The Twilight Saga

An Imperfect Life

Living life in New York City was everything she could have hoped for….Until that dreadful day when her whole world came down around her. Moved from her friends, her home, and her life, will she ever recover?


Life in NYC was wonderful. My dad Charlie works full time as a police officer in precinct 25 in the south Bronx. He has worked there for as long as I can remember. My mom Renee is a little flighty, but she is the most beautiful dancer I have ever seen. She is a professional ballroom dancer, but when she is not gliding gracefully across the dance floor she spends her time teaching art history at the local community college. Then there is my big bear of a brother Emmett. I love him to death, he is always the life of the party, and knows just what to do to make me smile. He is captain of our high school football team, and class clown. He is one year older then me, he is a junior. He is also the youngest captain of the team in a decade.
As for me what is there to say. I take ballet with my mom, I love to run so I take track with Emmett. I have the only pair of golden gloves held by a female in the three boroughs. Boxing is something I share with my dad. As for me I spend my me time in the karate class I take twice a week since I was five. Dad says every girl should be able to defend themselves. I do it to help with my temper. I have a tendency to go off at the slightest provocation. My friends say I’m a hothead.

Chapter 1: School

Just a normal day at James Madison High. The sun was shining no clouds in sight. Another beautiful day. I love the sun. We pulled into our normal parking spot in lot A on the north side of the building. As I exited the jeep I was caught off guard as Nicole, bounced over to me almost knocking me down.
“Bella” Nicole yelled. “ You’ll never guess who just asked me out!”
“No who?” I replied
“Joey Donivan” she screamed and giggled with excitement.
Joey Donivan is the hottest and most sought after football player at our school. All the girls swoon over him. I really don’t see what there is to swoon over. He’s just another jock, and by brothers’ best friend.
“Wow! That’s great Nicole. When are you guys going out?” I asked not really interested by faking interest, after all she my best friend.
“Oh! I don’t know I ran to tell you before I got the specifics.”
I laughed so loudly at that that half the school parking lot looked over at me. Nicole is such a nut. She reminds me of my mom. I guess that is why I get along with her so well.
“Hey Bells it’s time for class, you don’t wanna be late again” Emmett yelled from almost the front of the building. I looked over to see him with his arm around his girlfriend Amber. She has been my friend since kindergarten, but once we hit high school her and Emmett have been inseparable. Not that I blame her, Emmett is very handsome. Eew….wait a minute did I just say that, so gross he’s my brother. Oh well at least he seems happy.
I heard someone yell my name and turned to see Davey running from the parking lot straight to the place I was now standing.
“Oh Hi Davey”
“Hey Bella, I hate to ask but did you find a date for the Sadie Hawkins Dance yet?”
“No Davey I haven’t and I’m pretty sure I don’t even wanna go.”
What do you neam you don’t wanna go… you’re the best dancer in this school.”
“Yeah so what. That doesn’t mean I wanna go. Besides it’s girls choice and I choose not to go” I said getting rather aggrevated that he was peing so pushy about this stupid dance anyway.
“Okay, Ok I get it your not going. Jeez you don’t have to bite my head of Bella”
“Sorry I just don’t like showing off it’s rude.”
“ I understand Bella, but would you consider going with me as moral support? I really don’t wanna go by myself and I know no one is gonna ask me.” I thought about this as we were walking to class and he was right no one would ask him. Davey isn’t the best looking guy out there. Sure he’s tall and slightly muscular, and has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen, but no one can get past the shaggy brown hair, or dark rimmed glasses that wre perched on his nose. Davey is really sweet but he is a bit of a geek. He is captain of the debate team and chess club. He runs the A/V lab at school and is in all AP classes like me. Yes I’m a straight A student too. Thinking about all of these things I guess I should help him out.
“ Alright Davey it’s a date, but don’t get to excited we are only friends.”
“YES! Thank you so much Bella, you’re the best friend anyone could ask for!!!” he yelled as he hugged me and kissed my cheek before he ran off to his first period class. I just stood there stunned in the hall outside my class room until the bell rang. His childish out burst was unexpected. The rest of the day up until lunch went by in a blur. As I entered the lunch room I saw everyone was already at our table. Emmett like always was already perched beside Amber. He says he prefers to sit with us because we have better conversations then the football team does, but I’m pretty sure he just likes the chance to bust on me. After an overly brutal session of picking on me the lunch bell rang and it was time for us all to head to our final classes of the day. I had history last class. When the final bell rang I headed for the parking lot after dropping my books off at my locker. As I got into the jeep Emmett was already waiting to drive us home.
“ Hey Bells, I hear you are taking Davey to the dance” he remarked as we were coming to a stop at the light at the end of our street.
“ Yeah it’s a favor, he didn’t wanna go alone”.
“Awe….Bells that was so sweet of you” he chided.
I threw a strategically positioned punch to his shoulder
“Ouch…Why did you do that?” He look stunned.
“ All I said was that it was sweet”. I looked at him and raised my fist to him again.
“whoa…Okay so your not so sweet” he said as I sat back smiling to myself. I enjoyed the fact that even though Emmett is taller and much more muscular then I am, that I could still hurt him. As we pulled into the driveway we noticed that our moms car was parked in it’s usual spot.
“What’s she doing home already” I asked Emmett. “ I have no idea let’s go find out” he replied. We made our way up the stairs to our 19th century brownstone. Just then the door opened, it was mom. She was wearing one of her fancy Ball gowns. Turning around she saw us and smiled. “ Oh good your home, I’m on my way to a competition I won’t be home till late, there are leftovers in the fridge and your dad will be home in an hour, I love you both” she said as she rushed past us to her car.
“ Well that answers that now doesn’t it” I said in a testy tone.
“Yeah that’s just like mom” Emmett said. The evening went by uneventful. Dad came home an hour later like mom had said. We did our homework at the dining room table, of course I had to help Emmett like always. When we finished I went to the fridge and got out the leftovers and started cooking them up for all of us. I could hear dad in the living room with Emmett watching some sports recap that they found. I called them to the table and we ate and discussed our days. We went on about the dance and dad talked about some case he was working on. Of course we really didn’t pay much attention to the case cause it was not relevant. Dad just liked us to know what he was working on so it looked like we actually spent time together. That night was short lived and we were all in bed long before my mom ever made it home. She finally got in around 2 am. Which for her on a competition night was normal. Although we knew how much she loved to dance we still wished she would spend more time with us. After I heard her go into bed I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

