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Hello.My name is Isabella Marie Gordon.I am 17 years old and just started working with my mother, Melinda Gordon, in here antique shop.I might seem like any normal teen except for since i was six i knew i could speak with the dead.My mother could as well.She called them Earth-Bound Spirits.I have helped some in my short time to cross over.But some i cant.









"Bella!" I picked my head up from my pillow.

"What?!" I yelled back to my father.Here's the thing with us.My mother and i can see the dead.And my father well.His name was originally Jim when he was in that body but then he died.And came back in a guy named Sam's body.We are messed up.I know.

"If you dont get down here this minute i swear i will find the nearest ghost and have them haunt you." I rolled my eyes.He never meant any of those threats.

"Fine." I grunted and climbed out of my bed.The sun shown in my face from reflecting off the mirror."Ugh."I groaned and stumbled blindly towards my bedroom door.I opened it and my dad stood there waiting.

"Well sleepy head i know its summer break but some people still get up before 1pm." I looked at my alarm clock.1:15pm.Crap.

"Sorry dad.Long night.Talking to Mary and trying to get what she means." You see Mary is this ghost that i have been trying to get to cross over but she wont tell me a thing.

"Maybe you should let her be." He said as we walked down the stairs.I could smell choclate waffels and my mouth watered.

"Yeah and let her haunt me for the rest of my life." I muttered and sat at the counter."Morning mom." I said and she smirked.

"Dont you mean afternoon?" I rolled my eyes.

"Tell that to Mary!" I complained.Just as i said her name Mary appeared on the other side of the counter.My mom and i groaned.

"I'm guessing Mary's here." My dad said.I nodded. "Is it just me or is it unfair to live in a house where only i cant see spirits?" He munched on a waffel.

"I'd rather be like you dad.Anyday."

"Oh so you want to go and save lives as a paramedic." I rolled my eyes again.

"Not in the literal sense!" Mary giggled beside me. "Oh hush up." I muttered and she sighed.Mary resembled what i would say Taylor Swift or something.Blonde bouny curls and blue eyes.

"Well excuse me for agreeing with him." She said and then was sitting on the counter next to my mom. "Morning Melinda." She nodded.

"Mary off the counter." My mom scolded. I chuckled. "Well i wanted to tell you guys that a new family just moved next door." I dropped my food.

"In the old manor?" She nodded. "But its been abondoned since god knows when and its crawling with ghost." I mirked. "We would know."

"Well they sold the house and while you were sleeping the family already moved in.The parents seem nice.They have a girl about a yera younger than you.She looks like a pixie.And a son your age Bella.He looks really cute."

"Ew mom!Talk about cougar town." I hopped off the stool and back up the stairs to my room.A new guy in town?Nice.I went looking through my closet and found a t-shirt and shirts.I looked for my converse.Not in the closet.Under the bed?Nope.I looked up from the floor and saw Mary.She held them in her hands smiling evily. "Evil little spirit." I muttered and snatched them from her.

"What can i say?I love shoes." I scoffed and bounced down the stairs pulling my hair into a ponytail.

"Mom?Dad?I'm going next door." I heard them mutter 'okays' and went outside.I loved the humid Grandview New York air.Small town yes but atleast it was nice. The front door the the old manor was open and i walked up the porch stairs. A woman was coming down the staircase. "Knock k***?" I knocked on the door and the woman looked up.

"Oh hello.You must live next door.I am Esme Cullen.And you dear?" She seemed nice.Her face was heart shaped and looked motherly.Like....Snow White in the flesh!

"Isabella Gordon.But call me Bella please." I shook her outstretched hand.

"It is very nice to meet you Bella.Oh my daughter would love you." Then a pixie like girl came down the hall.

"Mom! Edward took m-" She stopped when she saw me. "Oh.Um hi. I'm Alice." She smiled.She resembled Esme some.Except smaller and her hair was shorter.It was spiked around her tiny face like a halo.

"Bella.It's nice to meet you both." I said as a boy came from the hallway.

"I did not Ali-." Like Alice he stopped when he saw me. Unlike her he didn't say anything but starred.I started to become self cautious.

"I'm sorry Edward can be a bit shy." Esme sais and i snapped my attention towards her.Edward thawed from his trance.

"Am not.It's just i didn't know we had quest." Then he turned and walked back down the hall.Rude much.

"Sorry Bella. But he can be such an idiot." She yelled the idiot part so he would hear.

"Am not." I heard his velvet voice come.

"Oh please come in Bella." Esme said and took my hand.She led me into the house. I hadnt been in here since i was 12.It hadnt changed much.Except for the fact there was furniture and the windows were opened.I looked around as she led me into another room.Living room.This was the room where i had first met Mary.

"Wow i haven't been in this place for a while." Speak of the devil.Mary sat on something that was covered with a white sheet.Esme must have noticed my occupation.

