The Twilight Saga

Plotline: Damon is haunted by his past and lost love. What happens when a new vampire arrives in Mystic Fall? Many questions will arise, but soon the truth shall be revealed.

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Chapter 1

The ball room was bright as the lights shon around every corner possible in the room, the music filled the ears of the guests in pleasure as Damon's eyes scanned around the room full of people, he spotted Katerina in the corner and he looked away, things have went downhill for them and she was trying to turn him into something he was not, he flinched slightly when he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

"It's just me Damon." Stefan's voice filled his ears and he sighed in relief as he looked up to see his younger brother. "Are you alright Damon?" he asked looking at him with worry in his eyes.

"Why is she here?" he said throwing his hand back to point at Katerina who was now gone, and instead he ended up slapping someone in the face, he just heard a yelp that sounded like a sob, it caused him to turn around and see a girl behind him, she was breath taking, her brown hair flowed to her waist and it was pure brown, her eyes burned with pain from the slap, he was speechless at her beauty and the fact he hurt her by accident.

"Well done,Damon" Stefan hissed in his ear and he looked at the girl "Are you alright ma'am?" he said at the girl.

The girl shook her head slightly "Not really." she spoke in a luscious and thick Italian accent. She said as she covered her face up with her hand and she closed her eyes as she felt her cheek sting and her eyes landed on Damon's as she noticed him staring at her "Didn't anyone tell you,it's rude to stare?" she asked in a swift voice and rose an eyebrow.

"I...I am sorry" he uttered and shook his head and sighed "I did not mean to slap you, I thought..." he said as he looked around.

"Thought what?" she said and raised an eyebrow at him waiting for him to speak again.

He shook his head "Nevermind, it doesn't matter anymore." he said and looked at her "What is your name?" he asked curious.

"My name." the girl spoke "My name is Princess Isabella Cervelli" she said as she looked at Damon and she held out her hand and her eyes kept fixated on his and she smiled softly at him, her smile could light up a thousand skies when they are dark and dull.

Damon took her hand kissing top of it softly "Lord Damon Salvatore, pleasure meeting you princess." he spoke and the vision soon contorted as Damon snapped out of his day dream by Elena's shake and her words.

"Damon snap out of it!"

Damon blinked and he shook his head, this was the second time today he had a flashback of Isabella Cervelli and he hated that, he rubbed his eyes and he let out a groan, he felt his body ache, from the pain and loss, the loss of lossing her.

"Are you okay?" Elena asked with cation

Damon's head snapped up looking at her "Am I okay?" he snapped "Let's see, I lost the love of my life many years ago, I almost lost you a few times,you're still with my brother even after everything he put you through, Niklaus is still around and so is Katherine, and I keep having flashbacks of the girl I never stopped loving, so if that sounds like I am okay, then I am!" he yelled before he stormed off and he slammed the door behind him, making the glass on the door slightly vibrate and Elena wince.

Stefan sighed as he leaned against the wall and he looked at Elena "Ele..." he tried to speak but she cut him off.

Elena shakes her head "No, don't. He's right. I hurt him, again." she said and she blinked away the tears "He lost the people he loved, both of them." she said and she looked down and tears slid down her tears "It's my fault, as always. I tugged the strings along, like you were my puppets." she said and looked away when Stefan touched her arm softly and sighed.

"Elena." he breathed out softly "Damon knows you are sorry and he didn't mean it like that, he knows you loved us both but you made your choice. He's more upset about his past." he said

"Why?" Elena looked up at Stefan, tears shining in her eyes like crystal.

He sighed and looked at her "It is a long story and a painful one at that. I am not sure if I should tell it you, Damon might get more angry than he already is."

Elena looked at Stefan with a look that seemed like she was searching for answers, knowing she would not get any "Does Katherine have something to do with it?" she asked,Stefan just gave her a nod before he turned and walked to the kitchen to get something to drink.


Meanwhile, Damon was in his car driving around Mystic Falls and he came to a halt in the middle of the rode as Elijah and Rebekah were standing in the middle waiting for him, Rebekah just smirked, while Elijah had a neutral look on his face.

Damon frowned and scrolled down the window "Ahh, if it isn't the Originals come to play." he said as he rolled his eyes and smirked.

Elijah looked at Damon "We are not here for some games Damon." he spoke in his thick accent and looked at him "We have something to tell you."

Rebekah titled her head at him and she frowned "What ever you think Damon, we mean business." she said and she leaned over to the window and looked at him. "A new Vampire is in town." she said

Damon looked at her "How do you know?"

"We just know." Elijah said and with that they left Damon clueless and told him nothing else.

Chapter 2

Damon stared at Elijah and Rebekah speechless, there was another Vampire in Mystic Falls? Well that would explain the new crimes going on, he wondered if Niklaus had something to do with. Of course he has Damon, you have known him for years, still you do not learn from the past. A voice mocked him inside of his own head. Damon growled out and he punched the wheel. He closed his eyes and he tried to push the thoughts and memories from his head, but one memory creeped up into his thought. One that he wanted to forget and crawl away from and hide from the rest of eternity...if only he could.

"What is it Damon?" Katerina's voice mocked "Her or me?" she said as she had a tight grip on Bella, she gripped her hair and made her gasp out as she gripped it tighter and Bella let out a chocked sob.

Niklaus smirked as he was watching "Quick Damon, or either she losses her life, if you do not pick wisely." he said looking at Damon.

Damon looked at them both "It's me you want. not her. so let her go." he said, he knew this was painful for him, but he needed and wanted Bella to be safe. "Please Katerina I beg you, do not harm Bella. please" he said, his eyes pleading with her as he dropped onto his knees in despair.

"Damon." Bella sobbed out and she closed her eyes and she cried as Katerina brushed the hair from her neck, it send shivered down her spine, she threw her to the side and Klaus pounced on Bella and everything went black for her.

"No!" Damon screamed out watching it all unravel in front of his eyes. He crawled over to her, but her body disappeared into thin air.

Katerina looked into his eyes "You will forget about her, forget all the memories you shared together, she left you, she did not love you." she said compelling him, he had no choice.

Tears slid down Damon's cheek as he sniffled back a sob, He hated Katherine and Klaus for what they have done, they destroy his only chance of happiness he ever had in his life, they made him forget the one he loved, but with his Vampire nature, the memories soon have grown back and they haunted his presence. He drove back to the house and he walked inside, he looked like he was dead inside, a deluded soul.

Stefan looked up from his book when he walked in, he saw Damon's posture, the expression on his face and he ran over to his brother who dropped onto his back and screamed out "I need you Bella, come back to me. I still love you." the scream turned into an unbearable. cry, a cry of a breaking heart, that was still breaking and no way to mend, no way to turn back the time and pain that was caused.

Stefan looked down at his own brother in despair and he managed to pull Damon up so he was sitting up and he sighed "I know you still love her Damon, I wish I could bring her back for you, if I had it in my power to, I would" he said and he hugged him and Damon just cried into his chest, like he was a child. Damon barely ever let anyone see the soft side of him, but the pain inside of him was too much. Too much to bare and hold inside, he could not, so he just let his feelings and emotions pour out of him.


Meanwhile, in another part of Mystic Falls Klaus and Katherine were plotting with a new Vampire at their side, the girl was rather beautiful and her long brown hair was luscious and sparkled in the sun, her eyes burned with mystery and she spoke in a soft and almost enigmatic accent now, she has changed since the last time anyone has ever seen her. They could tell she was Italian, but she was not the same person as she she used to be. She handed over her papers and the person behind the desk looked at her.

"Full Name?" he said and raised an eyebrow at the girl

"Isabella Marie Swan." The girl replied to him, her eyes burning into his soul, the man behind the desk looked away as he was uncomfortable and he nodded, after he signed the papers he handed them over to Bella and she folded them up into her bag.

Katherine smirked "Let's go" she said and she walked out of the door with Klaus and Bella at their side, all 3 of them walked in union, at the same pace, like one being drawn together by a magnet. The wind blew the girls hair back and forth, carrying their scent all over Mystic Falls, luring in humans. luring in their prey.

Klaus looked over at Bella "Are you alright?" he spoke in his thick British accent.

Bella just nodded "Yes. I am" she said, she replied in her monotone voice, as she always did when she used to him or Katherine, she did not think of them as friends or family, they were her masters, she had to abide by their rules, she was not sired to either of them...yet. But she had to respect them, and her neutral voice as a sign of respect for either of them.

Katherine looked at her, and she squinted her eyebrows at her as if she was about to question her, but she dropped it and they parted their ways for a few hours, Bella found her self at the lake and she sat down and she stared into the water and she closed her eyes and she sighed deeply.