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i cant wait for more...that was really good
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Chapter 18: Farewell

After Bella and Emmett read the will and signed the paper work, the lawyer(douche bag) left. Bella cried into my shirt after she read Charlie’s letter to her. He left her and her alone the house in New York. She must have really loved it there. We lived there once for a few years. The tall buildings provide a lot of shade on the streets so we could still go out during the day. Emmett had a brilliant idea. He wants to take Bella on a vacation to one of the many homes they now own. Bella agreed to go on vacation, but they couldn’t decide where they were going to. They argued a lot. Bella wanted to go to Cape Cod, Emmet wanted to go to Rehoboth beach. Alice suggested they flip a coin, so Bella asked Jasper to flip. Emmett called tails but from the vision Alice just had it’s going to be heads. Bella’s going to win. Emmett’s will be mad but I know once they get there he will be fine. They leave in three days. I want to go with but I know that they need this. With in a year they lost both their parents. I know how it feels. I lost both of mine within a week of each other. Bella deserves a break.

*****3 days later*****

We were meeting Bella and Emmett at the airport in Seattle to say our goodbyes. Rose already said her goodbyes. From her thoughts alone I was almost sick. I wonder how Bella coped with seeing that. The drive didn’t take long, the way we drive it never takes long to get anywhere.
We arrived at the airport about a half hour before their flight was to take off.
We went inside to wait. They arrived about 5 minutes later. Emmett went and checked in their bags and then came over to us.
“Alright Bella our luggage is checked in and our flight boards in 15 minutes.” Emmett called as he came over to us.
“Okay” Bella replied.
“I hope you have a nice trip, get lots of sun, shop a lot, I want pictures and souvenirs!” Alice said as she was hugging Bella. Then moved on to Emmett.
“Gonna miss ya a lot Bella. Have a safe flight, call when you get there.” Jasper said as he pulled her into a tight hug.
“We will, I will call when we get settled in don’t worry.” she told us.
“Here Bella this is for your trip.” I said giving her a digital camera.
“It’s for the pictures” I said pointed towards Alice.
Bella giggled.
“Thank you so much Edward. I’m going to miss you. Keep Alice out of the Mall. I don’t need anymore clothes. Tell Carlisle and Esme we love them and we will miss them. Rose too.” she pulled me into a long hug. I hugged her back and kissed her cheek.
“Be Safe sweet Bella” I said just as their flight was called.
“We got to go we will see you all in two weeks.” Bella yelled as they boarded the plane.
What was I going to do for two weeks without Bella!

