The Twilight Saga

hey guys! i'll post the first chapter soon! I'm writing two other fanfics right now but I have got an idea for this story and I can't get it out of my head! so here's the second story! if you haven't read the first fanfic though, then I think you should so you get who all the characters are and stuff.
Crimson Sunrise
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Chapter One - Big Day

Wow. It was here all ready. Time just flew by when you were immortal. I was standing in front of Alice's full-body mirror with a nervous grin on my face. I took a good look at myself. My caramel hair fell in waves down my back just like my Alice picked Vera Wang dress flowed down my legs onto the floor. God. In an hour I was going to be Renesme Carlie Cullen-Black. I shivered with excitement and let out a squeal of happiness. Everything was going to be perfect, I kept telling myself. I was going to be with Jake forever. Literally. Since I'm half vampire, and Jake imprinted on me, he gets to live forever as long as he loves me. Hopefully, he'll love me forever. I know, without a doubt, that I'll love him forever. My whole family was going to be there. My friends were going to be there (vampire and human). My dad had warmed up to Jake since the incident. Although, I really should stop calling it 'the incident'. I call everything that goes wrong 'the incident' so there's got to be like a hundred 'incidents' already. But that one night really does deserve that title. It really can't be described as anything else. Just thinking about it made me shiver, and this time, not with excitement. I looked at the bruises under my eyes. Although I was perfectly fine, I still had a few bruises from that night. They had covered every inch of my body, but now the few that remained resided under my eyes making me look even more like a vampire. I grabbed a strand of hair that had come loose from Alice's mega hairspray attack and put it behind my ear. She was going to yell at me for that one imperfection, but hey, I'm getting married today so who cares. At that thought I shivered again with excitement. Mrs.Black. Mrs.Renesme Black. I stared down at the ring on my finger. It's sapphires glistened in the light. I could feel the nervousness in my smile fade away. Now I was just smiling a huge, happy smile. My heart ached when I was away from Jake, and I hadn't seen him since yesterday so my heart was about to become a black hole. I only had to wait two minutes and I'd see him again. That brought up the thought of how precise everything had to be because Alice was in charge. The wedding was at four o'clock and Alice said that if anyone was a second late, got sick, or died she'd wring their necks. Even if it was the bride. Or the groom. Did I mention she was still queen of Crazyville? Well, if it's possible, she's even crazier. Everytime I saw her (I tried avoiding her but it's impossible. She pops up everywhere out of nowhere) she grinned this psycho grin that scared the crap out of me. Then she'd start her babbling about if the bridesmaid dresses should be magenta or fuchsia. Is there a difference? I was too afraid to ask. Speaking of her highness, Alice did her normal entry and popped up out of no where.
"It's time." she said, flashing her grin at me. This one wasn't psychotic. Or maybe I was joining the dark side.
"Um, I do believe there's still a good seven seconds left." I replied. She smiled.
"Yes, but you just wasted two seconds and it's going to take you four to get down stairs and into the backyard."
"Sometimes I forget about vampire speed."
"It's what keeps me alive." she said as she ducked to the floor and put her arms under me.
