The Twilight Saga

after breaking dawn the cullens get a new member of the family but she quickly dissapears from under their noses. Will they get her back?
Yah so, this was an older story I wrote and I haven't added any in a long time so basically I can't find it....... so here is the ENTIRE story so far....
it's long ;)
Enjoy and Comment!

I own nothing but the plot

“Um… Alice? Can I pick out my own clothes for once? I’m 18. I think I can handle it.” I pleaded as Alice chucked random clothing at me at inhuman speed.
Edward chuckled from the corner of the monstrous closet and I shot him a dirty look.
“No way, Bella! We’ve had this discussion before and you always lose. So try to get over it.” Alice sang while pitching the final item at me. A stiletto. Great.
She danced out of the room as I slid on the tight skinny jeans and pulled the royal blue cashmere V-neck over my head. But, instead of stepping into the dangerously high-heels, I yanked a pair of blue high-tops on and tied them quickly.
With grin, I flitted to where Edward leaned casually against the wall. He pulled me into his arms.
“Have I ever told you how beautiful you look in blue?” he murmured into my hair.
I snorted “Only a few thousand times.”
“How about a few thousand and one? You look ravishing in blue.” He smirked
“And you look ravishing in absolutely everything.” I told him.
He kissed me long and hard before taking my hand and towing me out of the house.
I shot a longing glance into Nessie’s room as we passed. She was attending college at the University of Arizona, in the sun and heat with Jacob. As much as I knew she enjoyed the blistering heat, I wanted her with me.
My depressing thoughts lasted about three seconds before Edward scooped me into his arms and sprinted to the main house.
“Hey!” I grinned. “You don’t need to carry me anymore, remember? After all, I’m a little heavier than your average backpack.” I quoted myself from at least 75 years ago.
He smiled back “It just feels good having you in my arms.” He told me before setting me on my feet at the front door.
Just then the door burst open and the Cullen clan emerged.
“You two are so slow.” Rosalie complained, though her sour words did not match the grin on her face. She loved how driving her BMW had become an everyday deal. Now that Edward and I took the Volvo.
We arrived at Forks High School with 15 minutes to spare so Edward headed into the office to get all of our schedules.
I sighed as I leaned against the Volvo. I hadn’t been here for over 70 years, it was much different now. They had to reconstruct some of the buildings considering time was not a friend to brick and cement. The BMW pulled up next to where I stood and I was soon surrounded my family.
“Ready for your 15th run through high school, Bella?” Emmett teased.
“With any luck I’ll pass this time” I joked back.
Edward arrived just then and handed out the schedules. He handed me mine and we compared our classes. Just we had just one class apart from each other.
“She was very accommodating.” Edward told me as I raised my eyebrows at him
I shook my head at him as the bell rang and we headed off to our first class. A class near and dear to my cold dead heart. Biology 2. In the exact room Edward and I had met.
I nearly ran to class. Edward had to restrain me a couple of times, though I could see he was just as excited.
We stepped through the door and hung our coats on the hooks on the wall. The seating was not assigned so I rushed to sit in the exact spot we had that first day.
Edward held my seat out for me and sat in his spot. The Deja Vu was absolutely staggering as I looked over at him.
His eyes were wide and soft. He was remembering, too.
I glanced around the room and was slightly embarrassed by all the staring eyes. A few mouths were hanging open and a pair of girls were giggling in the corner. They didn’t know we could hear them.
“Just LOOK at him!” The blonde one sighed.
“I am so gonna fail this class,” The red-haired one replied. “I can’t keep my eyes off of him. Yum.”
“Do you think they’re together?”
“I hope not.”
I shook my head and reached over to take Edward’s hand in mine. He stared at me, holding in laughter.
“Shoot.” Blondie sighed.
I couldn’t hold in the small giggle that escaped my lips. But, when I looked over at Edward, he was tensed and aiming a blistering glare to something over my shoulder.
I whirled around to see a greasy teen staring at me . His stare was not innocent and I couldn’t imagine the repulsive things running through his mind.
Edward scooted his chair closer to mine and snaked his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. The boy got the message and looked away quickly.
I sighed but Edward was still tensed like a jungle cat. I ran my fingers slowly down his forearm. My fingertips tingled where they touched his skin. He relaxed and took my hand in his as the teacher started class.

We had started the semester late due to an oddly suspicious group of teens at the last school we had been at. They had a plan, so evacuation was necessary. Not for our well-being. Theirs.
After all, tangling with vampires was not the world’s smartest thing to do as a human.
Class was dull, as usual, but I occupied myself with memories of this room, occasionally hefting away my shield and letting Edward in on the reminiscing.
The bell finally rang, still a nasal and screechy sound, and we picked up our books to head off to English.
I let Edward carry my books for me even though I definitely didn’t need him to. There was no arguing with him when he was being chivalrous. He always gave me a speech on how I deserved to be treated like a lady and some of these immature mortals needed to see an example of a gentleman. I usually just shook my head and smiled. He was the definition of gentleman.
English also went off without a hitch. The normal stares and whispers were our constant companions throughout the classroom. Nothing new. I spent most of the period day-dreaming.
Suddenly, Edward squeezed my hand and looked into my eyes “What are you thinking about?” His expression was impatient.
I smiled at him and lifted my shield.