"Do you play?"She asked.Play what?She removed the sheet, Mary with it, and revealed a piano. It was gorgeous. I did know how to play a little.

"Some but not well." I rubbed my arm.I did that when i was nervous. "Is it yours?" Idiot of course it was.

"No.Edward is the musician of the house." Oh.

"Can you play us something?" Alice chirped in and led me to the piano.

"Alice." Esme scolded. "She hardly knows us.Dont pressure her." Alice pouted.Aw she looked like a little girl.

"I dont mind." I said quickly. "I would like to but it isnt my place to just play without permission." I gave her a tiny smile.

"Go ahead then dear.I am not one to object." She motioned for me to sit.I did and started to play Litium by Evanescence.I heard them gasp but continued to play.My fingers flew across the keys.I finished and got a full applause which caused me to freeze.I turned slowly to see my parents and a man wiht blonde hair.And Edward.They all mirrored the same expression except for my parents.They looked proud.I blushed and looked down.

"That was wonderful." The blonde guy said and walked up to me. "I am Carlisle." I smiled.

"Isabella but i go by Bella." He nodded and my parents came forward.

"Bella you haven't played in so long." My mom whispered when she hugged me.

"I know." I whispered back. My dad gave me a smile and shake of the head.

"Wow." I heard from the room entrance.Edward stood there watching me again.But i wasnt as uncomfortable.

"Thank you." I meamt to say it to everyone but my voice was directed towards Edward.

"Oh Bella.Why dont you go and show Alice and Edward the town?" My mom said. "Delia Eli and Ned are at the store anyway.You can introduce them." I perked up.Ned was in college but we were dating some.

"That would be nice but i have to go organize my room.Sorry." Then Alice disappeared past Edward.

"I would like to go Bella." Edward said quietly.I nodded and said bye to my parents as Edward followed me out of the door.This was going to be a long long day.






Edward and I made it to the store without incident.Meaning no ghost.I opened the store door and saw Delia.She smiled.
"Hey kiddo." She came around the counter and looked at Edward. "Who is this nice gentleman?"
"Edward Cullen." He beat me to it. "I moved in next to Bella." Delia gave me a look and i rolled my eyes.I heard clatter from the back and saw my love coming out with a box.
"Mom where do i p-" He stopped when he saw me he dropped the box and ran over.I wrapped my arms around his neck as he picked me up and spun me around. "God Bella I missed you." With him being in college i hadnt seen him in a month. He kissed my lips but i had to pull away.
"This is my new neighbor." I took Ned's hand and saw him look at Edward with.....Jealousy?Boys.I rolled my eyes. "Where's Eli?" Just as i said his name he came through the same door as Ned did.
"Hey Bella." Eli said and looked at the mess Ned made. "I know you havent seen her in a while but Ned seriously?" He grabbed a broom and started to sweep up some stuff that had fallen out.
"Well i just came to sya hi and introduce Edward to you all." Edward was glarring.At what?I looked at Ned.My god men! "So we are going to go." I let go of Ned's hand and grabbed Edward's.
"Wait.Bella how about we go to the cinema later?" Ned said still glarring.
"Sure if Mary stops bothering me." He knew all about my gift.He nodded and i towed Edward out of the store.A cold breeze swept over me and i shivered.I had forgotten to get a sweater.But the sun was out so it didnt matter.
"Whos Mary?" Edward ased as we walked across the town center.
"She' friend who calls me every so often." It was a bad lie but it worked since he didnt press further.
"So are you and that guy in the store together?" I was feeling untterly uncomfortable.
"Yeah i guess you can say that." We crossed the street towards the Cafe.I walked in and sat at one of the counters.
"Hey Bella." Christy said.She had just moved here a month ago and was two years older. "And hello." She oggled over Edward.
"Earth to Christy.This is Edward.My new neighbor." She smiled.
"Hi." Edward sat next to me and looked down. 'Hot!' She mouther to me. 'Shut up.' i mouthed back.
"Anyway I wanted to introduce you to him but my mom wants us home soon." I took Edwrad's hand again and walked out.
"Does your mother really want us home?" I liked it when he said us.
"No but i can tell you were uncomfortable." I mocked and he stayed quiet.We walked past the cinema and the graveyeard.Aw.My favorite place.I looked at the headstones as we walked past.So many sould i helped.I saw Mary's headstone and sighed.
"Oh god." Speak of the devil.Mary was now walking beside me.And checking out Edward. "You got a good one now." She nudged me but her arm went right through my side.I couldnt talk to her now so i kept quiet.The sun was setting by now.I walked Edward up his porch.My parents had already gone home so i waved and walked back to my house.I walked in to the smell of Pasta.Yes!
"Finally." My mom said as i walked into the kitchen.
"You're the one who wanted me to show him around." I said and headed to the stairs.
"You aren't going to eat?" She aksed.I didnt feel hungry now.
"Nah.I think im just tired." I gave her a smile and went to my room.I flopped into the bed just asmmy phone went off.Pornstar by Amy Merideth started to play.I had a text.From Ned.I let it play the whole song before i answered.

