The Twilight Saga

This story is about Bella and Edward. Bella just moved here, she doesn't have many friends. So when gorgeous Edward Cullen finds his way into her life, she accepts it with open arms. It slowly seems to be turning into something more. They flirt and talk every night. They go on dates sometimes and anyone else would think they were in a relationship. But what happens when Bella wants something more? When she finds someone willing? Will it all continue? Or will Edward just turn into the memory of an almost lover?

*All human*

Cullen's> Alice, 17; Edward, 18; Emmet, 18; Carlisle, 39; Esme, 38

Hales> Jasper, 17; Rosalie, 18

Swans> Bella, 17; Charlie, 40

Blacks> Jacob,

Should I continue?

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I wanted to update tonight, but I can't. Just not emotionally right now. I can't... Maybe tomorrow.

Thank you everyone; I'm so glad you like it. Thank you for reading, so much. It means a lot to know someones reading my story. (:

I would love to continue reading this lovely story. Please keep me updated. more soon and update me

great story!  please update again soon!


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