"Hey! What are you doing?!?"
"I don't want to risk anything. You could brake the heel of your shoe or trip and mess up your hair and ruin all of my hard work!" she said as I kicked my legs and flailed my arms around, trying to brake free.
"Now stop it before you get too tired! You could drop the bouquet or get a leg cramp as you're walking own the isle." She commanded. I stopped. What was the point anyway? She had reinforcements. A.k.a my uncles and basically everyone I knew.
We were downstairs in one second and in the doorway leading to the backyard in three.
"Dang it! See what you did?!? We're a second and two fifths late Renesme. I'll wring your neck later." she said as she put me upright and fixed my hair and dress. The music started and Alice pushed me (Literally. For such a tiny vampire she sure is strong. Er, for a vampire) out the door. As soon as I took my first step, my father was at my side. He looked down at me and smiled, without a trace of regret or anger or anything else unwanted, and I smiled back. He looked forward and so did I. I scanned the area. There wasn't a trace of anything bad. Just my family and friends. And my favorite, Jacob Black. As soon as our eyes met we both smiled. He looked so cute when he smiled. His eyes lit up and sparkled more than should be legal. He looked me up and down in one swift movement and mouthed "Nice." I had to bite the inside of my lip to keep from giggling like an idiot and 'ruining the wedding' as Alice would put it. Just keep walking and watch each step, I told myself. If you trip, Alice will kill you. That's worse than torture. Well, technically it is torture. But it's the worst type of torture. Jake was elbowed by the best man, Seth, causing him to break our gaze and Seth was looking at my dad who was staring at Jacob. I stopped looking at Jake to look at my dad. My dad nodded (he was listening to Jake's thoughts) and didn't look like he was about to rip Jake's throat out (a good sign). I looked over at the maid of honor. She was my best friend Kelsey. She was a human and she went to the Quileute high school.I hadn't seen or talked to her in what seemed like forever. I'd been so caught up in the I-love-Jake-but-I-don't-think-he-likes-me-and-I'm-moving-to-South-America deal that I hadn't gotten the chance. It was when Alice, my mom, Rosalie, Emmett (he had been sucked into it and wasn't happy about it either), Jasper (same as Emmett), and me had been writing wedding invites that I had realized how much I missed her. She was smiling at me and her bouquet was pointing at Seth. See, we had been best friends since my growth had stopped and I'd been aloud to go to school so we had certain signals. Like this one, this one was the one we used for "Ohmygogohmygodohmygod he's sooooooooooooo cute!". You take whatever's in your hand and you point it to the guy. It's very sudel and no one can tell what it means except us (and my dad since he can read minds). Her bouquet was pointing at Seth. I mouthed "Go for it" to her and she smiled gratefully. Her brown almost black hair was straight and barely reached her shoulders and today her long bangs were pulled back showing off her green eyes. She was wearing an ice blue dress that was sleeveless and flowed right above her knees. Then I turned my attention back to the wedding and found out that I was almost to Jake. I almost started freaking out with happiness. My dad whispered "I love you darling." in my ear before he left me to take his place. I could feel a single tear wash down my face. I stepped up onto the platform that was under the arch of white roses (courtesy of Alice) and faced Jake. That's when I felt it hit the back of my head.