You. Obviously!

He smiled. “Likewise.”
He was whispering now, the teacher had shot us an irritated expression. Edward coughed, but I knew him well enough to hear the chuckle between the spasms. Probably due to the teachers now tomato-colored face. I’d have to ask him later.
The rest of the period and the next class were the same deal. I’m sure, normally, I would be bored, but when your own personal angle was sitting next to you in the duration, school was actually preferable.
I dreaded fourth period as it rolled around. Edward and I had two separate classes. His Spanish and mine were in different rooms and it had been impossible to switch.
He walked me to my class and turned to face me. His fingers, light as feathers brushed against my bottom lip. His eyes were sad.
“I’ll miss you.” I told him, reaching up to peck him on the lips.
“It’s only an hour, love.” He reassured me and kissed me back. “I love you.”
“I love you, too.” I said truthfully.
With that he turned and walked away with my eyes on his back. I sighed and walked into Spanish.
Senora Sanchez smiled at me kindly.
“Hola! Isabella, no?” she trilled at me.
“Si. Bella.” I responded.
She nodded. “Hola, Bella. Sientente aqui, por favor.”
I sat down in the seat by the door and she began her lesson.
“Hey georgous! Come here often?” A boy next to me said in a sly voice.
I let my eyes roll towards the ceiling and drop into a glare strait into his shallow grey eyes. It was the same boy from Biology.
He made eye contact with me for a whole second before his human instinct kicked in. He cringed away from my glare, he was trembling in his seat. Good.
I flicked my eyes to the front of the room. He had gotten the message.
I sighed as the longest hour of my life drowled on.
I lifted my shield again.

I miss you. 20 minutes.

I thought, I knew he would hear me.
Suddenly, a sweet scent drifted through the door. I stiffened. I knew that smell.
But, the strange thing was, it was very deluded. It was barely noticeable in the air, sort of mixed with a crisp scent. Sort of like clean sheets or morning dew on the pine needles.
I sniffed again but it was gone.
I shook my head with half-grin. This time away from Edward was making me loopy.
Finally, the bell rang, surprising me. For once.
I sprung out of my seat and hurried out the door.

There he was. Waiting for me. If my heart could beat, it would be fluttering in my chest. He pulled me into his embrace.
“Hey, gorgeous. Come here often?” Edward mocked, but I could hear the suppressed irritation in his words.
I wrinkled my nose, then smiled.
“Here?” I asked, tightening my arms around him neck. “Fairly often. But, I could be here for all of eternity and it wouldn’t be enough time.”
He kissed me passionately. “Same here.” He whispered against my lips.

“Get a room, will ya?” A low voice, complained behind me. I felt Edwards lips curl up into a grin.
I pulled away to see Emmett and Rose hand in hand walking up the hallway.
“Sheesh. School is supposed to be PG-13. Remember?” Emmett chuckled.
“Shut up, Em. You’re one to talk.” I retorted. We had caught him and Rose getting passionate in the hallway once and teased them about it nonstop. The humans had been horrified.
“Let’s go.” Edward said, pulling me along to the cafeteria.

We sat at the table and looked at our food. I grimaced at even the thought of eating the greasy meatball sub that was set in front of me. I decided to distract myself, the thing was potent.
“Any gossip starting about the Cullens?” I asked Edward. He was poking at a tuna sandwich, which smelled beyond repulsive.
“Nothing too frightening. Some are calling dibs on Rose….” He said wickedly.
Emmett growled.
“A few on Jazz” he said. Alice giggled.
“Some on me.” he continued.
“Hm.” I huffed. He grinned at me, but suddenly his expression turned hostile and his head snapped towards a table in the corner where a few boys were staring at me.
I sighed. Not this again. Edward got violent whenever anyone thought of me in any way that displeased him.
“But, most are on you.” He growled, his eyes piercing.
He tensed and pushed back his seat like he was getting ready to walk over and rip them limb from limb.
“Edward…” I pulled his chair back to the table, he was fuming. “Try and ignore them.”
I leaned my head against his shoulder and planted a kiss on his collarbone. He was still angry but he pulled me against him and kissed my hair.
“Better?” I asked, patting his leg.
He let out a heavy sigh. “No.”
I stared at his face, waiting for him to look at me. When he did, I took his face in my hands. “Thoughts won’t hurt me.” I informed him. “I love you. Always.”
He smiled his dazzling smile.
“Always loving you.” he replied before kissing me rather enthusiastically.
The assistant principle was walking by and I giggled as Edward pulled away and took a huge bite out of his sandwich, trying not to make a face
He gagged after swallowing it.
“You’re silly” I told him and wiped the crumbs from his face.
He was still laughing when the scent came at me again. Sweet and pure. Edward noticed, too this time. So did everyone else. We all froze as a blonde girl walked past us, eyes wide and mouth hanging open. Her eyes were golden topaz and her skin was pale and perfect.
Most surprising though, was the fluttering heartbeat that emanated from her chest.