She giggled as he was chasing her around "Catch me if you can Damon" her voice chimed like a million of time little rings, playing the most wonderful music. Damon just chuckled as she ducked behind a tree and kept running as he chased her around the gardens and he sped up and wrapped his arms around her and span her around making her laugh. Her laughter was the most pleasurable sound he ever heard and it brought out a sparkle in his eyes as he grinned wider.

Bella looked up at him and she had a smile in her eyes that reached her eyes, Damon had his arms wrapped around her waist as he held her close against his chest and she leaned against his chest, she fitted into his arms like a peace of a missing puzzle.

"I like spending my time with you Damon." she murmed softly.

He smiled at her words and he placed a soft kiss to her forehead, as she closed her eyes softly leaning into his touch "I like spending time with you too." he said and he looked down at her into her eyes and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ears "You have my heart forever." he whispered into her ear.

Tears slid down her cheeks as she snapped out of her daydream when she heard her master's voice. "You're not thinking about him again are you?" he asked in a cold voice, his eyes burned with anger and hatred.

As she swallowed, she felt the hair on the back of her neck raise in fear "No!" she said, she did her best to lie, but nothing could get past Niklaus!

"Do not lie to me!" he bellowed at her and slapped her across her face sending her flying a few feet away, her body hit the tree and she landed on the floor with a groan as she looked up at him, he looked into her eyes "You will forget about Damon Salvatore." he said, compelling her to forget.

She swallowed and closed her eyes after he looked away when he was done compelling her and she just nodded as he turned and left, she opened her eyes again and she looked down at the necklace around her neck.....a gift.....her secret weapon. Her protection...from Damon.

She gripped the necklace in her hand and she sighed "I miss you Damon" she whispered to her self but soon enough Katherine grabbed her hissing

"What is this?" she said as she looked at the necklace and she ripped it right from her neck "What is it?" she yelled again.

Bella looked at Katherine "It is a gift," she said and looked at her, Katherine slapped her across the face and Bella lost her balance and fell to the floor, she set her hand to her bleeding cheek and she sighed and looked at her master and she held out her free hand, for Katherine to give it to her, but instead Katherine just threw it into the water.

"You will forget about him, do I make my self clear?" she growled.

"Perfectly." was all Bella could utter from her lips.

Chapter 3

Bella looked down as Katherine left her there, near the lake. Bella suppressed back the tears in her eyes and she got up and she left the lake. She knew she could not get into trouble, or Klaus would cause her the most harm, if she did not forget about Damon, but how could she forget about Damon? the one she loved and she missed and she wished she was back with.

Do not give up Bella. A voice in her head said. Fight for the love you and Damon shared."Easier done then said." she muttered to her self and she closed her eyes tightly.

"Breathe....come on breathe.." Bella heard someone begging her, her fragile body was on the floor and she was wet...she struggled to open her eyes or even breathe....she just remembered that she passed out and hit her head on a rock....but she fell into the water and she almost drowned.


She felt someone trying to pump the air into her lungs, but still nothing.


"Come on breathe..." 1...2...3..4.

"Help..." Bella coughed out the water as her eyes snapped open, her head was pounding and she felt faint. Her vision was blurry and she could not make out the man in front of her "Da...damon?" she struggled the words out of they could not even, leave her lips.

The man towering over her lifted her up into his arms "No....I am Elijah" he said "You tripped over a log and you fell off a cliff into the'll be alright I promise...I will take care of you." he said as he carried her back to where he lived.

Bella barely managed to hold onto him, her arms felt frail and like they would fall off "Where is Damon?" she whimpered in pain, as the pain was shooting through her body.

Elijah looked down at her "I am not sure...I am sure he is safe. I will call him later." he promised her as he laid her down in the warm bed and he took a wet cloth and he cleared her forehead.

The door swung open "Eli...what happened here?" It was Klaus that was at the door and he stopped in his trucks about to ask Elijah something when he noticed Bella on the bed.

Elijah looked up at his brother "She had an accident, could you pass me some more bandages brother?" Klaus nodded and he fetched Elijah more bandages and he knelled by the bed looking at the girl, she was the most beautiful girl he ever saw.

"What is your name?" Klaus asked her.

Bella blinked "Isabella Cervelli" she said and she blinked, her eye lids felt heavy and she blacked out once again, her head fell to the side.

Klaus sighed as Bella blacked out and he looked at his brother. He set his hand over hers, it was colder than ice and she looked pale, she must have lost a lot of blood. Klaus looked up as he heard Rebekah at the door, she gasped out in shock.

Elijah looked up "Sister."

"The poor girl." Rebekah murmed "She looks so fragile." she said. "I will get her something to eat and drink when she wakes up." she said and she hurried downstairs and to the kitchen to ask the maids to make something for the poor girl.

Few hours later, Bella finally awoke and she gasped out seeing Rebekah there, she looked scared as she did not know where she was or who the stranger girl was. Rebekah smiled softly "Fear not, I am Rebekah Mikaelson, you are safe here. You been out cold for a few hours." she said and she smiled softly "My brother Elijah brought you here." she said and she set the food bowl on Bella's lap "You should eat must be hungry." she said.

Bella blinked, her head still hurt, but not as much now "Where am I?" she asked as she looked at the girl and then food bowl "Thank you....for being kind...sorry I am just a bit scared that is all." she said

Rebekah smiled softly "That is understandable.. after what you been through" she said and smiled "I will be downstairs if you need me."

Bella caught her arm when she got up and Rebekah looked down at her and smiled "Where is Elijah? I would like to thank him." she said

Rebekah looked at her and she smiled softly "He's gone to find Damon. You can thank him once he returns." she said and Bella nodded and she dropped her hand letting Rebekah go. Once Bella ate the soup and bread and she drank down the warm tea, to soother her soul and make her warm, the maids helped her up and they gave her a bath as she was dirty and once she got dried off, they gave her one of Rebekah's dresses to change into, as they seemed about the same size, Bella slipped into the dress and it smelled of roses and lavender.  Bella sat down in front of the mirror as she began to brush her hair, not hearing Klaus at the door.

He watched her as he leaned against the door way "You are beautiful." he said softly, making her gasp and drop the brush in surprise. "Fear not my lady" he said and he smiled at her "My name is Niklaus Mikaelson." he said and he bowed down to her.

Bella looked at him "I am Isabella Cervelli." she spoke in a soft whisper as was about to pick up the brush, but Klaus beat her to it and he started to brush her hair for her, his touch was soft and tender, but it send shivers down her spine, she bit her lip. She did not say anything as she did not want to offend him, after a few moments he was finished and he set the brush down. Bella felt his eyes on her, the stare seemed to burn into her skin. "I....thank you" she said as she got up, but she ended up being pressed up against his broad and warm chest.

Klaus looked down at her and he smiled softly "You are welcome" he said "How about, we get you downstairs and see the gardens? I am sure Rebekah would me more than happy to show you around." as he spoke, his eyes never leaving hers. Bella managed to tear her eyes away from his gaze as she gave him a soft nod and she squeezed her self past him and she let him lead her down stairs, they were rather grand, made out of the finest wood and timber, the smell escalated around with each step she took, it attacked her nostrils. She breathed in the lovely scent around her as she took her in surroundings, she noticed paintings on the walls...the paintings off the original family. "Big family you have." she spoke softly.

Klaus nodded "Oh yes, this was made a long time ago....still when Henrik was around." he said and he looked down.

Bella looked at him "Is he not still?" she asked, wondering what he meant by his words.

Klaus looked at her sadly "He sadly passed away a few years ago."

Bella looked at him sadly and she sighed "I am truly sorry for your loss." she said "I know how it feels to lose someone close to you....I lost my parents when I was a young child. I still miss them." she said as she sighed.

Klaus looked at her "Well.they done a good job raising you, when they were still alive." before he could carry on, Rebekah cut him off.

"The dress suits you." she was beaming with happiness.

Bella smiled softly "Thank you...I cannot thank you enough for your kindness and helping me out." she said as Bekah took her outside to the gardens. Bella breathed in the fresh air, as it hit her face, the sun was out and shining brightly.

Rebekah looked at her and she shakes her head "No, need to thank us. we are glad to help." she said and she smiled as she showed her around the garden, there was a wooden swing and a little fountain, the water inside was crystal blue and it reflected in Bella's eyes, making them shine, like a million stars in the sky. There were many flowers in the gardens and some wild one's too.

