The Twilight Saga

What will you do when true love seems like a thousand miles away? 

Will you continue to chase it even if the life of others depended on it? 

Or will you bear not to have a taste of it and forever rot in darkness? 

Read and discover how Princess Leira will strive to find her way to the ones that she truly love.  

List of Chapters available:

Chapter 1 - The Descent of the Unwanted 


about my second FAN fic :))


I hope that you'll find my second FAN fic quite interesting and fun like my first one.



For those who haven't read my first FAN fic yet here's the link to it:



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Chapter 1 - The Descent of the Unwanted
Princess Leira POV

I once knew of true love like the everlasting love of the sun to man. It was inevitable and purely innocent, but nothing in this world will remain untainted forever. Love was truly the greatest feeling ever known to man. It was beautiful and remarkable in many ways, for nothing can ever compare to the pleasure it gives to man.

Yes, I saw love despite the midst of uncertainties that surrounded my very existence, but nothing remains untainted forever, so I eventually lost to the darkness. And now I remain trapped in the same darkness waiting for light to once again befall my endless despair.

I’m Princess Leira Clairisse Schoenhofer de Maupassant from the kingdom of Delmar and this is my story ...

On the very day of my birth, I thought that my existence was the most precious blessing that my kingdom had received. Everybody left their work and proceeded to the royal ceremony just to have a little glimpse of their gem. I was still young back then, but I never would’ve thought to cause so much disturbance from the very day I came to live.

I grew into a fair beautiful maiden that was always aware of her purpose for the kingdom. To make everlasting ties that would prevent war was the sole purpose of my existence. I never hated the thought of knowing my destiny far earlier from what others may have known with theirs, but I despised the fact that my other siblings, Princess Ravina and Princess Savana were far loved by our mother more than she did with me.

I was the youngest of the three princesses of our kingdom. And I’ve always felt left out. My mother’s favorite was Ravina, for some reason she looked a lot like her. Sometimes I just wish I did too, hoping that this would be the only chance for me to be loved by her, but I guess fate loss its faith in me. Savana on the other hand looked more alike our father, but she definitely was far from his down to earth attitude.

I can still remember that she’d constantly humiliate me in front of the whole palace court and try to make a fool out of me, but that only lasted until I was ten, since I came to grow as wise as the king. I could proudly say that no one has ever surpassed the king’s greatness not until I came to be.

My mother continued to deny this fact and treated me even worse than trash. I guess I can never blame them for having a daughter that was born during the year when the great plague has fallen upon us. According to the well respected shamans of our kingdom, my birth was both a blessing and curse in disguise. My birth alone caused the war that killed my father, King Henry and the golden age of bountiful harvest that followed afterwards.

I was despised by my mother, Queen Devra. Until this very day she believed that I took away father’s life. It hurt me more than anything to get all the blame for the things I never did. Every now and then, I’d get blamed for all the mischief in the kingdom no matter how small or big the misunderstanding was.

For some reason if my mother would’ve had a choice back then, she definitely wouldn’t consider gaining me for the loss of someone she loves. I had the most painful childhood anyone could imagine. I’ve been through a life filled with thorns, but I was lucky to be well taken cared of by my loyal servant, Athena. She loved me like her own and I would always be thankful for that. Up to this day she remained unmarried just to continue being of good use to me. I guess amidst all my misfortune in life there’s still a spark of hope.

Queen Devra’s POV

I have devoted my whole life loving and caring for my beloved husband, Henry. Even though we were a product of a political marriage we came to love each other unconditionally. He was the only one who was able to see through my weaknesses.
I was an orphan at a very young age. I lost both my parents in an accident I wouldn’t even consider an accident. I was sure that accident was planned by the enemies of my father in the throne.

And surely there was only one close competition of my father and that was uncle Severus.
When my parents died, he took me in. Well he actually didn’t have to since I was still the heir to the throne and I had my rightful place in the kingdom. He did everything he could to win my trust, but ever since my parents died I lost the will to live and doubted everyone that lent me a helping hand.

I knew I was hard on myself back then, but living alone was a struggle for me. I had everything that I wanted, but lack things that I needed the most. I once lived a perfect life, but lost to the game of fate. It was sad, but I stood up for myself. Until the day when I met my be throned came, all my shortcomings were lifted up. It was the greatest feeling I’d ever had since my parents were still with me.

The day of the coronation finally came and as I was crowned queen that was also the day when I sentenced my uncle a life of imprisonment. I was truly glad that I got rid of him, but somewhere in my heart I could still feel its ache.

I lived a prosperous marriage with Henry. We have three children. The first was five years old, Savana. The second was two years old, Ravina. And the third was eight months and two weeks old, her name was still undecided. But were choosing between Leira and Laura.

Henry and I were expecting a beautiful baby girl when the war boomed and the plague befall upon the kingdom. It was an unforgettable phenomena for all of us in the kingdom to be able to witness such turmoil to make its advances right before our eyes. I was worried especially for my children. They were at a very young age and I couldn’t bear the thought of them having to experience what I had been through.

My husband came to help our neighboring ally, the kingdom of Veston. He was always a true friend and never let his people down. The time came when I finally had to give birth and Henry was no where near me, so I tried to be strong to give birth to our third child. And it was a sure success. As I held her to my arms, I felt a sudden painful tingling in my chest.

The following day the terrible news about my husband came. Henry died in the middle of the battle. I was astonished and didn’t know what to do. I guess this was the worst of all the worst things that had happened in my life.

I lost my sanity for a moment and as things were in a complete blur, the palace has found itself in a turbulence. The great shamans and other famous mystics of the kingdom came to blame the birth of my child for all the misfortunes that our kingdom was facing. At first I never believed their acquisitions, and like a loving mother would do I defended my daughter with all my might.

But then as everything started to be cleared to me, bit by bit did I realized that Henry has been long aware of the prophecy that the shamans have seen about our offspring. I lost my composure in just a few seconds. I cried my heart out and ever since then I had this feeling of hatred to the child.

I couldn’t bear the thought of being with her, so I decided to get rid of her just like the other people of the kingdom would’ve wanted to. But luck has sided with her, when I found out that one of her father’s last request in his will was for me to protect that child from all the possible danger she might face after the cat’s been out of the sack.

It was not easy, but I did as what my dear husband has requested. I was reluctant at first, but then I realized that no matter what I can never turn my back from Henry. So I did what was expected of me to. And for some reason she’s still in line to the throne so getting rid of her was impossible.

It was also revealed that not only does that child cause disaster, but also she was destined to bring salvation and blessing to the kingdom.

Right now I sound like a bad mother, but after all that I’ve been through no one has the right to ever judge what I can do at this point in my life. Years have gone by and Leira grew up into a diligent girl that she is, still the same old child who brought the plague to us. And I swore that I’ll never allow her to ever succeed the throne.

Hope you all like it! :D
Chapter 2 update will be coming soon

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Thanks for liking it! :D
I really like how you showed the mother's side. It was really unexpected of why she hates her daughter that much.
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ooh, love it! L=
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Sounds great!
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I sure will keep it up and sorry for the inconvenience though :D


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