The Twilight Saga

This is my little story inspired by twilight and a little bit of christmas magic.
The chapters will only be short and there may not be that many of them, but I will try to post regularly and get it finished by christmas.
I just don't think there are enough of these for Esme and Carlisle.

Chapter 1
It was an evening in late November. I was lying on the sofa watching television, while Carlisle played with a lock of my hair absent-mindedly. All the children were out – Alice’s doing! Just us, on our own – did it get any more perfect than this?
‘Darling?’ Carlisle said.
Uh oh – he wanted something, something he knew I wouldn’t like.
‘Mmm?’ I responded.
‘It turns out I have to go away for a little bit.’
‘What for?’
‘It doesn’t matter.’
‘When? And how long is “a little bit”?’ I asked, becoming a little suspicious.
‘I’m going this weekend. It shouldn’t be any longer than 2 or 3 weeks.’
‘Well, as long as you promise to be back for Christmas. We’ll all want you there.’
‘I promise’ he murmured, softly kissing the top of my head.
This reassured me, but I still wondered why he hadn’t told me what he would be doing. Still, I trusted him – I loved him. If it was anything important he would have said.
I snuggled into his chest and he put his arms around me. I wanted to enjoy this moment – I wouldn’t be getting any more for a while.

Comments please........It's my first try. Hope you liked it :)

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Btw, Esme's POV obv!
I cannot be sure about it yet, it is very very short. But in honesty I don't mind what I read. I also think that Esme and Carlisle are not included enough in FanFics. So keep going and keep me posted and I will continue to comment constructively.You can ask anyone whose stories I do read. I am really good with the comments and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. I hope Carlisle is not a perv or something though. I started to read one where he stalked Bella and wanted her for himself and at soempoint he left Esme and she left Edward. BAD!! I had to stop I didnt want to see him like that. :)
its gd tht its in esme's pov not many fanfics r about esme and carlisle.
but i cant tell whether i would like it yet because it was very very short lol.
anyways i think you should keep posting and keep me updated =D
Sounds good so far!! :D
i think its fine you should keep going
Thanks guys! Next chapter coming soon
i think this is a good start. keep going.

i wonder if perhaps there aren't a lot of carlisle and esme stories because they are the "parents" and young people really don't want to hear about romance with their parents. kind of icky, right? lol
yh i suppose tht cud b why there arent many carlisle and esme stories...
gd point lol
Like everyone is saying, we don't get enough of Carlisle and Esme. So you should definately keep posting. Can't wait to read more.
write more i luv it please add me so i can keep up thanks.
i like it :)
keep going...i would like to see how this plays out..


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