The Twilight Saga

Takes place in Breaking Dawn. Alice and Jasper have been acting weird lately - avoiding the family, disappearing for days at a time with no explanations. They keep their minds blocked from Edward, too, leaving everyone in the dark. When they run off on their own, they have no intentions of returning - or finding Nahuel, for that matter. Everyone is heartbroken, but they have no idea yet of Alice and Jasper's betrayal...

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That's sounds like a really, really good idea. You'll have to keep me updated.
=) Thanks. I'll let you know when I start it.
IDK, she's always been known as an "evil little pixie"... LOL.
As soon as I finish one of my stories, I'll start it! In the meantime, read my other stories!!!
*sigh* okay, i'll start it soon... =)

Ring... ring...

She hesitated, letting it ring twice before answering. "Hello?"

"Ah, my dear! How are things going?" the sickly pleasant voice on the other end asked.

"Fine" she said quietly.

"They trust you completely?"

"...Of course. Why wouldn't they?"

"Wonderful. Now, we will alert you when the time has come... and your mate, as well."

"Thank you, sir."

"Yes, yes. We'll be in contact."

She hung up the phone, ignoring the tremors she felt. She knew, of course, that it was her duty to deceive them, but that didn't stop the guilt she felt inside. And if she was being honest with herself, she knew there was something else she felt for them.

She felt heartache for them, the ones she was to leave behind - she just didn't know it yet.
Sorry, I haven't really been updating this one... I'll post another chapter tonight. =)
Chapter 1 - A New Wii

Edward's POV

"One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war."

I rolled my eyes as Emmett took on Bella - yet again. Being a sore loser, he just can't accept the fact that Bella is stronger than him, at least for now.

"OW!" I laughed at Em's yelp of pain.

"Are you satisfied yet?" Bella asked.

"No way! You have GOT to be cheating somehow! REMATCH!"

I laughed and turned away from the TV - this was so much more interesting. "This time, I think Bella should get something out of it" I said. "She shouldn't have to put up with Emmett for this long and not get something."

"Cool, what do I get?" Bella asked, propping her feet up on the table and smirking.

Emmett thought for a minute. It entertained me to hear his ideas: My Wii? Nah, that's too good... Rex? That has sentimental value, at least...

Who's Rex?

"Please, Emmett - you don't even know what sentimental means" I scoffed.

He frowned. "Yeah, I do! Tell him, Rose" he added, resorting to Rosalie for proof.

"Tell him what?" she asked, fluffing her hair in the TV reflection.

"I know what 'sentimental' means, don't I?"

"Sure, sure..."

Bella and I laughed. Rosalie continued to primp her reflection. Emmett scowled at the wall.

"Ugh, where the hell is Alice?" Rosalie asked in annoyance, stomping her foot and glaring at her reflection. "My hair will not cooperate."

"Maybe you should try a mirror" I suggested. She threw the TV remote at me.

"She and Jasper went out hunting a few hours ago" Bella said.

"Well, she better get back here soon, or I swear to God I am going to kick her--"

"Language, Rose!" Emmett teased.

Rosalie didn't find it funny. Shooting him a glare, she stormed upstairs. Emmett sulked at the table.

Bella rolled her eyes and turned back to Emmett. "How about, if I win, you buy me a Wii?" she suggested.

Emmett grinned. "You're on" he said.

They went at it again, this time arm-wrestling. Just when Bella was about to smash his arm through the table, Alice and Jasper burst in.

I laughed, noticing Jasper's messy hair and Alice's torn clothing - though I didn't go too deep into their thoughts.

Alice grinned immediately, her eyes twinkling, and headed for the stairs. "Better help Rose" she called over her shoulder. "I know just the style for her."

"Woo-hoo!" Bella cried triumphantly, punching the air with her fists.

Emmett scowled at her. "Rematch" he growled.

She smirked. "No way am I passing this up." She pointed one finger at him as she made her way upstairs. "I expect that Wii by tomorrow night."
Until I can figure out what's next, here's a sneak peek:

Renesmee Cullen, the future, age 17

>=) Mwah ha ha!!!

Fly on. Ash.
LOL, nice to have some new readers. I promise I'll update very soon.... =)
Next chapter! I know right - FINALLY!!! =D

Chapter 2 - Red Alert

Bella's POV

I chuckled softly as I made my way upstairs. I'd been wanting a Wii for a long time, even when I was human - Emmett had better not try to cheat me out of this.

I was heading to Edward's and my room to look up some cool Wii games online. As I walked, I passed Alice and Jasper's room. Alice was inside, talking on the phone. That was weird - I thought she's gone to help Rose.

Despite my unspoken rules about eavesdropping, I paused outside her door and listened. "...Of course. Why wouldn't they? ...Thank you, sir..." She hung up the phone, and I don't think I was imagining the slight shaking of her hand.

Biting my lip, I considered talking to her about it. I decided against it - she would know I was listening to her private phone call, and be mad. But who was it that she called 'sir'? And what did I miss?

I backed down the hall, took a moment to make my expression carefully blank, and walked to my room. I took care to use normal steps, not silent and stealthy as if I were trying to sneak up on her.

When I reached her door again, I paused and leaned causally against the frame. "Hey, Alice" I said, aiming for a nonchalant tone.

She jumped a bit and turned to face me, her expression just as blank as mine. That meant she was up to something. "Hi, Bella" she said in the same tone. Another reason to be suspicious - a time when Alice wasn't positive and upbeat? Something was definitely up.

"Did you hear? Emmett's been conned into getting me a Wii" I said, hoping my cheerfulness would get her back in sync.

She grinned, the same sly grin that she usually wore. A little better, at least, though I couldn't banish the mysterious call from my mind. "Great - but I have to get a turn" she said.

I laughed. "Promise. Now, I just saw Rosalie, and... yikes. You might wanna be there now - she's having a really bad hair day."

Alice laughed and stood, darting past me into the hall. "Got it. Come by in half an hour - she'll be at her best then."

I smiled and continued to my room, my pace deliberately slow as if I had all the time in the world, when really I wanted to run to the ends of the earth - anywhere but this strange nightmare.

But why should I feel like this? I asked myself. Just a weird phone call... so what? There's nothing bad going on.

Yet, a small voice in the back of my head amended.

Shut up, I thought. If it was ever possible to snarl in a thought, I had just done it.

In my room, I slammed the door shut and pressed my back to it as if someone were trying to get in. Then I sunk to the floor, dropping my head in my hands. I was freaking out inside; my vampire senses were on full alert, despite the lack of danger. That filled me with adrenaline, and now I desperately had to run.

I stood slowly and crossed to the large window, the one leading out into nothingness. I pushed it open and took a deep breath, breathing in the fresh air.

Then I stepped out onto the air, falling into blackness. I took off into the night.


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