************************Cape Cod*************************

We landed in Salem, at the local Airport. From there we got a rental car. It was still an hour and a half to Cape Cod. I was tired from the flight, so I let Emmett drive. We turned on the radio and just drove in silence. After we were about an hour out Emmett turned to me and asked
“So what’s up with you and Edward? You friends again and what not?”
“Yes Emmett we’re friends again. That’s all though” I said with a sad tone to my voice.
“That isn’t all you want to be though is it?” he asked.
“I don’t know Emmy. You know how I am with guys. They are either total jerks and I beat them up or they are total pansy and are afraid of me.” I told him. He of course laughed at this.
“Yeah I know. Well maybe Edward isn’t either?” he nudged.
“What are you rambling about Emmett?” I was getting aggravated.
I know they have been keeping a secret from me. The whispered conversations, the head nods. Emmett knows something and I’m going to find out what it is so help me.
“Oh it’s nothing really”
“Emmett! Don’t lie to me, I know you too well. You can’t tell me it’s nothing. Your hiding something from me and I want to know what it is.” I was yelling at this point.
“Whoa lil sis. Calm down. I’m going to tell you just not here in the car where you can totally combust and kill us!” he laughed.
“Your going to tell? Really?” I asked not sure if I believed him.
“Yes Bells. It’s one of the reason for the trip. So we can talk uninterrupted.” he told me.
“So your going to tell me what all the secrets and whispering is about. The weird head nodding, Alice spacing out, everybody’s constant mood changes… all of it?” I questioned.
“Yes Bells all of it.”
“Okay then I will wait till we unpack, but don’t think I’m going to forget cause you know me better then that Emmett.” I huffed.
“I know Bells, I know.” he replied.

We made it to the house without getting lost, thanks to the help of our G.P.S. Emmett unloaded our bags while I unlocked the doors. We came into a large living room. It was similar to the one in our Brownstone or should I say my Brownstone in New York. It has a large oversized couch flanked by two large wingback arm chairs. A coffee table in the middle. Positioned over a large beige area rug. The flat screen TV is place directly over the fire place mantel. Just like home. We walked through a doorway to the left and down a hall. The first door off the hall was a large bathroom. Next was the stairwell. We headed up each carrying our own bags. The first door at the top of the stairs was a bedroom. Along with the third, a bathroom connected the two rooms. On the other side was three more bedrooms. Wow. Who would need a 5 bedroom house when you only have two kids. Oh well. That just means we can invite guest to come and stay. Emmett took the bedroom right across from the bathroom. I took the one that was last. This one seemed bigger then the others. There were two doors in this room. One was a very large walk in closet. Alice would be thrilled. The second was a bathroom. This one was slightly larger then the other two bathrooms so far. This must be the master suite. Goody bathroom all to myself.

After we unpacked I decided to explore the rest of the house. I headed back to the living room. Once there I went through an archway into a small office type den. There were bookshelves cover all the walls. A large mahogany office desk was centered in front of a large bay window over looking ocean. I went through a doorway to my left and found a rather large dinning room. The table could seat 8 people. They must have had dinner parties or family meals here. Separating the dinning room and kitchen was a dinning bar. The kitchen is huge. I bet any cook would love this kitchen. A set of stain glass doors opened up into an outdoor living room. Here the furniture was all white wicker. A small fire pit surrounded with glass was in the center of the room. The tall copper chimney stack went up and out the roof. The view was magnificent.
“Bella” I heard Emmett call from somewhere in the house.
“I’m in here Emmett.” I yelled back. I heard Emmet saunter through the kitchen.
“This place is huge” He told me.
“I know I wonder why it’s not like they had a large family or anything.” I replied.
“don’t know maybe gram and gramps did?” he came back with.
“Maybe. You getting hungry?” I asked.
“Starved. But we didn’t bring anything to eat with us.”
“Yeah I know but I saw a grocery outlet down the road on our drive in wanna come?” I asked.
“Definitely.” he said.
So we went out to the car and headed to the store. Emmett acting like a child kept bugging for everything and anything. I of course being the adult of the two kept telling him NO. I got us enough groceries to last us the two weeks. Emmett made sure we had snack food for the next two weeks. Great I’m going to be huge by the time we get back. Not like I couldn’t use the extra weight. Since Charlie died I lost a lot from not eating right. Oh well hopefully this vacation will be good for me.

We got back to the house just after dark. Emmett helped me put the groceries away. Then we both went and took showers… man it’s nice having more then one bathroom. He joined me in the kitchen. We decided since it was only the two of us that we would eat at the bar in the kitchen. No need to sit at that huge table. Emmett and I talked while I prepared dinner for us. I decided we were having cod tonight.(hehehe) So I fried the fish on the stove with butter and lemon pepper. I also made us baked potatoes with cream cheese and chives, steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and white cheddar noodles. Yeah I know it’s a lot for two people but with Emmett he eats enough for two extra people so I make just enough.
We sat down and ate our dinner in silence. The tension was growing in the room as I got antsy to ask my questions to Emmett. I think he could feel it to. When dinner was finished I cleaned up and Emmett helped with the dishes. We retired to the living and sat on the couch. Emmett looked at me and began.

