The Twilight Saga

Chapter 1 : Alice's suprise
Alice jasper calls where are you, i a, mi n the bathroom okay i will wait, i am pregnant jasper

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hi anyone going to read my fan fic
I will read it!! umm...could you post the first chapter!! it sounds really really interesting!!! im sure lots of people will read then!!
Yeah me agreed with Summerlove..
sounds good! when will the first chapter be posted??

I was in the bathroom again throwing up man somethings rong.
Alice are you ok youve been in there for a while.
Yes jasper im ok hey im going to go shopping i need new clothes.
ok dont be to long i want to hunt.
ok jasper i wont be long i promiseIsaid walking out of the bathroom and to my car.the first stop will be the drug store i want to see if im pregnet.
Um miss may i help you said the helper.
yes im looking for pregnesy test.
right this way she said.
thank you i said walking to grab pregnesy tes and runing to a bathroom to take itright when i look at the test it has a little smile face. imposible i cant get pregnetright when i said that jasper called.
alice are you ok
no jasper im im pregnet
what you cant be vampires cant get pregent.
i know that i dont know how im pregnet im comeing home now ok tell everyone ok.
ok love ill tell them see you when uyou get here.
more!mail me when u write more

awesome start!!!! i made this banner 4 u!!! hope u like it:)
sounds like a very interesting read.
More PLZ and keep me post
more!i wanna see how jasper reacts!!!


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