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What would you say to the one that you love when the world is ending? Join Bella Swan and Emmett Cullen on their story of finding love and trying to save the world from a meteor. Somewhat based on Armageddon.


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If you would have told me that two years ago that I would have found my other half. I would've had you checked out by a doctor. I never thought that I would find the one that completed me but made me a better man. Her true beauty is within as well as on the outside. I always knew that the girls that I had dated in the past only wanted to be with me because I was an AirForce pilot and also worked for NASA. I was always the kind of guy that would rather be working on a classic car or bike then out at the bars but I did that to. I never thought that I would be saving the world while the woman that was my world was on Earth praying that we could blow this thing up. I can remember that day that I met the woman that became my world.




Jasper had brought me to another beach party in hopes that I would find a girl to get me out of my rut but sadly no girl could do that. We had been there for all of ten minutes when Alice yelled out to me "Emmett, I would like for you to meet my new neighbor Bella Swan. Bella this is my husband's best friend Emmett Cullen." I looked up to see the most stunning creature in the world. I couldn't breathe let alone speak for a few seconds. I smiled and said "Hey, so what brings you to Ft. Lauderdale?" She gave me a shy smile and said "I needed a change in scenery. So I figured that this was the best change from where I'm from." I looked around to see that they had left in hopes to get us to talking. I padded the towel for her to sit on and thankfully she did. I said "Where are you from exactly?" She sat there for a minute or two not saying anything. For a minute I had thought that I had made her mad but then she said "I'm from Forks, Washington. It's the rainest place in the U.S. It only gets a few days of sunlight a year." I laughed trying to imagine a place like that. We fell into an easy paced conversation.


I never had an easy yet fun time with a girl like I did with Bella. We had made planes to meet up later and exchanged numbers. She had to go to work early the next day and had to leave. I felt like there was something missing when Bella left. I couldn't put my finger on what exactly I was feeling at that moment but I knew that my life would never be the same again. I made my way over to Alice and Jasper and said "I don't like it when you but into my personal life guys but this once I'm going to thank you for it. I think that I may have met the one. My dream girl." Nothing ever felt right as it did when Bella was by my side.


             End Flashback


Jasper and I along with an expert drilling team were on this meteor trying to get down enought to blow it up. I am the demo expert along with the ships pilot. What can I say I like to blow things up. What boy didn't as a child? I can only hope that Bella is being strong for my mother because she needs a strong person to lean on.  Jasper is leading team two on the other side of this meteor. My team is Jared Blanks, Paul Townsend, Ben Cheney and Seth Clearwater. Jasper's team is Sam Uley, Leah Clearwater, Quil Jones, Mike Newton and Felix Demnrov. These guys and gal and working as hard and fast as they can.


We can only hope that we can blow this thing up before it hits Earth......

here is Emmett Cullen


Bella Swan


Jasper Whitlock


Alice Whitlock


sorry it's short but this is a small preview of the story. let me know if you want me to write more

Interssting but good

can't wait to read more
Sounds awesome!!! Please keep me updated!!!
will have more up soon
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Write more soon i LOVE Emmett and Bella storys!
please keep me updated :)
i will have more up on thursday
sorry but i worked late yesterday and went in early today so i will update tomorrow




I was a happy girl planning my dream wedding to my childhood sweetheart Edward Masen. We have been dating since the nineth grade but got engaged about a year ago. Edward is a journalist for the Whitehouse. He has to travel alot and I miss him. We do talk over the phone or skype. I am a first grade teacher and I love seeing those little smiles every morning. My sleepy little town of Forks, Washington was happy and over joyed that the reporter and teacher were getting married. Jessica Stanely was going to fly in from D.C. to be my maid of honor. Jacob Black was going to be Edward's best man. I got a plane ticket and decided to surprise Edward for his birthday with me showing up. I talked to his partner James Oliver and he said that Edward was at his place for the night.


The plane landed and I went to my hotel room to freshin up for my surprise. I called a taxi and gave the man the address. It took only ten minutes for me to get there. I unlocked the door and heard music playing upstairs. I set my purse down and went upstairs to Edward's room. I thought I heard a noise but I played it off as my imagination. I was looking forward to seeing his face when I yelled 'Surprise'. I opened the door to find Edward in bed with Jessica. They were in a heated makeout session. I let out a strangled cry. Edward looked right at me with big eyes. He pushed Jessica off of him and pulled his clothes back on. By that time I had ran down stairs and grabbed my purse. I pulled out my phone and started to call the cab company.


Edward had caught up with me and was begging me to stop and saying that it was a mistake. He said that he was drunk and thought it was me. I looked up at him with tears running down my face and slapt him in his face. I said "You have never loved me. Because if you did then you wouldn't have cheated on me with my best friend. We're through. Edward, I will leave and you will never call me again. I can only hope that she makes you happy because I will never want to see your face again. This will be the last time that you see me." With that I got my things and flew back home to Forks. Sue my stepmother was waiting for me when my flight landed. She pulled me into her arms and I cried for how long I don't know.


When we got home I gathered up everything that he gave me and every picture of us. I put them into a barrel drum and set them on fire. I called my best guy friend Riley Biers and he came to pick me up. I ended up staying with him for a week or two. He was happy that I was there but saddend by the reasoning as to why. Edward had tried to call me several times and sent flowers to my parents home. I changed my number and email address. I was shocked when I got a call back from the Everson Elementy School in Ft. Lauderdale. They loved what I had sent to them and wanted me to start and the begining of the next school year. My parents were sad about me moving but they understood that I needed a fresh start. I smiled at them before walking through security to board my plane.


I got off the plane and went to my new house that was in a nice charming neighborhood. I was going to start over with my life and that started with a makeover. I went to the salon and cut my long hair that was to my butt to just under my shoulders. I went out and bought whole new clothes. I started school with a new lease on life. I was enjoying my new classes and even had met a nice little teacher named Alice Whitlock. She reminded me of the energizer bunny. I was introduced to her husband Jasper. I felt this connection to the both of them and knew that they would be there for me. It was about two months after school when Alice had invited me to a beach party. I didn't want to go at first but then decided to go.


I knew something was up when she started calling out to this Emmett person while dragging me over to where he was. When he got up and I looked at him. I was blown away. He was at least 6ft 4 and was almost all muscle. He has sandy blonde hair with gray/blue eyes. He smiled after a few seconds and I noticed two dimples. His voice was deep but not to deep. We had a great time and I knew that I wanted to get to know him more so when he asked for my number I gave it to him with plans to meet up. I went home and as I was laying in bed. I knew that nothing was ever going to be the same again all because of Emmett Cullen.

here is Bella's house


Bella's bedroom

Awwww thats soooo sad!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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