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The inpiration for this story came from an old collab with my dear friend Dallas Loraine. She is an extremely talented writer and has her own original posted here now. It is titled Do I? and I would LOVE for you to check it out! I'm reforming it and making it new with her permission.

So with out further ado: Alienated.




“Miles please,” Lucy’s voice was strong willed but that didn’t mean anything to me anymore.

“Stop it Luce! I’m not going to lie to her anymore; I’m tired of keeping secrets and tired of acting like I don’t care. I’m tired of your bossing me around and I’m not listening to you moan about Mom and Dad anymore, they’re gone!” I knew my words were harsh, and I could see the pain it caused her in her eyes.

“Miles. . .” Her voice cracked as she pleaded one last time.

I ignored the tug in my heart to obey her and left the house, letting the door slam behind me.


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I wanted to cry!!!!! GREAT Claire bearrr!!!

=D Thanks Dallas! I'm so glad you approve!

I'm almost done with chapter one! ^___^

Omigod Claire! Fantastic!
=D I'm glad you think so Nikki! :3
This sounds intresting. I really love it. Please Updated!
I will Edith! Next weekend! I promise! Thanks for reading! ^___^
YOur Welcome :D
=D thanks! I will! ^___^

Chapter One: Miles

“Lucy please tell me what’s going on. Where are you taking me?” I heard her giggle and a door open. The hallway smelled of the little spearmint plants we had sitting around the house. She put her hands on my shoulders and started leading me into a room. I put my hands out, feeling the wooden door frame as we passed it. My fingers ran over little paint drips, we were entering my room. I hadn’t done a very good job painting the door frames when we moved in. Lucy’s had fewer drips than mine did though. “Why are we in here?” I asked, but still didn’t get an answer.

I finally felt her hands move away from my shoulders and to the back of my head. She started to untie the blind fold. I pursed my lips and opened my eyes as the bandana was pulled from my head. I sucked air into my lungs quickly as a grin crossed my face. I turned to her and gave her a quick hug. “Lucy! I don’t believe you!” I released her and ran over to the shiny new guitar, sitting neatly in its stand. as I played a few little notes.

“We’ll have to buy those books that teach correct chords and such, but I thought a good first step would be buying the instrument.” Lucy smiled at me and I gave her another quick hug.

“I can’t believe you did this!” I looked down at the guitar and then back up at her.

“Well,” She shrugged, “It’s your birthday, I wasn’t going to leave you present less.” She laughed at the end of her sentence, which made me smile even bigger.

“Yeah, but I was expecting one of your awful breakfasts or dinners, not this.” I teased. Her fist made connection with my arm, not really hurting at all.

She crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m not that bad of a cook anyway, besides it’s not like we need to eat that stuff to live.” She made a pouty face and I chuckled, shaking my head. She smirked and then left the room, leaving me alone with the new magnificent piece of wood in my hands. 

I grinned down and attempted playing something before placing it gently back into its stand, afraid of breaking a string before I was able to actually learn something. “So, I know you’re worried about me and all, but I’ll be fine. We’ll find a way soon.” She pursed her lips as I talked. “It would be a lot easier if you would just tell me how you did it Luce.” She hated when I brought this up, but after all, I only had a year left, we had to find a way to break the curse before next year. She didn’t answer me, but I could see her getting angry and uncomfortable with the topic. “Well then,” I said in a louder, more enthusiastic voice, “Why don’t you fix me up some of your famous grilled cheeses?” I smiled at her and hopped off the counter. I put my hand on her shoulder as I hopped down and then patted it as I walked away.

I guess trying to let her know that I wasn’t angry at her for still not letting me in.

I walked back into my room and picked the guitar back up, running my fingers over the strings.

“Miles, you want one or two?” I heard Lucy yell to me.

“One is fine, thanks Luce!” I looked down at the beautiful piece of wood in front of me before setting it back down. I couldn’t believe she had gotten me a guitar. It didn’t look to be a cheap on either. I couldn’t help but wonder how she could afford it.

“Miles! Come and get your sandwich!” Lucy yelled back into my room. I walked out and grinned, before sitting down to eat my sandwich. It was gone in mere seconds and then I downed my orange juice. I got up and pretended to walk away. “Uh-uh! Come back and pick that up!” Lucy’s authoritive voice said.

“But it’s my birthday; can’t you do it for me?” I asked like a little kid. She shook her head so I walked back over and put it into the sink.

“Thank you,” She said and smiled, sticking her nose in the air. I rolled my eyes at her and went back into my room. I couldn’t help continue to stare at the guitar.

After about an hour of me fooling around with my new shiny piece of wood, Lucy knocked on my door. “Miles?” She asked and stuck her head in.