Chapter Two - Can't These Vampires Take A Hint?

What was wrong with this chick? She had thrown her freaking bouquet at the back of Nessie's head. Her name was Kelsey. I remember that. She and Nessie used to hang out a lot. She was the maid of honor. But she was the maid of honor who threw her bouquet at the bride. That's a little odd. Nessie was seriously pissed and Alice was freaking out. Bella was actually holding her down so she wouldn't run up to this chick and snap her head off. Nessie gritted her teeth and turned around. "What?" she hissed. Kelsey jerked her head in the direction of the Cullens house. Nessie turned to face the house and her jaw dropped. Then she snapped it shut and almost ran off the platform to the house. I lunged forward and kept her back. She looked at me.
"What is it?" I whispered. I already knew the answer though. His smell was everywhere. So was hers and so was his and his. Aw crap.
"Cody's here. And he brought back up." she whispered back.
"Now why am I not surprised." I said sarcastically. I scanned the area with my eyes and immediately found four unwelcome pairs of red eyes, one of which was followed by an evil smile.
"Jane, Alec and Felix are here too. How wonderful."
"Emmett's getting ready to take out Cody." she informed me. I watched Emmett get up and walk over to Cody. About half way through he stopped dead in his tracks.
"What's wrong?" Nessie asked, her voice full of fear, anger, and worry
"I-I don't know." I said. Cody had been staring at Nessie with his ugly blood red eyes. But now he was looking at Emmett. His eyes seemed to flash. One second they're bright red, the next they're a dull crimson. Then Emmett turned around. He looked...dead. Not vampire dead, but dead. Then he moved toward us. He looked like Frankenstein. Then Edward started flipping out. He kept touching his forehead and jerking his hand away as if he was being shocked or like his forehead was burning him. Alice had stopped trying to murder Kelsey and was now trying to calm Jasper who looked like he was in a whole lot of pain. Carlisle wasn't much better. He looked even worse than Jasper did. He was the strongest in the Olympic coven, not like muscle strong, but like character and stuff strong, and he was withering on the ground in pain. Jasper and Carlisle's pain looked different though. Jasper's looked mental, and Carlisle's was just plain pain. Seth and I both ran behind the arch and into the forest at the same time. Leah was beside us in a second. We changed and then ran back, leaving behind scraps of tuxedos and a dress. When we came back, all the vampires were freaking out except Nessie and Bella. They were either walking toward Alice and Nessie like freakish already zombified zombies, or they were withering in pain. The worst part was that Alice was withering in pain, and the zombies were after her. Meaning that they were making it easier to get to her. Great, just great.
Leah, get Bella and try to calm her down enough to get her shield up. Seth, take Nessie as far away from here as possible. I'm going to try and grab Alice. I thought
Gotcha. Don't get zombified, kay? Leah thought back
Ya Jake. Be careful. Seth thought
You guys are the ones that need to be careful. You should probably warn the pack.
Will do. Were you wanna meet up? Leah thought
South America. Why had I thought South America? It was always South America...
Are you insane? Leah interrupted my thoughts with her own
Nope. Just do it.
Okay. Fine. Where in South America?
Um, Brazil.

