here? I sort of lost track of time while I was locked up.”
“Hmm lets see here, its December 1923.”
“Wow I was locked up for almost a year.” wow time really does pass quickly.
“Well a little less but, yes. We were going to let you out much sooner, we all told Aro it was wrong to keep you locked up like this, but he really wanted to keep you here and wasn’t going to let you out until he knew for sure you would stay.” he explained.
“Oh well I suppose that was my fault what with running away all the time.”
Wow I wonder if it was closer to Christmas or New Years Eve? As if on queue with my thoughts Athenadora burst in the door.
“Alice!” She sang my name and the sentences to follow “ Its Christmas! Well not quite, but, 3 days until Christmas!“ She spun me around in circles. And then practically yelled, “Come on! We have to decorate!”
“Athenadora, its 3 a.m.” I said.
“You think that stops her?” Marcus said with a chuckle. Which made me bubble over with joy! He laughed, well, chuckled, but still! It was an improvement.
“Okay, Okay Athenadora, we will decorate and have the best Christmas ever.” I turned to Marcus, “And you WILL help no questions asked.” I finished smiling.
“Great!” Athenadora grabbed me and Marcus and lead us downstairs.
“Okay these are the decorations!”
My face fell. “One box?”
“Its all Aro allows.” Marcus said glumly.
“Is he around?” I asked.
“Of course.” Athenadora said, looking rather sad.
“Good. Aro?” I said, not yelling because of our super hearing! Instantly Aro was down the stairs.
“Yes, Alice?” he said looking at me questioningly and reaching for my hand.
“ I have a question.” I said crossing my arms. “Why do we have only one box of Christmas decorations?”
“Simply because we do not decorate, we don’t really celebrate Christmas, its over rated.” Aro said dismissively.
“So you let Athenadora go maddeningly happy over 1 box of decorations? No tree? No ornaments? Do you even exchange presents?”
“No, no presents.” Athenadora said sourly.
“Aro!” I yelled “How can you not have Christmas?”
“We do. We have a wreath in that box and some bells.”
“Okay well Aro, that hardly counts as anything, so can I get more?”
“What? Why not? Aro, your killing us with the whole no Christmas thing!”
“I have killed many this would not be the first time.” Aro said smugly.
“Yeah like that’s something to be proud of.” I mumbled.
“Care to repeat that, Alice?”
“You are a murderer.” I said with a glare.
“Why whatever do you mean.” he said reaching for my hand again.
“Your killing everyone’s Christmas spirit!” I said putting my hands behind my back. Athenadora, Marcus, and Sulpicia all had shocked looks on their faces, probably because I was arguing with the most powerful vampire in the world about Christmas and I could lose my life over it.
“You are a guest in my house, and guests abide by my rules!” Aro almost yelled.
“Guest?!? Guest means I’m free to leave! I’m a prisoner!”
“No one said you must stay.” he said gesturing towards the door.
“Ah, just because no one has said it means nothing! If I leave you will probably hunt me down and bring me back or kill me!”
I heard him mumble something about what a waste of power that would be. Then he spoke calmly.
“Alice, you are a guest, I invited you here to help you and I don’t know where you would be getting these ideas.”
“Says the man who locked me up for almost a year to make sure I stayed.”
“FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!” He yelled. He was scary when he was mad, scarier than when he was happy.
“Sure. Just let us have at least a Christmas tree! Anything!”
“Why do you have to be in control of everything?” I asked
“I’m not.”
“You act like you are.” I said glaring at him
“There will be no more decorations.” he turned to walk away.
“You are such a power hungry control freak!” I shouted each word growing in volume.
“There will be no more decorations, Alice! That’s Final!” Aro said powerfully before walking away. I knew when to quit.
“Hmph.” I complained crossing my arms.
“No one ever wins an argument with Aro.” Marcus said.
“Ever.” Athenadora added crossing her arms and pouting.
“There’s a first for everything.” I said smiling as they both looked at me questioningly. Sure I know when to quit but that doesn’t mean I actually quit.

Chapter 19
Turns out, I like things to go my way.