"Your garden is very beautiful." she said and smiled, just as Rebekah's mother Esther came and joined them outside. She looked at their mother.

"I see you are finally awake my dear." Esther said smiling "I trust you enjoyed your food and bath?" she said.

Bella nodded "Oh yes, it was lovely Mrs Mikaelson, thank you. I really hope that your son Elijah will get back soon, so I can thank him, he was the one who saved me." she said and smiled.

Esther smiled and she nodded "I am sure he will be right along dear." she said and she picked up a flower from one of the patches and she tucked it in Bella's hair softly "For you" she said and she smiled

Bella smiled softly "Thank you, it is a very beautiful flower." she said and Esther nodded, before she left Rebekah outside with Bella to talk and walk around. Klaus watched from the doors and he felt jealous, that Rebekah was trying to steal her away from him. He frowned to him self and sighed. He felt the anger inside of him, he needed and wanted Bella to be his! Whatever it would take, the girl would be his.

As Bella and Rebekah talked, strolling through the garden, Elijah came into view with Damon. Bella stopped when she saw Damon and her face lit up with a smile "Damon" she breathed out.

Damon was at her side in an instant and he scooped her up and he kissed all over her face softly " have no idea what a fright you gave me," he said and he kissed her hair, he was glad to have her back in his arms and he looked at Elijah "I thank you again, Elijah" he said.

Elijah nodded smiling "You are welcome Damon." he said and he looked at Bella "I have a feeling, you want to thank me too. But there is no need...I was just in the right place at the right time." he said and smiled "I am glad you are feeling better." he said and Bella nodded before he walked over to Klaus who watched jealous as he saw Damon kiss Bella softly and passionately.

Elijah looked at him "Her heart belongs to another brother." he said

"I will make her mine." Klaus hissed under his breath.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Back at the Salvatore House, Damon was sitting on the couch and he just stared into the infinite space, silent and almost deadly. The silence was that off a dead person, roaming the in-between world. Pale....ghost like...not responsive. His eyes and face was all sunken in.

When Elena walked in, it was like a volcano....Damon jumped up roaring "Where did you get that?" he hissed at her..seeing a locket in her hand.

Elena jumped back scared at his outburst.

Elena was walking along the woods, near the water fall when she saw something shining in the water, she walked over and she got to her knees and she pulled out a locket, it didn't look broken or anything. "Such a shame...who ever lost this beautiful locket, must be looking for it." she said softly.

"I found it at the waterfall." she said "Do you know  who it belongs to?" she said.

Damon nodded "Yes....I got it for her.......for Bella." he breathed out as his eyes were fixated on the locket.

Chapter 4

Elena looked at Damon when he said it belonged to Bella "Are you sure?" she asked him. She looked at him, she knew he was sad and heartbroken, but she needed to be sure, it was hers.

Damon nodded "Open it up, it's a locket." he said and Elena looked at the necklace in her hand and she gently pulled apart the two bits, opening it up, inside the locket was a picture of Damon and Isabella, it looked old, like from the 1800's, They looked happy and in love.Elena looked at Damon, seeing the sheer sadness in his eyes. It was heartbreaking "She's very beautiful" she said as she closed up the locket and she gently placed it in his hand. Damon just looked at the necklace then her "It belongs to Bella, you should be the one to give it to her again." she said.

Damon swallowed as he closed his hand around the locket and looked at her "Where did you find it again?" he asked looking at her.

Elena looked at him "By the water fall." she said and Damon ran out of the door as soon as Elena said the last word. When he got to the water fall, no one was around, the air was silent and still, just the after scent of a strong alluring, scent that belonged to Bella. Damon knew that scent anywhere, he breathed it in and he followed the scent as he took off running.

His legs working beyond the usual vampire speed, when he was running, as the adrenaline bumped through his veins. He dodged the trees in the way and he leaped over logs in his way.


Meanwhile, when Bella got back to Klaus and Katherine's stake out place, she stopped when she saw Elijah was there with Rebekah "What are you doing here?" she said, her eyes wide, she had not seen them for so long, she was in shock.

"We're here to help you." Elijah said looking at her "It's about Damon." he said.

Bella felt her heart ache at the mention of Damon, but she heard Klaus near by and she looked at him right in the eyes, she had to pretend to be over Damon and not love him anymore, she smirked, her most evil smirk and her eyes were dark with hatred. "Damon who?" she spoke in her most coldest voice.

Rebekah looked at her "Bella." she gasped out shocked, to hear that tone of voice "What have they done to you?" she said looking at her "Please Bella, we want to help you, we're your friends." she said taking a step forward.

Bella looked at her and she shoved her back, making her fly into the wall bringing Elijah with her in the process, they both landed on the floor in a heap "I do not have friends." she growled out "Now go, before I rip you apart." she hissed at them both.

Elijah looked at her and he helped his sister up, but at that moment Klaus walked in, he was at Bella's side right away, his arm around her and he pulled her behind him and he growled at his siblings "And why are you two here?" he asked them, in a cold shrill voice.

"To get Bella back." Rebekah said in her most defiant voice. She looked him right in the eyes and she had a frown on her face "I hate what you have done to her Niklaus, she was my best turned her into a heartless cold monster like your self." she yelled out as a memory invaded her mind.

It was a warm summer's day and Bella walked along the beach shore with Damon, they were holding hands and beside them walked Rebekah with Elijah, she tapped Bella's shoulder "Catch me" she giggled as she ran off and Bella laughed as she ran after her best friend and they both ran into the water and Bella splashed Rebekah laughing, while Damon and Elijah chuckled while they watched.

"Two girls who loved to be chased" Damon said and Elijah nodded, it was typical of the two girls. Girls in this era, like to be chased around, have fun and flirt. Much like Damon, who was a huge flirt, but he was a sensitive, romantic man, who was deeply in love.

"Mind if I steal Bella away for a moment or two?" he said, as he was not behind Bella as he scooped her up making her giggle, Rebekah smiled as she nodded, as if to tell him, she didn't mind.

Damon chuckled and he ran back to the shore and he set Bella down on her feet and he pulled something from his pocket "This is for your beautiful." he murmed softly as he set a locket around her neck doing it up and he leaned down kissing her softly on the lips.Rebekah had tears in her eyes at that memory "How could you be so heartless Nik?" she screamed at him "I thought you loved Bella too, but turns out you just wanted to turn her into a monster." she said. "She always Loved Damon, why can't you see that?" she said.

Elijah looked at his sister "Come on, it's not worth it Bekah." he said and he walked out of the room with his sister before Klaus or Bella could speak again. Once they were gone, Bella pushed Klaus aside and she sat on a the couch and she screamed into a pillow. She hated this, pushing her friends away, at such a cost.

"Bella." Klaus said as he sighed looking at her

"Don't." Bella hissed at him "I do not want to do this, I hate being like this, just to keep you satisfied Klaus." she yelled and she stormed off slamming the door behind her and it fell of the hinged at her strength and because she was hungry, she needed to hunt, so she was on edge and moody.

As Bella ran into the woods, she sniffed the air, for a scent that could fill her the restriction sensation in her throat. She was a fast runner, faster than the wind in her Vampire speed, as she caught a scent...another scent got mixed with it and she let out a growl out frustration, but then something or someone slammed in her and she growled as they both skidded across the grass and she felt strong hands pinned her to the floor, she tried to kick and get away, but she gasped when she laid her eyes on the man who kept her pinned down.

"Damon" she breathed out, her eyes wide.

Chapter 5

Meanwhile back at the stake out Klaus was pacing up and down the room in utter frustration and he punched the wall as he let out a fierce growl that seemed to shake the whole room for a few seconds. "Klaus!" Katherine's voice boomed through the entire room. He looked up at see her standing there, her hands on her hips and her eyebrows raised at him.

He looked at her "What?!" he asked, in his monotone voice.

Katherine looked at him "The cure Niklaus...the cure." she said "Do you not remember, why we have Bella?" she hissed at him.

Klaus looked at her "Yes I know why we have her, but she hates us regardless of us giving her the cure, in the end. She will still hate us." he said and he sighed "I know she does not want to do this anymore, I know she does not want to deny her feelings for Damon....but it's the only way."

"She does not love you." Katherine reminded him

Klaus glared at Katherine "Not yet...anyway" he said and he looked away "Have you sensed where the witch and the doppelganger are?" he asked as he fixated his eyes on her once again.

Katherine nodded "Yes, I have." she said and she smirked softly "We are all set to go and capture them both." she said and Klaus nodded and he smirked before they both walked outside.

As Klaus walking beside her, a memory creeped up inside of his head.

