The Twilight Saga

Always the first (Jacob and Ness: First Kiss~and more)

I made my way down the stairs almost as fast as dad. Finally it was here. My 15th birthday. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I was greeted by a unanimous “Happy Birthday Nessie!” I blushed “Aw, Thank you” On Esme’s hand-crafted Romanian period dining table, awaited a stacked birthday cake. “Happy” on the top smallest layer, “Birthday” on the medium size middle layer, and “Renesmee” on the bottom largest layer. Alice. Of course. No one really needs a wedding cake for their birthday. But none of this mattered. None of it. Not when I saw him. Jacob Ephraim Black. My Jakey. Lighting the candles on my birthday cake. He looked up at me and smiled the same smile he gave every morning. My smile. I’ve known it since l was a baby. God, he was so beautiful. So painfully, painfully beautiful. I can’t help the way I feel about him. The way I started feeling about him when l turned twelve. I’m done waiting.

The party went by fast. Mostly because I had spent it talking to my Jacob. We were on the two-seater swing in the back of the of the house. I’d never had a lot of  practice on teenage girl moves considering there was never anyone to make a move on. There’s never been anyone but Jacob.

“Jake?”I begun. “Yessy,Nessie”(Jacob’s typical response). “Look, here it goes, Jacob I’m 15 now. I’m practically a woman. So there’s something you need to know. I love you.” I waited for a response. Any response. “I know” he laughed “Nessie, we’ve loved eachother since before you were born.” Not the response I was hoping for.

This was it. Time to admit it.

“Jacob, I’m in love with you. Every piece of me belongs to you. Ever since I knew the definition of “Love” you were everything Love was. I know you sometimes still see me as the little baby you use to hold and rock in you’re arms, but I’m more than that now. I’m ready to be with you. I’m ready to be the one to hold you. I’m ready to love you in everyway I possibly can because, Jacob, all I want is—“

Oh! Jacob. Kissing. Me. Jacob’s lips on mine. His mouth on mine, my mouth in his. His hands on my waist. My waist on his lap. This was going so fast. I couldn’t process it. Woah! When did his shirt come off? What was going on. Oh! Lips on neck. His hair in my hands. Oh!


               Oops! Hi daddy…

If you guys want me to continue please let me know. J Thanks for reading.


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continue it is relllyyy goodd I LOVE IT!:)

Thank you.


ur welcome
Continue pweaseeeeeee!!!!!! I love it!!! :)

This is really sweet, I'm looking forward to more.

They are going to have problems with 'Daddy'. I guess he would have been keeping any eye on his baby that day since he could read her thoughts - no where to hide!

I wonder what Bella woill think.

Please keep going.


Omg please continue!

Already did check the discussions in fanfic

:) thank you for reading


lmao......................... continue love it 

HA!!! This is hilarious!!!


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