“You guys ready?” I asked in a whisper.
“Absolutely!” Athenadora whispered with a huge smile.
“If Aro kills us Alice, I’m holding you responsible.” Marcus said jokingly. It was so nice to see him joke.
“Okay lets go.” We walked out into the streets. It was regular winter weather for Italy, and Athenadora actually had on a long sleeved jacket! I’ve never seen this much of her not exposed. We were covering all of our bodies, in case the sun decided to show today. I led them to a forest just out of Volterra to find the perfect pine tree. Its only been 2 hours since my little disagreement with Aro.
“So I guess he will probably kill us when he sees this, literally.” Athenadora said.
“Of course it won’t be him it will be Demetri.” Marcus added.
“No you guys, I’ve had a plan from the beginning don’t worry, all you need to do is get Sulpicia and Caius to join us.”
“Okay.” They both said in unison.
So I figure if we get Sulpicia in on it, he will be less apt to kill us. Of course he did kill his sister so why not his mate, but never a brother. So Marcus will be safe, and Athenadora is going to try to get Caius to help us, he cant just let Sulpicia, Caius and Marcus out of it and kill Athenadora and I. He could kill just me because it was my plan, but I’m much smarter than that. That’s why I sat there patiently as we all three added our own ideas to the plan, and I plan to have Caius and Sulpicia make some suggestions of their own. Then he will either have to keep us all alive or kill us all, and my bet is on keeping us alive.
“Ooh Alice! What about this one?!?” Athenadora chimed.
“Oh! Its positively lovely! Even Aro will have a hard time resisting!!”
“I wouldn’t go that far, he resists easily.” Marcus said.
“Well no one can resist me.” I added smiling
“I’ll agree, your happiness is contagious.” Marcus said smiling.
We cut down the tree and carried it back to Volterra, luckily Aro was out on some sort of business.
“Okay Ill start working on getting the decorations while you two work on getting Caius and Sulpicia to join!”
I just hope they can get them in on it. Now what to use for Christmas decorations…? Maybe this, no. Hm…Ooh! This is very sparkly fabric! Maybe Athenadora can use it to make an angel, for the top! I guess I’ll have to go out and get some corn to pop and string it. And some candy canes and stockings! Aro will have to embrace the holiday after this Christmas! Plus he will get gifts and Aro LOVES gifts! Well not this kind, but still.
* * * * *
“Yes, Carlisle?”
“There you are!” Carlisle said joyfully, walking into my room. “Renesmee told me you were up here telling stories!”
“Oh, well sort of, I guess.”
“So what are they about?” he asked with genuine curiosity. Which was no surprise, Carlisle was always curious.
“Me.” I smiled.
“Hmm.” he looked confused.
“This anniversary just brought back all of my memories from when I was just starting my vampire life, long before I met Jasper.” I explained in one breath, which isn’t very hard to do when you never have to breathe, it just makes it sound rushed.
“Ah, so where are you at in your history now.”
“The Volturri.”
“You know I was always surprised we never met there, you were there for so long, but I was there quite a few years before you.”
“Yes, you are pretty old aren’t you!” I laughed and nudged him with my elbow.
“He laughed and said I suppose your right, so what’s happening right now in this little head of yours?” he asked tapping his finger on my temple. Right then Edward walked by my door and said without stopping, “The famous Volturri Christmas fight.” I scowled at him, even though I couldn’t see him. Carlisle chuckled and said “do tell.” I caught him up on what had happened so far.
“Wow an argument with Aro, your lucky you survived.”