He was standing outside of Isabella's window and he threw some stones at her window, in order to try and wake her up. Bella stirred in her sleep and she got up hearing the noises, she walked to the window and she peeked outside to see Klaus was there "Klaus" she breathed out, she was not expecting to see him.

He smiled softly "Sorry, did I wake you up?" he said, trying his best to give her one of his most charming smiles and act nice to her.

Bella nodded a bit "Sort of...why are you here?" she asked him curious, she could sense something was off. He was not so nice to her since he find out about her and Damon's engagement a few weeks ago.

"Can't I visit?" he raised an eyebrow as he looked at her.He tried to suppress a growl in his throat, but his eyes started to turn darker and then someone was behind Bella and shoved her from the window.

The memory contorted into a darkness as a voice snapped Klaus back into reality. "I am worried about Damon." It was Elena.

Bonnie looked at her and he patted her back softly "I know you are, I can sense his hurt and that you worry for him. He is your friend Elena. I will try and do what I can, to help. If there is anything I can do to help."

Elena looked at her "You're...." she trailed off as she felt weaker and she passed out dropping to the floor and Bonnie felt faint and she blacked out too and she landed on a heap on top of Elena.

When both of the girls came around, they were tied to each other tightly and in a cellar or something. Elena winced as the rope kept digging into her wrists rather painfully.

Chapter 6 (Part 1)

Meanwhile back in the woods Damon still had Bella pinned underneath him and he finally realized who she was "Bella" he breathed out, his breath hoarse with panic and shock, his arms loosened around her arms but as he did, she kicked him away and she jumped back to her feet, he flew back and flipped him self landing on his feet.

Damon stared at her "You're alive." he breathed out, he finally understood who the new Vampire was, it was Bella. He took a stepped towards her, but she set her hand to his chest stopping him from moving any closer.

"Don't Damon." she said, her voice seemed bit colder than usual towards him, he looked at her confused, as he thought she would be happy to see him, he did not understand her behavior,

"Bella, what have they done to you?" he asked looking into her eyes and he touched her cheek, ignoring her request few moments ago.

Bella closed her eyes at his touch and she stepped away, she knew what she had to do, knowing it would hurt them both, but this was the only way, she had to protect him, she looked into his eyes, coldness in her eyes "I don't love you Damon, move on and forget about me." she said, before she disappeared from his view.

Damon stared after Bella, his body went numb from the shock at her words and he felt his knees buckle beneath him as he dropped to the ground and he let out a scream, filled with anger and agony of heartbreak, it died down to a sob.

It was a warm day in Mystical Falls and the young Damon Salvatore was planning a surprise for Bella, he looked at him self in the mirror as Stefan helped fix his tie and he smiled softly "Don't be nervous Damon, it will go down Well." he told his brother patting his back

"You think so?" Damon  smiled softly at his brother

Stefan nodded "I know so, Bella is lucky to have you brother." he said and he looked at him "You're both lucky to have each other." he said, Damon just smiled before he walked outside and to his and Bella's spot, where they were supposed to meet up.

Bella was already there, she had on a elegant dress that made her eyes and the color of her hair stand out, her beauty tender and elegant. She gasped when she felt arms' around her and smiled as she heard Damon's voice in her ear "Hello beautiful" he murmured softly.

"Must you always sneak up behind me, Handsome?" Bella said softly as she looked into his eyes, he just chuckled as he nodded before he pulled her into his body for a soft tender kiss.

Bella leaned her forehead to his softly when he pulled back and she smiled as she got lost in his blueish eyes and he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear softly and he kissed the palm of her hand softly, as his left hand slid down taking her hand in his softly.It brought out a crimson color to her cheeks and she closed her eyes, she never felt so happy like she did now.

"I love you Bella." he said softly and he smiled.

"I love you too Damon...always and forever." she said as she touched his cheek softly and he smiled as he leaned into her touch softly and he then kissed her again, but this time more deeply. Bella smiled against his lips, as she returned the passionate kiss.

Damon pulled back softly as he looked into her eyes "I don't know what I would do without you Isabella, you mean the world to me and I know I cannot live without you, with you, I feel whole and complete, as you are my other half. I want to be with you, and only you." he said and he got down on one knee "Isabella Cerveli will you marry me?" he said as he pulled out a engagement ring from his pocket.

Bella gasped softly and she smiled softly and her mouth opened, as she spoke an answer, but the memory drifted away from Damon's mind as he sobbed out once again, the one simple word, hushed.


Bella got back to the hiding places, to hear voices yelling at each other. She stopped by the door to see Elena and Bonnie tied to each other down in the basement, their wrists bleeding.

Elena looked up to see Bella, Bella heard Elena's breath catch in her own throat, the girl must have known about her, as she stared at her in shock.

Katherine looked between them "Take care of them." she told Bella as she walked out to go hunting.

Klaus looked at Bella "Kill the doppelganger, do what you want with the witch, if you do so, the cure will be yours." he told her and he smirked at the witch and Elena.

Bella closed her eyes as they left, thank god. He did not compel her, as it would have made it much harder for Bella, she walked over to them as she looked at them "I am sorry." she said softly and she grabbed a dagger and she cut the rope setting them free.

Bonnie rubbed her wrists and looked at her "Who are you?" she asked confused.

Elena got up looking at her friend "She's Bella. Damon told me about her." she said and she looked at Bella "Come with us..Damon needs you." she said

Bella looked down, as a tear slide down her cheeks "I can't." she said "Tell Damon I am sorry, he will know what I mean." she said as she looked at Elena "You both should go, I'll make something up when they get back." she told them.

Bonnie looked at Bella "But they want Elena'll get in trouble if they don't see her body." she said then she thought and she looked at Elena "Go Elena, ran home and stay with Stefan and Damon." she told her.

Elena looked at her, getting what Bonnie meant " I won't let you take my place, I won't let you cast a spell to look like me." she yelled.

Bonnie looked at her "What else do you want to do Elena? he will come after you, if he finds out you're alive." she said.

Bella looked at them "Is there a spell to create a clone, so I can just kill the clone and you two are free to go?" she asked Bonnie.

Bonnie nodded "Yes, but it will require Elena's blood, to make it look more real when you kill the clone." she told Bella.

Elena nodded "Then do the spell and I give some of my blood." she said looking at both of them. She looked at Bella "I trust you with this." she told her and she gave her a soft smile, not scared of was to come.

Bonnie took a step back and she started to speak in what sounded like Latin and the air changed around them and in a few moments a replica of Elena stood beside the 3 girls, before the replica could move, Bella was on the move and the replica let out a scream then dropped to the floor limp...blood on Bella's clothes and lips.

Elena and Bonnie took a step back at how fast Bella was, It reminded Elena of Damon and Stefan. She looked at Bella, she then held out her wrist. Bella bit into her wrist softly, resisting to drink her blood, Elena held out her arm over the replica and let the blood trickle on the dead body.

Bonnie looked at Bella "Now what?" she said as she looked at Elena then the dead replica on the floor.

"You both are free to go. I will handle Klaus and Katherine when they get back. they are hunting far away, so you are free to go back, just warn the Salvatore's." she told them, before she kicked open the door to let them both go.

Bonnie was the first one outside, Elena hugged Bella softly "Please come back to Damon, if you can." she whispered before she joined Bonnie outside and the girls took off running to get back to safety.

Bella sighed and she closed the door again and she looked at the dead replica,  she set a fire circle around it, knowing the fire would make the spell last longer. She then went upstairs and she got cleaned up and changed. Her mind on what Elena said, how she begged Bella to return back to Damon. She wanted to, but would Damon want her back still? After what she said....she sighed, love hurt sometimes. Even if to protect the one you love.

Few hours later:

Katherine and Klaus got back, they saw the replica burning and Bella leaning against the wall "Where's the witch?" Klaus asked

"I had no use for her, so I let her ago." Bella said, she lied in a convincing tone, that even Klaus and Katherine believed this time. She watched as the fire started to burn the body.

Klaus smirked "Well done, I knew I could rely on you." he said as he set a small vile in her hand "You are now free to go and live life as you wish." he told her and he moved away, leaving way for her go and leave.

Bella closed her hand around the vile as she looked at him "Thank you." she said looking at them both before she left, she found her self at the cliffs and she sighed, she looked at the vile "Here's to human life." she said to her self as she opened up the vile and the strong smell hit her nostrils, she leaned her head back as she took the liquid inside.