(Ned text in dashes and Bells in stars)

-We still on for tonight? N-

I quickly texted back. *Cant.Mary problems.B*. I really didn't want to go.I just wanted to sleep for some reason.I looked out my window and noticed that there was a light in the manor.I saw someone in the room.Edward.Wow.I could talk to him without even being on the phone or in the same room.My phone went off again.

--Okay Next time.N- I didnt's answer him.Instead i walked over to my window and opened it.Edwards window was opened too. "Hey!" I said getting his attention.He looked up from where he was starring and opened his window.
"Well hello stalker." He sounded amused.
"Well i was just going to say hi and night but i guess i cant." I started to close my window.
"Wait!" I stopped. "I was being rude.Its just that its wierd talking to someone through a window." He smiled and i felt my heart squeeze. Wiat! Hold it Bella.You ahve Ned.You love him.And he loves you.RIght?
"Tell me about it." I started to put a CD in my radio.I picked Flyleaf and the music filled my room. "So.Watcha up to?" All around me came on and I tried not to laugh.We talked almost all evening about what we liked and what we dremed about.Oddly enough we were alike.





Sorry for the time jump!


(1 month later)

"Canon Ball!" Alice yelled and jumped into their pool. The Cullens had bought a pool and it was huge. A huge wave came up and I ducked under. I saw Alice's tiny form come down and then back up. I got an i dead and swam over to where she was. Yes it was a childish idea but who can blame me? I grabbed ahold of one of her ankles and dragged her under.
"Help!" She screamed before going under. I came back up laughing my ass off. "Isabella!" She launched at me but Edward grabbed onto her. Looking god-like as usual. Snap out of it Bella! My inner voice screamed at me. Hush up, another voice told it. Great. I'm hearing voices in my head.
"Sorry Bells." Edward said as he let go of Alice's tiny form. She jumped onto the pool ladder and got out grumbling the whole way. I couldnt help but laugh as she stuck her tongue out at me.
"Hey Bella!" I looked up to see Ned coming through the back gate. And Edward tensing beside me. I waved and smiled.
"Finally. I thought Alice hadn't invited you." I saw he was wearing black swim trunks and only a red T-shirt. Edward stayed in his same state watching, well more like glarring, at Ned. "Stop." I whispered and he sighed. Ned jumped off the ladder as Aloce had done.
"Oh Bella," Alice said coming back over to the pool with a towel wrapped around her, "I forgot to tell you. My friends from Forks are coming." She leaned againt the board.
"Oh and is your mystery hottie coming too?" Yes childish again but still.
"Shut up! I dont need Edward giving one of those over protective brother lectures again. And yes Jasper is coming." I smirked as Edward grumbled to himself.
"Anyway Bells." Ned said grabbing my hand and leading me to the other side of the pool. "Do you want to go to the cinema finally?" I groaned. He was never going to let this go. "Come on. You bailed on me last week and the other day. Bella. What's wrong? Do you not want to be my girlfriend?" He looked sincere. I looked down and bit on my bottom lip. God what was i doing. I loved Ned. Right?.........Not as much as i did. What the hell happened. "Bella. Answer me." I shook my head and got out of the water. I need to think. I heard someone follow but ignored them and grabebd my towel. Just hop the fence and i was home. I went through the the gate and into my house. No one was home right now so i just ran into my room. I heard my front door open again. Whoever it was needs to leave me alone. I slammed my door shut and slid down it. Once again my life was a mess.
"Why are you crying?" I looked up and Mary sat on my bed.
"Do you have to ask." I choked out. She sighed and walked over.
"Bella come on. Their just stupid boys. They will get over it. And plus i think that Ned would rather want to be with someone who wants him than someone who doesnt." I nodded. She had a point. But...
"That's the thing. I want to be with him but. I dont know. It feels nice to be with him but with Edward. It feels so right and yet still so wrong." Why am i discussing this with her? She's dead for god sake.
"Well. The way i see it. Dont be with either one. When the time comes you will know." She stiffened. "Ah crap. Lover boy is on the other side of the door wondering why you're talking to yourself." She disappeared and i wipped at my eyes. Get a grip. I opened my door and there stood Edward shirtless dripping and looking like he should belong in a swimsuit magazine. Why did he come.
"Yes?" I noticed him looking me over. Forgot to change. Damnit.
"Are you okay Bella?" His voice was full of worry. And love. Oh come on he couldnt love me. There isnt any possibility.
"I'm fi-" He cut my off by putting his hand over his mouth.
"Isabella. Dont even say you are fine. I know i have only known you for a little over a month but i know perfectly well when you're lieing." He dropped his hand. "Even when your boyfrind cant." He muttered. I pretended not to hear him.
"Well i am. Is that okay with you?" I turned and grabbed my sweats that were on my bed. It didnt feel right to be almost naked right now.
"Bella. Please." He roled his eyes. "If anything you breaking up with Fred or whatever his name was, is more than okay with me." I hit his arm.
"I did not break up with him. Or atleast i think i didnt. Ugh. I dont even know." I sat on my bed and pulled my knees to my chest. "Make yourself at home." He sat on the floor next to my stereo and massive collection of CD's. He picked up my Auburn case.
"Nice." He read over the back. "May I?" He motioned to my stereo. I nodded as he put the disc in. Perfect Two came on and i rolled my eyes. He laughed as one lyric came on. Auburn's voice was amazing. (A/N:The lyrics will be in stars)

