The Twilight Saga

What would you say to the one that you love when the world is ending? Join Bella Swan and Emmett Cullen on their story of finding love and trying to save the world from a meteor. Somewhat based on Armageddon.


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aww I Loved that chapter, can't wait for more.
Love it
just luv it cant wait 4 more.
i will have more up on monday because i had some rl issues to deal with
on vacation so i will update in a day or two
Love it








I called Bella about two days later and we made plans to eat at Floppy Dan's. I got to her house about ten minutes early. What can I say? For the first time in my life a woman has made me completely nervous. As I was getting out of my car with a bunch of tiger liliy's in hand, I noticed that Bella was peaking through the window of her front door. I knocked and was met with Bella wearing a blue and green patterend sundress with blue flat shoes. I felt my brain filter shut down as I said "You look beyond beautiful Bella." She looked down and I noticed a light pink hue came over her face. I smiled knowing that I had made her blush. She said "Thank you and you don't look so bad yourself." I laughed and gave her the flowers. She smelt them and asked "Why not roses?" I thought for a minute before saying "Well because that is so 'cliche'. So why be boring and doing the samething that almost everyguy has done before?" She put the flowers in water and we left to go to the resturant.


Bella was singing to the radio but I couldn't help but notice that she would sneak small glances my way every so often. I said "Bella take a picture of me so you can look at me all you want." She busted out laughing and said "I never had this much on a date ever and it is only the begining." She stopped and I said "Bella, I've noticed that you get really sad everytime you say something about your past. Please tell me about what has gotten you so blue." After listening to her tell me about her bonehead of an ex. I could understand why she was like that. We got there and I got us a table out on the patio. I ordered steak with fries and coke. Bella ordered a steak salad and baked potatoe. We kept things light and fun the whole time. Just as we were finishing I said "Do you want to take a walk on the beach? I just don't want this night to end." Bella agreed and we started walking.




I was shocked at how easy things with Emmett where going. It was like I had known him my whole life. I was shocked at how the reacted when I told him about Edward. And after dinner he told me about the shallow women who claimed to love him. I knew that even after this short amount of time that I might be caring for this man. I don't know if it is love but it is something close to that. He dropped me off after a wonderful evening. Over the next couple of weeks we got closer and I knew that I was falling in love with this odd but wonderful man. I mean he sent me a jar of gummy worms and bears to the school that I teach at. Along with a case of Coke but it was in the glass bottles. All of my female coworkers were wondering who was sending me these odd but funny things. Emmett showed up one day at work dressed in his pilot uniform and I was about to drool at the sight of him.


He came into the teacher's lounge and all of the talking stopped. Angela Webber said "Bella, who is Mr. McDreamy and why is he staring at you?" I looked up to see Emmett pull his sunglasses off and walk over my way with a bag of food in his hands. He sat down and said "There's my girl and I brought Honey BBQ wings for lunch only if she will eat them with me. I felt my mouth fall open and then I said "So I'm your girl, huh?" He smiled and said "Only if you want to be. Will you Bella Swan be my girl?" I laughed and noticed that the other female staff was staring daggers at me. I said "Yes I would love to be your girl. Now gimme wings." Emmett kissed my temple and we started eating. I said "Emmett, this is my friend Angela Webber. Ange this is Emmett my odd boyfriend." She laughed and said "You're the gummey guy aren't you?" He smiled and we enjoyed lunch.


Shortly after he left Angela said "What's up with the uniform, B?" I smiled and pulled out my phone and showed her pics of Emmett and I at an airshow that he was apart of. I said "Well he flies fighter planes and also works for NASA." She thought that was cool. When I got home I checked my messages and heard a voice that I thought I would never hear again on my machine.....



I would really love to read some more so I do hope that you are writing more and posting soon, lol.



girl next chapter please i am already dying here. lol


WOW this is a very interesting story had to get used to it at first but other then that its an awesome story upload soon


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