“So Bella you have questions for me?”
“Yes, are you going to answer them truthfully?”
“Yes baby sister I am.”
“Okay then”
“Before you start though I want you to promise you will keep an open mind. These are our friends we are talking about. They love us as much as we love them. They are the closest thing to family we have now besides each other. Do you understand?”
“Yes Emmett I understand. I will keep and open mind.”
“Okay then ask away.”
“Is Edward really Carlisle and Esme’s son?”
“No. He was adopted just like Alice”
“After his parents died”
“How long ago?”
“Jasper and Rose, are they really twins?”
“Are they actually Esme’s niece and nephew?”
“Again no”
“Are any of them blood related?”
“I’m confused.”
“I figured you would be. Would you like to try a different line of questioning now and maybe it might help with the answers to the first.” Emmett said.
“Okay. Why does Alice space out?”
“She has visions.”
“like a fortune teller?”
“No not exactly. She can see the future.”
“like for real?”
“Yes. But only one persons future at a time. If a person makes a decision then they are sent on a certain path. She sees this path. If the person should change their mind then the vision changes. does that make sense?”
“Not really.” I told him.
“I will have Alice explain it when we get back. Okay next question.”
“Why is everyone always nodding their heads when no one is actually talking?”
“That’s a good one. Edward can read minds.”
“Wait what?”
“Edward can read minds. So he can hear what we are thinking. The nods are him responding to us or us answering back.”
“Does that mean he knows what I’m thinking?”
“No, actually Bella you’re the only one he can’t hear. It’s funny he gets so frustrated that he can’t hear what your thinking. We all laugh at him.”
“That’s a good thing. I don’t want him in my head. Hell I don’t want to be in my head most of the time.”
“True. I wouldn’t want to be in your head either. It’s probably all filled with cobwebs and stuff.”
“Very funny Emmett. Wait does that mean he can hear everything Jasper and I talk about?”
“No. Jasper learned years ago how to block Edward out. So can Alice. He gets mad cause they hide stuff from him all the time.” we both laughed at that.
“So why are they all so cold to the touch?”
“This is the part where you need to be open minded about. It will also explain all of your other questions about why they are not related.”
“Okay so shoot.”
“Well Bella they are Vampires.”
“Come on Emmett don’t play with me. You told me you would tell me the truth.”
“I am. They are all Vampires.”
“No your lying. That would mean they are all dead. And that can’t be. Vampires are not real. Not only that but don’t vampires drink blood. Rose would kill you before kiss you, which by the way is gross enough on it’s own.”
“ha ha very funny. Seriously Bells they are vampires. Vampires are real. Yes they drink blood, but not human blood. The Cullen’s only drink animal blood. That is why their eyes are gold not red.”
“So your telling me that there are vampires, but the vampires we know are freak vampires because they don’t eat people?”
“Bella. They are not freaks, I could say the same thing about you. Remember these are our friends, our family. They were there for us when we had no one else.”
“I know Emmett. This is just a lot to take in.”
“why don’t we call it a night. You can sleep on it and we can talk more in the morning.”
“That sound like a good idea. Good night Emmett.”
“Good night Bella”.

I went up to my room and closed the door. I crawled into bed and just laid there starring at the ceiling. My mind was racing. Vampires. They are all vampires. Well that does explain some stuff. I wonder why I didn’t put it together before. Edward’s eyes, Alice’s strange behavior, Rosalie’s otherworld beauty, Jasper’s calming presence. Crap I forgot to ask about Jasper. Well he said we would talk more tomorrow. I wonder how they all became the way they are? How long have they been that way? How long has Emmett known? Why didn’t he tell me before? Why didn’t Edward tell me? Oh God Edward! See I knew it was to good to be true. I finally find a decent guy and he turns out to be a vampire, just my luck. Can’t a girl ever catch a break.

As I lay there I can feel my eyes getting heavy. I try to fight it but it’s been a long day. That is a lot of information to process all at once. So I let sleep have me. I drift into the peaceful serenity of my dreams, or so I thought.