“sure, so anyways, I picked up my decorations and headed back to the Volturri to find Marcus, Caius, Athenadora and Sulpicia all arguing.”
“Uh-oh, Caius is not good when he’s angry.”
“Absolutely! So I walked in trying to calm them down with decorations strung all over me from carrying them and-”
“Hello Alice I’m sorry to interrupt but we need Carlisle for a while.” Esme said kindly.
“Not a problem Esme.” I smiled at Carlisle, “Bye Carlisle I’ll tell you more later.”
“I’m looking forward to that.”
* * * * *
“You guys what’s going on, why are you all arguing!?!” I said walking into the main room in the castle.
“Well, of course you would be the center of this Alice!” Caius said.
Then Marcus laughed, seriously laughed and my mouth dropped open with shock. Then as everyone else smiled I got suspicious. “What you guys, do I have something in my hair?”
“No!” Athenadora said giggling.
“You look like a Christmas tree!” Marcus said bursting with laughter.
Sulpicia ran upstairs and Caius smiled “I didn’t know we had two trees Alice you’ve really outdone yourself, you’ve even decorated one!”
Sulpicia came downstairs with a giant mirror and I did look like a Christmas tree, then Caius walked over and hung and ornament in my hair and asked “Where’s the star shes not quite finished.”
“Very funny you guys! But if I’m a Christmas tree we are ALL Christmas trees!” I said and the decoration war began. Afton and Chelsea walked down in the middle of the four of us decorating each other and looked at us like we were crazy. So I skipped over to them and strung popcorn around both of them. Once everyone was fully decorated we decided to get to work on the actual tree. We all hung ornaments and wrapped the popcorn around the tree and then Heidi walked down and saw what we were doing and asked to put the star on, so we let her. I was just pulling stockings out to decorate when Corin and Alec walked downstairs and gawked at us.
“Come on guys! Its almost Christmas, you wouldn’t want to be left out, would you?”
“No way!” Corin said.
“Wow and Aro let you do all this?” Alec asked reaching for a stocking.
‘I wouldn’t exactly say he knew, yet.” Sulpicia said.
“Oh” Heidi laughed, “Well hopefully he won’t be to mad!” She seemed very relaxed, maybe he wouldn’t kill us.
“Okay everyone grab a stocking, I brought glitter, glue, and markers! You each get to decorate it however you want!”
“Who’s going to do Aro’s?” Sulpicia asked.
“Well you can If you want or we could leave it for him to decorate.”
“That goes for Jane too I’m guessing.” Heidi said.
“No Jane will never come around she will only decorate hers if Aro orders her too, she hates holidays.” Alec said.
“Fine, Alec decorate Jane’s, Heidi can you decorate Felix’s?”
“Absolutely, actually he might even come down here and do it himself.” Heidi answered.
“Okay then try to get him and Demetri down here please! Also Renata went with Aro so hers will need decorated as well.”
“Ill decorate Renata’s.” Athenadora said.
“Thanks Athenadora. Is that everyone’s?”
“What about Santiago?” Corin asked.
“Ill decorate mine myself, thank you!” Santiago said coming down the stairs.
“Great!!” I said joyfully as I skipped over to the stairs to meet Felix there with his stocking. “And I had the impression you hated me.” I said to Felix.
“Never said I didn’t” Felix said, but not sharply more neutrally.
“I’m hoping that will change.” I said and I walked past him.
“Okay someone decorate Demitris stocking please!”
“I will.” Chelsea said. I walked over to her handing her a stocking.
“Thank you. And you wouldn’t happen to have anything with people liking me would you?”
“Maybe just a little.” She smiled.
“Well thanks again.” I smiled back at her and sat down to decorate my stocking.
We were hanging up the stockings when the door opened, angrily.