***You're the smoke to my high. And you're the one i want to marry.**

Edward started to sing along. Was there anything he couldnt do?
"You suck at singing." I said and he faked hurt.
"Like you can do better?" I nodded. Okay that was a lie. I could not sing at all.

**You know ill never doubt you. And you know i think about you. And you know i cant live without you.**

"Do you ever think about me?" I blurted out. Oh crap. Smooth Gordon!
"Yes." He whispered.

***I love the way that you smile. And maybe just in a while, i can see me walking down the isle.***

"That's to funny." I muttered.
"What is?" He stood up and once again i got a full look of his body. I am in heaven. Mary appeared right next to him. *edited by Moderator*
"My my. Bella you gotta pick him!" I gave her a death glare while Edward just starred at me.
"Oh sorry. I just got distracted." Oh yeah. That was what i should have said. Idiot Bella. I took the CD out of the stereo trying to distract myself.
"Okay. Now will you tell me something?" I flipped through songs on my Taylor Swift CD and found a random song. Which happend to be I Heart ?. Great.
"Depends." I sat on my bed.

****I got an i heart question mark written on the back of my hand.****

"Well. What kind of boyfriend doesnt even check on his girl when she goes running back to her house? In a hypothetical sense." I rolled my eyes. Right.
"Um...I guess that gut, let's call him Joe, probably wanted to give the girl space?" Not meant to be a question but my voice gave me away.
"Alright. I'll give you that but, what if her neighbor came instead. Let's call him Ed. And the girl Jane." I nodded.
"So Ed goes to help Jane or what?"
"He goes and sees whats wrong with her even if she says she's fine. While Ne-Joe" He stuttered. Nice one. "Just goes back to his home."
"So let me get this straight. You're saying you care about me more than Ned does?" Please let him say no.
"In a sense. If Ned had came instead of me, what would you be doing right now? Talking it out and listening to I Heart ? by Taylor Swift." Crap. He knew Taylor Swift songs? "Or would you be either crying or fighting?" He had a point. I sighed and fell back against my pillows. I should really get a shirt on.
"Both. And for someone i have only known for month you sound like you've known me my whole life." He smirked.
"Well. I am really good at reading people and you're just like an open book." He put an arm aroudn my shoulders.
"Wow thanks for the awesome compliment." I put my arms around his neck. "Thans for being a good friend." He put his arms around my waist.
"No problem." I pretended i didnt see more than friendship in his eyes.





Hoping for comemnts!


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Hey RJ that was so good. I love the Ghost Whisperer and I love how you've made it about Twilight.
I love the Joe/Ed/Jane bit and poor Mary what is her story?? I would love to see what happened to her & what Bella decides to do about Ed and Joe LOL!!!
Trust me Sarah it is worth the wait!
i love this plz keep going its awesome
Wow love it

Sorry for the wait!



"Help me." I heard distantly and stirred in my sleep. "Isa_bella." The voice made my name in two. My eyes flew open and I bolted upright. I looked around.
"W-who's there?" My voice shook as I flipped on my nightstand lamp. Nothing. I hoped. My eyes darted around the room. I let out a breathe I had been holding. No one. Then who was that? Ugh. You really are loosing it Bells.
“Bella?” I jumped at my mothers voice. I walked across the dim room and opened the door.
“Yes mom?” She stood a few inches taller than me in the hallway. Her eyes looked troubled. Like….Like something bad was going to happen. “Mom. What happened?” She blinked and shook her head.
“You did hear that voice right?” I nodded. “Did it come from your room? I swear I heard….No. It couldn’t.” What was she talking about?
“Uh Mom? You kinda lost me there.”
“Oh sorry hun. Just go back to sleep. It’s not even four a.m. yet.” She kissed my forehead and walked back to my parents room. I sighed and closed my door only to come face to face with a ghost. It was a girl. About my age. But she didn’t look like she was from anywhere near my time.
“Oh for all that is holy. You scared me.” The girl looked confused.
“Wait. You can see me?” She smiled a beautiful smile. I nodded. “Oh thank you Goddess.” She said looking up. “I have been waiting for over a decade for someone who can see me. Mary said to come to your mother but I am kinda shy and you seem to want to help us.” She babbled and then looked at me with wide eyes. “Oh sorry. My name is Ivy. But that’s all I remember.” Her eyes were dark enough to be black And her hair was a slick red. Like fire. But it was wet. And her skin had a slight blue tint to it. Like she had been freezing. And her clothes. They were a little out dated but seemed fine. A T-shirt that read ‘Heavens Demon’s’ and red sneakers.
(A/N: My band name is actually called Heavens Demon’s. Just a heads up)