We all sat frozen staring at her.
Jasper was as calm as was possible in this situation so she must not be feeling hostile or violent. As far as I could tell, she just looked in awe. Edward shifted slightly in his seat, blocking me behind his shoulders, I leaned to peek around him.
She was unbelievably beautiful, just like any other of our kind. He flawless hair cascaded to her shoulders, her lips were full and perfect, her body was one of a super model, and her eyes were huge with fascination. I was utterly convinced that she was a vampire, until I was reminded of her heartbeat that was now stuttering unevenly.
She took a hesitant step towards us. Edward stiffened like he was ready to fight, but quickly relaxed and even turned out of his protective pose in front of me.
The blonde girl smiled, she looked relieved.
“You are the Cullens?” she asked hesitantly, taking another step forward. I saw Edward smile welcomingly.
“Yes.” He told her, then sighed and turned to the rest of us. “We’ll be ditching this afternoon. We have an unexpected visitor.”
I glanced around the table and everyone’s faces were in the same mask of shock. Except for Alice, of course. Her face was twisted into an unhappy confusion. She hadn’t seen this coming.
Edward rose to his feet and we all mimicked him, throwing our uneaten food away and exiting the cafeteria.
Edward led us into the nearby forest, holding my hand and towing me along. I looked up at him, frightened of this unexpected newcomer but he continued forward, not meeting my gaze, totally at ease.
Suddenly he stopped and we found ourselves facing the new girl.
“Everyone,” Edward announced in a clear voice, “This is Diana, she was sent to us from the Denali clan.”
“Hello.” She said timidly, she look around at each of us as we waited for he to speak.
“I think we should have Carlisle with us, Edward.” Alice chimed, she seemed fairly content now but I could detect a hint of frustration in her voice.
Without a word, Edward flipped open his cell and dialed Carlisle, who answered on the first ring.
“Edward?” Carlisle sounded worried. “What’s wrong?”
“Nothing’s wrong, Carlisle. We jus need to come home. We have a visitor.”
“Oh.” Carlisle sounded shocked. “I’ll be home in about five minutes, then.” He hung up.
“Let’s go.” Edward lead us towards the house.
We started in a human speed as Diana followed behind us, but suddenly he broke into a sprint and we all ran to the house.
By the time we all burst through the front door, Carlisle was already home and standing by the television, filling Esme in.
“Carlisle, Esme?” Edward said. “This is Diana, Tanya sent her to us. She is like Renesmee! Half human and half vampire.”
I was in shock. Like Renesmee? I had met only one other like Renesmee. Nahuel from maore than 50 years ago.
I whirled to look at Diana. She did smell similar and her heart was beating in the same fluttery way Renesmee’s does.
She smiled pleasantly.
“ I suppose I have a lot to explain.” She said, and we all settled in random perches around the living room. I sat on Edward’s lap, his arms wraped around me an Diana sat on the center couch.
She took a deep breath and began her story.

As it turned out, Diana’s mother had conceived her human, as I had conceived Renesmee. However, quickly after her mother and father found out about her, the vampire father ran off, not to be burdened with such a monstrosity.
Edward’s arms had tightened around me.
Her mother carried her through the entire moth of pregnancy, but most of the time she had been too injured and sick to move.
That’s when the Denali clan found her mother. Sick and nearly dead. Only hours later did Diana’s bloody birth take place, killing her mother quite easily. The name Diana had been the last word on her mother’s lips.
“It’s a good thing I was a girl!” She laughed, but the pain was plain on her face.
The Denali clan had kept her secret to the entire world as she grew. Even to our family. She was their own little treasure. Their child.
As she grew older, though, as every teen does, she had wanted a change in scenery. A new life, though she had not intended on changing her dietary habits. She, like Edward, refused to be a monster, though she already had one homicide on her list.
So Tanya had sent her here, the only other clan of the vegetarian type, to live until she felt the need to run off again to somewhere new.
She told us of her talent. She was a manipulator of sound. She demonstrated by putting forth the sound of gentle waves. Everyone listened in awe. Even Emmett listened to calming sound without complaint.
For once, I was able to witness another vampire’s power. I hefted away my shield and witnessed the music with a huge smile on my face. Edward chuckled and kissed my cheek.
“I hope it’s alright if I stay.” Diana said anxiously. “Tanya said it would be alright and I would be able to attend the high school.”
“Of course, dear.” Esme’s joy was overwhelming, another child in her care. “You can have Edward’s old room! I just redecorated it.”
Edward nodded in approval.
Diana raised her eyebrows.
“So, you are the famous Edward. The mind reader?” she questioned.
“Yes, I suppose Tanya has told you about me.” He smirked.
“Excessively so.” She agreed. I growled.
“And Bella.” She continued. “The shield!” I nodded and bit back a smile.
She turned eagerly to Alice.
“Alice sees the future!” She seemed thrilled at her education of our family. Now, hers too. “Jasper has control of feelings!” she exclaimed. “Rosalie is the most beautiful of us all and Emmett is the strongest!”
“I like her.” Emmett guffawed.
“Esme is the most gentle and loving and Carlisle is the most compassionate and humane.” She finished with a huge smirk on her face. Yes, she was a teenager. It was easy to tell.
“Well.” Carlisle rose to his feet. “And you are Diana. Manipulator of sound and the most enthusiastic of us all. Welcome to the family”