Okay. I guess we'll keep in touch. Then Leah was gone and in the Cullen's backyard, and Seth followed. I followed them and found Alice. They hadn't gotten to her yet because they were all freakishly slow when they were zombified. All the humans were screaming and running in circles. Sheesh. I took my chances and jumped. I landed next to Alice and growled. Emmett stopped and mumbled "Get. Out." but that's the only reaction I got. I grabbed Alice, who was curled in a ball, by biting her shirt and carrying her. Amazingly, she never unfolded out of the feetal position. I carried her way as I ran and ran and ran. I kept telling myself "Nessie's okay. Nessie's okay." but it didn't feel right. I needed to know she was okay, not think it. Soon we were out of Forks and almost out of Washington. Then it donned on me. Where was Blondie? I hadn't seen her at all.

Chapter Three - Life Is Crap

I remembered everything up to when Jake left. Then it all goes blurry. I think I fell asleep. Well, I mean, I had to since I woke up in a taxi. In order to wake up, you have to be asleep. Everything was blurry after Jake left and then the next thing I remember I'm in a cab with my head on Seth's shoulder with Kelsey sitting in the seat in front of me. I blinked my eyes like thirty times before I told myself that it wasn't a dream that Cody and Jane and Alec and Felix had ruined my wedding.
"Awwwww. Life is crap." I groaned
"Hey, she's awake!" Seth said with his friendly smile.
"Hey. You okay?" Kelsey asked, turning around in her seat to face me. She kept moving her eyes to Seth and then lifted her eyebrow's up once. This meant "Do I still have your approval?" I nodded once.
"Wait, where's Jacob? Is he okay? Is my family okay? What about Leah? What-"
"Shhhhhh. I'm sure they're fine. Stop worrying. Jake would kill me if you had a breakdown." Seth told me.
"Fine." I said crossing my arms over my chest like a three year old. I was still in my wedding dress and Kelsey was still in her bridesmaid dress. But Seth wasn't in his tuxedo. He must have stopped by his house to get a change of clothes since his tuxedo was probably in a million pieces by now.
"Um, could we go on a quick shopping spree? I don't really want to walk around in a wedding dress. Especially if it reminds me of that wedding." I said
"Hey, it was pretty good until your crazy ex came around." Kelsy said
"Ya, your right. Stupid red eyed, evil, vampire, stalker ex boyfriend..." I grumble
"Wait, does she know?" Seth asked
"Yes. I know everything. Wasn't that a fun memory?" She asked me. She was referring to the day the found out. Soooo not cool. We both shivered. I had invited her over and Uncle Jasper tried to, well, lets just say he was a little thirsty that day and she must've looked like a tall glass of lemonade.
"Does she know" He asked. He sounded a little worried.
"Yes wolf boy, like I said, I know everything." She said sending him a big, more than friendly smile.
"Well...that's...good." He said. He was still a little worried, but Kelsey's smile had cheered him up a bit. I hope that they wouldn't have to go through the crappy accidents Jake and I had. Then a familiar phone rang. Kelsey's favorite song rang out from her cell phone. Rob Thomas' "Lonely No More" was bouncing off the walls of the cab. Kelsey dove into her purse to find it.
"Hmmm. Wolf boy #2 is calling. Here Renesme." she said as she handed me the phone after checking the caller I.D.
"Ola?" I asked nervously
"Hey Nessie. It's me." Jake said
"Oh Jake! It's so good to hear your voice! I miss you so much! How's my family? How are you?"
"I'm fine Nessie. I've got Alice here and she's doing better. She's not perfect, but she's better. I don't know about anyone else but I'm hoping they're fine. How are you?" That's one thing I liked about Jake. He didn't tip toe around the truth. He didn't say 'I'm sure they're fine.' because he didn't know that. He didn't tell me 'Alice is as good as new' because that wasn't true. It might have made me feel better, until I found out it was a lie.
"I'm fine Jake. Don't worry about me. I've got a werewolf here, a girl who knows karate, marshal arts, how to kickbox, how to kill someone with her bare hands, and who took out a burglar in three kicks, and I'm half vampire so I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself." Kelsey smiled proudly and Seth raised his eyebrows in surprise. Last month this guy broke out of prison and made his way to Forks. He broke into Kelsey's house (his first mistake) at three a.m. (his second mistake. Kelsey doesn't go to sleep until around fiveish) and she heard him. She is as silent as death. It's really creepy. So she crept up on him, kicked him in the head, twice, and in once in the stomach and he was out. She called 911 and was the hero of Forks for three months. She didn't stop smiling for a minute. Then I realized something.
"Wait, is the cab driver listening?" I whispered
"He doesn't speak English." Seth informed me
"Nice." Kelsey laughed and smiled even more at Seth. Then I felt like I was about to throw up. I started breathing in heavy shallow breaths
"Renesme, what's wrong?" Jake asked me through the phone
"I. D-don't........know." I felt like crap. Like I was about to explode
"Are you okay?"
"I. Don't. Know. I. Don't. Feel. So. Gr-" I was cut off by the awful squeal of the tires. Kelsey's blood curdling scream pierced the night. A train was on the railroad tracks. Just my luck that we were about to cross them.