Wait what am I doing back in the meadow. I don’t think I’m in Cape Cod anymore. How did I get here? Oh must be dreaming again. Wait isn’t this where I see Edward. I can hear the leaves on the ground rustling, and cue Edward. Right on time. “Bella” he came over to me.
“Edward is it true. Are you a…a…a…vampire?”
“Yes Bella it’s true. Are you afraid?”
“I. I don’t know what to think.”
“Then why are you here?”
“I’m not sure”
“Yes Edward?”
“Can you forgive me?”
“Forgive you for what?”
“For not telling you. I should have told you but I didn’t, Emmett figured it out. He said it would only be a matter of time before you did.”
“I knew you guys were different but I never would have imagined vampires. You won’t hurt me right?”
“Bella I could never hurt you. I love you.”
“I love you Bella. I have from the moment I saw you that first day in Bio. I don’t know how or why but I do. I love you”
“oh Edward I love you to. But it can never work.”
“Why? Why can’t it work.”
“Because Edward I’m human and your not. You will live forever and I will grow old and eventually die.”
“Bella you don’t have to die.”
“What do you mean Edward? I’m not going to live forever I’m not a vampire.”
“But you could be”
“I can make you one of us. Then we can be together always and forever.”
“I don’t know Edward I can’t leave Emmett.”
“We won’t leave Emmett, he knows what we are. He will always be able to see you.”
“Yes but he will grow old and die someday”
“Yes Bella he will. But he will be happy. He will marry and have children and when he grows old he will eventually die. But we can watch over him forever. Don’t you want to be with me forever Bella?”
“Yes Edward I do want to be with you forever. Oh Edward do it now I want to be with you. Take me now.”
Edward came closer pressed his cold lips to my neck. I can see his lips part, I leaned my head back to free my neck for him. His teeth graze my neck.
“I love you Bella”
“I love you Edward”

*****End Dream*****

I jolt up in bed. What the hell was that all about. Edward loves me? No way it was just a dream. I look around at the clock next to the bed. 7:30. Well I guess I should go make breakfast. Emmett will be waking soon. I head down the stairs and into the kitchen only to find Emmett already there.
“Morning sis, how’d you sleep?”
“okay I guess”
“Interesting dreams” he snickered.
“you could say that”
“yes I would. I could hear you clear in my room…I love you too Edward”
“hey stay out of my dreams mister. Or I’ll tell Rose about the one you had of her pole dancing for you.”
“okay you win. No teasing. So you got anymore questions for me?”
“Yeah actually. You said Edward reads minds, Alice sees the Future, what can Rose and Jasper do?”
“Well Rose can’t do anything. She just has her hotness. Now Jasper, he can control all the emotions in a room.”
“ha… I was right. I knew it was something like that.”
“remember when we went over there for dinner the first time.”
“yeah what about it”
“well when Jasper came in and said hello he shook your hand and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek, well I notice out of the corner of my eye that Edward looked pissed. I’m not sure if he was jealous or what but then all of a sudden I felt really calm. And I swore I saw Edward mouth Thank you to Jasper.”
“Well now aren’t we the perceptive one.”
“So how do you feel about all of this?”
“I think I’m okay with it. But I have one other question I would like to ask”
“Does Edward like me?”
“uh… I think you better talk to Edward about that one kiddo. I’m not getting involved with that one”
“awe Emmy come on you got to tell me something. Please.”
“Nope not touching it.”

The rest of our first week went great. I kept asking question that I would come up with and Emmett would answer to the best of his knowledge. Now the things he didn’t know he said I would have to ask them. Great I have to wait a whole other week for that…or do I. I was Saturday night when I had this incredible idea. We could invite them to stay with us for the rest of our stay. Not like it matters I haven’t got our return tickets yet anyway. I wasn’t sure if we would want to stay longer or leave sooner. I brought the idea to Emmett’s attention.
“Yes Bells”
“What do you think about inviting the Cullen’s to come stay with us here for the rest of our stay? I’m sure they would love the change of scenery, and It’s secluded so no one would see them.”
Emmett told me why they can’t be out in the sun. but I already had an idea. Remember sparkly Edward from my dream… yeah dead give away.
“I don’t know. Maybe we should call them and see. I could really go for seeing Rose.”
“Then It’s settled I will call them right now.”