I led Diana to Edward’s old room later that night while Edward called Renesmee to inform her of our newcomer.
I took a deep breath before swinging open the doors. “Here it is.” I smiled. So many memories.
“Wow.” she dropped her solitary bag on the floor by the door and walked to the window that was the entire wall on one side.
“Do you like it?” I asked after a minute, she was lost in the view. Hearing me, she turned to the room and grinned.
“It’s absolutely the most amazing room in the world!” she gushed before sitting on the bed
“I’m so glad you like it.” I told her.
She looked at me with questions in her eyes, her face was all twisted up like she was trying to keep from saying something. “What?” I asked.
“I really don’t want to pry.” she said, suddenly very interested in her fingernails.
“I have a teenager, I’m used to it!” I laughed.
“Oh, right. Well, I was watching you all today and….” She hesitated, looking up at me. I nodded for her to continue. “Well, I was watching everyone with their… partners.” Then it all came out in a gush.
“I was watching you and Edward and how strong your bond is, how much you love each other. I mean, I’ve read it in books and seen it on TV but I’ve never witnessed it. I was just wondering how it feels to find the person you could spend eternity with.” she blushed and dropped her gaze to the pillow.
I grinned, it was a question only a child could bare to ask.
I sat on the bed with her and she looked up at me, “Words can’t describe it.” I told her. “Every moment you spend with them is filled with more happiness than every single joyful feeling you‘ve ever felt. Put together.”
She smiled at me. “You seem perfect together.” she whispered.
“We’re not perfect.” I countered, “But we don’t have to be perfect, to be perfect for each other. We fill each other’s holes.”
I looked up at her and she appeared to be biting back another question. “Just ask me, Diana.” I sighed, smiling.
“Will I find someone like that?” she mouthed. I could see on her face that she was doubting. It was written all over her how alone she felt, the only hybrid she knew. Every boy she looked at would run by natural instinct.
I tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Not everyone does, but I know you will.” I whispered. “Beautiful, exuberant, charming as you are. It’s only the matter of when.”
She beamed at me. “Thanks, Bella.” She yawned.
“You should sleep.” I told her. “See you in the morning.”
“G’night” She sighed as I quietly closed the door. I turned to see Edward leaning against the wall, his eyes where liquid gold.
“My amazing, dazzling, lovely girl” He whispered, taking me into his arms.
“And my handsome, caring, perfect man.” I whispered back.
He suddenly lifted me into a kiss and we strolled out the front door to the cottage.
We faintly heard Emmett in the house complain. “Geez. It’s been 7 decades and they are still as exuberant as the first night Bella was a vampire. Gross. I wonder if they’ll ever grow out of it.”

I hoped we never would.

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“Hey, beautiful.” Edward whispered in my ear the next morning. I lifted my head which had been resting on his shoulder and let my forehead press on his.
“Hey.” I responded with a smile and a quick kiss. I glanced out the window and beamed. “I love sunny days.” I breathed and leaned in to kiss him again.
“Mmm.” he agreed.
He kissed me for a while before he stiffened and pulled away.
“Alice is coming…” he sighed and lifted me into his arms, bolting to the closet.
I pulled on a blue jeans and a simple T-shirt as Edward had on his jeans and a black sweater before Alice danced into the room.
“Good, you two are up. We are taking Diana hunting in Montana. They’ve got a grizzly problem and Emmett is nearly dancing with excitement. You guys wanna come?”
Edward and I exchanged a glance. “Alice, you know sunny days are our ‘alone days’. You’ll have to survive without us.” He grinned at me.
“A girl can hope. “ she sighed. “You MIGHT be a little more social with your new sister. You have an eternity of other sunny days.”
Her words were useless as Edward and I gazed into each other’s eyes. There was no force on earth that could make me give up one of our sunny days.
“You two are utterly impossible.” Alice grumbled as she stomped out the door.
I giggled at her rage while Edward came to my side.
“Shall we?” he whispered into my ear, pulling my hand gently.
“Sure.” I smiled and suddenly, we were flying.
We sprinted through the forest to our meadow. We came here as often as sunny days would allow. We stepped into our perfectly round meadow and our skin threw sparkles on the lush grass.
So we rested in the center of the meadow. I sat cross-legged with his head in my lap, running my fingers through his hair and gazing into his eyes.
“What did Renesmee say last night?” I asked him, I had not been able ask.
“She seems to be enjoying the heat and the sun. Her grades are perfect, of course.” He smiled. “She misses us a lot.”
“Anything about Diana?” I inquired.
“She was surprised and….”
“What?” I was confused on his hesitation.
“Disgruntled, I guess is the word.” he finished.
“Ah.” I nodded. Lately, she had been taking a lot of pride in being one of two known types of her kind. This addition would not flow well with her. I should have know that.
“She’ll be fine.” Edward assured me, squeezing my hand.
“It should be interesting when they meet at Christmas.” I mused, worried. Diana was young, a quick temper was known to be a characteristic of a teenager. And with such a concentrating in a hybrid… I shuddered.
“Don’t worry.” Edward murmured, pulling me down next to him. I snuggled into his chest, breathing in his pure scent.
“I suppose it will turn out fine.” I sighed. His smoldering eyes made remembering problems impossible.
“You are so amazingly... wonderfully... beautifully... awesomely... maybe... no most definitely the most precious of all precious things” He told me, stumbling to find the right words.
Beyond my own words, I crushed my lips to his and my fingers locked into his hair. This is where I belonged. Here in his arms, in our meadow, in a world that was more magical than common logic would allow.
Hours we spent in that meadow. Together in our own heaven on earth. We were reminiscing on every moment and second of every year gone by when suddenly, very suddenly, a high shrill voice screeched over the treetops.
By the way Edward’s eyes widened in shock I knew something was horribly, tragically wrong.