It traveled down her throat, it felt warm and welcoming. She gasped softly, as her skin started to tingle with warmth and all she heard, was the things around her, the water, the birds, nothing from many miles away. She looked down at her self, in the water, her eyes were full of human life, like once again....but from below her came an odd shake as the rocks beneath her tumbled down and she gasped and she started to fall.

Chapter 6 (Part 2)

As Elena and Bonnie kept on running Elena stopped to turn back "Maybe we should go and get Bella, back." she said to Bonnie.

Bonnie looked at her as she caught her arm, she shook her head softly "It's not safe, do you want to risk, us getting caught again?" she asked her.

Elena sighed, knowing if they went back, Katherine and Klaus might catch them in action. "But...Damon" she said.

Bonnie looked at her and she sighed "I know, Elena." she said and she hugged her softly "I trust, Bella knows what she is doing. If there is for a way for Bella and Damon to be together, they will find it on their own." she said and Elena gave a soft nod, before she started to ran with Bonnie again, they kept running until they got to the old boarding house and Elena fell inside of the hall way as Stefan opened the door.

"Elena..." he caught her "Bonnie...what happened?" he said as he took in the dirt, and blood all over their wrists and clothes.

Damon ran over looking panicked and he saw Bonnie's expression "Bonnie, speak" he said.

Bonnie looked at Stefan and Damon "Katherine and Klaus happened, they caught us in the woods." she said

"How did you get away?" Stefan asked worried, knowing they both got hurt.

Bonnie looked at him, she then looked at Damon "Bella, set us free." she said, with cation.

Damon's eyes grew wide with shock and he let out a gasp "Be...Bella?" he said "She..." he could not even speak, as he felt his knees growing weaker once again, just like when she spoke to him in the woods, breaking his heart.

Elena looked at Damon, sadly "She said she's sorry." she said looking at him "I don't know, what about. But she said you'd know." she told him. Her eyes were sad, as she noticed the pained expression on his face, her heart ached for him. She never seen him like this before, it was painful. She knew they went through a lot, all thanks to Katherine and Klaus.

Stefan looked at Elena, than at his older brother as Damon looked deep in thought.

"I don't love you Damon, move on and forget about me." the words rang in Damon's head, but at what Elena told him, he got Bella's hidden message: "I love you Damon, I need to protect you, I am sorry."He took a shaky breath as he closed his eyes, then looked at Elena "Then what happened?" he said.

Bonnie looked at them "Klaus wanted Elena dead, so I created Elena's replica, that Bella killed and we had to use Elena's blood, to make it look more real." she said "He said if Bella did that, she would get the cure." she said.

Stefan looked at her "The cure?" he said, then he got what Bonnie meant "Bella's going to be human again." she said looking at Damon, knowing his brother never wanted Bella to suffer the fate of being a Vampire, he always wanted her to be human, and this was their chance to have a life together again, a life they wanted.

Before Stefan finished speaking, Damon was running out of the house "Damon!" Bonnie, yelled after him with Elena and Stefan. But He did not turn around as he kept on running, Stefan and Bonnie running after him, Elena holding onto Stefan's back, as her legs were too weak to function.

Damon ran faster, but he stopped when he got the water fall, he looked at the water and the water fall, some of the rocks were gone and there was blood in the water. The scent was rather overwhelming and it took him a moment that the human blood, belonged to Bella...his Bella.

He heard the other 3 behind him as he ran over to the water, where he saw a body floating, face down in water and the hair flowing all around. He swam over as the body was a few feet away and he gripped onto Bella as he swam back to shore and he laid her down and he brushed the wet hair from her face, big gush on her forehead, some blood covering her face.

Bonnie gasped when she saw it was Bella, her hand flew to her mouth as Damon started to do CPR, but nothing was happening. He then took his wrist and bit into it and he held his wrist over Bella's mouth tipping some blood into her mouth, waiting for something to happen, when nothing happened,he did the other arm, but still nothing.

"Damon, don't." Stefan said softly pulling his arm back "She's gone." he said sadly

"No!" Damon screamed "No!" his scream was full of agony and pain "She can't be gone, I can't lose her again." he was shaking as tears filled his eyes and he broke down and he buried his face in Bella's chest as he cried. "She can't be gone...I need her. I love her." he cried harder, "I need you Bella...come back to me." he cried.

Elena touched his shoulder softly, she hated to see him like this. She looked down at Bella's fragile body then at Damon "I am sorry Damon" she said softly as she hugged him softly as he cried like a little child.

He clinged onto Bella's body, holding the love of his life close to his chest as he cried into her hair. "Bring her back!" he yelled out.

Bonnie sighed softly "I wish I could...I am sorry." she said, knowing there was not much she could for the Human Bella that was gone. Not even his blood would save her now.

"No!" Damon said shaking his head as he screamed out again "No!" his face contorted with anger and he growled out, causing the ground to shake.

Stefan gripped his shoulder softly and he gave it a soft squeeze and he sighed and Damon hugged his brother as he cried, Stefan rocked Damon softly and he sighed, he hated to see him like this, knowing that the after math of Bella's death, the accident, would take a strong hold on Damon and it scared Stefan to even think, of what it would do to his brother.


When they got to the coffin in the cemetery, Damon laid Bella down softly in it and he crossed her arms over her chest and he looked at the locket he still had in his pocket, he then set it down around her neck, as tears slid down his cheeks and fell onto Bella's body, sinking into her skin and clothing. "I love you Bella. I wish you were here with me." he said to him self more than anyone else.

Chapter 7

Damon looked down at Bella in the coffin and he placed a kiss to her forehead "I love you Bella, I will never let you go, I am holding on" he said softly, before he ran from the tomb, he could not watch as Stefan closed the coffin.

Bonnie and Elena looked at Stefan as he closed the coffin and the girls sighed softly, Elena looked back at the way Damon ran off in, she looked at Stefan sadly.

Stefan wrapped an arm around her softly and he rubbed it softly as they went back to the house. When they got there, they saw Damon was in the living room, he looked spaced out and broken as he stared into the empty space, his face then slowly contorted into anger, he finally snapped as he started to throw things around the room...breaking...smashing...kicking...anything to get his anger out, for not saving Bella, for losing her.

Elena winced and she ducked as she saw a vase flying in her way, Stefan caught the vase and he set it down and he went to his brother and he gripped him by his shoulders "Damon!"

"I can't let go....I need to hold on!" Damon yelled out, his voice breaking as he was shaking.

Elena looked at Damon sadly and she went and she hugged him softly "It's not wrong to hold on Damon, I am sure you have lovely memories to hold onto." she said as she rubbed his back softly. Damon kept on shaking in her arms and he broke down again.

"I should have saved her....I should have stopped her when she ran off." he said in between his heart-breaking sobs "This is all my fault."

Elena sighed "No it's not Damon, her death was an accident." she said as she touched his cheeks softly. But Damon was not listening, he pushed her out of the way as he ran back outside, faster than the wind, he found him self by the hide out, he had no idea how he found it.

He looked at the open window and he leaped into it, finding him self inside the room that belonged to Bella. The scent overwhelmed Damon, it was fresh and warm, he looked around the small room that suited Bella's tastes and needs. He walked over to the closet and he opened it up, to see some clothes, he buried his face in one of her dresses as he breathed in the fresh scent, she still smelled the same after so many years, he let the tears ran down his cheeks as he held the dress to him, he felt the floorboard creek slightly as some words that Bella said to him over the years flew through his head in agony:

'Didn't anyone tell you, it's rude to stare?'

'Catch me if you can Damon......I like spending my time with you'


'I love you Damon'

'Always and forever............................Yes'

'Don't Damon.......I don't love you Damon, Move on and forget about me'He sighed as the tears slid down his cheeks and he started at the ceiling and he closed his eyes tightly.He looked down at the floor board, it seemed to be either broken or Bella had a secret hiding place, he lifted up the board to find a diary hidden under it, he picked it up before he set the floor board down.

He was about to open the diary, when he heard the door opening so he quickly jumped from the window running off, the diary and dress in his hands, before anyone noticed him, he was back home.

Elena looked up from the couch,seeing Damon was back, but she did not say anything. She just sighed softly, she hated to see him upset like this, it was too painful for her too.

Damon ignored Elena's look as he went to his room and he set the dress down on the table softly, he sat down and he looked at the diary, he opened it up, on the front two pages were 2 sketches, one of them was of the locket that Damon gave to Bella, on the other one, a sketch of them together. Bella was a gifted Artist back in the day and she had not lost those skills as the years went by.