Chapter 20

Just as Aro walked in so did Renata both of them scowling. Immediately Jane was at his side smiling like an evil witch. Nothing new there. So I stood up.
“Aro! Great to see you! You’ve arrived just in time for Christmas.” I said nonchalantly.
“Christmas he didn’t allow you to have!” Jane said menacingly.
“Jane, SILENCE! Demetri, get down here.” instantly Demetri was at his side.
“Aro, if your upset that you didn’t get to decorate your stocking, don’t be! Alice saved yours for you!” Sulpicia said rushing to his side and kissing him on his cheek, which she had to practically shove Renata out of the way to do.
“Ah, of course Alice had something to do with this. I expected this from her and the wives but not from my brothers or from my guard.”
“Aro its just some harmless decorations, if your worried about the cleanup I’ll do that all on my own!”
“You’ve defied my orders Alice, in my own home!”
“Shall we?” Jane asked Aro.
“No!” Marcus said standing protectively in front of me.
“Some one find a new wife? Who knew Marcus could get over his first mate so easily.” Demetri said. Right then the pain inside Marcus was practically visible, everyone in the room except for Jane, Renata, Demetri and Aro winced feeling only a fraction of the pain Marcus must have been feeling.
“Brother! How could you let a member of our guard insult your brother like that?” Caius demanded.
Right then Aro’s face changed and I realized Heidi was using her gift on him.
“Wow,” Heidi said looking at Sulpicia. “Your mate over there is desiring the one he was out with, like 3 days with her wasn’t enough.” Sulpicia looked at Aro like she was only a hurt child and ran off to her room.
“Everyone go take down those decorations, Jane and Demetri Heidi’s busy so you will be bringing our food, Alice you will come with me.” Aro said grabbing my arm.
“Let go of me!” I demanded. He just held on tighter. Well I really didn’t want to do this but he leaves me no choice. I swung the arm he was holding onto, up and brought it back down, slamming Aro onto the ground. Instantly all eyes were on me. Aro stood up with a blank look on his face.
“Okay then, follow my lead.” Aro said in a blank tone.
He led me up 2 flights of stairs into a tower room with 3 thrones and a few benches. It was very elegant.
“I take it you wanted to speak to me.” I spoke first to break the odd silence in the room.
“Yes. This is my home, and my rules apply, you are simply a spared guest here.”
“Ah yes, I almost forgot spared because of my talent, and tortured because it wasn’t good enough.” I said hatefully spitting the words at him.
“Alice I was merely trying to help you improve your skill.” he said taking a step towards me.
“Well, thank you, but your,” I paused trying to find the right word. “Training tactics aren’t the best for everyone.” I said cautiously. “But none of this is the point! I want to know why you are so upset about Christmas!”
“I didn’t want to back down because it would show weakness after a long fight, which would tell them all that I would back down if they kept pestering me.” Aro said truthfully.
“Okay well now you don’t have to worry about that.”
“Yes, now I have to worry about them defying my orders!” He yelled.
“So why don’t you just kill me like you do with all the others who defy you.” I said before realizing what I said. I don’t want to die!
“Because that would be such a waste.” Aro said simply as if the answer should’ve been obvious, and it was.
“Fine at least let us have Christmas, it means the world to Athenadora and I haven’t seen Marcus that happy since I came, plus Caius was smiling! Even Felix was loving it, and he comes off as a guy not easy to make happy!” I said trying my best to convince him.
“I don’t know.” Aro said.
“But your brothers and most of your guard agree! That has to tell you it’s a good idea.”
“Ah, yes it was your idea, though not their’s.” he thought for a moment and then continued, “How about I make you a deal.”
“What’s the deal?” I asked hesitantly, I didn’t like the look on his face.
“I’ll do you the favor of having Christmas as long as its wanted, if…” he trailed of closing the distance between us. His hands caressed my face, and he had a look in his eyes I’ve only seen once before- when I had just changed into the outfit Athenadora gave me- He leaned in as if to kiss me. No! This is not what I want! I will not be like Renata! His lips almost touched mine before I slapped him across the face so hard he almost fell over.
“How dare you! I will not disgrace myself in such a manner and I will not hurt Sulpicia the way you already do with Renata!” I yelled.
“Ah, but Alice you owe me a favor I saved your life, I spared you.”
“I owe you nothing!” I said pushing him away again.
“You little Bit-” he was cut off by me pushing him away and darting to the other side of the room. Then I had a horrible vision.
“How dare you defy me! How dare you disrespect me!” Aro said with a voice full of power before snapping my neck and ripping off my arms and legs. “Afton start a fire.”
I didn’t have to see the rest to know what would happen if I hit him again.
“Aro,” I said calmly. “ I do not owe you anything but an apology for defying your orders.”
“I do not want your apologies, I want you.” Aro said walking towards me again.
“NO! I will not stand for this! Aro there will be a Christmas and whether you participate in it or not the rest of us are!”
“Don’t you dare walk away from me!” Aro yelled.
“There WILL be a Christmas Aro!” I said storming out of the room and into the main room where the tree was. Renata was glaring at me, I was not in the mood to be glared at, so I stomped over there.
“What?” I demanded.
“How dare you hurt him!” She raised her hand to hit me but someone else hit her first. It was Sulpicia. Then she ran back up to her room. I turned to everyone who had helped with Christmas but still hadn’t put it away.
“Every one, as you heard, there will be a Christmas celebration, Everyone in this room except Renata is participating so make sure you get gifts for those people. If you wish to buy gifts for the others than you may do so, I’m not about to be like Aro and tell you what you can and can’t do. Please excuse me.”
I went upstairs to talk to Sulpicia.