“EDWARD!” she screeched, her voice was saturated in panic.
He had us both standing and out of the meadow within a fourth of a second.
“Edward, what’s wrong? Edward!” I tried to drag an answer out of him, but his face was set in determined fury.
“Edward Anthony Masen Cullen, if you do no tell me what’s going on, so help me….” I began, but was cut off by Alice who was sprinting towards us.
“Edward he took her. He took her, she’s gone!” Alice was sobbing tearless sobs. I panicked and my thoughts wrapped around Renesmee.
“WHO?!” I screamed, taking Edward’s face in my hands, forcing him to look at me. His eyes searched mine briefly, reading the horror and panic.
“Diana, love. Her father has taken her away.” he quickly told me, before I could fall to pieces. He turned to Alice, “Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I will go look for her. Get her back.”
Alice crossed her little arms, “Very funny. If you think you’re leaving us girls home, you’ve got another thing coming.”
I just nodded my head.
Edward turned to me, “No way, Bella. Theirs is no way in this world I am having you in any sort of danger. Or any other world for that matter.” His voice was hard and final.
“What am I supposed to do? Stand around here like a damsel in distress while you go play superman? Fat chance.” I matched his tone.
He took my shoulders and leaned in until his face was less than an inch away.
“No.” He was solid on his stand.
I pressed my lips to his for a long moment.
“Yes.” I countered.
“I see her coming, Edward. Give up.” Alice interjected.
He snarled, but he was giving up, probably reading into Alice’s vision.
In a huff, he scooped me into his arms and bolted to the main house. Setting me down on my feet, he held the door for me with an exasperated look. He was angry.
“Are you very unhappy with me?” I asked in a small voice as he closed the door behind us.
He just shook his head and half-smiled, taking me to the dining room table where the entire family sat.
We sat and Carlisle began the meeting.
“As you know, the newest member of our family has been kidnapped by her own father against her will. The Denali’s have been called and should be here soon. Does anybody have a plan?” He looked around and Edward gestured that he had one.
“We should go trace the father’s scent from where Alice last saw Diana and see how far that takes us.” He shrugged, “It sounds simple, but it might get us a lot of information.”
Everyone voted in agreement with the plan and we all sent out to find our newly-lost sister.