“Well Ivy. You don’t remember anything from your life?” I sat on my bed and she stood by the window.
“No.” She said shaking her head. Beads of water fell from her hair and I knew that where she was would be wet in the morning. “All I do remember is my name and water. And being cold.” She rubbed her arms to emphasize it. What had she gone through?
“I am sorry for whatever you had to go through.” I stood and walked infront of her. “But can you see the light? Or anything?” She starred off behind me and her face fell.
“No.” He voice was like a whimper. “Only a little. It’s blocked. I cant go. I don’t deserve to go. Not after….” She stopped when a light flickered out my window. Edward’s window. What was he doing up? She gasped and disappeared. Oh god. I put my head in my hands and shook it. Ugh. Nothing could be more great. I opened my window since it was getting hot and a cool breeze swept over my face. It felt good. I starred up at the dark sky, finding constellations when I sought them out. I heard something but paid no attention.
“Bella?” A tired voice said. I looked across the way to see Edward leaning out his window like I was.
“Yes?” I faked the same voice even though I was wide awake now. We had made up writing on white-boards and show eachother. It was really hard to hear eachother under the circumstances. I flipped on my other lamp and reached for mine from under my bed and a dry erase marker. He already had his and showed my what he wrote.
“What are you doing up?” It read. I quickly wrote my answer.
“Couldn’t sleep. You?” Once he saw it I erased it with the sleeve of my shirt. I saw him scribble away.
“Same. Music?” I smiled and nodded. This happened once or twice before and I always played something. I plugged in my radio and flipped through my collection of CD’s. Hmm…Which should I play….? I found my mix CD and put it in. All my fave songs were on it so why not? ‘When It All Falls Apart’ by The Veronicas started to play. This song actually did describe how I felt earlier when Ned and I fought. I saw his write something and showed him what I wrote.
“Why don’t we just text?” Was what I had written and he laughed.
“You don’t have my number.” I smiled and shook my head. No duh Bells. I heard my phone vibrate and grabebd it. The number I didn’t know showed but I read the message anyway. “But I have yours.” It read. I smiled and looked at him. He had that crooked smile that made my knees weak. Thank god I was sitting on my desk chair. I leaned back and added him to my contacts. And answered his text.
“STALKER!” I typed in text and pressed send. I waited for his reaction watching. His perfect features were everything a girl would want. Even his bed hair was drop dead sexy. I mentally smacked myself. You have a boyfriend! A voice roared in my head. Maybe not for long, I answered it. My phone went off and I smiled looking at it.
“No. Thank Alice for that.” I looked up out my window to see him starring at me. A blush rushed to my cheeks, neck and chest. I need to control that. Calm Bella. I closed my phone not bothering to answer and saw his face fall. I turned off my stereo and smiled teasingly.
“Meet me outside.” I said into the night air. I grabbed my slip -ons and jacket and threw them on. It would be freezing outside and I knew it. I opened and shut my door quietly. Thank heavens my parents were heavy sleepers. I was able to slip out the backdoor and into the backyard undetected. I already saw Edward waiting. He sat on top of my fence. I smiled and headed to where he was. “That was quick.” My voice wasn’t above a murmur. He hoped off and stood infront of me. His eyes looked pained. “Edward? What’s wrong?” He sighed and looked tensed.
“Bella. Is it wrong to….No wait never mind.” He sat on the ground criss-crossed and I sat next to him. The dawn was breaking and I could see Edward’s face better. He looked torn. I took his hand and held it in my lap.
“Tell me. Please?” I wanted to know. And by his expression it was big. “Edward please?” I pleaded further. He sighed.
“Is it wrong to…Love….someone who you know will never love you, the way you do, back?” I shook my head confused.
“I…..Don’t understand?” Not meant as a question but my voice betrayed me.
“How can I make you understand?” He mumbled.
“Understand what?” What was he talking about? Wrong to love who? Me? No he couldn’t.
“Bella.” His voice sounded like he was surrendering. His hands broke free of mine and settled on both sides of my face. Before I could protest his lips were on mine. They were soft and warm. A shot of electricity ran through me. Nothing I had experienced. Ever. His hands held onto my face and one trailed down my arm, to my waist. I couldn’t help but kiss him back. His kiss was soft and sweet. Nothing like I had done with Ned. I wrapped and arm around his neck and the other found his hand. I held onto him for sometime. Until….That same voice in my head shrieked. WHAT ABOUT NED? She screamed. Ned? Ned. Oh god. What was I doing. And this was my best friend! My head spun and my chest burned. I needed to breathe. We both pulled away at the same time. I removed my arm from his neck but still held his hand. “Bella. I...Um…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to….Wait. You kissed me back.” He sounded shocked. I slowly nodded. My instincts to run took over and I did. I bolted back into the house, up the stairs and into my room. I shut the door as quietly as my shaking hands would. It was about six a.m. now so my parents would be up in an hour. I groaned as I slid down the door. I touched my still tingling lips. Edward had kissed me. And I kissed him. What am I doing? He couldn’t love me. Not if he knew everything about me. My gift. And what I did. A tear slipped down my cheek. I had enough trouble without this. Plus adding the fact I had to cross over a ghost…..

