The Twilight Saga

All Stories Don't Have Happy Endings (Set in the summer before The Goblet Of Fire)

A Harry Potter/Twilight Fan Fiction



Bella's Point of View


All stories don't have happy endings. Mine didn't have a happy begining. When my brother and I were one year old, our parents were murdered. Harry and I became famous that night. But we didn't feel that way. We were sent to live with Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. Their son Dudley was no  better.

When we turned eleven, things got better. A little at least. Where were Wizard and Witch. We went to study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

That's where we found out how famous we were. The boy and girl who lived. The scars on our foreheads didn't help. Durning the first weeks of a new year, you always hear, "Next to Weasley, and Granger. Look at their scars!" Our first year, it was the whole school. The years that followed, it would only be the First years...Mostly.

Summers were always miserble.

Until they moved in.

The Cullen's changed our life......







So what do you think? When I'm done wrinting Chapter One, I'll post it if I see at least three comments....


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love it! update soon please! :))
This is soooooo amazing!! You have to update soon!!! and pleas keep me updated!
this is awsome please keep me updated and maybe when u have time u could read my story
breaking dawn gone wrong
its about jacob a nessie durring breaking dawn and every that can go wrong does.
thanksso much the link is on my page if u want to read it
yours truly
omg SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AMAZING luv it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this is really cool you should post more soon!!!!
please post more soon & would u update me?
more more more now
Chapter Three

Dear Bella,

I’m doing some research. From what I’ve discovered…Well, there’s no use in worrying you. But…just incase, be careful what you say about the Wizarding World, even in your house…Well, I’m going to do some more research. BE CAREFUL! THE BOTH OF YOU!

Hermione Granger

“Harry James Potter! Wake your lazy butt up!” Bella Potter yelled in her older(by five minutes) brother’s ear.
“Ouch! Blimey! Are you trying to make me deaf? IT’S WORKING!” Harry yelled back into Bella’s ear.
“Read this” Bella pushed the letter into his face.
“QUITE DOWN!” Uncle Vernon yelled. “AND BREAKFAST!”
“Yes, Uncle Vernon!” Bella called back.
“So we can’t talk about m-”
“Exactly” Bella said, standing up. It was nearly eight ‘o clock. If they didn’t get down stairs soon, they wouldn’t get breakfast. “Come along. We want breakfast, don’t we?”
“Breakfast” Harry muttered. “HA”
“Let’s go” Bella smiled and pulled Harry by his wrist.
“About bloody time!” Uncle Vernon said, looking over his news paper. He put it back up to his face, but you could tell that he wasn’t reading. His slice of grapefruit was untouched, and he was holding on to the paper one-handed. Eating a piece of cake, no doubt.
Harry and Bella sat down, and started to eat.
Bella sighed, and rested her head on her hand. She caught Dudley’s eyes, and using her Metamorphmagus powers, she changed her green eyes red.
“AH!” he yelled, his fat cheeks rippling with every movement.
“What is it, Dudders?” Aunt Petunia asked.
“She….Her…Eye…” he blubbered while Bella changed her eyes back. “Nothing” he sighed.
“Meow” Misty had found her way out of the bedroom.
“Misty!” Bella yelled, watching her cat walk toward the window.
“Get that ruddy cat out of here!” Uncle Vernon roared.
“No, Misty!” Bella yelled, as her cat jumped out the open window. Bella hopped up, and ran out the back door. “Get back here!” she jumped at her cat. She missed by an inch. “Harry! Come help me!”
“Hey. You’re cat?” someone behind her said.
“Oh, thank you” Bella said, taking Misty from the strangers arms.
“No problem. I’m Edward Cullen by the way” he said.
“Oh, so you’re Edward. Tell Alice I said hi” Bella said, walking toward her house. She could feel Edward staring after, but in truth, he was really cute. To her, he looked like a Greek god.
Bella had noticed something though.
When she walked toward him, his muscles clenched and he looked like he was in pain.
‘When I first saw him, I swear on my Firebolt, his eyes were almost gold, like Alice’s.’ Bella thought. ‘Now they’re almost…black’
“Speaking of my Firebolt” she whispered. She and Harry both needed practice soon or they will be kicked off the team. Harry was Seeker while Bella played Chaser.
Either way, Bella would’ve been a great seeker.
“Take your food and cat, up to your room, now” Aunt Petunia said, shoving the plate with a quarter of grapefruit and three grapes into her hands.
“Uh, thanks?” Bella said, running up the stairs. “Thanks for the help, Harry”
“No problem” Harry mumbled, shoving what looked like a letter under his pillow.
“Who are you writing?”
“Sirius” Harry said. “I miss him”
“I do too” Bella sighed, close to tears. She thought of the last time she’d seen her godfather. In ragged clothing, not well fed, slightly crazy looking. “I wish we could’ve stayed with him”
“Yeah, not with the ministry running around”
“I know” Bella sighed. “I know”