Chapter 21
Not as dumb as she looks.

“Sulpicia?” I said gently as I knocked on her closed bedroom door.
“Go away!” She sobbed tearlessly.
“Sulpicia I just want to talk, please let me in.”
“Okay.” She unlocked the door and opened it for me. She quickly shut it behind me and locked it again. Sulpicia and Aro’s room was very regal. The castle walls were showing their glossy dark blue with no covering like Caius and Athenadora’s room. They had a red carpet that covered only the middle strip of their room which was as wide as their king sized bed. Their bed had cream colored sheets on it with black decorative pillows.
“Sulpicia, I know that that was shocking news to you and that you never imagined that-” Sulpicia interrupted me.
“Never imagined!” She laughed “Yeah right! I’m not as stupid as everyone thinks I am. I’m not some dumb child!” she yelled angry now. “I knew what was going on but I tried to ignore it and forget about it!”
“Sulpicia you shouldn’t have to do that you could-” I was interrupted again.
“Could what? Leave him? I don’t think so! Aro lets no one leave!” she said the next part quieter now, “Besides he’s my mate and I’m his.”
“But Sulpicia mates aren’t supposed do that to each other. They are supposed to-” Cut off yet again.
“Supposed to be with only their mate. Yeah, I know that. But Aro’s different.”
“How so?” I asked for once being able to finish my question.
“He…Likes power. So I believe that with one lover he doesn’t feel comfortable enough, like he might lose his control over me because of the attraction he feels to me because I’m his mate. I think that’s why he has these other lovers.”
“Wait lovers?” I asked putting extra emphasis on the S. “as in more than one?” I asked confused.
“Yes, Renata is his only consistent one but he tires of her sometimes, and he is very handsome so many vampire girls are willing. And so are humans.”
“Humans?” I asked startled, I didn’t know that was possible.
“Yes, humans but after he’s got what he wanted he drains them of their blood. He only goes for the extremely pretty ones though.”
“And your okay with this?” I asked more than a little confused.
“Well,” she paused contemplating her answer. “No…and yes. I guess I understand it, but I’m not happy about it.”
“Oh, well have you tried talking to Aro?”
“No!” she laughed a little. “You should know from experience that Aro doesn’t do well with negotiating terms, although I must say you handled him quite well up there.”
“Well I wasn’t about to do that to you, I seen how much it hurt you then, but If you already knew why would it have hurt you so much?”
“I already knew but this was the first time it was announced to the public. And I was embarrassed, even though I’m sure they all already know and laugh at me for ‘not knowing’. But I was embarrassed and mad that he went and spent three days with her probably giving her whatever she wants when he won’t give me what I want most.”
“And what’s that? For him to be true to you?” I guessed.
“Yeah, but I really want a child!” She exclaimed as her eyes lit up with excitement.
“So why not have one?”
“Because, silly, vampires can’t have children! Its impossible!”
“Oh.” I said feeling a little sad. But why? Why do I feel sad? I never wanted a child, well, I never really thought about it. Or at least I don’t remember thinking about it! Maybe I did once… Sulpicia’s voice brought me back to the present.
“Yeah, and he won’t let me change one either he says they’d be ‘to dangerous’” she said trying to imitate Aro’s voice.
“How so?”
I don’t know he just says ‘they would be hard to control, Sulpicia. Now no means no!’ and walks away.” She said crossing her arms over her chest and pouting.
“Oh well-” There was a knock at the door.
“Sulpicia, dear, why have you locked me out? Are you still mad?” Aro’s muffled voice said through the heavy wooden door.
“Oh I should go.” I said standing up. Sulpicia stood up unlocked and opened the door. Aro looked surprised to see me but he didn’t acknowledge my presence at all after that brief second of surprise. I walked out of the room, and thought silently boy is Aro in trouble, he doesn’t know she’s not as dumb as she looks.
Chapter 22