He then flipped to a 2 Dairy Entries:

Dear Dairy,

the memories are so strong, they have a hold on me that never passes away. The locket I have around my neck and memories are the only thing I have left, the only thing that keeps me close to Damon in my heart. How does one forget, a life time of memories and joy? The pain of being parted and away from him, grows stronger each day. What I would just give to be in his arms once again, to see and talk to him. To let him know, I am holding on and never letting go. But I know, I have to protect him from harms way, even if it kills me in the process. Death seemed like an easy choice back then, when I was human, maybe it still seems like a easy choice now, but the past and memories keep me holding on, hoping that one day I might be able to lay my eyes on the man I loved, once again. What I would give to be with Damon life...everything that ever meant something to me. It would all be worth it, if I was with him again. But would Damon want me back, if he knew I was still alive and a Vampire? I still remember how we talked about having a family and growing old together, I knew he would not want me to be a Vampire, the burden...the agony...but that choice was taken from me, like it was from him.


Dear Diary,

I do not know if I can do this, becoming human again? I did what I was asked.....well sort of. I fooled Katherine and Klaus into thinking I killed Elena, in exchange for the cure. So I could be with Damon again and try to lead a normal life, like we always wanted. But what I said to him...I knew it broke him inside, just like it broke me when I told it to him, in order to keep him from going after me, trying to save me. I know that if he did go after me, he would have ended up hurt...maybe even killed. Something I could not even bare to think about, let alone see. I wish and hope that one day, Damon will be able to understand, why I did what I did.


He stared at the last entrance, before her death "I do understand Bella, I forgive you." she said to the diary, as if it was Bella her self.He closed his eyes and he leaned his head back "I need you by my side." he said to him self, it was true. He did need her, her death felt so surreal, but he knew it happened. He saw her dead body, her fragile....human body. That image would haunt him for the rest of his Vampire Immortality.

Chapter 8 (Part 1)

The bright aura surrounded Damon, in a welcoming light and orange glow, it was bright and welcoming. For some reason, he didn't feel scared, He just walked towards the light, trying to embrace it, not literally. "Damon" a soft voice filled the air.

"Be...Bella?" Damon chocked back on the tears, that were forming in his eyes. He looked around, to see Bella in a pure white, elegant dress that fell down to the floor. "Am...I?"

She shook her head, as she softly walked over to him, she placed her hands on his cheeks "You're not dead, Damon." she said softly, looking into his eyes "It's not your time." she kissed his forehead softly

"But I need to be with you." He sobbed out, as he gripped her arms softly "I need you Bella. I love you." he said, his eyes digging into hers, with sadness, need and want. With love and desire...with passion.

Bella closed her eyes, as she pressed her forehead to his "I love you too Damon...I always have." she said looking into his eyes "I am so sorry, for everything" she whispered softly, pressing her lips to his in a tender kiss.

Just as hew as about to kiss her back. Damon woke up in a pool of sweat, he sighed as he ran a hand through his hair, it was all just a dream. He staggered to the bathroom and he splashed his face with cold water, trying to calm him self down, he felt a presence in the room and he looked around, but he saw no one.

But it was like someone was touching his shoulder, in a tender touch, he looked up to see Bella's reflection in the mirror. He set his hand to his shoulder, touching her hand, but when he looked back to see if it was really Bella...Elena stood in her place, with a worried look on her face.

"Damon, are you okay?" she said, worried.

He looked at her, as he dropped his hand from top of hers "Do, I look okay?" was all he said, before he walked past her out of the bathroom and downstairs, he heard a knock on the door and he frowned, he walked to the door and he opened it up, to see Rebekah with Elijah there.

"What?!" He said, in a rather rude, monotone accent, as he stared at them, his eyes turned darker, from his pain and anger, that was rushing through him.

Elijah sighed "We came here to see you." he said, his voice rather pleasant "You're not the only who misses..."

Damon cut him off "Don't....just don't." he said shaking his head at Elijah, he could not bare to hear Elijah talking to him about Bella, it pained him too much.

Rebekah sighed "She was our friend too Damon, we miss her as well." she said and she looked at him, tears shining in her eyes. She heard about Bella's death, and it made her up, as Bella was her friend. She just wished, there was something...anything she could have done, in order to save her. But it was too late.

Damon just looked down and he blinked back the tears, he then looked around the room he stood in, he then saw a stake at the table and he ran towards it and tried to grab the stake, to thrust it into his heart, but Elena screamed out: "No, Damon don't!"

Elijah was at his side and he grabbed the stake from his grip with Rebekah and Stefan held Damon back, who was now kicking and screaming out for the stake. "Damon, no." Elena breathed out and she looked at him sadly "Death is not the answer." she told him, in a soft, soothing voice.

Damon was shaking, he then sobbed out "I can' this. I can't live, when Bella's gone." he said "It should have been me, she didn't deserve to die, she had to live." he dropped to his knees, as he cried once again. His whole body trembling.

Stefan and Elena hugged Damon, while Elena rubbed his arm softly and she sighed "Damon, don't say that. You deserve to live, as much as anyone else does." she said "Bella, would you want you to live, and not live in vain, Damon." she said "It's not your time." she told him rubbing his back.

Stefan sighed "Elena, is right." he said softly "I know you miss Bella, but death is not the answer Damon." he said

Rebekah sighed softly, looking at Damon. She felt sorry for him, his heart break was too much for him, she could tell that by the way he was acting right now. "You're not alone in this, Damon" she said softly, Elijah just gave a soft nod, to what Rebekah said and he sighed softly as he hid the stake somewhere in the house away from Damon's, knowledge.

Damon cried....his tears died down after a few hours, but he then was silent, as a deadly snake. Just lurking for his pray, his face looked sunken in more, and his eyes were dark...he was in danger mode. He let out a hiss as he stormed out of the house and he broke into a ran, until he found Katherine and Klaus, hunting in the woods,. he tackled Klaus to the floor and he started to punch him, in the face.

Katherine stood there in shock, at what Damon was doing, before she had finally managed to grab him and she threw him back "What is with you?" she hissed.

Klaus spat at the floor and he smirked "It seems, that our Damon Salvatore, has got him self, a little bit of an issue." he said, smirking at him.

Damon growled out "You are that Issue! You are the one's who turned Bella against me, when you took her from me...when you changed her, into a cold blooded monster, like your self. Now she is dead...because of you...all because of you!" he screamed at the top of his voice.

Klaus and Katherine looked at him stunned "I am sorry what?" Klaus said, in disbelief "She can't be dead, we gave her the cure...we let her go free." he said

Damon looked at him angrily, his nostrils flaring with anger and hatred "She's gone, I held her dead body." he hissed "If you don't believe me, go look in the cemetery, she's in a coffin." he said trembling, he then caught a scent of a human and he ran off, to go hunting, with no mercy or care. he drained the human of blood. He didn't even think, twice about going back for Katherine and Klaus and killing them, as he wanted them to suffer for, what they have done.


As  weeks passed, Damon grew worse and worse, when it came to Human blood. He was like Stefan...he was a new Ripper. But older, faster, stronger, more cruel, more menacing then Stefan was, and it seemed to worry everyone, as he seemed to be unstoppable.

But around his friends and family, he did seem to have a good side, but it was dying out, like a dwindling fire. It was around 3 weeks later, that Damon didn't come home, the usual time. He came in rather late, his clothes torn, his hands covered in blood, his eyes dark and deluded, just like his soul.

Stefan looked at him and he sighed "Damon" he said softly.

"What?" Damon hissed, as he grabbed an empty glass and he poured some blood into it, and he started to drink it. He forget it was his birthday tomorrow. But it's not like he even cared, or would want to celebrate.

"It's your Birthday tomorrow." Stefan softly as he got up walking over to him "You need to socialize, with the people that care about you....come on Elena and Bonnie set it all up with Rebekah,Caroline, Tyler and Elijah." he said, and he sighed softly, as Damon just shook his head before trying to walk off, Stefan stopped him "Damon! We all care about you, we want to help you, but we can't, if you won't let us." he said

"And what makes you think? I need Help?" Damon uttered, as he gave a dark, cold look to Stefan.

Stefan just sighed "Because, I been in this position before, I was the ripper! I know how it feels, and you helped me get through let us help you...first step, is tomorrow. being with the people that care about you." he said "If not for me, for Elena. It was all her idea in the first place."

Damon sighed, defeated after a few moments "Fine! For Elena." he said, before he went to his room and he laid back, on the silk sheets.

Next day:

Damon got ready for his all so dreaded birthday Party and he tried to put on a smile, but it didn't seem too believable, but no one pressed him about it. He looked around, Mystic Grill to see all his friends there, but Bonnie was the only one, who was not there yet.