I ran to my room to get my cell. Another gift Emmett and I bought ourselves. I grabbed my phone and hit speed dial 1. The phone rang twice before Alice answered.
“Alice it’s Bella”
“Hey Bella. How is your trip going?”
“Great. Emmett and I were wondering if you all would like to come stay with us up here for the remainder of our trip?”
“Really Bella? All of us.”
“If you can come yeah. Carlisle and Esme too.”
“That would be great, let me ask them.”
I could hear her yell everyone’s name. “Bella wants to know if we want to go vacation on Cape Cod with them for the rest of their stay?”
“what about Emmett” someone said in the background.
“He wants us there too.”
“Awesome!” Edward!
“so are we going or not?”
“You kids go have a good time, I can’t go this time I’m needed at the hospital” Carlisle.
“I’m staying with Carlisle so you kids have fun, and stay out of trouble. Hello Bella. Say hi to Emmett for me.” Esme.
“Sure thing” I yelled into the phone.
“Well Bella it looks like your only getting the four of us. Do you have enough rooms?”
“oh yeah we got plenty of rooms.”
“ okay then we will see you tomorrow. We will catch the first flight out of Seattle tonight.”
“Man that was fast”
“I have my ways”
“I’m sure you do.”
With that she hung up. Her giggle still hanging in the air.
“Yeah Bells”
“Come help me get the rest of the rooms ready we have guests coming.”
“OH YEAH! Who is all coming?”
“Just the Usual suspects. Carlisle and Esme are staying home, Carlisle had work at the hospital and Esme doesn’t want to leave him alone.”
“So it’s the Fantastic four huh?”
“Do they know I told you yet?”
“Don’t know. Wouldn’t Alice have seen you tell me?”
“Only if she was looking for me or you. But since I asked her not to, no they probably don’t know you know. It’s a surprise then.”
“Sounds good. Hey you want to play a joke on them?”
“Of course. What did you have in mind?”
So Emmett and I planned out our prank. Sweet revenge, I told you I would get them back. Emmett said he could keep it from Edward cause Jazz and Alice have been showing him how to block Edwards gift. Not that Edward is happy about it. And he can’t read mine so, were covered. We had everything set up before we hit sack. This was going to be great. We sat around talking for a while before we went to bed. I was stoked about them all coming. I have so many questions that Emmett didn’t know the answer to. I asked how they got to be the way they are and Emmett told me that I should ask them. It’s their story to tell not his. I agree. I have decided that over this next week or so I’m going to sit and talk with Edward. Emmett agrees it’s a good idea. I also need to talk to Alice about my dreams. Maybe she can help me decipher what they mean. I laid in my bed looking at the ceiling I drifted off to sleep thinking about all the things we were going to do once our guests arrived in the morning.
i was thinking perhaps since you have all been so patient with me that i will post the next chapter also! i hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 19: Vacationing with Vampires


They arrive today. I can’t wait to see Rose. Bella seems to be okay with the whole vampire thing. She is always asking me questions. Some I have absolutely no idea how to answer. I never thought to ask some of them. Boy are they going to hear it when she gets a hold of them. They might have to sedate her or tie her up and gag her to get her to stop with the questions. I knew Bells was to smart for her own good sometimes.