Hope you guys all liked it!!!!

Really good fanfic ! Love it!!!!!
LOVELOVELOVE this idea!! I Love Ghost Whisperer and Twilight!! :D Writeee Moreee PLEASEE!!! :D xoxo
Brilliant ; )
Hi RJ wow I am so glad you decided to post more! I loved it and the kiss part was so bitter sweet! Loved it I hate to tell Ned but Bella's already gone! Please post more soon!!

finally u posted

love it by the way


cant wait for more

I love all me readers so I'm posting two chapter! Hope you guys like 'em.





It’s been two weeks since that night. That night…. And I haven’t talked to Edward or Alice since then. Or Ned. I haven’t left my room for that matter. I just tell my parents I’m sick.
“Isabella Marie. Out of bed now!” I heard my mother say as she stormed into my room. “I don’t know why you are moping but get up or so help me.” She pulled the covers off of my bed and I groped around for them with my eyes still shut. “Bella!” I groaned and opened my eyes.
“I’m up. I’m up.” I said sitting up. “What?” She stood with her hands on her hips.
“You have barely left your room for over two weeks. Now you either get up, into the shower and to the store in the next hour or I will dump cold water on you.” She narrowed her eyes.
“Fine.” I grumbled and grabbed my towel that hung on my door. Once in the shower the water relaxed my sore muscles. What am I going to do? Ned will be at the store and I cant face him now. And Edward…. I got out of the shower and ran back into my room. I threw on the first thing my hands touched which was a blue t-shirt and black skinny jeans. I ran my brush through my wet knotted hair and pulled it into a pony-tail. I slipped on my converse and headed down stairs. I heard laughter and peeked into the kitchen. My mom stood with her back to me and I saw someone sitting in one of the island chairs. Alice.
“Hey Bella.” She said hoping down from the stool. “I haven’t seen you in a while. What did my idiotic brother do?” I froze and tried to keep my breathing steady.
“Oh...Nothing. I just haven’t been feeling well. But I’m good now.” I faked a smile and saw my mother roll her eyes.
“Well my friends from Oregon are here. And they want to meet you.” She grabbed my hand and led me out of the house. “Bye Melinda!” She yelled but I’m sure mom didn’t hear.
“Alice slow down.” I pulled my hand away and she stopped. “You live right next door. I mean. There isnt a need to rush. Right?” I bit my bottom lip.
“Guess not. But they really want to meet you. Well everyone except Rosalie. But don’t mind her.” I nodded and we headed into her house. I heard voices coming from her living room. Esme and Carlisle’s mixed in with others. A loud husky voice. A southern gentlemen voice. A high pitched girls.
“Bella.” Esme said looking at me. I smiled. “Everyone this is Isabella.” I smiled at the other people there. Now did I see who was here. A big muscular guy stood up and walked over.
“Hello Bella. Emmett’s the name. Picking on Edward is my game.” I laughed. He looked like he was only along for the ride. Laid back. I like him. Another guy, lean but still muscular walked over. He had blonde curls and piercing blue eyes.
“Hello Bella. I’m Jasper Hale.” Southern boy. Nice. He held out his hand and I shook it. Firm grip.
“Nice to meet you both.” I noticed another blonde in the corner glaring at me. Must be Rosalie. She looked like she belonged in a swimsuit magazine not in boring old Grandview. If looks could kill.
“Rose be nice.” Esme chided the blonde. Yep. Rosalie.
“Hi.” She said coldly.
“Hello Rosalie.” I cocked an eyebrow. She and I were going to end up killing each other. I just know it. She rolled her eyes and I smirked. “Well its nice to meet you all but I have to go to my mom’s store. I’ll come back if I can.” I said and turned towards the door. Only to be stopped by running into someone. My eyes traced up the body and met his green eyes. Edward. I gulped and he stepped out of my way.
“Bella.” He nodded and walked past me. It felt like a rusty knife twisted in my stomach. My eyes started to water and I hurried out of the house.
“Wait Bella!” I heard Alice.
“Yeah?” My voice started to tremble.
“Could you possibly help me show everyone around? Edward doesn’t want to but I think if you come he will.” She smiled and I bit back a groan. This day couldn’t be worse.