“Yeah?” I asked, not taking my eyes off the guitar.

“We start public schooling tomorrow you know.” She said quietly.

“Yeah, I know, why?” I looked up at her.

“Well, school here is going to be different than it was back at home, we need to buy our supplies and carry them inside of sacks.” She said.


“So I think we should go shopping for them.”

I sighed. “Okay, but we’re going to buy a guitar book while we’re out.” I smiled at her and walked over to my closet, grabbing tennis shoes and socks.

She giggled in her little voice and walked away.

I grabbed my wallet from the nightstand and shoved it my pocket before taking one last look at my guitar and closing the door. “You ready?” I called out to Lucy.

“Yeah, Hang on!” I could hear her shuffling through things in her room before emerging with flip flops on her feet and papers in her hand.

“What are those?”

“School supply lists silly.” She shook her head and jingled the keys to the car, signaling me to follow her.

“We have to buy all of that stuff?” I asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” She said simply and walked out the front door. It was then clear to me that Lucy was on a mission. You never get in Lucy’s way when she’s on a mission. I followed her to the car and got in the passenger side as she jammed the keys into the ignition.

We spent a good hour and a half at the local store, picking out the cheapest, but most durable supplies. Lucy complained about the prices the whole time. I was relieved once we were done. We picked up fast food on the way back to the house; it gave Lucy another chance to complain about prices. I stayed quiet and let her order the dollar menu while I toyed with the radio. The radios back home got much better reception, with much clearer sounds.

We got home and Lucy organized our backpacks while I went back to my room and set my new guitar book by the stand. It was late, and I was too tired to try and figure the chords out. Lucy came in and said her goodnights before shuffling away in her short pajama shorts and oversized t-shirt. I sighed and laid down in my bed before reaching over switching off the little lamp. I was not looking forward to tomorrow.                 “Wake up!” Lucy’s shrill voice was in my door way.

I sat up and scratched the messy mop sitting atop my head, “You don’t have to yell you know.” I grumbled, slipping out of the covers.

“I do when I’ve tried waking you up twice already.” She said sternly and shoved an earring into her ear as she left.

I sighed and stood up, going to my closet and picking out the first pair of denim pants and first t-shirt I found. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the noisy shower. “You better hurry!” Lucy’s voice called form behind the closed door. “We’re going to be late!” Sometimes her bossiness was more than I could handle. I bit my lip as got in and rinsed off, cleaning my hair and all other parts of body. The water pressure in the place sucked.

Once I was done getting ready, teeth brushed and all, we left, grabbing out fully packed backpacks.

Lucy drove, as usual; being the oldest she felt she had these priorities. She wasn’t very good, she really wasn’t awful, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say she was a good driver. She stopped too late and pressed down on the gas too fast. It was a wonder that the state let her get a license. I put on my seat belt and gripped the handle as she drove along.

We pulled up to the school in a matter of minutes. It was much bigger than it seemed in the photos Lucy had given me. There appeared to be three floors in a very wide, brick building. I sighed. I had never gone to public school before, neither had Lucy, but she seemed excited.

The hallways were loud and bustling with tired, grumpy people. Lockers slammed in every direction and girls giggled in corners. You could almost smell the dread of classwork in the air. I couldn’t help but smile, it was just like in all the movies.

Lucy and I got our locker numbers and combinations, they weren’t near each other, more like across the school from each other. This disappointed me. Lucy was enrolled in twelfth grade, although she was nearly already twenty-one. She lied about her age when we enrolled. Of course I did too; I was enrolled in eleventh although I was nineteen.

The lock was easy to figure out. I soon had my door open and was piling stuff inside the small compartment. I turned around to glance at the clock on the wall when the air was suddenly stolen from my lungs, a girl walked into the hallway, all eyes turned in her direction as she walked. It wasn’t that she was puffed up with confidence, or that she was walking around like she owned the place, people were looking because she was simply that pretty. She wasn’t very tall, but not necessarily short either. She smiled as a friend came up to her, it seemed to light up the entire hallway. She appeared to be about sixteen.   She walked by, her friend dragging her by the wrist, and I was able to breathe properly again.

I watched them as they walked down the hallway. Her friend gabbed with gum in her mouth while she seemed content to just stand by and listen. I felt myself sigh as they became enveloped in the crowd of people. I shut my locker and hoped I would see her again before the day ended.


Hey all! I hope you enjoyed part one! I know somethings are a bit confusing right now, but if you keep reading, all will be revealed. =)

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I'll answer them as long they don't reveal secrets of the story!

Mile's sister Lucy is featured in the header! =)

Please don't forget to leave your opinions and predictions! ^___^

-Claire Bear.


I love it :)



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