Alice called from the airport. I asked her if she needed me to come and pick them up but she said no they had a rental car, she just needed the address of the house to put into the G.P.S. So I gave her the address. They said they would be here in a half hour. I said it took us an hour and a half. She just chuckled at me and said that we aren’t vampires. I wonder what she meant by that. Oh well. Time to set up for Operation: Prank the Vamps.
Bella is already in position. This is going to be great. After doing some research online Bella and I have taken all the precautions. We know about their super hearing and smell. Bella’s smart. Bella’s really smart. She made this stuff that she bathed in to hide her smell. Then she found she can slow her heart rate down, almost like a bear in hibernation, so they won’t hear her heart beat. God she is slick. I’m proud to call her my sister. She’s hiding down in the cove just past the rock pier. It’s nice having a private beach. My job is to block my thoughts from Edward. Piece of cake. I think this is more of Bella’s way of finding out how much Edward likes her then it is a prank. But I don’t care, it’s fun. Oh and Bella has found away around Alice too. Remember when she was upset after Charlie’s death, well she’s going to use that to block out Alice. If Bella completely thinks of nothing Alice only sees black. Only with Bella though. Maybe this is what dad meant about Bella being special. Maybe Bella has powers too. Oh that would be so cool. My sister the super hero. Oh crap hear they come. Think Bella’s lost…Bella’s lost…Bella’s lost.
Out of nowhere Edward came flying through the door..
“What do you mean Bella’s lost?”
“Just that. I can’t find her anywhere. I went to get a shower, and she said she was going to a walk on the beach. I came down and she is nowhere to be found.”
“Emmett how can you lose your sister?” Alice yelled at me.
“I didn’t lose her, she lost herself.”
“Edward we have to find her.” Alice cried.
“I know this Alice” he said.
“Go check the beach Edward that’s where she said she was going.” Alice said to him.
“No one will see you Edward the Beach is private. No one around for miles.” I told him.
He nodded and took off out the door.
“Alice check for her future, maybe you can see where she is going?”
“Okay Emmett I’ll look”
“thank you Alice”
Rose ran over to me and wrapped me in her arms.
“Emmett I’m so sorry. Edward will find her I promise.” she said to me.
“I know Rosie. I trust him.”
“ Do you want to go look for her in town maybe she went there?” Rose asked.
“sure Rosie. Jasper will you and Alice be okay here alone.”
“Yeah sure I’ll stay and help Alice and Edward. Maybe she’ll come back here.” Jasper said.
“Okay we’re going be back shortly”
With that Rose and I left. Once we got a good 6 miles from the house I pulled over. Rose looked at me with shock on her face. I couldn’t hold it anymore I burst out laughing…
“Emmett I don’t find anything about this funny”
“Oh baby I’m sorry. You’ll understand shortly give it another 5 minutes.”
“What do you mean?”
Just then Bella came out of the trees to the right of us.
“Oh Emmett look it’s Bella”
“I know”
“We planned this. It’s a prank on Edward. Bella wants to know how much he likes her. Plus it’s just a really funny to play a prank on a bunch of Vampires.”
Just then Bella crawled into the back seat.
“Hey guys what took you so long?”
“I had to wait for Edward to leave the house.”
“Oh where did he go looking?”
“The beach.”
“Good one”
“Wait you know he will smell you right?” Rose asked.
“No he won’t. can you?”
She sniffed the air.
“No I can only smell Emmett. How did you do that?”
“I told you Rosie Bella is really smart. That and the internet.”
We all laughed at that.
“How come I can’t hear her heart beat?” Rose asked.
“That’s an easy one. I can slow my heart beat down to the point you can’t hear it.”
“That is so cool. I would be enjoying this right now if it wasn’t for the fact that Edward and Alice are going to kill us when we get back.”
“No they aren’t” Bella said.
“So can you hide your thoughts Rose, long enough for this to work?”
“oh hell yeah, anything to get Edward worked up.” she said.
“Okay guys time for part two.”
With that Bella climbed out of the car and disappeared into the trees again.
“You guys really thought this out didn’t you?” Rose asked me.
“Yep. We started planning right after Bella called you guys.”
“Wait what about Alice?”
“Bella can work around her.”
“Well we realized that if Bella completely blanks her mind Alice can’t see her future. It goes completely black.”
“oh my god that is so cool. She will have to teach me how to do that.” Rose giggled.
“Okay we should head back now. Are you ready?”
“Yeah make sure your emotions are worried or Jasper will give us away.”
“Already on it.”
We drove back to the house. Upon entering we found Alice on the couch staring blankly, Jasper next to her rubbing her shoulder, and Edward was pacing the floor.
“Any sign of her?” I asked.
“No and I can’t trace her sent either. It makes no sense.” Edward sighed running his fingers through his hair.
“Alice can’t see anything either. She said Bella’s future is just blank nothing but blackness” Jasper chimed in.
“But that has happened before remember. Maybe she is just broke down somewhere. All the memories of this being where our parents would vacation.” I added.
“Jasper can you feel her emotions anywhere?” Rose asked.
“No I only feel your worry and Edwards sadness. Alice is slightly getting pissed, and Emmett is …is…I’m not sure his emotions are all over the place.” Jasper added.
“Did you find anything in town?” Edward asked.
“No we checked the market and some of the local stores but I couldn’t find her. Could you smell her at all Rosie?” I asked.
“No I couldn’t”
“I CAN’T EVEN HEAR HER HEART BEAT” Edward was yelling at this point.
“Edward it’s okay we’ll find her” Jasper said. Adding a mixture of calm and confidence to room.
“Thanks Jazz” I said.
“Edward did you check in the cave’s on the other side of the Rock Pier?” I asked.
His head snapped up.
“No. Why would Bella go into those caves anyway?” he asked.
“I don’t know but this is Bella we are talking about here.” I added.
“He has a point Edward I think you should go check.” Jasper said.
With that Edward was gone again.
Suddenly Alice gasped.
“Alice what did you see?” Jasper asked.
“It’s Edward. He’s found Bella. She was in the caves. She’s dead” Alice cried.