“Alice I really have to go. Maybe later. Bye.” I hurried down the sidewalk and to the store. “Hey Delia.” I said walking to the counter.
“Oh hey kiddo.” She was typing something.
“Why so serious?” She looked up looking confused.
“Sorry Bells. Im just trying to look for something in the records and can’t find it.” She continued typing.
“What was it?” I sat on the stool looking at the computer.
“You know that old ruby necklace?” I knew the one.
“The one with sapphires too?” She nodded. “Oh I think I put it downstairs with that wedding dress. I’ll go get it.” She smiled and I hopped off the stool and down the stairs. I really hated being down here but I knew Ned would be coming soon. Ugh those voices. Because of the archives any basement was noisy and gave me a headache. Ignore them Bells.
“Isabella.” I spun around to see Ivy again.
“Oh Ivy.” I put my hand over my chest, trying to even my breathing. “Have you remembered anything?” I noticed her face was a little more colored. And her eyes were turning to an amber.
“Yes. Only a little.” Her attention traveled to the necklace hanging from a hook. “That. Is mine.” She walked, more like hovered, to it. “My sister got it for me when I turned 15.” I smiled. At least it was something.
“Your sister. What is her name?” Her face fell.
“I don’t remember. But….” I heard someone walking down the stairs and Ivy disappeared. Crap. I grabbed the necklace and to the bottom of the stairs.
“Bella.” No. Not now. Ned stood infront of me.
“Hey.” I said looking down.
“Bella. Look at me.” I tilted my head up. “What happened?” I dreaded this. “We were fine and then…” I looked anywhere but his eyes.
“I don’t know.” I was chewing on my bottom lip and any harder blood would come. Not a good idea. His hand cupped my cheek making it impossible not to look at him.
“I still love and want you. I hope you know that.” My eyes started to water again and I nodded. Before I could think his lips were on mine. They felt right. But not as good Edward’s kisses. I was reluctant to kiss back. What is wrong with me? Ned is my boyfriend. Not Edward. Ned pulled away and looked me in the eye. “What’s wrong?” I shook my head.
“Nothing.” I pulled out of his arms and up the stairs. Delia had left. Fabulous. I felt myself being pulled back.
“Bella. Look at me. You were fine up until a month ago. But then you changed. Became distant. Like you don’t want to be with me. Right when…” Oh crap. He was matching everything up. “Right when Cullen came.” I dropped my face hiding behind my hair. “No. Bella.” His voice was getting angrier. “You are mine. We’ve know eachother since you were born.” My eyes blurred over and tears ran down my cheeks. A sob built in my chest but I stopped it.
“N-ned. Please. I-I.” I couldn’t think straight. “I love you. But please. Understand.” I grabebd his hand but he was frozen. “You understand my gift. What I have to do. Can you please try to understand that I still need you?” He thawed out and wrapped his arms around me.
“I always will.” That was it. Sobs spilled through my lips over and over. I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. But I needed him. Selfishly. I looked up from starring at the floor. Mary stood off in the corner. She was shaking her head.
“Mistake after mistake.” She whispered and was gone. The only time I see her in weeks and that’s all she says. I pulled away and heard the front door slam shut. I looked and saw someone with bronze hair storming away. Edward. No.
“You didn’t.” I said looking Ned in the eyes. Guilt was covering every inch of his face. I pushed away from him. “Please go.” I whispered. He didn’t and I collapsed onto the floor. I need to stop this. Maybe being single for a while will do me good. “Ned.” I croaked and he walked over to where I sat. “I….I…Need some space.” His face fell and the knife twisted.
“Bella…Don’t do this.” I shook my head.
“Just go.” This time he obeyed. I put my face in my hands and continued to cry. By the time I stopped my eyes burnt fro, crying to much and I heard the bells on the door ring. I stood up wiping my face on the back of my hand.
“Bella.” It was my dad. “Oh honey what happened?” He rushed over and pulled me to him. I don’t know how but I still had tears in me and cried even harder. This wasn’t going to end was it?