I walked out of Sulpicia’s room and down a flight of stairs. I went through the living room smiling at my new found friends and crossed through the back room out into the open. The place where I first learned to control my visions sat in front of me so I continued walking until I found a nice river. It was very peaceful here with no noise other than a gurgling river as the water rushed by. I stuck my feet in the water and I felt nice to just relax. I watched fish swim by being rushed with the water, my feet swayed with the current and I started contemplating something.
Vampires can’t have children. Apparently there is still a lot for me to learn about what I have become. I felt a sudden sadness in Sulpicia’s room when she told me this, but I cannot fathom why. Did I ever want children? Did I have a child? Did I want a child? Its so frustrating not knowing anything at all! Ugh!
I better go get presents for everyone although I do not know what anyone would want other than Athenadora, Marcus, and Sulpicia. Unfortunately I can’t give Marcus what he would want, which would be Didyme, I cant give Sulpicia a child, but I can give Athenadora more fabric for her handmade dresses.

Chapter 23
The years fly by

Christmas came and everyone exchanged gifts, Aro and Felix joined us but Renata and Jane stayed in their rooms. I gave Athenadora her fabric, Heidi a new dress, Marcus some new shoes(he needed them his were completely out of date) I gave Aro a Christmas card thanking him for Christmas, I gave Sulpicia a colorful hat and so on. Then we took down the Christmas decorations and everyone went out to hunt some humans. I stayed in the castle hating myself for even thinking blood sounded good and I went back out to the stream where I sat for an entire week not moving, just thinking.. Only Athenadora and marcus came out once to wish me a happy new year, it was now January 3rd 1924. How much longer must I live with the Volturri?
* * * * *
It turns out I only had to stay there until 1928 on January 1st. They finally let me go after asking for 2 years. I guess they didn’t want any of their secrets out and I had caused my share of trouble because in 1927 I helped Sulpicia with something that should have never been done. I didn’t help as much as I could’ve or as much as Jane and Renata believed I did. Jane just wanted me gone but Renata was jealous that Aro wanted me. 1927 was another year I almost was killed, the Volturri are definitely not good for my health.
* * * * *
“Happy November 1927!” Athenadora said.
“What’s so happy about it?”
“I told you in January every month I’m going to say that!”
“You know I will never understand why, right?” I said looking disbelievingly at her.
“I figured as much.” Athenadora said shrugging. “I’ve got to go design a new fall dress for you! Bye!” and she ran off to her room.
Every new season since 1924 Athenadora was designing a new dress and because of it I had my own closet! I loved her work it was always amazing!
“Alice!! Alice you’ve got to come outside quick! I have something to show you!!” Sulpicia screeched running towards me at full speed.
“Okay, okay I’m coming Sulpicia calm down!” She was very childlike but fun to be around, she always thought of the craziest things.
I went out following her deep into the woods when I stopped dead in my tracks. There was a child standing there, sitting actually. He had curly black hair and he was extremely pale. His eyes were glowing red as he was feeding off of a large male.
“Sulpicia what is this?”
“A child! My child!”
“He wasn’t yours to start with, where did you find him?” I asked cautiously, hesitantly.
“He was just sitting on a sidewalk and he was so cute! He seemed to like me so I Picked him up and carried him off to change him!” She said cheerfully.
“So that’s where you were these past 3 days.”
“Yup, right by Vasile’s side!”
“Vasile?” I asked.
“Yeah, that’s his name.”
“You should really tell Aro about this.”
“No! We can’t, not yet! He still has temper tantrums he’ll be fine though, he hasn’t killed many, and-”
“Killed….many? Sulpicia I have a bad feeling about this!”
“Please don’t tell! Just help me please! I want to keep him so bad and I can’t kill him! Please Alice!” She sounded like a child and looked like a little puppy. I didn’t want to kill the child, I could always check the future for my decision.
“Give me a second Sulpicia.” I said closing my eyes, I began searching the future.
“just one more Alice.” Sulpicia begged “Vasile is lonely!” “No You have one child! And that’s not even allowed! Sulpicia One is enough it takes both of us to control him!” “Fine!”
That was if I decided to help. Now if I don’t help:
“Sulpicia!” I screamed “They’re killing everyone!” She had created 12 children ages 3-6 and they were making entire villages go extinct.
“Okay I’ll help.”
“Oh thank you so much Alice!” She squealed hugging me.
“Only give him 1 human a week.” I said
“A week?” But that won’t due he’s already had three today! He’s so hungry!”
“THREE?!?” I yelled surprised. I lowered my voice and continued “That’s to much Sulpicia he can have one a day.”
“Fine.” Sulpicia said turning back to pick up Vasile and swing him around in her arms.
Chapter 24

