The Twilight Saga

I forced myself to take my eyes off the empty road. They were gone and they didn't care if I got on my plane on not. How in the world would I even get to the airport. There are no taxis in Miami! So I would have to find a way. I walked over to the dresser and picked up the ticket. My flight was scheduled to leave at 12:30 so I have about an hour or two to get there. It really isn't that far a walk a suppose. With a long sigh I grab my suitcase handle and unlock my door. Dragging the luggage behind me I walked down the hall and struggled to go down the stairs. I went to the kitchen and abandoned my bag near the counter and slid on the wood flooring to the refrigerator and dug around to find the milk and a small yogurt container. I grabbed a spoon from the droor and sat down on one of the high counter stools in the kitchen, a place I can only sit when I am alone or I would get killed by the deadly weapon of opportunity, something like a fork or knife. So I slowly started to eat mt yogurt and drank some milk strait from the carton. When I decided thati was finished I hopped down from the chair and set the spoon in the sink and aimed the empty yogurt container at the garbage can. When I thought I had it I sent it flying through the air and it missed , of coarse, and landed on the ground beside it. As I walked to go pick it up a thought creeped into my mind. It was, after all, my last day. So instead of picking up the container I kicked my foot out and knocked the trash can on it's side, garbage spilling on the floor.

I think I laughed so hard I cried again or maybe laughing hurt my face. But I was still laughing as I ignored the still full milk cartoon on the counter, planning on letting it bake in the hot Florida air and have them come hometo an upside down trash can and spoiled milk. It was my goodbye message to everyone. Still kind of laughing as I grabbed my suitcase and walked out the door, leaving it unlocked, I walked down the street looking at the road names and signs at the edge of the street trying to plan a route. A lady sitting on her front porch reading the newspaper saw me and stared at me with a shocked and concered expression. And I just looked back at her not knowing what to do or say. And then as I turned away the lady sniffles like she was about to cry, lay her hand over her heart and grabs her mug and shuffles inside. And then suddenly, I felt sad too. This lady who I have never see cared more about me that my parents. My mom or my dad never once in my life looked at me that way, not once.

So I continued down the street the image of the lady taking in my face and looking sad. And as I thought about it she looked like she was just about ready to reach in her pocket and fling quarters pennies and dimes in my direction. I might look beat up but I am no chairity case, just on my way to the airport that's all. So I considered that then wondered what my uncle would think of what his brother did to his second daughter. I can just see their faces open the door with shining eyes and then see my face and start to cry just like that lady. And then I would have to go to school in a couple of weeks and face all of the people there. Look at their faces as they look at mine, a small girl from a bad family with a mean dad. Who would talk to me. Nobody. That's who, no one the teachers would give me conciling and I would have to talk to the therapist and listen to all his annoying questions and try to give an honest answer to each question and he doesn't believe me.

As my mind wondered away I got lucky and stumbled along a path to a bus stop I walked over to the bench and read the destination. One of the stops was Sunshine BLV, what a stuipid name for a street, which was about two blocks away from the airport. So I would walk. I looked at the time 11:45. The plane left 12:30 I would be able to make it.

It took about five minuets for the bus to come. Me and four different people got on the bus. I shuffled my way to one of the seats in the back and put my suitcase in the seat next to me. As the bus started it went down the street and kept turning down different streets and roads and stopped at other stops until it came to Sunshine BLV. I shuffled off and onto the sidewalk and looked at the road signs again. I found the right one and started in the direction of the airport. And yes I was 100% aware of the groups of people looking at my distorted face.

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