Alice practically shoved me into heavy duty jeans and a flannel shirt. It was very strange how something so casual could still look stylish. Leave it to Alice.
I ran next to Edward as we sprinted, he was still a little chagrined that I was coming along, putting myself in danger’s path yet again.
“Here” Alice choked out. She was heartbroken to have lost her newly acquired sister who was actually as enthusiastic as she was in the area of fashion. I hadn’t thought that was possible.
I sniffed the air, recognizing Diana’s fresh, crisp scent and identifying another sweet strong scent that I did not recognize.
As we all registered the scent, Edward took off running in the direction the scent led. I quickly ran after him, followed by the rest of the family. The scent was easy to follow, but created the strangest path. It curved between trees, looped in circles creating intricate designs, and zigzagged like nobody’s business. It made me suspicious.
We ran and ran, following the ridiculous pathway up a steep mountain, nearly 100 miles from where we started until we came to a cliff.
I gaped as I gazed below.
It was a staggering, heartbreaking drop so far down I was sure the impact would kill even a vampire. I sank to my knees.
Oh no no no.
I barely knew Diana but my heart was aching for her life. Gazing into the terrible abyss, I knew she was dead.
“They didn’t jump.” Alice said in a distant voice. We all turned to her and her eyes were out of focus, intent on the future.
“She’s alive. He’s taking her…… he’s taking her…….” She sighed, and plopped herself on the ground, wrapping her arms around her knees. “Somewhere.” she finished. “I HATE THESE HYBRIDS! I can’t see right!” she shrieked, pounding her fists on the ground.
A wave of calm hit us all as Jasper used his powers on Alice. On me, too, I guess. I was a little miffed. My Renesmee was a hybrid, after all.
“So where does that leave us?” I wondered, looking up at Edward.
I nearly fainted, if that was possible, when I discovered he was not standing next to me as I thought he was.
“EDWARD!” I yelled, panicked. I searched wildly around me.
“Slow your roll, Bella.” Rosalie told me, amused. “He went off that way about thirty seconds ago.” She pointed south. “He looked all intent on something.”
I must have been too irritated with the whole hybrid thing to notice his absence.
“Over here.” I heard his voice call over the trees.
Still slightly panicked, I bolted in his direction to find him standing on a limb 50 feet in the air. I was next to him in a second.
“Edward Cullen, don’t you ever disappear like that on me again! Do you hear me? I almost had an aneurism!” I growled at him, my hand on his chest pushing him back until his back was pressed against he trunk. His expression was amused.
“Sorry, love. I thought you’d notice.” he smirked, still amused. “Have I ever told you you’re beautiful when you’re angry?”
“Only every time I tell you off.” I growled, more playful now, but still a bit irritated.
He pulled me against him crushing his lips to mine with irresistible force. I kissed him back, over my tantrum.
“Will you two get a room?!” Alice yelled at us as Edward lifted me to kiss down my jaw. “Honestly, we need to find Diana! Just because I don’t see her dead doesn’t mean she is not in danger!”
Oh right, Diana. I felt a pang of gilt at being distracted with such problems at hand. But, then again, Edward did always have that effect on me.
We leaped to the ground and joined our family.
“Way to go, Bella.” Emmett laughed. “You really know how to rip him a new one!”
“Put your lip over your head and swallow, Emmett!” I growled back.
“Can everyone please calm down?” Carlisle interfered.
Everyone glanced at Jazz wondering why he hadn’t fixed the problem yet. By look on his face, he was too amused to change anything anytime soon.
“I found a scent.” Edward announced, suddenly solemn. “One we know.”
We sniffed the air, our minds open to new scents and we all gasped in unison.
Stephan and Vladimir’s scents were potent in the air.

Before I even had a chance to react to his statement Jazz erupted.
“WHAT?!?!?! Those scum bags? Knew we couldn’t trust them, too much hate……” He continued to growl and snarl about vengeance and ‘pansies who can’t accept the way of life.’
Esme who had been very quiet, suddenly spoke.
“Alice, dear? Will she be okay? Can you tell?” She was trembling.
“I don’t know, Esme. I can’t see right with these messed up hybrids.” Alice grumbled.
I snarled.
“Alice, you better not bang on hybrids anymore. Bella’s about to rip your sorry head off.” Edward informed her.
“Oh cool your jets, Bella. You know I love Renesmee with a passion, I’m just FRUSTRATED!” She pouted.
“So where does that leave us?” Rosalie asked, smoothing her hair.
“Their scent goes through town so we’ll continue to follow it and see what that gets us.” Edward replied. He turned to me. “Please, Bella. Stay here. I do not want you in danger. Please?”
“Edward, you know I love you more than anything else in this world combined, but I have to come with you. You wouldn’t let me wander off into danger while you stayed home would you?” I inquired.
He sighed. “No.”
“It’ll be fine, my love.” I told him and reached up to kiss him. I felt him melt beneath my lips.
He pulled away. “Fine. I love you.” He said, looking into my eyes.
“More than everything.” I replied.
Alice sobered us again.
“Blind spot at the truck stop!” She exclaimed, barely finishing the sentence before darting off towards town, us on her heels.
We slowed pace as we strolled into the truck stop, the scents were potent in the small room.
“I have a plan.” I told Edward, lifting my shield and sharing it with him. He nodded, but there was a grimace plastered on his face. This wasn’t his favorite plan but he knew it would work. It wasn’t like was had all day to figure out a new one.
He informed the others outside and I sauntered towards the front counter where a shocked-looking cashier stood frozen, staring.
“Hello.” I said in a seductive voice. His eyes widened.
“Um, hello miss. Can I h-help you?” he stuttered. Poor kid.
“Maybe you can.” I batted my eyelashes. This was repulsive, I suddenly wished Rose would have done this instead.
I leaned forward against the counter so my face was inches away from his.
“I need help picking out a soda.” I improvised. This was better than the previous request I had planned out.
“S-sure.” He followed after me to the back wall were the drinks lined the wall. Emmett and Edward were waiting. As soon as we reached the drinks, they had him and pushed him through the back door.
I waited in the aisles until Edward came behind me and pushed me to the counter.
“He’s out cold.” He told me, sliding behind the counter in the borrowed uniform.
“You happen to be the cutest cashier I’ve ever seen.” I complemented him, he smirked.
I watched him fiddle with the machine until he located the past purchases.
“A rode map of Washington, a phone book, and a Dr. Pepper.” Edward told us, the others stood around the counter now.
“A Dr. Pepper?” Jasper questioned, shaking his head. We all chuckled.
Edward squeezed past us and slipped into the back room, I followed.
He was replaying the security camera, stopping it as we saw the two scums and one vampire I didn’t know walk through the door. We watched them pick up the map, phone book, and ponder over the sodas. They then paid and walked to the phone booth and had a lengthy conversation. We both gasped as we watched with our powerful eyes as they traced out the route to the airport on the map. Edward cursed and we ran out to inform the family.
“Where would they go?” Esme wondered.
“I don’t know but we want to see if we can catch them, lets go.” Edward grabbed my hand and pulled me out the door.