Vasile was cute, but hard to control. He was very thirsty, and very strong. He was only 4 and he up rooted a tree and threw it across the woods smashing it into another one and knocking it down. I got him one human every day and Sulpicia played wit him and gave him constant attention, all went well for 3 weeks until it started to snow. Vasile loved the snow but he constantly wanted more food.
“Its because its so cold!” Sulpicia exclaimed.
“No its not our bodies are colder than this snow, he is not getting any extra humans!” I said sternly.
“We should at least take him inside!”
“Sulpicia if we do that everyone will know and no one knows what Aro might do!”
“fine.” she said pouting.
“Now its December 1st and we need to go get decorating for Christmas. Come on, Vasile will be fine.”
“Okay.” She turned towards Vasile. “now listen sweetheart, mommy has to go inside for a little while but I’ll be back soon okay?”
“Okay mommy.” Vasile said.
We walked inside and started to decorate.

About an hour later we were finished, we accumulated more and more decorations each year. Then we heard a knock at the door. Aro sent me to answer it. There were a ton of vilagers out there.
“Can I help you?”
“Yes our ancestors had a vampire problem and now we fear we do again! 7 whole families have been killed and drained of blood in the last hour and this is where our ancestors came to complain! Can you help us?”
I Heard Marcus whisper “remember the story I told you about the 1st vampire problem” So I did as ‘St. Marcus’ did and told them what to do.
“Ah yes, well its probably because all of you stopped using garlic and wearing crosses right?”
“Yes our villiage did because it began to stink.”
“Well we still do it and this whole castle is vampire free! So its either stink or death. Crosses and garlic in your house will help and also make sure you have garlic draped around your neck.”
“really? All of this will stop the killings?”
“Absolutely! Now I must bid you farewell, I have decorating to attend to!”
“Certainly and thank you!”
I shut the door and everyone burst out laughing. But Aro silenced us.
“Who is killing so many people?” he asked.
No one answered so he went around reading everyones thoughts and stopped at Sulpicia’s.
“How could you create a vampire child?” He demanded as a gasp went through out the room. “And how could you help her?’ He asked looking at me. I gave him my hand and showed him the two visions and what would have happened if I hadn’t helped.
“Alright Sulpicia go get this child!”
* * * * *
I remember so vividly Aro killing the child and Sulpicia tearlessly crying for the rest of the month. I left in January, Marcus was sad and that hurt me because I had gotten him to smile so much, but I had to go. I hated that so much, and I was so scared for the child. But I had to leave and get it out of my mind so I spent all of 1930 roaming around Italy. I remembered Venice was my favorite place to go and I went time and time again, until my last visit changed my life forever.
* * * * *
“This is an ally I haven’t been down before.” I thought aloud to myself.
I walked through the ally toying with my long dark hair that had now reached down to my waist. I hadn’t cut it since 1922. That all seems like a different- what was that? Crying? I walked further down the ally to find a small dirty heap of a child making crying sounds, he looked up at me then and something inside me changed.

The End
For now anyways…. Keep reading for Anniversary and Memories book 2 1931-1940 to find out what life has in store for Alice next!


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