He wondered, what was keeping the Bennett witch back. He walked over to the table and he grabbed him self a drink. Caroline walked over to him, with a small smile, but it was an apologetic smile. "How are you Damon?" she said softly.

He shrugged as he sipped his vodka "Not, in the mood to talk about it." was his reply. Caroline gave him a nod, as a way of telling him, she understood his heartbreak and his desire for blood, was a bad combination, and not something he would want to discuss.

He tried to mingle here and there, and not cause a scene. Bonnie walked in through the door, around 3 hours later "Sorry, I am late." she said softly, to everyone who looked at her, wondering where she was.

She then walked to Damon, looking at him,m serious look on her face "I have someone, here who wants to see you."

Chapter 8 (Part 2)

It was the day of Damon's, Birthday Party, but Bonnie was missing. Well she was not missing, she was just paying her respects at Bella's coffin, but when she got there, she found Klaus was there. A deep frown came over her face "Klaus...what are you doing here?" she hissed.

Klaus looked at her "What? I can't come here and pay my respects?" he hissed at her, it was clear he was annoyed by her presence there.

"Why would you?" she said looking at him. "Damon was the one who lost the love of his life...not you." she said, her eyes glowing in the shadows of the cemetery tomb.

Klaus sighed, he seemed to look hurt. "I loved here too." he said, before he left, leaving Bonnie staring after him in shock. But she snapped out of her shock, when she could hear a soft thumping.

She looked around "Hello?" she said, her breath was icy cold, she wondered who was here. But the thudding was louder.

She looked around and she looked at Bella's coffin, it seemed to be coming from there. She walked over to it and she tried to open it, it would not budge. She frowned and she pushed harder until she popped it open, when she did,. Bella was chocking and gasping for breath..."Da....Damon." she gasped out.

Bonnie stared at Bella in shock, she helped her sit up to help her breathe more "It's me, Bonnie." she said softly, rubbing Bella's arm softly, she examined Bella carefully, the girl was human. She could not understand how Bella, could be back from the dead..Damon's blood? Bonnie asked her self? Nah..Vampire blood, would have healed her more faster. Bonnie noticed the necklace glowing around Bella's neck. "Who gave you that necklace?" she asked curious.

Bella gasped softly, for breath, her breathing shaky "Damon gave it to me." she said as Bonnie helped her from the coffin, Bella was weak and she fell to the floor, but Bonnie caught her.

Bonnie looked at her, she could tell that the necklace held more magic within in, that any of them knew. It brought Bella back from the dead. She saw Bella was weak "Maybe I should heal you." she told Bella.

Bella shakes her head "No...take me to Damon...please...I need to see Damon." she said looking at Bonnie "Please." she chocked out a sob "I need him. I miss him."

Bonnie felt sorry for Bella and Damon...many years of trying to find each other, getting torn apart all the time...She nodded "Alright, let's get you to Damon, but maybe we should get you changed into something? Don't you think?" she said looking down at her torn and dried clothes that were once dirty.

Bella gave a nod and Bonnie helped her outside into the fresh air. she took her back home and she found her some clean clothes, Bella took a shower to make her self feel bit better, after she dried off, she got changed into the nice dress Bonnie picked out and Bonnie done up her hair nicely, she smiled softly "You sure, you don't want me to heal you?" she asked.

Bella just gave a nod, she was more concerned about Damon.  Bonnie sighed softly and she then walked with her to Mystic Grill, she made sure Bella was in the crowd behind her, so Damon could not see her right away, as it was supposed to be a surprise. She looked at Damon, with a serious face "I have someone here, that wants to talk to you."

Damon looked at her confused for a moment or two "Bonnie.." he tried to speak, saying that he was not in the mood for some jokes, but Bonnie stepped aside revealing Bella, Damon stopped in mid sentence as he stared at Bella, his knees got weak as he stumbled towards her "Bella?" he touched her cheeks softly and he breathed her scent, to make sure she was real and that he was not dreaming.

Bella closed her eyes at his touch and she leaned against him "Damon!" she wrapped her arms around him weakly and held onto him. She breathed in his scent, not caring that everyone was just watching them in shock, to see her back from the dead.

"How are you here?" Damon said, tears shining in his eyes, his fingers trailed down her neck softly, as her veins pulsed under his soft touch, until they touched the necklace she had around her neck...then it hit him. The necklace. He leaned down pressing his lips to hers, the kiss full of passion. need and urgency, yet tenderness. As Damon pulled Bella against him softly, she tangled her fingers in his hair.

Bella felt home, and safe as she was in his arms. The kiss sent sparks down her body, reminding her, that Damon was her one and only and that she really was alive and in his arms, where she belonged. Damon deepened the kiss, his lips parting against hers, as his hands traveled up into her brown, soft hair. But then he felt Bella pulling away, he felt her weakness and he caught her before her knees buckled beneath her. He noticed how pale she looked.

Bonnie looked at Damon "She would not let me heal her." she said

Damon just nodded at Bonnie "Thank you for, taking her back her back to me." he said and he then bit into his wrist "Bella, you need this...please drink. it will heal you." he said holding his wrist out to her.

Bella gripped onto his arm softly before she pressed her lips to his wrist as she started to drink his blood, the red liquid ran down her throat, soothing her and bringing her back her strength and color, slowly.  He held her close as she drank his blood and he kissed her forehead softly, closing his eyes "I love you, Bella." he whispered softly.

"I love you too Damon." Bella whispered softly, when she pulled back from his wrist, which started to heal as soon as her lips parted. Damon wiped the blood from her lips softly before he kissed her again softly.

Chapter 9

Later that night, when the part was over Damon took Bella with him back to the house. She was falling asleep as he carried her in his arms, he knew she needed some rest as she came back from the dead and she was weak when she came to him with Bonnie, even though his blood healed her, she needed some sleep. When he got to the house, he took her to his room and he laid her down on the bed and he laid down beside her, wrapping his arms around and she automatically curled up against his chest. He closed his eyes, it felt right to have her in his arms again, he felt complete.

He watched her sleeping, she looked so peaceful and calm in his arms. He leaned his chin on top of her head softly and he closed his eyes as she slept, her heart beating and her calm breath was rather soothing.

Hours passed by and Bella woke up in the morning, she was curled up, but Damon was already awake so she was hugging the pillow instead of him. Damon was by her side in a flash when he heard her trying to get out of bed and Bella smiled softly, feeling him by her side."I still can't believe, you're here." he said as he leaned down kissing her softly on her lips and he pulled her against him softly.

Bella touched his cheek softly as she kissed him back, his kisses always so passionate, loving and tender. Now it was even more intense and magnified then before. She leaned her forehead against his softly looking into his eyes and she smiled softly "I am not going anywhere this time." she said softly

"I won't let you." Damon said "I lost you twice already and I don't want to lose you a third time." he said as he placed kisses all over her face, which caused her to giggle and smile softly. "This time, it will be different." he said as he looked at her and he smiled softly and he held her close to him, she still fitted into his arms so perfectly as always, she was the missing piece he needed to find, Now that she was back in his arms. He was complete again.

Bella smiled then she realized something "I have no clothes here." she said

Damon chuckled softly as he smiled "You worry about clothes?" he joked and Bella laughed as she playfully slapped his arm and he kissed her as he pinned her to bed playfully "You can just wear, something of mine for now." he said

"Mhh, Damon Salvatore, willing to share his clothes with a girl." Bella cooed "That's a new one." she teased, with a cheeky smile on her cheek and she wiggled and she squealed in laughter as he began to tickle her. She then heard Stefan chuckling from his room, which was next door. Damon laughed softly kissing her hair and he smiled at her.

He kissed her softly and he got up and he placed one of his t-shirts on the bed "I am going, out hunting, How about you take a shower? then we'll figure out, what to do." he said and he kissed her forehead before he let her go to the shower and he left.