“What do they mean by ‘Ministry’?” Emmett asked.
“Emmett, spying is rude” Esme scolded.
“I’m not spying! I’m just trying to hear what they’re saying” Emmett crossed his arms.
“Em, that’s what spying is” Jasper said from the couch.
“Oh, well then be quite so I can spy”

“Harry, maybe we should ask Ron if we could stay over at the Burrow” Bella sighed.
“Burrow?” Alice asked.
“I know, I know” Harry sighed. “It just feels…”
“They’ve never had a problem with us before. Remember in second year? How Ron, Fred and George picked us up in the f-”
“Bella! Remember what Hermione said about them!” Harry suddenly hissed.
“Them? Do you think he means us?” Rosalie asked, looking worried. “I like it here! I don’t want to move again”
“Oh, they’re not talking about us” Esme reassured Rose. “Are they, Edward?”
“I wish I could tell you. I can’t….read their minds” Edward sighed.
“What?” Rose gasped.
“They’re talking about us” Alice said, running in from out side. “Look what I found”
“Alice! You went in their house?” Esme exclaimed.
“For good reason, Esme”
Alice showed a letter to her family, signed by a Hermione Granger.
“Do you think she knows?” Carlisle said, speaking up for the first time.
“I don’t know. Maybe we should talk to the Potter’s” Jasper said, looking at the letter. “And Alice, you should make sure that this finds its way back to that house”
“Wait, did you say Potter?” Rose asked, almost frightened.
“Yea, why?” Edward asked.
“I don’t know” Rose said, her eyes moving franticly back and forth trying to remember something. “I don’t know”


“Harry, have you seen that letter from Hermione?” Bella asked, hanging on top of her bed, looking under it. “No, why?” Harry asked, looking up from the scrapbook Hagrid had given the Potter’s at the end of their first year.
“I can’t seem to find it” Bella said, moving something’s around. “Oh, hello Misty”
The cat was curled up on a old pillow and a sweater of Harry’s.
Misty meowed back.
“Well, that’s odd” Bella sighed, sitting up and flipping through the tattered copy of ‘Pride and Prejudice’
YAY!!!!! FIRST COMMENT! THIS IS AWESOME! PLEASE POST MORE SOON! I ALMOST DELETED THE LAST LINK YOU SENT ME IN JULY! POST MORE, OR I WILL SEND VOLDAMORT AFTER YOU! (I haven't read the Harry Potter series at all, so forgive me if I spelled his name wrong.)
It's okay! Thanks for not giving up on me and reading this chapter. I'm working on the next one and I'll get it up soon! Thanks again!
Aaaah! Fierce beat me! LOL! Well 2nd comment then! *laughs* It was wonderful! Haha the Cullens think that Bella and Harry know they're vampires? :P Hahaha I bet they got it wrong! Maybe... LOL! Ummm, I'm dying for more! It's really good! And btw, if you're interested I am in another fan fiction site which could really use some more good HP ff's! If you're interested I can give you the link! *smiles and giver Annabeth her most irresistible puppy dog look*

Love ya and hope the next update won't take too long!
Lol, thank you!
What is the site? I'd love to have my story on the too :)
Thanks for reading :D


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