It was like a video game as we sped down the highway, swerving to avoid the surrounding cars.
“How are we going to make this work?” Emmett questioned as we continued our chaotic race to the Seattle airport. Edward was too intent on the road to answer.
“Really, guys how are we going to find out what flight they are and get on the same plane?”
“Not on the same plane.” Carlisle corrected, “We just want to get to their destination. Nobody would enjoy a vampire fight on an aircraft in motion.”
“YOU wouldn’t.” Emmett grumbled, crossing his massive arms like a child.
Alice gasped suddenly and I whirled from the front seat to face her. Her eyes were blank and distant but her eyes were horrified. “No.” She mouthed.
Edward suddenly swerved into the forest and slammed on the brakes.
I took me a 42nd of a second to catch on. “Italy” I moaned, burying my face in my hands.
The car was silent as we contemplated the situation in horror.
“Fabulous.” Rosalie finally mumbled.
“I see everything now!” Alice exclaimed. “They have made up their minds, finally. The father, Stephan, and Vladimir had exposed their strength to a small village in China. They believed they could take the Volturi down, the idiots. The Volturi…. Spared them…..” she trailed off.
Edward let his forehead fall to the steering wheel. “They spared them in return for Diana. Aro wants her.” He finished.
“Oh for the love…” Jazz groaned.
“They can’t do that against her will can they?” Esme whimpered.
“They’re the Volturi. They can do anything they want.” Edward chuckled darkly without humor.
“Why are we sitting here if Diana is in trouble?!?!” I all but screamed.
“Because you, Alice, Rosalie, and Esme are staying here.” Edward glared at me.
“No way, Jose! We discussed this already! I flat out REFUSE to stay behind.” I set my jaw.
“Out of the car, Bella. You are NOT coming.” He was growing angry.
“YES I am!” I said in slow measured words, trying not to let my irritation explode.
“NO YOU ARE NOT!” He bellowed.
The car was silent. His outraged snarl had shaken the car, I leaned away from him and his flat black eyes. I was nearly shaking against the door.
“Oh God.” He whimpered, turning away and slipping out of the car and into the forest.
“Bella…..” Alice said anxiously, but I was already opening the car door to go after him.
“Edward?” I called out, following his scent. “Edward, please come out.”
I finally found him wit his head pressed against a tree trunk, hands braced on either sides of his head.
I touched his shoulder with my fingertip. “Edward, please talk to me.”
He sighed a choked sound and slid to the forest floor. I kneeled beside him.
“Bella…. I….” He shook his head, eyes closed.
I waited.
“I’m so sorry.” His voice broke.
“Sorry? For what? I was the one being stubborn!” I said, shocked.
“I yelled at you.” He barely whispered. “I frightened you.”
I took his face in my hands and inched closer until I was pressed against his side. He opened his eyes.
“Don’t be sorry. I was just shocked. See?” I smiled at him. “Just fine!”
He tried to smile.
“I love you.” I told him.
“I love you, too.” He said back, smiling a little.
I twined our fingers.
“Can I please come?” I was asking this time. It was up to him.
He hesitated for a second, then the right side of his mouth pulled up into my favorite grin.
“You fought them off before.” He sighed, “Like I could leave you here anyway.”
I smiled and kissed him passionately before we headed back to the car to begin our rescue mission.

