The Twilight Saga

what happens when Carlisle treats a patient that is a decendent from Jasper. Then Alice gets attached to the kid. Not only that but the kid has a gift. Will the Cullen's keep him. Will Alice and Jasper finally have a kid. Or will an unnatural force kill them all

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please update

thnx ill update it soon

Wes P.O.V
I hate hospitals. They smell bad they don't have any color and they always have sick people in it. My doctor's pretty cool maybe if my mom stopped flirting with him he could get his job done. He is married after all. Opps I forgot to introduce myself my name is Wesley Casper Whitlock but i liked to be called Wes or W.C.W ( my initials duh). Well I'm at the hospital because i broke my leg. Good thing it's summer I would be pissed that i couldn't play soccer for my school. I live in La Push,Washington but we only have hospitals in Forks that' s the town next to us. My doctor is Carlisle Cullen. I have blond hair and brown eyes. I'm cute if i do say so myself. I always thought I looked like a vampire but my mom thinks I'm wierd. Ugh here comes the doctor wish me luck.

Carlisle's P.O.V

This women is so aggravating. Wouldn't she leave me alone so I could tend to her child. I broken leg is no joke and should be treated with care and be treated right away. "Hello Wes how are you today". :As good as I will ever be with a broken leg doc!" Wes replied. He is such a peculiar child. Even in pain he manages to act as if nothing is happening. I checked all his vitals and measurements made sure he was okay before making a run for it. Didn't want to run into his mother...... ( dramatic Shudder)

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep writing it sounds cool i think wes mother should appear more often.

                                                                                     P.S. PLEEEEEEEEEEEAASE make the updates longer


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