Bella smiled to her self as she watched him leave and she giggled to her self, when she heard he was singing:

I'm too sexy for my love
Too sexy for my love
Love's going to leave me
I'm too sexy for my shirt
Too sexy for my shirts
So sexy it hurts
And I'm too sexy for Milan
Too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan
And I'm too sexy for your party
Too sexy for your party
No way I'm disco dancing
I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk, yeah
I do my little turn on the catwalk
I'm too sexy for my car
Too sexy for my car
Too sexy by far
And I'm too sexy for my hat
Too sexy for my hat
What do you think about that?
I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk, yeah
I shake my little tush on the catwalk
I'm too sexy for my
Too sexy for my too sexy for my
'Cos I'm a model you know what I mean
And I do my little turn on the catwalk
Yeah on the catwalk yea on the catwalk, yeah
I shake my little tush on the catwalk
I'm too sexy for my cat
Too sexy for my cat
Poor p**** poor p**** cat
I'm too sexy for my love
Too sexy for my love
Love's going to leave me
And I'm too sexy for this song

Stefan poked his head around the door and he looked at Bella "Well, you got Damon in a good mood today." he said smiling as he chuckled "I don't think I heard him sing that song for ages."
"Or at all." Elena's voice chimed behind Stefan as she poked her head under his arm and she smiled at Bella softly. She saw him holding Damon's t-shirt and she giggled softly "Ran out of clothes?" she said.
Bella giggled "Well kind of, I only had what Bonnie gave me before we got to Damon's birthday party." she said nodding at the clothes she was wearing.
Elena smiled "I could get you some of mine, we're about the same size and I don't wear a lot of stuff now." she said.
Bella looked at her "You sure? I mean, I don't want to be a burden on you." she told her.
"Oh don't be silly." Elena said smiling "Of course, I don't mind." she told her with a bright smile.
Bella smiled softly at Elena "Thank you." she said and Elena gave her a nod and a hug before Bella went to the bathroom and she took a shower and then she got changed, Damon's t-shirt looked like a dress on her, she then went to the kitchen to get her something to drink and find some pain killers as she had a strange head ache all of a sudden. She winced and she gripped onto the chair, she then felt Stefan behind her with Elena.
"Are you okay?" they both asked her worried.
Bella looked at them "I am not sure, I have this strange head ache." she told them  "Do you have painkillers anywhere?" she asked Stefan.
When Stefan was about to answer, the cupboard door on the left swung open and the bottle of painkillers flew straight into Bella's hand who gasped out in shock.
Elena looked at Bella then Stefan "What just happened?" she said
Stefan looked between them both "Good question." he said just as Damon walked in, he seemed to be in a good mood.
"What is a good question?" Damon questioned as he was by Bella's side in a flash and he saw the painkillers in her hand "You okay?" he looked at her concerned.
"Mhh, I just have a headache." she told him and she looked at the painkillers and she took one out and swallowed them down with some water. "That was so odd. I was asking Stefan if you had some painkillers and then all of a sudden, they just flew into my hand."
Damon raised an eyebrow "From the cupboard?" he said and Bella nodded.
"Maybe we should ask Bonnie, for help." Elena suggested. Stefan nodded and he went to the phone and he quickly phoned up Bonnie and explained they needed her help with something.
"She's coming." Stefan announced once he set the phone down and Bella looked at Damon who looked concerned, he held her in his arms and he kissed her forehead softly rubbing her sides.
About 20 minutes later, there came a knock on the door. It was Bonnie, beside her was Rebekah since she was about to visit the Salvatore too. Stefan let them in and when Rebekah saw Bella she stopped in her tracks "Bella?"
Bella looked up seeing Rebekah, her long time friend. Even though she was Klaus's brother and Bekah were always the closest along with Elijah. She smiled softly at Rebekah. Rebekah ran over to her and slammed into her hugging her tightly. Bella let out a shaky breath, as breath escaped her lungs rather quickly.
"Easy Bekah." Damon told her
"Sorry." Rebekah said as she hugged Bella more softly "How are you back?" she asked Bella
"This." Bella said holding up her necklace. Rebekah looked at it and she looked at Damon and then Bella and she smiled. "It's good to have you back." Rebekah told Bella.
Bonnie looked at them and she smiled "Why did you all need me for?" she asked
"There's something with Bella." Damon said "Show them." he told her, in a soft voice.
Bella looked at Damon "I can't, Damon. I don't even know how it happened. All I asked Stefan was where the painkillers where and they flew in my hand." she said pointing at the painkillers on the table, with the back of her hand, and once again, they flew straight into her hand.
Rebekah and Bonnie looked at Bella in shock, with everyone else. "It seems, that you are a witch." Bonnie told Bella.

Chapter 10 (Part 1)

Damon stared at Bonnie speechless, when she assessed the fact that Bella...his Bella was a witch. Even though, he hoped for some kind of normal life for Bella, this was not so bad was it? She was not a Vampire, she wasn't something she wasn't meant to be and something he didn't wish on her.

Bella just blinked in shock "I am sorry, what?!" she said, slightly loudly than she wanted to. As she did, all of the books from the book shelves went flying and they landed on the floor in a loud crash, which caused her and the others to jump in unison.

Damon looked at the books on the floor, then at Bella "Easy there, Bells." he said kissing her head softly.

Bella blinked "I...umm I'll clean it up, later." she said and she took a shaky breath, this was not something she expected.

"Your powers, are tied to your emotions." Bonnie told her and she gave her a small smile "I know, it's a lot to handle, but we will now more about your powers, if we can trace your family back to your ancestors." she told her "I will try and help you, as much as I can."

As Bella chewed on her lip she nodded slightly at Bonnie, she was surprised at her offer on helping her and she smiled softly, but it was a half smile, as Bella was confused and shocked about this. Damon noticed how confused Bella was and it made him slightly uncomfortable, he hugged her to his side and he kissed her cheek softly, in attempt to calm her down. When she leaned against him, he held her close and he rubbed her arm softly, his fingers caressing her skin gently.

Stefan looked at them "I was not expecting this, did you know?" he looked at Bella, Bella just shook her head as she truly had no idea, she would be a witch someday.

Bonnie looked at them "If, Bella was changed into a Vampire, then it would have suppressed her witch genes, now that she came back from the dead as a human, it must have triggered her witch genes."

Elena looked at Bella and Damon and she smiled softly at them, she was glad they were back together, but she was not expecting this either. She pulled Stefan aside, while she let Bonnie talk with Rebekah, Damon and Bella in the living room.

Stefan looked at her "What is it?" he asked as he smiled at her softly, he averted his eyes back to the living room for a few seconds before he looked at Elena again, waiting for her too speak.

"Can you come and help me, get some clothes for Bella?" she asked smiling. Stefan nodded and he walked outside with Elena and he drove to her house.


Meanwhile, back at the Salvatore's manor, Bella started to clean up the books she knocked off the shelves with her powers, Damon, Rebekah and Bonnie helped her out, so she would not have to do it all alone, even though Bella insisted, it was her mess she caused, so she'd clean it up on her own.

It took them 1 hour to clean up the books, once they were done, Bella was sitting by the fire place and she had her knees tucked under her chin staring at the flickering flames. Rebekah looked at Bella worried and she knelled by her side "Are you okay?" she asked her.

Bella sighed "I am not sure, I guess I was hoping for some normalcy in my life." she said

Rebekah wrapped her arms around her giving her a hug and she nodded "That's understandable, with what you been through, you feel like you need a break from being a supernatural being for a while." she said and Bella nodded. Damon watched them both, he knew what Bella said had nothing to do with them, but with her having powers, with her being something else rather than a full mortal again.

Bella hugged her friend back and she closed her eyes. Rebekah rubbed her back softly, she then sat by Bonnie on the couch and she let Damon take over. Damon hugged Bella to him and he kissed her hair softly as Bella snuggled into his arms and she watched the fire, but she entwined their fingers together as he had his arms around her waist and his hands set overs her softly. Rebekah smiled as she watched them with a warm smile on her face, she was happy for them both. Just then, Elena and Stefan walked back inside the house.

They all looked up at them and Elena smiled softly at Bella. "Here are some new clothes for you." she said

Bella stood up and she smiled softly "Oh, thank you Elena." she said and she gave her a hug, Elena smiled as she gave her a soft squeeze and Damon took the bag and he was in his room in a flash and he quickly set aside some room in his closet for Bella's new clothes.

Bonnie heard Damon upstairs and she giggled "Shacking up with Damon are we?" she teased slightly, smiling.

Bella giggled "Well, I don't have anywhere else to stay, plus, I am safe with Damon and Stefan here." she said and she went to Damon's room as she needed to change into some proper clothes. Damon kissed Bella softly and he held her close. Bella smiled softly as she leaned against Damon for a while, before she got changed into a t-shirt and some jeans, that fitted her perfectly, she then set the rest of the clothes in the closet.

Once they walked downstairs, Elena smiled softly "It suits you."

Bella looked at her self in the mirror and she smiled "Thank you, again." she told her and Elena just nodded, instead of saying welcome again. They smiled at each other softly.

Just as they were about to sit down, there came a knock on the door. Bella and Damon looked at each other, and the knock came on the door again. This time more forceful...angry.


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