“We won’t be able to get through legally.” Alice informed us as we set our plan. “At least not in time. ”
Edward let loose an exasperated sigh.
“It’s never easy.” He grumbled.
He parked the car in the lot and we all casually stepped out, sauntering luggage less to the doors.
“That might work!” Edward grinned at Emmett.
We all stared. Emmett never had really good ideas.
Emmett just shrugged, smug.
“What’s the plan, Edward, dear?” Esme asked.
Edward just shook his head and gestured us all to follow his lead. We followed him to the side of the huge building and then we were running.
He lead us over fences, around airplanes, and past oblivious humans.
He suddenly stopped behind a corner and, despite my vampire reflexes, I stumbled into him. The collision created a deafening crack. Two stones being thrown together. Which is a very bad thing if you’re trying to hide from humans.
However, the sound was nicely masked by the roaring engines of surrounding planes. Only the closest humans turned and looked around only to quickly shrug it off and continue on.
“Sorry” I mouthed. Edward just grinned, stroked my cheek, and gestured for us to follow him back behind the main building where a plastic bin sat.
He opened it with a grin and handed us all reflective vests.
We all slipped them on and naturally, Rose complained about the color. Emmett conforted her silently.
I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and slid into my vest, turning to Edward.
“How do I look?” I bit my lip and figeted.
I was slightly embarrassing when he looked at me that way. He had a smug grin on his face as his eyes slid over me in the ridiculous vest.
“Absolutely breathtaking.” He replied, kissing my forehead.
“You don’t look half bad yourself.” I replied slyly, adjusting his vest until it sat just right on his shoulders.
“Come ON!” Emmett was so impatient.
We all scattered out from behind the building looking as professional as possible, doing little things like looking over luggage, kicking tires, and looking around the runway. We were to meet in ten minutes inside the airport.
I casually strolled around, pretending to look for something. I put an exasperated look on my face as I marched towards one of the boarding docks
I marched up the stairs and swung open the door. I was pretty sure if I looked like I had a purpose, no one would stop me.
I was right.
I sauntered out from the dock, peeling off my vest and walking into a bathroom. I smoothed my hair in the mirror until crowd of ladies washing their hands chattered out the door. I stuffed the vest in the trash and trekked out to locate terminal number 4.

The plane ride was long and suspenseful. Emmett had bullied some tickets out of a machine downstairs so we didn’t have to sneak past. We sat in first class discussing our plans.
“You hold him down and I’ll tear him to shreds.” Emmett told Edward, his eyes sparkling with anticipation.
I giggled as the attendant shot a weary glance in his direction.
“You know that won’t work, you big oaf.” Alice roller her eyes. “You are such a child!”
“I suggest we play it cool.” I told them. “I’ll have my shield at the ready if needed. Maybe we can reason with them.”
“It sounds too simple.” Jasper mused.
“Less is more.” I shrugged
Edward squeezed my hand.
“And if they won’t be reasoned with?” He raised an eyebrow at me.
“I tear the limb from limb!” Emmett shouted.
“Emmett!” we all whispered in unison. He grimaced and settled back into his seat.
Carlisle suggested some stay outside the gate.
“Bella?” Edward questioned.
“We need her shield, son.” Carlisle shook his head.
“Esme and I will.” Rosalie chipped in.
Our plans were coming along quite nicely. We were going to keep it cool and try to reason but we had an escape plan and a fighting technique. Just in case.
After our plans were set, we were allowed almost 10 hours to ourselves.
I lounged on Edwards lap and he played with my the fingers of my left hand. Occasionally, he stroked and kissed my wedding ring.
“You know, I’ll never forgive myself if anything happens to you.” he whispered into the hollow behind my ear.
“Nothing is going to happen to me.” I whispered back.
“How could you know?”
“I just do.”
“Trust me.”
I swiveled in his lap.
“I love you. So much.” I told him. “Don’t ever doubt that.”
He kissed me on the nose.
“I promise.” He whispered against my cheek. “I love you. Forever and a day.”
“Just a day?”
“Forever and a day.”
“Can’t I have forever and two days?” I smirked at him.
He leaned his forehead against mine.
“You can have forever and eternity.”
I smiled at him.
“Suits me.”
He slowly leaned in to kiss me. His lips, soft as rose petals, kissed me sweetly and gently on the lips.
I leaned my head against his chest.
“We should call Ness.”
“Does she need to worry?”
“You know Renesmee. She doesn’t worry much. You worry enough for all of us.” I giggled, picking up the phone that hung on the back of the chair.
“I know that’s right!” Emmett guffawed from his seat.
Edward chuckled and dialed in the number.
“Hi, honey. It’s dad.” Edward was still smiling at me when Renesmee picked up.
“Hey, dad! I haven’t heard from you in a whole….. 2 days. What’s up?” I heard her tinkling voice say on the other line.
Edward’s smile dropped.
“Well, sweetie………. Uhm….. Well, you see….” He hesitated, staring at me with wild eyes.
“Dad? What’s wrong?” She was instantly suspicious.
I put out my hand for the phone. He gave it to me eagerly.
“Ness, it’s mom. There’s been a problem and we’re on a plane to Italy.” I spoke quickly, almost full vampire speed.
“WHAT?!?!” She shrieked into the phone.
I let it soak in.
“How? What happened? Is everyone okay?” I heard Jake consoling her in the background.
“Well, it’s a long story. The basics, Diana was taken and we’re getting her back.”
“And now you’re all risking your lives for someone we just MET?!” she challenged.
“Renesmee Carlie Cullen. Don’t use that tone with me.” I warned.
“I’m sorry mom, but really!”
“She became a member of the family 2 days ago and we protect our family.”
She sighed. “I don’t like it.”
“You don’t have to. We’ll call you for updates, sweetie.”
“Okay. Be careful mom! I love you!”
“We will be, baby girl. I love you, too. Here’s dad.”
I handed Edward the phone.
They said their goodbyes and ‘I love you’s before Edward hung the phone back up on the chair.
I snuggled deeper into his chest as I felt a slight difference in pressure and in angle.
We were landing in Italy.
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