Chapter Four - Blood Rush

"Nessie!" A horrible crunching sound rang loud and clear from the phone and into my ear. I don't think I'll ever forget it. The sound of the metal as it curled and broke and crippled. That whole scene was burned into my memory. The sound of the girl's scream and the squeal of the tires. Nessie's desperate pants of breath as she tried to tell me something. The sound of bones cracking, only I couldn't tell who's they were. All I wanted was to be there, to protect Nessie. But Cody just wouldn't let me have that, now would he? God, why did she have to date that loser? Next time I see him I'm going to beat the crap out of him.
"Nessie?" I whispered. She was okay. She was a vampire. She even said that she could protect herself. Well, she was half vampire. Half human. That just made me go into a frenzy of worry.
"I-I-I'm o-okay J-Jake. Just a l-l-little sh-sh-shocked, th-that's a-all. Oh god. Oh god! Oh god Jake! They're bleeding! Jake I'm scared! I d-don't kn-kn-know i-if I c-can do th-this." Her voice cracked through the phone. She was crying.
"Nessie, listen to me. You're the strongest person I know. Now I need you to tell me what's wrong, so I can help you. Like I said, you're strong, but since you're saying you aren't, you might need a little help to get through this." I was so worried about her. Seth can't be hurt. Or at least, not for long. And what about her friend, Kelsey?
"O-okay. Um, I-I think the driver-Jake, I th-think he's d-dead."
"Okay. Well, what else?" I could almost feel her pain. She couldn't stand to see anyone hurt, none the less dead. But she was half vampire too. And that meant that she had a vampire's appetite.
"Kelsey's breathing, but every now and then blood - i-it comes out of h-her mouth. Oh god! Her eyes are fluttering! Jake, what does that mean?!? I'm freaking out Jake! Oh god!" She was breaking down. She couldn't do this much longer.
"Renesme, I need you to listen to me and do exactly as I say, okay? Can you do that?"
"I-I don't know." I could almost see the tears rolling down her face.
"Renesme, you can do this. You know it. I know it. I believe in you. Can you do this?"
"I-I can try."
"Okay, good. You and Kelsey and Seth are going to be okay. The first thing you need to do is see if Seth is okay." There was a long pause.
"His pulse is good but his arm is twisted in a really bad way."
"Okay, that's better than nothing. I need you to..." I searched more something that would wake him up. My lips twitched a little. "I need you to tell him that he's a suck up. That he's a sissy and that Leah is better than him."
"Trust me just do it."
"Okay. Um, Seth your a fat suck up and you're the biggest sissy I ever met. Leah is so much better than you and...she looks better too."
"Flemhemflublem." is what I think Seth said back. He can't stand his sister, and after spending five hours sitting next to him on a plane, I know that that rule applies in his sleep too.
"Um, he's sorta awake. But not quite. He's stering and that's it."
"Bite him."
"Excuse me?"
"Bite him. He'll wake up. I promise."
"What if-"
"Nessie, there is a 'what if' to every question. And there is an answer to every question. They are two very different things. You just have to trust me, and I know that you'll get through this. And if you get through this, I get to see you again. I'm dying every minute I'm away from you. So please, put me out of my misery."
"I trust you Jake. I've always trusted you. Okay. I'll do it." I could here a little smile in her voice.
"Okay done." she said. The next thing I heard was Seth saying
"Ow! Did you just...bite me?" And then he took in his surroundings and sprang into action. I heard him bust out side of the must-be-crushed cab. Next thing I knew, a girl who wasn't Renesme, a.k.a. Kelsey, screamed out in pain.
"Jake, what should we do next?" Nessie asked
"Go out and buy some new clothes and as soon as you've changed into them, get on a plane to Brazil. Seth will know what to do next. Whatever you do Renesme, don't stop until you get there. After you get new clothes and you are on that plane, you aren't aloud to stop until you, me, Seth, Kelsey, Alice, Bella, and hopefully Rosalie are together. You can't or else he'll find you. If he finds you, the game's over."
"Okay Jake. I'll see you soon. Don't give up on me Jacob Black. I'll get Alice to kick your butt if you do." she said. I smiled.
"That's a fate worse than death."
"You bet it is. I love you."
"I love you too. Stay safe."
"You too. Bye."
"Bye." Then we clicked our phones off. I changed and then turned around to find Alice still in the fetal position. I picked her up with my mouth and flung her onto my back. Then I ran until we reached Montana. Once we were there, I ran to the airport. It was there that I finally stopped running.

