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Hey guys!

I've been playing about with GIMP lately by making banners and profile pictures for myself and I found that I enjoy doing it, quite a lot :D So, here I am, opening my Banner/ProfilePicture shop!

So if you would like a banner for either a Fan Fic or Character, a Profile Picture to PIMP up your page or simply a Colour-Rize to a picture (Changing colour of eyes and hair) just fill in the information I'll need below and I'll get it to you as soon as I can :D

When you order can you please not order to a reply. 



Fan Fiction Banners:





Summary: (If I find it interesting I'll read it)

Link To Your Page: (To inform you when your banner is done)


Character Banners:





Link To Your Page: (To inform you when your banner is done)



Profile Pictures




Link To Your Page: (To inform you when your profile picture is done)


Colour Changing

(Changing colour of hair and eyes)



What you want colour-rized:

What Colour:






Some of my Designs

Fan Fiction Banner:

(I sort of rushed this so I could quickly give you designs) It's the banner to my Fan Fiction. (Just click to go to So Wrong, It's Right.)


Character Banners:

Profile Picture:







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Replies to This Discussion

Cool i'll be asking for ur help soon.

Hey Samibo!! I couldn't use all your pictures as it was too much but I did finish your banner hehe xx

Let me know if you would like anything changed, yeah?




You're welcome Samibob :D Xxx

Of course I will hehe xx :D

Just get her to come her and order one lol xx

And I'm feeling better lol, thanks for asking !!

Banner for Candy+Music=4Ever :D x

I hope you like it xx Let me know if you want anything changed, yeah?




You're welcome xx And thank you, hehe x

Banner for BellaIsLikeMe

(I hope you like it, let me know if you want anything changed, yeah?)




could you make me a fan fic banner?

it's called Sector 54, the author is Lilly. the main characters are a 19yr old bronze-haired, green eyed guy and a 17yr-old black haired blue eyed girl. the girl's hair is long with big ringlets, and the guys hair is kinda like Alec's from the 3rd twilight movie. can the background be of a burning/burnt forest, if possible? the quote is "I never quite grasped what I had to hold onto until this moment, and I will always believe it is the only think that kept me alive". the summary is that in a post-apocalyptic world, humanity is fighting for survival. there's my link! thanks!

I like it a lot! I didn't quite have any pics, I left it up to you. If you don't mind, could you make the title bigger and the author a lot smaller? like titchy tiny? barely noticable? then it will be PERFECT! thank you :)

Hey Lilly Laleela!! Here is your Redo banner!! I had to change it slightly as I deleted the photos that I used originally! I hope you don't mind!




Hey Bella Cullen!! Here's your banner! I hope you like it? Let me know if you want anything changed, yeah?





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