“No. she can’t be” I cried. Playing along. This is going to be great.
Rose just looked at me.
Jasper looked over at us. Uh oh I forgot to cover my emotions.
“What’s going on Emmett?” Jasper looked at me.
“Busted!” I smiled.
Alice’s head snapped up and she stormed over to me.
“What do you know?” she said shoving her finger into my chest.
“Owe.. That hurts. How close is Edward?”
“Not close enough to hear us why?”
“Well because there is nothing wrong with Bella.”
“How can you say that I can’t hear her heart beat and neither can anyone else.”
“I know that”
“Yeah it’s just something Bella can do.”
“Rose how do you know about this?” Jasper asked.
“Well we didn’t go to town. We met up with Bella about 6 miles down the road and they let me in on it.”
“that’s just far enough away that we wouldn’t hear you guys.” Alice added.
“But how?” Jasper said.
“Internet” I added smugly.
“what about her smell?” Alice asked.
“Something Bella concocted to hide her sent from you guys.”
“She is slick and evil… but again I ask why?” Alice said
“She wants to know how Edward feels about her. I wouldn’t tell her anything, so she came up with this prank. Don’t tell him Alice you guys have to hide your thoughts and alter your emotions. Bella will be pissed if he finds out what is going on before she finds out if he loves her or not.” I told them.
“So Bella Loves Edward?” they all asked together.
“Well dauh, where have you guys been. Jasper you can’t tell me you didn’t feel her emotions for him?”
“No actually. I haven’t she has some weird block or control over her emotions. I can only feel the ones she lets me.”
“I have seen some glimpses but they are fuzzy like someone is tampering with them.”
“Damn she’s good” I said.
They all just looked at me puzzled.
“Bella is controlling you guys.” I laughed at this.
“How?” Jasper asked.
“There’s no time Edward is getting closer we need to make this work for Bella…and for Edward.” Alice chimed.
We all braced ourselves and did what need to be done. When Edward walked through the door with Bella in his arms he looked heart broken. Like someone killed his best friend. Well technically someone did. She killed herself so to speak.
“I’m sorry Emmett. I found her like this in the caves. She isn’t breathing, I can’t hear her heart beat, or feel her pulse. If I didn’t have the vision I have I wouldn’t have found her. I can’t smell her either.” Edward was almost to tears.
“Let’s take her to her room” I said.
He nodded and headed toward the stairs.
“Jasper can you feel anything” Edward asked when we entered Bella’s room.
“No Edward I can’t I’m sorry” Jasper said.
“Edward why don’t you check her pulse again” Alice said.
He did as he was asked.
His face perked up a bit.
“There is something there it’s faint but it’s there.” he said. He kneeled next to the bed and grabbed Bella’s hand.
“Bella love, wake up. Can you hear me.” he said to her.
“Maybe she is unconscious” Rose added.
“That could be why I can’t feel anything Edward. It makes sense.” Jasper said playing along nicely.
All we have to do is get him to tell her he loves her. He may try to kill us afterwards but it will all be worth it.
“Bella…please. Bella come back to me. I just got you back you can’t leave me again.” he was pleading with her. It’s a good think his head was down or he would have seen her smirk. She is good.
“Her future is clearing Edward keep talking to her.” Alice said. She’s egging him on. You go Alice.
“My sweet Bella. Please wake up. Show me a sign you can hear me. Anything. I need you here with me.”
He’s getting closer… now if only…
“Bella please. Please wake up look at me Bella.”
“Her pulse is fading again Edward I can hear it.” Jasper added.
These guys are good.
I’m glad I can hide my true thoughts from Edward or this whole thing would have be blown hours ago.
“Bella no please hold on… for me. Bella come back to me. You can’t leave me like this…I…I…I LOVE YOU BELLA!”
Thank god he said it. Then he leaned down and kissed her lips. Suddenly she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him back. He jumped and pulled back slightly.
“I love you too Edward.” she giggled at him.
We all started laughing and cheering.
“What…but you were dying. Your pulse was fading. You guys knew about this.” He suddenly turned on us and growled.
“We only just found out before you brought Bella back to the house” Jasper added in defense.
“Rose new longer then that” Alice added.
“Hey don’t pin this on me I only found out when we went into town.” Rose spoke.
“Wait so your telling me this was all you Emmett?” Edward was pissed.
“Actually it was all Bella!” I said hiding behind Rose.
Bella was sitting up on the bed now. Edward turned to her.
“You thought this up?” he was still seething but softened because it was Bella.
“Yeppers, thought it up last night after I got off the phone with Alice.” she smiled proud that it worked.
“But Why?” he asked her.
“ I wanted to know your true feeling for me, no one would tell me, so I decided I would find out from you. Then I figured you wouldn’t tell me, and that’s when I decided to do it this way. Plus I was getting revenge for the shopping trip with Alice. I recruited Emmett and he was all for it.” she smiled at him.
“But how?”
“Well I found out that I can cover my emotions so that Jazz only feels what I want him too. You already can’t read my thoughts. Then Emmett told me how when I was depressed that Alice couldn’t see my future so I just blanked out my mind like I did then.”
“But your heart beat, and smell?” he was still confused.
“Emmy and I did some research last night on Vampires. I concocted this stuff that I bathed in and it would cover my smell so you couldn’t follow it. As for my heart beat I found that I could lower it to the point where it would look and feel like I was dead or in a hibernated state.”
“Again I ask Why would you do this?” he was begging now.
“I told you this already. I needed to know how you felt about me.”
Edward looked lost, confused, and pissed all at once.
Bella got up off the bed, walked over to him put her arms around he neck, looked up into his eyes, stood on her toes and kissed him.
At first I think he was shocked, but then he returned her kiss. Wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground.
As they pulled apart she looked at him and said
“That’s why”
love it
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