“You wanna talk about it?” My dad said after wiping away my tears. I shook my head not trusting my voice. “Was it Ned?” I nodded. That was all he was getting outta me. He kept my head cradled against his shoulder and hand. I started to feel sleepy. “Come on.” He helped me up and let me lean on him. “You look tired. Your mother will work today.” We walked out of the store just in time to see mom walking down the street. She noticed me at once.
“Oh baby what happened?” She rushed over and put her hands on my shoulders. Sucks being shorter than her.
“N-nothing.” I managed. I heard a loud sigh and dad rolled his eyes.
“Bella. You know better than to lie. Especially to me.” I nodded. “What happened?” She demanded and I knew she wouldn’t give it up.
“N-ned. Is getting jealous over Edward.” I started to notice people starring and so did mom. We started walking towards her car, with dad following. “And he over reacted over nothing.” She nodded.
“Does he have anything to be jealous about?” I bit my bottom lip hoping she wouldn’t ask more. “Bella. What did you do?”
“Nothing.” I wiped my eyes and walked past the car. I needed time to clear my head. Without parentals to harass me. My steps became quicker and soon I was running. Where, I have no idea. I soon saw nothing but trees. Had I run that far? I stopped to catch my breathe and braced myself on my knees. I looked around. Where was I? I only saw trees and bushes.
“Isabella.” A voice sent chills down my spine. It sounded miserable. I looked around and saw wet fire like hair. Ivy. I sighed and she turned around. This time she looked worse. Her lips looked a darker blue. “Finally.” Then her hair looked dry and fell in curls.
“Ivy? Why are you here?” I walked cautiously towards her.
“Because. My sister and I use to play here.” I blinked in surprise. “When we were little.” She whispered and tried to reach for a branch but she went right through it.
“What’s her name? Your sister I mean.” She looked me right in the eye.
“Her name. Is….” She concentrated. “Is Lilly. And I have a twin brother. I think. His name is…..Ivan.” She smiled.
“Ivy, Lilly and Ivan.” I repeated and made a mental note of it. “Do you remember your last name?” Her face fell.
“No. Only that it begins with B. That’s it.” She looked grim. “I have to go now.” She said quickly and was gone in the same second. What? Where?
“Bella?” I spun around and nearly fell flat on my face. He caught me before I could get hurt. “What are you doing out here?” Edward ran a hand through his hair. Why did he have to look so hot when he did that?
“I-uh-Um. I always come here to think.” Wasn’t entirely a lie.
“Oh.” He started to walk back the way he had came. I reached for his arm.
“Hey wait.” A flow of electricity radiated up my arm. “I need to talk to you.” He stopped and looked at me. My heart started to beat erratically.
“About what?” His jaw was hard set. He wasn’t in a good mood.
“About. Ned. You. Me. Everything. Edward. I-” He cut me off. His hands cupped my face and his lips were hard on mine. But still oh so sweet. I stayed frozen not sure what to do. He let me go after a minute. “What the hell?” I shrieked.
“You liked it last time.” He muttered and I slapped him.
“You don’t ever do that to me. Understand? I was going to say that Ned and I are practicaly over and that if you wanted to go somewhere some time but screw it!” I stomped off leaving him with my handprint on his face….

(4 hours later.)

It was pitch black outside. I sat on my bed starring at the wall. My mind blank. Maybe I should just forget all boys and men till after college. Yep. Good plan. Not. I buried my head in my hands and started to shake. Not from the cold. I heard my phone buzz. One new text message from Alice.

Wat hapend?


I bit my lips and quickly text back.



My hone went off again.



She was right. I didn’t reply but instead called her.
“Hello?” Her usual cheery voice sounded sleepy. “Bella?” I sighed.
“Who else Alice?” I heard her tiny laugh on the other line. “Why do you want to know what happened?” Better get it over with.
“’Cause my brother has been muttering something about ‘Being an idiot’ and ‘Ruining his only chance’. Care to explain?” Her tone suggested she was curious but tired. I looked at my clock. 10:05. Of course.
“Tomorrow. I promise. And you can tell me about Jasper.” I heard her gasp.
“You’d better keep quiet Gordon.” I smirked.
“Okay Cullen. Night Alice.” I hung up before I could hear her reply. I laid back and my head hit the headboard. “Ow.” I muttered. I heard something and a black figure pass my window.
“You okay?” I heard and started to scream. Something covered my mouth. “Ssshh. Bella.” The voice was like velvet. What was he doing here?
“Why are you here?” I demanded and pushed Edward away.
“Well I heard Alice talking to you and you know that tree between our houses?” He didn’t wait for my answer. “It is very easy to climb.” I rolled my eyes.
“I told you to leave me alone.” I sat back against my pillows.
“No you didn’t. You said that you and Ned were through and you wanted to give us a try.” Smartass. “Bella. I screwed up. I know that. But please. One try. That’s it.” I bit my lip and looked down…..



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