Chapter Five - Waking Up

Let me let you in on a little secret. Waking up and not knowing where you are is not a good experience. I woke up in yet another taxi. I thought I was dead. I mean, if the last thing you remember is being in a cab with a dead person and an almost dead person, and then you wake up in a cab, it sets off a couple of alarms in your mind.
"Oh god. Ohhhhhhhhhh god. This is just great."
"I know how you feel." Kelsey grumbled. I opened my eyes. She was turned around in her seat again talking to me. But this time, she was in her favorite pair of skinny jeans and cream colored blouse. Her hair was up with one of those giant clips and she was wearing her lucky necklace. The only thing that knocked some sense into me was the fact that she had a white cast around her neck. If you were dead, weren't you supposed to be injury free? I looked from her to Seth. He was wearing a different outfit too. And he also was injured. He had a brace around his wrist.
"If we're dead, then why are you two wearing casts?" They laughed a little, but then they quickly became serious.
"We're not dead Nessie. You're not either." Seth informed me
"Whatever. I was already in hell anyways." I grumbled. This time they laughed. Like, really laughed.
"You should probably change. I cut your dress so it doesn't look too much like a wedding dress, but still. It's dirty and has a hole or two in it and people will be suspicious." Kelsey said. She handed me a pair of denim capris, a white tank top, a black pull over, a hair tie, and a pair of black pumas.
"Um, okay. I'll change at the airport."
"Are you sure you don't want to do it now?" she asked me, clearly critizing my fashion sense.
"I'm sure. Jake told me that we shouldn't stop after we got our changes of clothes. We had to get to the airport and to Brazil A.S.A.P."
"Fine with me." she said
"Speaking of the airport, where are we going Seth?"
"To Alaska. Actually, we're in Alaska. We're a few minutes away from the airport."
"Alaska? We could stay with the Denali Coven!"
"Um, you're forgetting something Ren. The Denali Coven was at the wedding. Every single one of them. And so was Cody and the other three psychos. Put that together and you get vampires withering in pain. Still." Kelsey said
"Oh. Ya. I forgot. So we're going to Brazil, right?" I asked
"Ya. That's where Jacob told me to go." Seth said. Before I knew it, we were at the airport in Anchorage. Wow. It was big. Definitely bigger than the one we usually go to. But every airport is pretty much bigger than that one. We had flown through the lines and security and were at our gate. Kelsey kept trying to take her brace off or sabotage it by spilling coffee on it so she wouldn't ave to wear it, but Seth was always one step ahead of her. He would put his hand out and catch the spilled drops of coffee before they landed on the cast, or distract her before she could take it off, and once he actually grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the emergency exit that lead outside. It was raining and he was convinced that she'd risk exposing us so she could just take the cast off. At the slight touch of his hand in her's, she almost melted. I could see it in her eyes. It was actually kind of funny to watch. It was like she was a kid who was being babysat by Seth. Oh, and she was dazzled by him. Jake didn't like it much when I said that phrase. I think it has something to do with the he-use-to-date-my-mom thing. I shuddered. Gross, but I loved him too much to care.
"Hey guys, I'm going to go change."
"Do you want me to go with you?" Kelsey asked me. She always put others before herself. Well, most of the time.
"Oh no. I'm fine. Thanks though." I grabbed the bag Kelsey had snuck out of her house for me and went to the bathrooms directly across from our gate. I had the sudden feeling that I was being watched. I looked over to the side and found a black cloaked figure staring at me. I couldn't tell if it was guy or a girl because the cloak was so thick and it literally flowed of the person's shoulders and made a straight plunge to the ground. He or she had a very distinct and familiar topaz color for their eyes so I knew whoever it was had to be a vampire. But the topaz had hints of black and red in it, as if the vampire hadn't had blood in a while and like they were recovering from a human feed at the same time. Then a huge crowd of people walked in front of the strange vampire and it was gone. But the scent wasn't which meant that whoever/whatever it was had really been there and that I didn't have to worry about being crazy. I started jogging to the bathrooms instead of walking. I quickly changed and once I was out of the bathrooms, I scanned the area for the vampire. It was gone. Odd. The scent was gone too.
"Ren hurry up! We're about to board!" Kelsey yelled at me from across the area. Of course. I was literally less than a minute away and she was yelling at me to hurry up. She may be modest and selfless, but she is no where near patient.
"Coming!" I was tempted to run at vampire speed, but quickly turned away from that thought. I really missed being able to be half vampire and not hide it. It had only been a day but I felt like it had been years since I could be myself. I jogged back over to our gate just as they called our number to board. The je tway seemed to be thirty miles long. Gravity was turning into Kelsey's enemy. She kept running unwillingly down the jet way because of how steep it was becoming. Once we reached the plane, after a very, very long time, gravity returned on Kelsey's side.
It was when we reached our seats that I smelled it. The scent of the strange vampire was on the plane. And it was everywhere. The overall weirdest thing was that Seth, the werewolf who was supposed to be able to smell vampires, didn't seem to notice it at all.

Chapter Six - Hysterical
Part One
Thankfully, as soon as I stopped to change back, Alice uncurled herself from her ball that she'd been in for more than half the day. But she became crazy, as in not normal Alice crazy, but like, mental. She started muttering stuff like "Not inside. Not right. Not right. Not inside" and "Not natural. Shouldn't be. Can't walk. Shouldn't not be not natural" which makes no sense right? And she kept touching the back of her neck and then quickly moving it away like she was being shocked just like Edward had. I tried to check her out but she would jump back ten feet (literally. She was using her vampire abilities) whenever I came within thirteen inches of her "bubble". But she walked with me to the airport and all the way through the long lines, the escalators, and even the huge swarms of people that were crowding every single gate. Then she followed me onto the plane when we were boarding and even sat next to me, which I would've taken as a good sign, had she actually sat next to me. Instead she sat in the window seat and I was in the isle, so there was a one seat gap between us, but hey, it's progress right? She had come out of the fetal position. That was a really good sign. But we landed and she refused to get up out of her seat so I had to carry her off the plane and tell the flight attendant that she had recently had leg surgery when she asked. Then she asked me if I needed a wheelchair and I said sure. Why not? So I had to push Alice around an airport that I easily got lost in and everyone I asked directions from didn't speak English. This was becoming an unforgettable experience. We exited the airport and it turns out, you have to return the wheelchair while you are still in the airport so I had to carry Alice to the bus stop, and if I haven't said this before, even though Alice is short and she moves like a frickin' ballerina, she weighs like a million pounds! Luckily, there was a bench in the bus stop. After about thirty minutes of sitting on the floor (Alice decided that she was going to pretend to be asleep and hogged the whole bench) a bus finally came, but it went to a different bus stop. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I was getting really annoyed and seriously pissed by the time a bus finally got to us. But of course, I couldn't tell him where we were going because he didn't speak English. But apparently, neither does Alice. She told him something and it came out in a million miles a minute. The bus driver just looked at her in awe. He snapped out of it and nodded. We took our seats and he immediately took off.

Chapter Six - Hysterical
Part Two

We soon arrived at a crappy hotel that looks super crappy on the outside, and... was even crappier on the inside. I booked a hotel room and carried Alice into the elevator. What was wrong with her anyway? I would take the queen of Crazyville over the queen of Sortazombieland any day. They played spanish elevator music in the elevator and I really wanted to punch the speakers out. Soon an annoying bell chimed and we were on the third floor. For some reason, that triggered the realization of my need to see Renesme. I loved her so much and it killed me to be away from her. I could almost smell her scent in the hallway. Wait a minute, I could! I poked my head out of the elevator to find a person in a black cloak to my left.
"Nessie?" I called. The person smiled, and it was a familiar smile, but it wasn't Nessie's smile. The elevator threatened to close on my head so I pulled my head back in, hit the open button, and jumped out with Alice in my arms. Whoever it was was gone, but a bottle was on the floor where the person had once stood. It was an empty Abercrombie perfume bottle, and it too was extremely familiar, but I couldn't place why I knew it, just like the person's smile. Although it was missing its scented liquid, it wasn't actually empty. It had a small note rolled up in it. I snorted. A message in a bottle. I opened it with one hand, Alice in the other, and shook the note out. I walked around, searching for room 112 and finally found it. I placed Alice on the bed, and unraveled it. It said
and that's it. The only thing on it was a family crest. It was a mix of a lion and a dog, but the dog had fangs. I became really tired after reading it so I phased. Shreds of denim and cotton floated down on my fur like rain. I checked to see if Alice was okay. She was just staring at the wall. I curled up in the corner of the room. Every hour or so Alice would get up, walk over to me, and curl up beside me. I would just grab her with my mouth, put her on the bed, and head back to my corner. But I got so tired that I finally just gave in and let her curl up beside me. I fell asleep and had a dream about Renesme. Surprise surprise.



Chapter Seven - Notes, Letters, and Pieces of Paper

Chapter Eight - Alice's Christmas

Chapter Nine - Nightmare

Chapter Ten - Refund

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